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Monday, 16 February 2015

All About Kuldeepak Yoga By Sourabh Soni

Star Of the Family


Appreciating feedback from you people which I have started getting now, thanks a lot for your valuable kind words which means a lot to me, your feedback giving me moral support to write furthermore articles, so today I am going to reveal another secret of “Kul Deepak Raja Yoga”.

Guys remember every deeds which you do in your life, whether bad or good create one yoga for you in your horoscope in your next birth and your present birth is all based on your previous deeds.

So Kuldeepak yoga is one of that secret, which I am going to reveal here -  

“Kul” is a Hindi world which means your total family (All member including your father, grandfather and even forefather and their all family members, total is known as Kul), and “Deepak” means light. 

So Kuldeepak means “light of the family” or in updated words you can say “Star of the family”.

“Kuldeepak = Star of the Family”

And Kuldeepak yoga forming planet is Mars… So as per ancient text whenever Mars occupied Tenth house in main birth horoscope, it creates Kuldeepak Yoga for once.

Note – In any sign, any constellation if mars is in the 10th house in main chart (D-1), so yoga is available and will produce the effect surely. But remember it’s a Yoga, so don’t consider Kuldeepak Yoga as Raja Yoga, wait I will describe it more below -

But before moving ahead please keep below paragraph in mind - 

Alone yoga in horoscope can’t make one king, or can’t give everything as I have already written in my previous articles as, every chart is a combination of many good or bad Yogas, So all successful or flop persons are the results of all Yogas available in their horoscope. 

See basically mars is a soldier who protect the king, Hence exalted mars in tenth house can give you administrator role but can’t promise throne(if not getting aspected or in conjunction with other planet). 

As mars has different roles for every ascendant’s like mars can do good for Aries, Capricorn and Scorpio ascendant if sitting in 10th house because if mars in 10th house so it’s also aspect 1st, 4th and 5th houses from its three aspect. 

Mars gives such person’s a very strong personality whenever mars in tenth house for Aries, Capricorn and Scorpio ascendant. (As mars either going to aspect own sign or exaltation sign).

Remember one very IMP point which I have observed in many charts, As No matter how strong mars is in the horoscope like occupied owned or exaltation sign in the horoscope and strong in Shadbal, but Alone exalted and well placed mars can make you an administrator, or power full personality, but can’t give you throne.. Because mars is a soldier who protect kings (As Mars doesn’t have kingly desire), hence it alone can’t produce kings... Mars can but, only if connected or aspected by other throne causing planets like Jupiter, Moon, Sun, and Mercury…Etc...

Mars needs other Raja yoga planet support to make someone king, (Support by conjunction or aspect, or through sign exchange).

So basically mars gives lot of courage and will power to fight against odd situation in life if sitting in tenth house (In any sign). 

So let’s come back to the main point now, as we were discussing about “Kuldeepak Yoga by Mars”

So if Mars is placed in 10th house of main birth horoscope creates “Kuldeepak Yoga”, and due to effect of this yoga, you always gets limelight from the family, neighbor as well as relatives and society.

Even if you have two or three more siblings, so rather than your other siblings, people will keep much expectation from you, comparison to your siblings, and you would be highlighted personality of your family. 

Even if your family member has no good relation with you than too your neighbors, relatives, and other society people will know as strong, good and well natured person. 

And this happens because 10th house is just opposite to 4th house, and your horoscope 4th house signify your own home and just opposite 10th house signify people away from home, “The Outer World“ and 10th house is also house of authority, hence person become authoritative and well respected figure in his society…!!!

Above results come to effect when mars occupy 10th house (In any sign except Capricorn, Aries and Scorpio) but sitting alone without other planetary support (bereft any conjunction or aspect).

Note – Please calculate the mars effect as per the ascendant as whenever mars sits in 10th house so it’s also aspect 1st, 4th and 5th house, it’s important to calculate which sign is getting aspected by mars through its three aspect. 

Like if Mars is exalted in 10th house so it will aspect its debilitated sign cancer from its seventh aspect, So even if you not have good reputation in your home, or you always want to stay away from your home, But as its exalted in 10th house so all other people will regard you “Star of the Family”.

Another concept is – in few cases mars act like very supportive and makes one very influensive strong personality along with an authoritative status in the society.

Like if mars is sitting in 10 house in the sign of Capricorn, Aries and Scorpio, so not only its creating Kuldeepak Yoga, However also forming Ruchak Maha Purush Raja Yoga along with Kuldeepak Yoga, And also getting directional strength (Digbal) being in 10th house. So mars become very strong in such case and if also getting aspected or have conjunction with Jupiter, Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Then Mars is going to give you great Raja Yoga…Which is going to lead you in very higher position and status in life. 

And if you want to know in which area mars is indicating success, so for that you need to study your overall horoscope. 

Because Mars signify - fire, energy, medical industry, sports, support by siblings, metals, weapons, construction, soldiers, police, surgeons, engineers, charity etc.

And 10th house signify - government jobs, dealing with public, managers, politics and all government related work etc.

And if mars is sitting in 10th house with other planet or getting aspected by other planets, so you can see now how many parameter you need to calculate and merge to get one exact answer.

