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Sunday, 2 March 2014

All About Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga By Sourabh Soni

The Theory of Modification

Hello Guys,

Welcome to my Vedic astrology research portal, as I know there are too many blogs & articles are available over internet about Neech Bhanga raja yoga, even you might be aware many things about this yoga and even at present you might be thinking that does this article worth reading???

But my question is still exist in my mind which is – 

Do you really know everything about Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga????

Maybe not everything… so don’t worry I am just trying to giving you one more clear picture from my angle and I hope you would like it even I will tell you something unique about Neech Bhanga…

So let’s start –

What is Neecha Bhanga raja yoga?

So answer is – I have read many online articles where astrologers has commented that Debilitated planets act like an exalted planet whenever their debilitation gets cancel which is actually not true --- So I would like to share my opinion against this -

In astrology, specific sign placement of the planets is generally signifies debilitated & Exaltation position, If any plants occupy its debilitated sign considered as weak planet and if occupy exaltation sign known as powerful planet, So there are few formulas in Vedic astrology which signifies modification for the planets from its debilitated stage, if any planet which is debilitated in horoscope fulfil these criteria which signifies that planet is not pure debilitated in nature and will not act harmful throughout life, which is actually known as Neech Bhanga situation of planet, however many people mistranslated Neech Bhanga as “Cancellation of Debilitation.”

It is really not a “cancellation” it’s just a “modification.” It’s a “Debility Modifying Yoga”

It’s never a cancellation, it’s a process which signifies modification in the debilitated nature of planet and these modifications have different different theories…

Note – Nothing gets cancelled ones written by almighty god hence Neech Bhanga is like an add-on terms for debilitated planet.

Neech is a Hindi word which means debility (Debility=Neech) as everyone knows that we have twelve houses, twelve signs along with 12 planets in astrology but in Vedic astrology we give importance to nine planets only (As we don’t consider Uranus, Neptune and Pluto while calculating Vedic chart). Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu these are the nine major planets and these have their debilitation sign as Libra, Scorpio, Pisces, Virgo, Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Scorpio and Taurus's signs respectively.

Note – Please read my article on nodes to know their debilitation concept as there is little controversy on their debilitation signs everywhere.

So whenever any planet occupies its debilitated position in birth chart so planet feels weakness or in other words we can that like planet is incapable to do the good and can’t perform according to its natural nature, such planet is known as Neecha planet.  But if planet achieve the Neech Bhanga than planet gets the power to overcome from its debilitated situation, but remember Neecha Bhanga never means a cancellation of debility -

Example – suppose if we have high fever or we are suffering from any other diseases that mean we can’t do anything and become incapable but if later we get support of our family member or friends or even by support of doctor we get the medicine's to recover from those sufferings and become capable to finish our work...So it’s a kind of great help in our weak time, So we can also apply this formula in matter of planets.. Almighty lord has given power to debilitated planet to recover from its debility through help of other planets... 

Neech Bhanga yoga is the combination of three parts (Neech + Bhanga + Raja yoga). It means planet involved in this yoga gives its Neech output first than result of Bhanga and in later part gives results of raja yoga (Raja yoga effect only if it is raja yoga).

Oops you might be thinking “if it is raja yoga means” what?? Ok so here is the answer – 

Post applying all the parameters of Neecha Bhanga in your birth chart, you can understand that whether planet (which is debilitated in the chart) is getting Neech Bhanga or not… so if the Debilitated planet is getting Neech Bhanga and sitting in the quadrants (Kendra house which are 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th house) than that planet cause Neech Bhanga raj yoga… it is really powerful if Debilitated planet sits in the Kendra along with its depositor..

If you don’t know astrology or anyone who knows astrology and aware about Neecha Bhanga concept and still want to know about what are the other parameters for the planet to achieve Neech Bhanga in the chart …. Please keep reading ahead -

Sage Parashara and other ancient Guru’s has given few terms and conditions for the debilitated planet to cross the limit from its debilitated conditions so according to them I am describing all the terms and conditions here for qualifying Neech Bhanga (Applicable for all planets including nodes) – 

All Terms and Conditions of qualifying Neech bhanga (Applicable for all planets including nodes) as below –

1) If the lord of the house occupied by a debilitated planet is in kendra in D-1.

Example – If Mars is debilitated in cancer than Moon which is lord of cancer should occupy Kendra.

Example - 1

In Above chart, Mars is debilitated in 3rd house however moon " which is lord of mars occupied sign cancer" sitting in Kendra (1st house) itself, above horoscope belongs to Delhi CM Mr. Arvind Kejriwal.

