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All About Kamal Yoga In Vedic Astrology

Massive Rewards From Destiny

  I hope my articles are helpful for you people, and here again i am going to clarify another great and very rare Raja yoga of Vedic astrology which is known as " Kamal Yoga ".

Do you know why i said this yoga is very rare, Because when billions are born in the earth than only one lucky person gets this yoga by destiny in his or her horoscope, now you can understand how rare it is...anyway lets discuss in details...!!

Kamal yoga has two words in it, as { Kamal + Yoga = Kamal Yoga }

Kamal means " Lotus " and yoga means "Indication for prosperous life ", Four Kendra houses are regarded as Lotus leaf in astrology hence this yoga known as Kamal Yoga.

As per ancient text " When all natural planets occupy the four Kendra (Quadrants) houses in birth chart, Kamal yoga forms in the horoscope".
Note : Kendra houses means 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th house of your main birth chart, and natural planets means Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn, however Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets & we don't give importance to Neptune, Uranus and Pluto in vedic astrology system.

Few astrologers also consider three benefics (Mercury, Jupiter, Venus) presence in kendra houses forms Kamal yoga, so its all up to you what do you want to consider because i found this definition incomplete during my research. 

As far as i know, when you are going to search about Kamal yoga on internet so you will not find much details about it except its definition and results, however there are lot more information about this raja yoga which i am going to share here step by step but before it i would like to rectify above definition as per modern time -

" When all nine planets (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturm, Rahu & Ketu) occupy kendra houses of any horoscope in main birth chart (D-1), that's actually makes complete Kamal yoga in horoscope".

And why i am including Rahu and Ketu in the definition because this yoga is only possible by the support of all nine planets...if Rahu and Ketu sits out of the Kendra than discrepancy in the total result may be seen...!!!

Sage Parashar has mapped Kamal yoga under Nabhasha yoga as one form of  " Akriti Yoga".

However there is one of the mandatory situation for this yoga is " No Kendra houses should be vacant as each Kendra house must occupied by one or two or three natural planets to full fill this yoga " because if any Kendra house is vacant and not occupied by any planet then there would be another yoga which has different definition and result, it would not be Kamal Yoga. 

Refer this yoga only from Lagna chart, however I don't have any horoscope with me for this yoga however i have one divisional chart with me where the said situation is available so i am presenting the same as an example, please refer below horoscope -

Example - 1

In Above sample horoscope, All planets are sitting in Kendra itself as Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are sitting in 1st house, Rahu and Saturn are sitting in 4th house, Moon and Sun is sitting in 7th house, and Mars and Ketu is occupied 10th house of horoscope. overall all nine planets are sitting in all four Kendra houses and making very beautiful " Kamal Yoga".

Note - For western readers i am repeating again that Vedic astrology has no existence of Uranus, Pluto and Neptune hence we don't consider these planets while calculating this yoga.  

Peoples those are south Indian chart follower can refer south Indian format of above chart below -

As we normally assume that, if all the planets are associated with very auspicious all four Kendra (Quadrants), so definitely the result will also be very auspicious hence this yoga comes with many profits for yoga holder.   

As we all know that "Kendra houses are considered very auspicious houses in astrology", as per ancient text, even if any malefic planets occupy Kendra house in horoscope so malefic effect of that evil planet gets reduced, that's what the magic of Kendra houses, and when all planets of horoscope occupy all four Kendra houses so this planetary placement as regarded as " Kamal Yoga " and no doubt that this yoga comes with many positive qualities -

And the only reason is Kendra houses are the four pillar (Base) of the horoscope, if the pillars are strong so building will be strong by default, hence if Kendra houses are strong so they can support entire horoscope in great manner, so basically presence of kamal yoga in horoscope strengthening the all four pillar of your horoscope.

But ...but..but..but.......

As i always write " No raja yoga in astrology gives golden Eggs "

Or in other words, however this Raja yoga gives many things but not giving everything, means your personal life will depends on overall horoscope, like education, wife, kids relationship with other, and even many parameter will depends on other planetary placement and Yogas.  

So even though its very powerful and auspicious yoga but still does not cover each part of life and this is because your entire life is not based on one Raja yoga and each yoga has its limitations...!!

Sages has narrated all sloka in Sanskrit language, later the same has been translated into many languages, but we could not found hidden terms and conditions of behind any raja yoga in any ancient text books because either it might has been deleted or destroyed with the time or we have not received original astrology text Grantha, and the knowledge which we are getting with ancient text books available in market in incomplete.   

Anyways still i am very thankful to old sages for their contributions in Vedic astrology and now its our job to update the astrology paragraphs according to modern time.  

One born in Kamal yoga may consider him self or her self as very lucky in few matters -

But still how much you can expect from this yoga is depends on strength of overall horoscope and strength of all planets (Strength through Shadbal and Non Shadbal Factor).

First of all this yoga is enough capable to generate massive fame in life, anyone who have this would be a ruling personality of the country one day surely even may be world wide famous.

I am showing you one very unique example of Kendra position of planets below -

Refer above horoscope, He does not have Kamal yoga in his horoscope because out of nine, three planets are sitting out of the Kendra, But still in his case all Kendra lords (Lord of the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses) are sitting in Kendra itself (in fourth house).

Person is worldwide famous singer and have got massive fame in early childhood in Maha Dasha of Rahu which is sitting in Kendra (1st house) itself.

Above horoscope belongs to hollywood singer Justin Bieber, who is world wide famous and girls are loving him like a mad, he is quite wealthy, He has have the world at his feet and millions in the bank, he has merely four kendra lords in kendra in his chart, so can you imagine what will happen with the person who is going to get kamal yoga in their chart because in kamal yoga trikona lords along with kendra lords and 2nd and 11th lord will also come in kendra, even presence of 6th, 8th, 12th lords in kendra will also generate Vipreeta Raja yoga (by conjunction or aspect), So in short you can say Kamal yoga is bunch of many Raja Yoga and, No doubt that "Its an extra ordinary reward of karmic destiny".

Another good point about this yoga is, its not dependent on Dasha or Maha Dasha to giving its fruits because all nine planets take part into formation of this yoga so windfall may come any time.

However possibility of having this yoga in main birth chart are quite less even rare but it can be found in the divisional charts...!!

So presence of Kamal yoga in any divisional chart just removes evil of that divisional chart and bestow auspiciousness.

Overall presence of " Kamal Yoga " in horoscope is a symbol of big professional success.

Past two month i am trying to search horoscopes of this yoga but could not found even single chart, so cant give you more examples, if i get in future so i will update the example section definitely.

So if you are blessed with this yoga, so first i would like to congratulate to you then have a single request to please help needy peoples also because -

So guys due to unavailability of horoscopes it was my smallest research "All Kamal Yoga in Vedic Astrology", I hope you will like it and If you like my article and want to be my friend and interested to read my further articles so Just open below link and like my Facebook page but please don’t be my fan... Just be my friend...

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