Hence I said to get exact answer you need to calculate overall horoscope….

Now another question is, “Why Kuldeepak yoga comes in the horoscope”.

And to get answer we need to open Karmic Book again - 

As per the karmic book, Mars in the 10th house signify charity, anyone who have mars in 10th house would be a very charitable person and if mars in 10th house is getting connected with Venus and Jupiter(Either by conjunction or by aspect) then person can do many good work for human being. 

See, basically charity is not about helping through money always, charity means social work, helping others through physical labour, or even sometime it is can be through little moral support.

In short if your neighbor or any relative needs your physical or moral or even sometime financial support, so you are always available and always helping them and fulfilling their needs. So such deeds comes as a rewards of Kuldeepak Yoga in the horoscope. 

So that is the karmic truth behind Kuldeepak Yoga…

Note – If Mars is sitting in 10th house in owned sign or exaltation sign, which means mars is causing Kuldeepak yoga as well as Ruchak Maha Purush Raja Yoga in the horoscope, so it means there two karmic theory would be applicable. As I already described in my previous articles that whatever you do in your life creates good or bad yoga in your horoscope (good or bad yoga it depends on your deeds). So above theory I have written for Kuldeepak yoga only, if mars is causing another yoga or Raja Yoga which means person has done above things in his previous birth so he has got Kuldeepak yoga however in the same time he has also performed few another extraordinary deeds related to mars hence in present birth he has got mars is such prominent situation in his or her horoscope and causing many Yogas and signifying the fruits that past good deeds in horoscope through forming many yoga or raja Yogas.  

To learn more about Ruchak Maha Purush Raja Yoga and their Karmic Theory – Click Here

I hope you have got my point very clear, if not feel free to write me and discuss.

So let’s have few examples from normal life then I will also show you few celebrity horoscopes– 

Case Study - 1

Above horoscope is belong to my one friend, born in 1988, as per his horoscope mars is sitting in 10th house in the sign of Pisces, and getting aspected by mercury and sun, and forming Kuldeepak yoga. 

As mars is sixth and 11th lord sitting in 10th house so person is working in just dial in Mumbai, but mercury and sun is also aspecting as person is also involve in share trading business and earning good, however I am not clarifying his professional front, Because right now we are just calculating the effect of Kuldeepak yoga which is related to personal life. 

He has two brother more but as effect of Kuldeepak yoga, he is always the point of attraction, comparison to other two siblings, and always gets limelight from the local people and relatives, as far as I know his family and relative have much expectation from him in personal and professional matter then other two siblings.

Next Example – 
Case Study - 2

Above chart belong to my uncle, and they are total seven brothers and sisters, But as Mars is in the 10th house in the royal sign Leo, He always get much respect and love from relatives and the society other than his rest siblings.

Even in his family, nothing can be happen without his permission even when he is 4th youngest child.

Next Example -

Case Study - 3

Above chart belong to female native who has been shifted in USA after her marriage, As Mars is sitting in 10th house in the sign of Virgo along with Venus and Sun So along with Kuldeepak Yoga mars is also creating yoga for power and creativity as she is working in USA in creative department(As a Designer).

But she is also enjoying the fruits of Kuldeepak Yoga as very respected and loving personality in her society and an apple of eye of her family and very famous among her relatives.

Next Example - 
Case Study - 4

Above chart is belong to a kid born in 1997, and playing cricket on his state level, as per his horoscope Mars is in Virgo in 10th house along with exalted Rahu, and getting aspected by Ketu, Saturn, Jupiter, so actually his 10th house is very powerful, in such a small age he has won many prizes in sports world. 

He has two brother more, he is youngest child in his family, but due to effect of Kuldeepak yoga his name is an identity for his entire family.  

Note – Check the total power and capability of mars if your siblings also have Kuldeepak yoga in their horoscope to know the actual and clear picture.

Now see the example through celebrity horoscope – 

Salmaan Khan

In Salmaan khan horoscope, Mars is exalted in 10th house along with Venus, So now see the total effect of mars on his personality, As Mars is aspecting 1st house from its fourth aspect causing Dabang personality, Aspecting 4th and 5th house and causing great stardom and glamor as connected with Venus.
Even you can see the effect of Kul Deepak yoga in his life very well as Salmaan has two more brother, Sohail Khan and Arbaaz Khan, But Salmaan is much successful and gets much attention, love and limelight then Sohail and Arbaaz. 

So Salmaan khan is Star of his family.

So guys I hope you can understand my point through above examples….

You can enjoy effect of Kuldeepak yoga since the day you born, however if the same mars is also causing few another raja yoga like Ruchak Maha Purush yoga or any other yoga, so effect of MahaPurush or any other Yogas will come into effect during concern Maha Dasha or anter Dasha only.

As summary - Kuldeepak yoga is not a raja yoga as it’s merely a yoga, which signify your name is an identity of your family…you would be known as “Star of the family”, and when you will pass away your upcoming generation will follow your footsteps.

So guys this was my research about Kuldeepak Yoga by Mars, I hope you would like it…and  If you like my article and if you want to be my friend and interested to read my further articles so Just open below link and like my page but please don’t be my fan… Be my friend…

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