2) If the planet that gets exalted in the sign where debilitated planet has placed is in kendra.

Example – if Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn then Mars which gets exalted in Capricorn should occupy Kendra.
Example -2

In Above chart, debilitated Jupiter sitting in Capricorn in 3rd house and mars which gets exaltation in Capricorn is sitting in Kendra (10 House), So debility is getting cancelled by two ways as Saturn also sitting with Jupiter in 3rd house causing Neech Bhanga for Jupiter.

3) If the lord of the exaltation house of the debilitated planet is in kendra in D-1 Chart.

Example – If Saturn is debilitated in Aries and then Venus (Saturn become exalted in Libra which is sign of Venus) should occupy Kendra in D-1 chart.

Example -3

In Above chart, debilitated Saturn sitting in Aries in 7th house however Saturn gets exaltation in Libra so lord of the Libra which is Venus sitting in 10th house. Above horoscope belong to congress leader Rahul Gandhi.  

If all above three conditions are available in any chart then it is 100 percent Neech Bhanga situation of debilitated planet however if debilitated planet occupies Kendra then it is Neech Bhanga raja yoga and debilitated planet gets power to come over from its suffering and gives best results after the age of 35… 

Now move towards other formulas –

4) If the debilitated planet is exalted in the Navamsa. (Not so powerful but whenever Debilitated planet occupy exalted Navamsa than planet get inner power/strengths  to overcome from its debility so it’s a kind of Neech Bhanga but not raja yoga and raja yoga only if Debilitated planet occupy Kendra in birth chart as well as Navamsa chart..)

Example – if Sun is debilitated in Libra in D-1 but exalted in Navamsa I mean occupied Aries sign in D-9 chart.
 Example - 4 

In Above chart, debilitated Sun sitting in Libra in 12th house of D-1 chart however occupies exalted Navamsa means sitting in Aries (Which is exalted sign for Sun) along with mars in 3rd house, refer his D-9 chart below -  
Navamsa Chart (D-9) 

For above condition let’s have an example from practical life - you might have seen few workaholic and dedicated persons in your offices, and these persons love their work more than their sufferings... Even if they get ill but still they take medicine and continue to work however other takes leave and prefer to take rest and sit at home.... (Because inner man of such person always forced them to go on work)...They are not even completely fit to go on offices but still they get inner strength to keep their movement on.

So such things happens with the planets also… If debilitated planet occupied exalted Navamsa and well placed in D-9 so debilitated planet gets inner strength to come out from its sufferings...And try to give good results... (Here planet think like .ooh I have this problem but still I have to move further because if I am not trying to come out from my present situation then later I will suffer more).

But remember to fulfil above terms planet should not fall into bad Navamsa like 6th, 8th and 12th houses.

Note – Every formula of Neech Bhanga has its own importance and significance and the way of working.

Next condition is -

5) If a debilitated planet is getting aspected by another debilitated planet.

Example – if Jupiter is Debilitated in capricorn and same time mars is also in cancer (debilitated sign for mars) however both are aspecting each other by their 7th aspect, refer below example -
Example - 5 

In Above chart, Jupiter occupied Capricorn in 2nd house and mars is occupied cancer, so both are debilitated in horoscope however sitting from 7th from each other and aspecting each other by their 7th aspect, so such situation creates Neech Bhanga for both the planets. 

Now see how does it works – Sun is debilitated in Libra and exalted in Aries and same opposite Saturn get Debilitated in Aries and exalted in Libra and sitting just opposite to each other and aspecting each other by their 7th aspect so actually they are aspecting their exalted signs.. So they take each other help to come out from trouble or their weakness and gain strength.

As we all know that Sun and Saturn both are inimical to each other then why do they help each other …? Are you really thinking this?

Okay don’t worry I have answer – sometime two enemy has to work together to resolve their issue because they know without each other help they can’t do this… (You can see this situation in films or if you didn’t watch this situation in any film then go and watch Fast and Furious part - 6 where a FBI agent takes robbers help to catch other robbers. I hope my point is clear now)

But .but...But this situation has one side effect…Oops what is that??

So yes sun and Saturn are enemy but they help each other in Neech Bhanga case but it is profitable in professional life only... In matter of personal life they will behave as enemy with each other... I mean to say because of this yoga you will rise professionally but the part of personal life related to each other will suffer or I mean there is always a question mark on your personal life related to these planets… Even in few practical cases I have seen success in professional life is coming too late which makes no sense, and people gets severe frustrations in life till long age…!!

