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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Retrogression In Vedic Astrology By Sourabh Soni

Expect The Unexpected
Hi Guys,

Before describing retrogression concept in Vedic Astrology, I would like to say something - 

As per ancient text books and all information which is available over internet, everyone has their own views on retrogression and almost all are different, however as I have written in my previous articles, my each astrology research is purely based on my own practical and live experiences, because for me real life experiences are much valuable hence my all articles are quite different from other articles, I just want to say that my articles are just my point of view, and the same I am sharing through my Vedic research portal, I don't force anyone to follow me blindly, So it’s always your choice whether you want to trust on my researches or just want to ignore, And my portal is free and always will be...I won’t charge for sharing my knowledge (even I don't do consultations)...anyways.....lets back to the point now...!!!!

I know, if anyone who don't have retrograde planet in his or her horoscope might be thinking that if I don't have any retrograde planet in my horoscope then why I should read this article, However i would like to tell everyone, each one who has born in this earth always gets two planets retrograde in their horoscope by default which are Rahu and Ketu, Because they are always retrograde in each horoscope, hence this article is applicable on each horoscope, However there are few more horoscopes where few more planets falls in retro motion and their horoscope become little more complicated than normal horoscopes, however life is still same but the way of getting karmic punishment or karmic rewards is different in retrograde situation, Hence one line definition for retrogression is, be ready always to -

Don’t afraid, it’s not as horror always as mentioned in online articles, Anyway, I am going to discuss here about very important topic in Vedic astrology known as retrogression situation of the planets in horoscope, as I have got many request from peoples through emails to do research on retrograde planets so I have done my research on the same and now going to discuss over here...!!

First of all, its again very critical topic to write, as everyone have their own views on retrogression and even applying all the concepts of retrogression still you can’t predict 100 accurate effect of the retro planets, so let’s discuss the retrogression through my point of view - 

In Vedic astrology every planet moves from one sign into next sign after certain time clock wise in prescribed speed and direction, however in few situations planet moves backward (Not backward in the sky, it’s just astrology term), which affects the speed and direction of the planet hence such motion of the planet called retrograde motion (Vakra Gati) and such planet known as Vakri Planets in Hindi Language...!!!

Well here we are discussing about practical life as we are living here in down earth, hence we don't care what’s happening in the sky, as I read during my research that retro motion of planets is just an astrology term and planets are not really moving backward in real situation in the sky, so it’s better to ignore the scientific part and lets discuss about retrogression impact in our life -

So retrogression means "A Process of returning to an earlier stage", As everyone move forward but retrogression is about moving back, but my question is that, Is it really about moving back or is it something else ???

So yes, It’s not about moving backward only, Retrogression has many meaning and have many suspense in it, even everyone is not so capable to define Mood of the planets if they are retrograde, because this is something uncertain and endless - 

Yes trust me, Retrograde planets comes with many unexpected surprises in the horoscope, and planets act in very unexpected and unusual way, which is really totally beyond understanding sometime, and things happen just in quite reverse and UN-logical way - 

But before describing retrogression effect of planet, I would like tell, each planet in the horoscope (whether planets are exalted, debilitated, occupied enemy sign or friendly sign, or in retrograde situation and sitting in any house), either signifies something good or something bad, or we can say like each position of planet in horoscope indicate certain event of our life, through their placement in horoscope either planet wants to give you something or will snatch everything or something, but it’s all depends on our past life deeds, because past life deeds are only foundation of our horoscope.    

Now the main thing is, "What is this reverse game of the planets" or does it really a kind of -

Guys, if we merely counting retrogression effect in human life so trust me, as per my practical observation it’s not a least about moving backwards or any kind of reverse effect, Retrogression is simply affecting the mood of planet (Or you can say like way of expressing the energy of retrograde planet is quite different than the normal planet), because life of the person doesn't move backward (like old age to towards childhood) when planet goes into retrogression position, it’s just create some unexpected drama (But not in each case), So the normal things which we simply expecting from the normal planetary placement in certain sign, house or constellation, that effect doesn't come in simple manner, hence if any planet is in retrograde situation means that planet is not going to give you the same result as it gives in normal position, So retrogression of any planet simply signifies - 

As I wrote above retrograde planets do not give good or bad directly as normal planets do, hence predicting through retrograde planets are quite confusing. But don't worry i will tell you very easy procedure to judge retrograde planets and how to predict their effect, but before that lets discuss few imp points about retrogression.