So please beware little bit in such situation… (Please check carefully and must have a look on other facts because if both debilitated planets occupy Kendra houses then situation will improve...because if any malefic goes in Kendra it’s lose its malefic-ness …that’s a power of Kendra houses actually).

Note - If you found above situation in your chart then please I will suggest you to look other factor also along with divisional charts also… Because I have seen many charts of above situation and persons suffer a lot and even can’t enjoy benefits of this raja yoga especially if it is case of Sun and Saturn then house placement of debilitated planets become vital.

6) If the debilitated planet getting aspected by the depositor.

Example – Suppose Debilitated Moon getting aspected by Mars by its 4th, 7th or 8th aspect. Because Moon becomes debilitated in Scorpio and Mars is a lord of that sign.

When a planet powerfully aspects its own Rashi in which a planet is getting debilitated, Neecha bhanga occurs for Debilitated planet.

Example - 6

In Above case, Moon occupies its debilitated sign Scorpio however getting aspected by mars which is lord of Scorpio, however same time Venus is also giving Neech Bhanga to Moon, above horoscope belongs to American boxer Mike Tyson. Next term is -

7) If the debilitated planet sits with its depositor.

Example – if Moon is Debilitated in scorpio and sitting along with Its Sign Lord Mars.

 Example -7

In above case, debilitated moon is sitting in 5th house with depositor mars, refer next term of NBRY-

8) If Debilitated and exalted planet sits together.

Example – If Jupiter is debilitated in capricorn but sitting along with mars as capricorn is exaltation sign for mars.
Example - 8

In above case, debilitated Jupiter is sitting in 7th house along with exalted mars causing NBRY, horoscope belongs to richest billionaire IT business tycoon.

I also want to add few comments on rule number 7 & 8 as these situation may be present any houses produce Neech Bhanga for debilitated planet however if they are in Kendra then they produce best quality raja yoga specially in 1st & 10th house…!!!

Now see how does formula number 6, 7 & 8 works – Suppose if you want to fight with your enemy however if you are weak and have no guts to fight but if any powerful person is standing with you and supporting you then you also get power and can show dare to fight because if anything goes wrong he will save you…same happening in rule number 6th, 7th and 8th.

Next terms is -

9) When there is Parivartan yoga (Exchange of each other sign) between two planets getting debilitated or even debilitated planet is involved in Rashi exchange with its depositor.

Note- Those are new in astrology and reading this article please don’t get confuse because depositor means “sign lord of the debilitated planet”...!!!

Example – if moon is placed in Scorpio and mars in cancer so we can see that both moon and mars are debilitated however involved in each other sign exchange...or even suppose Venus is sitting in Virgo and mercury sitting in Libra or Taurus (both are Venus sign) so Neech Bhanga occurs for Venus...

Guys for above rule number 9, Must also check the involved Bhava/houses first, because it also makes another yoga called Rashi Parivartan raja yoga (It could be Dainya or Maha Parivartan )...  Which has another definition and effect... (If it is really happening in good houses under positive influences then I must say that this is best condition from all above).

Refer example 9 for above situation (Exchange between Venus and Mercury)…another term of NBRY is - 

10) If there two or more planets are debilitated in the horoscope and every Debilitated planets causing Neecha bhanga raja yoga than too person receive results of single Neecha bhanga raja yoga…

For rule number 10 I would like to clarify… it happen because if there are more Neech bhanga present in the chart than too person will get output of single Neech bhanga…unhappy...But yes it is true and it happens because it doesn’t based on the numbers… Only single Neecha bhanga raja yoga is capable to give boom…if two or three planets giving Neecha Bhanga raja yoga than it means its single but powerful raja yoga because it makes entire chart more powerful…

Example - 9

In above chart, jupiter, sun and venus are debilitated however all three causing neech bhanga as Jupiter is getting aspected by saturn by its 3rd aspect, Venus is exchanging sign with mercury, and Venus and Mars in kendra giving neech bhanga to Sun.

But make sure whether it is “Bhanga only” or “A raja yoga” …I will clarify more about Bhanga and raja yoga below in this article...So don’t be confuse...

* You can apply above rules on the debilitated planet from ascendant as well as from moon.

Only planet being in the Kendra is not enough for debility modification so please have a look on the all above rules first.

So now another question comes in the mind is that who gets Neech Bhanga, why this yoga comes in the chart of people... (Actual Karmic theory of this yoga is very mysterious) – 

 So for that I will give few examples from practical life...

As we all know sun represents father in the person’s chart so suppose any one has very bad relation with his father in present birth and he doesn’t obey his father and even don’t care, abuses his father or even that person did other misdeeds which are related to the sun in his earlier life later by the time he realized that he did mistake and repent and corrects his mistake in later part so what happen is when person takes his next birth he will find sun is Debilitated in his chart.. And there is no doubt in next birth his relation with his father would be harder... And even his initial life would be suck due to his old birth misdeeds (Entire thing related to the sun)... However as we know if person accepts his mistake and later corrects it so everyone forgives that mistake so why god will not do... 

Take another case of Venus – suppose if someone has flirty nature and he has bad relation with many bad woman or he cheat his wife or not respecting his wife or doing many bad deeds related to Venus planet in his early life... (Remember bad relations with own wife or cheating with own wife or bad relation with others wife also spoils Venus power and cause Debilitated Venus in the chart because Venus represents wife in male chart and same happen in matter of females when they cheat their own husband and spoiling others married life then Jupiter which is significator of husband will become Debilitated in female chart)... However later if he realizes his mistake and corrects the same by supporting woman, donating money to poor girls for their marriages, helping female child for her education other such more good deeds... So in his next birth life related to female part would suffer and even he gets all out put whatever bad input he has given in his previous birth (same happens in female chart as well). However when his Paap Karma or bad deeds ends so he starts gaining because he has also done many good deeds in his later part of life (As he had corrected his mistakes later and profit is been given to the human being)..  

As nobody can decline that we get output of all our input which we have given in our previous birth...World is round and everything comes to us whatever we have done whether it was good or bad… So actually this yoga determines our previous birth deeds and gives results as per based on our previous karma… That is the reason in later age its results come into a picture.

So we continue with above stories - Now see who gets Neech bhang in the chart - Suppose if person did little mistakes however later corrects it (Because his misdeeds was not harmful for others) like in first case person had bad relation with his father and did other misdeeds related to planet which cause sun debilitation in the chart however later part in his life he corrects his mistake so it was harmful for him and his father (Other persons were not suffering from it) so in his next birth he gets Debilitated sun and his relation with father would be harder however sun also gets Neech bhanga(Because he has corrected his mistakes later).  

& who gets Neech bhang raja yoga in the chart – Refer case of Venus, where person is doing many bad karma’s which causes Venus debilitation in his chart... so as a result his marriage life would suffer or he will get all bad results of all bad karma related to Venus in his life (Like marriage which later leads to fight or divorce or maybe more depends on his karma) so he is already suffering due to his past karma because of Debilitated Venus however he has done some extraordinary work and made many people’s dream come true and help many poor girls in their marriage or child in their education… So his Venus also causing Neech Bhanga raja yoga in his chart and going to give rewards of his good deeds...!!!

Anyway’s,  above were merely stories and now see the conclusion – If debilitated planet signifying Neech Bhanga in the chart that simple means is that person has done bad karma related to the planet in his or her previous birth however as he had rectified his or her mistakes so god has forgiven however if Debilitated planets signifying Neech Bhanga raja yoga in his or her chart its mean god wants to do something for you because of your previous birth some good deeds and has blessed you with Raja yoga.

So  as summary if person getting Neech Bhanga in the chart that means he has been forgiven by almighty lord and if person gets Neech Bhanga raja yoga in the chart that means he has blessed by almighty and going to receive all the results of good karma done by him in his previous birth through this raja yoga..

So that’s the basic theory of Neech Bhanga raja yoga (applicable in case of male or female both)

Guys I just wanted to clarify theory of Neech Bhanga and Neech Bhanga raja yoga hence merely given an example above, however there are many reasons behind being in debilitation for any planet… So don’t think that above situations are only causing planet debilitation because there are many more bad deeds which causes planet debilitation.

As we all know both nodes (Rahu & Ketu) don’t owned any signs because they are just a shadow planets however play vital role in people chart and also gets debilitation so we can also apply above rules to see whether nodes are causing Neech Bhanga yoga or not...

* But Make sure depositor position and power is quite IMP while calculating Neech Bhanga for Rahu and Ketu.

Another question is that can we apply Neech bhanga rules in navamsa chart or other divisional charts also?

So answer is yes but I will suggest you to please judge a raja yoga from D-1 chart, because divisional chart can’t give anything which is not been promised by main birth chart, Any Raja yoga presence in divisional chart simply strengthening the concern divisional chart and overall strength of yoga causing planet. And also make sure there is a way to read every divisional chart and especially in Navamsa chart like conjunction is more IMP than aspect and house placement is imp than everything...