As we know our entire life is based on our previous life karma (Deeds), and we can understand our previous life karma by our horoscope using astrology, because each planet has been mapped in our horoscope as per our previous life deeds and like every human being, each planet has two nature as one is internal another is external and retrogression is just affecting internal nature of planets to create the drama -

Internal and external qualities are always different and both have its own importance, Hence retrogression is changing the way of giving results which is closely affects internal qualities of the planets and these changes are visible in to person’s life (That's what the actual drama).

See basically person born with retro planets is also a human being, and retro planet doesn't affect physical personality even if, retro planet is sitting in Lagna house, hence don't be scared when you see retro planets in your horoscope, each person born with retro planets is like others peoples, they don't have scary reverse face, dirty mouth, or having any extra part in physical body, So retrogression is not about any external or physically defect, it’s something which is affecting internally - 

Retrograde motion is just blocking the external influence of planet, and these blockages affect internal situation of the person greatly as these blockage makes the persons focus on developing their internal strengths associated with the retrograde planet, this process is like a hardcore teaching and troublesome little bit…!!

There are so many articles are available on internet about retrogression, because it’s really a quite long and difficult theory to understand and all experts has given so many concepts to understand  retrogression and the nature of retrograde planets, However the quite interesting fact about retrograde planets is "Even after applying all the concepts you can’t predict 100 % accurate mood of retrograde planet" So you can say when three or more planets goes into retrogression there is something which is always almost unpredictable(Astrology can predict but astrologers can't). 

Basically each planet (Even in normal position) is enough capable to change your life in any direction, and everyone during his or her life facing several changes in life but presence of much retrograde planets in horoscope is simply a message from destiny is that -

Note – Extra changes means unexpected extra transformations…!!

As per the ancient text, Sun and Moon are never retrograde, and nodes (Rahu and Ketu) have no physical existence in the galaxy hence known as Shadow planet, hence both the shadows are always gets denoted in retrograde motion in Vedic astrology, So the main game of retrogression is applicable for five Maha Purush Planets which are Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn -  

Note - During my research I have seen maximum Four Maha Purush planets in retrogression, but I have not seen any horoscope where Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, all five were in retrograde motion.  

Anyways let’s move further, I know if I have told you that retrogression is all about changing the way of expression of planets, so you might be thinking -

As one point which i have mentioned in most of my articles is that "Please calculate planets impact on both the aspect of life", I mean to say impact of the planets in personal life as well as professional life, Because any planet which is harming your personal life can do good in your professional life(Any planet in any position can’t give negative result in all areas of life), And in case of retrogression personal life of the person greatly suffer, Specially drama of retrograde planets I have seen in love relationships and Married life.    

Hence before telling anything further, the first question which comes in my mind is "How to judge effect of retrograde planets in horoscope”??

See guys, as i wrote above, either planets wants to teach you karmic lesson or wants to give you karmic rewards through their position, and retrogression is merely a part of that.

When any planet become retrograde in horoscope so retrogression motion actually changing the way of expressing the energy of planets (you can’t define the mood of planet so easily when it’s in retrograde motion).  

When planets is in retrograde motion in the horoscope, so there are some amazing transformation in their qualities and retrograde planets start act in very uncertain, unusual, unexpected way and in horoscope planets are just expressing their energies in some different way than the normal planets (Energy of occupied Sign, House, Nakshtra etc), and the person who is well aware about debilitation concept, Concept of judging Rahu and Ketu in horoscope, can only deal with the retrograde planets otherwise prediction has no guarantee done by astrologer (I will give you an example of this at the bottom in the same article). 

I know you must be thinking "What is the connection of retrogression with debilitation concept and with Nodes concept”??

So guys, Rahu and Ketu which are a part one body but known as two shadow planets are always in apparent retrograde motion (As per Vedic Astrology) and as they are retrograde in horoscope hence that is the main reason they both creates maximum drama in horoscope and predicting them accurately always a difficult task, and another thing is that nodes are the planets which signifies past life connections and good or bad rewards for present life in the horoscope. 

Retrogression is also signifies past life deep rooted connection, as Retrograde planet either gives higher rewards (Not in each case, only lucky peoples get rewards, refer examples session) or gives very severe suffering in life to teach lesson of past life.  

Another point is, When any planet occupies its debilitated sign in the horoscope so astrologer says it’s become weak, however it’s not like that, debilitated planet is actually start acting somehow like retrograde planet...And acting just opposite to its natural nature, Like Jupiter is a planet of wisdom, Karaka of money and known as biggest savior planet in horoscope but when its occupy Capricorn which is debilitated sign for Jupiter, So Jupiter start acting just opposite to the nature and If Jupiter is act like giving everything in exalted sign, So its act like snatcher when become debilitated and start putting hurdles in life and doesn't give anything easily (unless it’s getting Neech Bhanga), and when any debilitated planet sits with depositor it’s just start absorbing the power of the depositor and amplify the power of conjunction (Which is known as Neech Bhanga Yoga), So that's the main reason why debilitated planets somehow act like retrograde planets (Just opposite to its natural nature). 

Do you know when any planet become debilitated in horoscope so as I wrote above its just act opposite to its natural nature and create obstacle because debilitation is just blocking the benefic result of that planet however if debilitated planet gets Neech Bhanga, So Power of Neech Bhanga puts the debilitated planet on right track again and helps debilitated planet to give positive results, Same happen with retrograde planet as any benefic influence on retrograde planet stopping them to create drama....!!!   

Let’s come back to the retrogression part again - 

So any plant which is aspecting retrograde planet, Or in conjunction or in Sign Exchange with retrograde planet, Retrograde planet collects the power from these planets and amplifying it and expressing that all energies in its own way (but result may be good or bad that will depend on all the planets those are influencing that retrograde planet).    

Retrograde planets gets higher chesta bal, Hence when they also get support of other planets to expressing their energies, So effect of retrograde planet always comes in full force, Hence if retrograde planets is rewarding the person so that reward will be huge but if giving pain, that too would be very severe (Same nature like Rahu and Ketu which are always retrograde in horoscope).

So if anyone who is fully aware about debilitation concept of planets, and knows how to judge Rahu and Ketu in horoscope can predict through retrograde planet.  

I hope now you can understand why retrogression is typical theory and create unexpected drama.....!!! 
Now the next question is - Why planet comes in retrogression in horoscope???

So answer is, Like Rahu and Ketu (Which are always retrograde) retrogression is also deeply connected with past life, Hence if anyone who has retrograde planet in horoscope which signifies "Something has been carry forwarded from past life into present life (It may be Good or Bad or both)".
As per the Karmic Text, Like Rahu and Ketu retrograde planets are also known as karmic incarnations and coming in the horoscope to teach past life lesson into present life and at certain time planets repeat the same drama or same situation like past life and will put you on that to face it and finish it...!!!

Retrograde planet signifies incomplete task of past life, the responsibilities which you could not finished in past life, the commitments which you could not finished in past life causes retrogression in horoscope, and specially anyone who has three or four retrograde planets in horoscope is quite clear indication that person has either left previous life incomplete or could not finished any responsibility of any area of previous life. 

So however almost astrologers teaching that retrogression motion of planet means going in backward sign (Moving towards backward sign) but I would like to say that “Retrogression actual meaning is not related to going into backward sign, Its original meaning is going backward into the past life” 

As Rahu and Ketu signifies past life connections being in retrograde motion, so other planet also signifies the past life connection into present life being in retrograde motion like Rahu and Ketu, and you can call it a payback system of destiny….!!! 

And also remember retrograde planets are not bad always, and if you have got retrograde planet in your birth chart which never means you are here to pay back only, “No” because retrograde planet also signifies higher rewards in life which is totally depends on past life deeds…So don’t be afraid..!!!

Note – Pay back means either you are going to pay someone or going to get something by someone (which means somebody will pay you and you are here to get the things back). 

Let’s take an example to understand above karmic theory.....

Maximum drama of retrograde planet i have seen in Marital life as if any retrograde planet (Also include Rahu and Ketu because they are also retrograde) is connected with 7th house or 7th lord in D-1 or D-9 signifies drama in marital life (Even single aspect of any retrograde planet in 7th house is enough capable to create drama in marital life)....  