Another term is, what if there is no Neech bhanga raja yoga available in the Lagna chart however present in navamsa chart D-9 and D-10 chart or in any other divisional charts??

In such case please check the condition of that planet in Lagna chart which causing Neech bhanga in divisional chart because it won’t give Neech Bhanga raja yoga however planet will gain inner strength this is because if planet is exalted or in friendly sign and even well placed in main Lagna chart is Debilitated in divisional chart can’t give desirable results (especially if Debilitated in D-9 Chart because they lose their inner strength). So see the Neech bhanga is from main birth chart (D-1 Chart)…!!!

Note – Presence of any Raja yoga in any divisional chart (Which signifies specific areas of life) just strengthen the overall divisional chart and improving situation of yoga causing planet.

If any debilitated planets sits in the Lagna house (1st house) along with its depositor, so person is going to enjoy royal status after a middle age without any doubt -  

Let’s see few examples - 
Example - 10

Above chart belong to Indian PM Mr. Modi who has Neecha Bhanga Raja yoga in first house as Moon is debilitated however sitting with its depositor Mars Causing strong Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga. See another Example -

Example - 11

Above chart belong to USA president Mr. Barack Obama, in his case retrograde Jupiter is debilitated and sitting along with depositor retrograde Saturn in first house, But still he is a leader of United states and Owned a position of president which is known as Top position in USA.

Note - Neech Bhanga Raja yoga in First house and Tenth house certainly produce kingly personality (But debilitated planet should be in conjunction with the depositor or with an exalted planet). 

I hope above examples are sufficient to make you understand "how power full Neech Bhanga Raja Yoga is" in Lagna house (1st House), because I have seen Neech Bhanga Raja yoga supports politics field a lot.

Another concept is – If Debilitated planet present in any house in main birth chart (other than 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th) and getting Neech Bhanga that means merely debility of that planet has removed and that planet won’t harm you or won’t give you bad effect after certain age which is most probably age of 35 (But in matter of profession only, Personal will still suffer).

During my observation I have found that if Debilitated planet is available in 2nd, 3rd, 6th, and 11th house and received Neech bhanga then too people gets many benefic results because 2nd and 11th are wealth giving houses and 3rd and 6th are upachaya houses. (Upachaya means Gatisheel or in other word fast moving houses or we can say more these houses grow with the time) but amount of the benefic results are also depends on the other factor like aspect or conjunction of the benefic planet. (Malefic conjunction or aspect may change the results)

Oops I have revealed all secrets about all houses but what about 8th and 12th house??

So as for as these houses are concerned so I would like to tell you one more concept is that even if Debilitated planet sitting in 8th or 12 house then too that planet gives few good results even without getting Neech bhanga..Now you will say why??

So because 6th, 8th, and 12th house called trik house (Bad Houses) and if planets occupying Debilitated signs also called bad planets so whenever Debilitated planets sits in these houses so they lose their power.. Actually that’s a power of 6th, 8th and 12th house and any planets occupy these house lose their power..if any good planet occupy these house become bad and lose its power of giving good results and same if bad or Debilitated planet occupy these houses lose its power of giving bad results. (It’s like minus+minus=Plus).

Example - 12

Above chart belong to Priyanka Gandhi, in her birth chart Moon is debilitated in 6th house, however mars, and Jupiter is also occupied Kendra and giving support to moon.

Another very important concept about 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th house is, These houses are known as Apoklima houses in Vedic astrology system, which means Apo+Killam means self-destructor…Any planet sitting in these houses loses its 50% power due to house placement, Even an exalted planet loses its half exalted power, so same happen with debilitated planet in 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th, Because these houses falls 12th from each Kendra (Angular houses) and 12th house is known for losses…!!!

Next term is,  In case if any planet sitting in 6th, 8th, and 12th house in their own sign so in that case they create Vipareeta Raja yoga which has another definition because no planets destroy their own house and always put effort to save it. So whenever debilitated planets occupy these houses they lose their killing power or harming power and even if getting Neech Bhanga in these houses then it gives good support to the Debilitated planet to become powerful and give good results… such situation greatly improves total strength of NB Raja Yoga.

For above rule please refer below horoscope - 

Example - 13

Above chart belong to Indian Cinema Star Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, in his case debilitated venus sitting with its depositor mercury (Mercury is also a 8th lord and sitting in 8th causing vipareeta Raja yoga).