Basically marriage is a commitment of whole life (In India it’s a commitment for seven births), However if you are breaking this commitment in middle, so just because of you, life of your spouse is greatly suffers and his or her entire life falls in reverse motion because they have to start their life from the beginning again and also have to face lot of issues and hardship to get that start....So that unfulfilled commitment and entire pain which he or she has faced due to reverse life causes by you, gets carry forwarded into your next birth as retrogression and creates the same drama into marital life into your present birth.  

Even running away from any responsibilities is a curse and its known as incomplete task, Same thing happening in love life also, If Rahu or Ketu or any retrograde planet get connected with fifth house or fifth lord in D-1 or D-9, Drama happens in love life for sure.....because if you are in love with someone for long time and your love partner is deeply connected with you and got committed by you for marriage or for any long term relationship, but if you cheating your partner and breaking this relation which causing severe pain and emotional setbacks for your partner and his or her life start moving back because they feel like lost in life, So that all sufferings gets carry forwarded into your next birth and visible in your horoscope by placement of retrograde planet (Such people facing delay marriage issues, or early marriage but sudden unexpected brake ups or little more drama in relationship due to connection of retrograde planet with 7th house of horoscope).  

Note - Love relation or marital issues are not only the area where retrograde planets are creating the drama, but there are lot more issues and they are affecting almost all areas of life, because I can’t define your entire past life sins here, I have just given examples of marriage life and love relationships only because these are the area where almost everyone is sufferings due to presence of retrograde in horoscopes (Specially females), so it’s not necessary that retrograde planet will sit only in 7th house, they could be in any house, that you have to judge what are they signifying by their placement in your birth horoscope.

I know you might be thinking, if you have got retrograde planets in your horoscope but if you don't remember anything about past life then how to know which kind of promises or commitment you left incomplete in your past life or which kind of sins has been carry forwarded from past life into your horoscope??? 

So answer is, Please check which planet is retrograde in horoscope and in which house it’s sitting in... because planets signifies which kind of sins you have done in your past life and house signifies the area of error, Like if Venus (for male) or Jupiter (For female) is considered as Karaka for marriage and if they become retrograde and gets connected with 7th house or 7th lord create issues in marital life, So planet signifies the errors however houses signifies the area of error, like if retrograde planet is connected with 7th house so sins could be related to marriage from past birth, if connected with 5th house so it could be related to love life, Education, or fault related to your child, or if connected with 10th house so it could be related to your profession (Where you have cheated someone and that person has faced lot of sufferings due to this), if retro planet is connected with 2nd house signifies unresolved issues with family or incomplete family life in past birth, So you can judge like this way, and number of retrograde planets signifies number of sins or much failed commitments or responsibilities of past life.
So please understand the entire concept of retrogression because all drama is about past karmic deeds.

I hope Karmic theory is clear to you now, if not drop me an email (But don't send consultation request) otherwise your email will be ignored.

Now let’s see few horoscopes as an example -
 Case Study - 1

Above chart belong to a Girl, who belongs to quite rich family and no issues were there in her life till 2012, everything was going perfect in her life and even she was in quite good and higher paid job till Dec 2012, Now drama in her life started since Jan 2013 when she got married, As per her astrology profile lord of seventh house Venus is debilitated but in 11th house (social networking) with mercury hence she got her life partner though online matrimonial website, Even her father has consulted with top astrologers before her marriage those have confirmed that her married life would be good due to exalted moon in 7th house. As she got an NRI husband and she suddenly got shifted in Canada in 2013, However just after few month she came to know that her husband has sexual relationship with his own mother (As she caught both of them having sex), and just in few month his husband gave her divorce notice in Oct 2014, however now she is living with their relatives in Canada and court case is going on. 

This drama got started in Rahu Mahadasha and mercury Antar Dasha, however in her case only Saturn is retrograde and sitting in 2nd house but aspecting Rahu and mercury both(Also aspecting Venus which is 7th house lord in her case). 

Lets see another case - 
Case Study - 2

Above chart belongs to another female, In her case Exalted retro Saturn aspecting its debilitated sign Aries which falls in seventh house, And mercury is also sitting in 7th... Well in her case too, life was quite good before marriage, She has three retrograde planets in her horoscope as Jupiter is also retrograde in 2nd house, as she got married in Mercury Mahadasha and Jupiter Antardasha to a boy who was seven year younger from her, when she entered in Saturn Antardasha under Mercury Mahadasha, her husband sudden created drama as He left his house, spouse and kid and got shifted in to Varanashi stating that he wants to renounce from material world and wants to be a Sanyaasi.   