Now another Big and important concept is “Loop Neech Bhanga raja Yoga “

So here we go – Neech Bhanga raja yoga has another significance when it comes in loop as whenever depositor of the debilitated planet also gets deliberated but receives Neech bhang, then first debilitated planet will also get a powerful Neech Bhanga, as when the depositor of debilitated planet getting strong Neech Bhanga then first debilitated planet also gets the benefit... But depositor should be strong (From Shad Bal, by benefic aspect or conjunction).

For example: - If sun is Debilitated in Libra and its depositor Venus is also getting debilitation in Virgo and now If Venus gets a Strong Neech bhang then sun will also get a Neech bhang and receives benefit.

But one of these planet should be in Kendra… Either the Debilitated planet or the depositor (I mean either sun or Venus anyone should be in Kendra).

This is termed as "Loop Neech Bhang raj yoga” in Vedic Astrology.

This yoga is really very powerful and rarely comes in the chart but always produce big celebrity. 

Refer few examples below - 
Example - 14

In Above Case, Ketu is debilitated in 12th house, however depositor for Ketu is Mercury which is also debilitated in 9th house, and mercury depositor is Jupiter which is also debilitated in seventh house, so actually Ketu, Mercury and Jupiter are in debilitation loop, But as Jupiter is causing very strong Neech Bhanga because sitting with exalted Mars in seventh house, so Mercury and Ketu are also getting its benefit and forming strong Loop Neech Bhanga Raja Yoga, above horoscope belongs to cricket emperor Sachin Tendulkar. Refer next example -

Example - 15

In above horoscope, Mercury occupied its debilitated sign Pisces and sitting in kendra 4th house, however depositor of mercury is jupiter which is also debilitated in 2nd house however jupiter is getting strong neech bhanga (As getting aspected by Saturn by 3rd aspect and sitting with exalted mars), so mercury is also getting benefit of this neech bhanga as involve in Loop Neech bhanga with Jupiter. Above horoscope belongs to Elizabeth - II who is Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, now another example is -

Example - 16

In above case, Sun is sitting in 4th house in its debilitation sign Libra, however depositor of sun which is venus is also debilitated in 3rd house and occupied Virgo, But as venus is exchanging sign with its depositor mercury and getting neech bhanga (Mercury and Sun are also occupied Kendra houses), so Sun and Venus are causing strong Loop Neecha bhanga raja yoga, Above horoscope belong to Charles, Prince of Wales.

Now let’s move to the conclusion part – when Neech Bhanga Raja Yoga comes in the picture??

When I was researching for this article I saw in many articles which were available over internet about Neech bhanga raja yoga and many astrologer says that this yoga gets activated after 35??

So is it true?? Than my answer is big “No “

It’s already activated from the day of your birth.. It is Neech so direct results you will not get as I have already mentioned above it has three parts (Neech+Bhanga+Rajayoga). It comes with Neech effect first then Bhanga session gets start from the age of 30, later Raja yoga if causing Raja yoga.

So if you this raja yoga in your chart then you are already under influence of this yoga and getting lessons from life to make you stronger.

Everyone knows the advantages of this raja yoga but do you know the drawback of this raja yoga??
Now you might be thinking if this is raja yoga then why drawback???

So my dear, One basic rule of god you must know is that every coin has two aspects and if I will share only profit with you then it would be like I have shown you single aspect of coin... as every bad things has few good effect in it and the vice versa every good things has few bad effect in it… Because for making a coin you require both the side (Head and tail)..

And the drawbacks of NBRY are – Guys remember Neech Bhanga is all about professional life so please don’t expect anything good in your personal life because it won’t promise to produce any good impact on your personal life. Because it can’t give you good and wealthy spouse. It can’t promise for your higher education or it can’t make you multi-talented (To be multi-talented you would require multiple parameters in your chart)... Or it can’t promise to being very good in any relation (for these stuff please look other available factors signifying these things in your chart).

I am repeating my words again Neech Bhanga Raja shows its impact in your professional life only so even though Neech Bhanga raja yoga present in your chart your personal life will always be suffer.. If there is no other modifying situations are not present in your chart related to the personal life so there always be a big question mark present in your personal life...!!! 

As I wrote above persons those NBRY in their charts so they face Debilitated effect of this raja yoga first… because Bhanga effect comes after Neech and later raja yoga if raja yoga present in the chart.. That Means Debilitated planet signifying house will suffer a lot and will give you suffering like anything (If there are no other saving situations available in your chart).. You can’t believe but persons face crying situations in their life during the Neech effect of the planet and always get tasted by destiny such person trying anything rarely get success and mostly failed..  Because Neech effect of this yoga is like a teacher which teaches you what all about life is? What are good and what are bad because you can’t judge good when you don’t know the definition of bad…(Like When gold achieve its purity but before many time it has to face fire and acid and get burnt)… If no other saving and good situations are not available in your chart then till the age of 30 you have to face this teaching class(Because life is a best teacher).

That’s the  main reason person born under such yoga had faced worse child hood or early part of life will always be damaged if no other good and saving factors are available...

However after Neech effect its Bhanga effect comes into the picture it means you have learn everything about life and now ready to shine so after 30 onwards person started getting good opportunity to come up from their worse situation and start moving towards throne.. He uses all that experiences whatever he has learnt from his worse life and the journey of king get started because -

(King is actually need capability to manage his empire along with public relation so that capability he gets through his earlier worse life as a lesson).

Note: Here king means “A person with highly sociable personality or could be an authoritative figure in the government or even could be a celebrity “

And finally after 34-40 years of age, such peoples start shining in the sky and others will start talking about you … Like “hey he was a normal man now see his luck now he is a ruler and we have to obey him “ (People generally refer luck but they always ignore hard working and sufferings behind it..Lol)

However remember, Related to this yoga all the terms and conditions are still not finished so let’s come back on that and next terms is, “How to observe power of Neech Bhanga in the chart I mean how to know whether it is really powerful or not?? 

So Neech Bhanga raja yoga given by the malefic planet is much powerful then comprising to benefic but that’s not only the way to judge.  

During my research I have seen that possibility of having NBRY in horoscope is quite much as five chart out of ten shows NBRY. Even if in any chart two or more planet occupies their debilitated sign then 100 % chances for Neech Bhanga raja yoga will be there, however still persons are struggling entire life even after having this raja yoga and can’t enjoy benefit of this raja yoga, and the only reason behind such issues are below -
  • So First please check the degree of Debilitated planet because every planet has its highest debilitation degree so if the planet is in its highest debilitation of degree, the more powerful would be its Neecha Bhanga.
  • Check the Shad Bal chart because debilitated planet should be powerful in matter to shad BAL.
  • If the debility of the debilitated planet getting removed by three or more way then planet become very strong and act positive manner as one or two way cancellation are not sufficient in modern time. (This is one of the very strong parameter of NBRY).
  • Missing Maha Dasha of Raja yoga causing planet in life, as each planet gives its full effect in maha dasha only.
  • House placement is of the debilitated planet is primary important as planet occupied debilitated sign however placed in good house gives good result in many areas of life without even Maha Dasha or Antar Dasha.
  • To get complete benefit of NBRY you should always calculate the other three planets strengths (three planets means the depositor of debilitated planet, planet which get exalted in that sign and exalted lord of debilitated planet.. example like if sun is debilitated then you have to check the strength of Venus, Saturn and mars also) as debilitated planet is always depend on them.
  • If Neech Bhanga raja yoga present in D-1 Chart and also present in D-9 and D-10 chart then it is confirmed that you have effect of Neech Bhanga raja yoga in your life and you will experience it throughout the Dasha of the debilitated planet but It is not necessary that if any planet causing Neech Bhanga in D-1 then the same planet also cause Neech Bhanga in D-9 or D-10… As I have already said its always one (If Jupiter causing Neech Bhanga raja yoga in D-1 so in D-9 Saturn may causing this yoga and even in D-10 any other planet can give this yoga so it’s always one).
  • If planet which causing Neech Bhanga raja yoga also causing Vipreeta raja yoga in the chart then planet becomes very strong. (Like for Aries Lagna mercury being the lord of 6th house sitting in 12 house along with Jupiter or Venus or getting aspected by them).
Note - If you are not getting Maha Dasha of raja yoga giving planet then in such case please check the Antardasha of the concern planet but still I will say that, to get full benefit of Raja yoga Mahadasha of the raja yoga giving planet is very important. (Maha Dasha has its own importance because without Mahadasha planet is like an actor who doesn’t get sufficient role in the picture to show their complete performance)…!!!

Now another very important concept is retrograde debilitation??

whenever any debilitated planet become retrograde in horoscope, so its said that its start acting like an exalted planets, however nothing is like that in modern time, Retrograde motion of planet merely gives Bhanga to the debilitated planet, and debilitated planet gets power to come out from debility which is again profitable for professional life only and personal life will remain question marked... hence remember debilitated planet will never become exalted when retrograde or even retrogression cant cancel the debility of planet...retrograde motion just creates a modification situation of debilitated planet…That’s it..!!

All debilitated planet somehow act like retrograde planets because when any planet become debilitated in horoscope so debilitated planet just act opposite to its natural nature (Planets also react in opposite way when become retrograde), hence they hold strong killing power...!!! 

However if you want to learn more about retrograde planet in detailsClick Here

Now something for the peoples those are not aware about astrology and even after reading my this whole article they can’t understand anything just because they are not aware about even basic astrology however want to know whether they have Neech Bhanga Raja yoga in their chart or not?

So yes this is one rare concept for such peoples (Applicable for male and female both) - As I said above in my article that in initial stage person suffer a lot due to Neech effect of the planet and nobody can deny that planets creates situation and such person always get tested by destiny and 90 % people always surrenders in front of the situation but the person who has this raja yoga in his chart always wants to fight.. As problems are part of the human life but he took his struggle as a challenge but other fails...

Suppose, there is a person who has all the qualities to become successful in life even he is multi-talented and hold all the qualities which requires becoming successful in the life but still he try many times to become successful but again some circumstances pulling him down.. He again try but again he could not achieve whatever he wants to achieve. It happens many times but still he keeps walking towards his goal. And never stopping till the time he is not getting it because such person always keeps one thing in their mind is that “Winning”. Win and only Win and they won’t accept defeat from life because they always take lesson and keep moving ahead...

 If you also have such will power to challenge you destiny or you dare to challenge your bad time if you really feel this or if you are experiencing such worse situation in your life but your inner man is not allowing you to accept defeat from your current dominating bad situation and forcing you to stand up and go fight and win, 

So yes you have Neech bhang Raj yoga
 in your chart.

Now the final comments about actual power of this Raja Yoga – 

Do you know how powerful this is??

However a single horoscope is a combination of many Raja Yogas and bad Yogas and success of life is totally depends on all factors, but still NBRY has its own importance in Vedic astrology system, actually I can’t describe its power in my words because its power has no definition and words But in straight-forward… This is the powerful Yoga for persons born in ordinary conditions or in lower class family to reach the tremendous heights in his life span. With this Yoga, one attains Name, Fame, Wealth and Success along with powerful social status like anything in life. If it is really available then by effect of this yoga person gets good opportunity and luck supports him to reaching top. Such person gets all the luxury in the life because it does not produce merely king, it produces an emperor or  Ruler, that too in his youth and all king will obey the laws made by this ruler. Neech Bhanga raja yoga is alone capable to give large empire or the capacity to rule entire world. No raja yoga in astrology can match its power... If other astrology Raja Yogas will give you power to touch sky so Neech Bhanga raja yoga will give you power to rule entire globe. You can see this raja yoga in the chart of many big politicians, Businessman, and even in many celebrities horoscope. Other raja can give you power of making victory but Neech Bhanga can give you the power of making history along with victory..

Again as summarization I would say in life, when we are weak in some area, sometimes that weakness causes us to develop great strength in other areas to compensate, or it may even cause us to work on our weakness in such a way that they become very great strengths.

So don't be frightened to see a Neech or Debilitated planet in your horoscope because that planet might do very good for you. So just keep below words in your mind when you see this yoga in your horoscope so -

Neecha Bhanga means = Forgiveness from god (A simple Yoga which gives strength to overcome and fight with odds that come with debilitated sign placement of the planets)

Neecha Bhanga Raja yoga Means = God Blessings (A Raj yoga which is more powerful obviously, and gives fame and high status like anything in life which has no match).

Note - Jupiter was in its sign of debilitation in Capricorn from Jan 11, 1985 to Jan 25, 1986.. All born within this time-period will have debilitated Jupiter in one of the houses in their birth chart. Many such people won't have problems due to Jupiter's Neecha Bhanga. But still many persons those are born in this time are suffering even after Bhanga so I would like to say please don’t afraid as this is teaching time so take a lesson and keep moving ahead and use your weakness as your biggest power, You will shine one day surely.

And the day you feel that destiny has started rewarding you, please think for needy peoples those are waiting for helping hands so please also -

So this was my long research for Neech Bhanga Raja yoga, please ignore my grammatical errors as I hope you people would be benefited with this information shared by me. And give me your little blessings so that i can get one good investor to invest in my movies script so that i can also make few good movies for you...!!!

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