However after sometime when this female inquired about unusual behavior of her husband then came to know that he is in love with another girl and created a false drama and situation has now reached to the divorce. However this lady herself a quite beautiful and pretty personality but still faced sudden unexpected drama due to retrograde planets...Lets see her husband horoscope - 

Above chart belong to her husband, who also have Jupiter and Venus retrograde in his horoscope and influencing 7th lord mercury.  

Both the females (Case Study 1 & 2) couldn't understand what happened with them suddenly, and why happened, however it was all the drama of retrograde planets which gave unexpected troubles.

Note – I know above horoscopes tells lot more about their marital life but here I just want to pin point the connection of retrograde planet with 7th house and lord. 
Remember guys, as I wrote above life become more challenging when three or four planets (excluding nodes) become retrograde in horoscope, because then these all will affect much areas of life because bunch of retrograde planets signifies much lesson of past life (As Bunch of retrograde planets signifies much errors from past life which has been carry forwarded into your horoscope and will affect accordingly time to time), Let’s see below example -

Case Study - 3

Above horoscope belongs to a male, Who has four retrograde planets in his horoscope, as Mars is retrograde in 1st house, 7th lord Saturn retrograde in 2nd house, Mercury retrograde in sixth house with Sun, and Jupiter in retrograde in 12th house, and resulted person is struggling in many areas, as along with his professional life, his personal life is also quite disturbed, His father has two wives, He is born in 1977 but still unmarried and overall unstable life...!!!    

Lets see another horoscope - 
Case Study - 4

Above chart belongs to a female, Who is also rich and materially successful before marriage, She born in 1980 however got married very late in 33 age but left her husband just in few month just after marriage, However as far as i know her, She is very arrogant and selfish lady and now doing a job in small agency, in her birth chart three planets (Jupiter, Mars, Saturn) are retrograde, 7th lord Venus exalted in 12th house but getting aspected by two retro planets which are Mars and Saturn. Refer another drama below -  
  Case Study - 5

Above horoscope belongs to my own cousin, he is working in a pharmacy company as Area Manager and getting higher salary, as Mars sitting in Lagna making horoscope Manglik, and Two retrograde planet Jupiter and Saturn sitting in 7th house of his birth chart, he had an engagement with a girl and he was supposed to get marry with her in coming next few months (it was an arrange marriage). But sudden one day we all got news that girl has committed suicide and her father has filed a case of dowry against him and even against his entire family. However later we came to know that, after an engagement father of that girl has received another marriage proposal from very rich family and he was convincing her daughter to marry there and asked to broke this engagement however girl was not ready and had fight with her father so her father killed her and thrown all the blame to boy’s family and filed a forged case of dowry, and my cousin got faced unexpected drama given by retrograde planet, However court case is still going on…!!! 
As i said guys, Maximum drama of retrograde planets i have seen in marital life, Either peoples facing delay marriage issues, Or even if they are getting married timely then too later facing marital issues which are leading them to divorce....and anyone who is doing marriage never expects such drama in life, Hence i said if you have retrograde planets in your horoscope, just be ready to receive something extra which is unexpected (May good or bad too)....!!! 

However that is the impact of retrograde planets on personal life which is almost troublesome, But another part is professional life and retrograde also have plans for professional area also for the native so let’s discuss that....!!!

I know everyone on their books or articles just describing horror effects of retrograde planets, and almost everywhere its written that retrograde planets signifies sufferings only and they come to teach lessons, however I am also not denying it but along with karmic lesson retrograde planets also gives Karmic rewards like Rahu and Ketu.   

Do you really think, Rahu and Ketu signifies only sufferings in life???

So answer is big "No", however due to their retrogression motion they create much drama like other retrograde planets, but they give huge rewards also if positive in horoscope.

Same applicable on other retrograde planets also, they don't threat all time in all horoscopes, sometime they signifies something else too - 

I know, Everyone (Specially females) those have retrograde planets in their horoscope always want to know whether retrograde planet going to kill them throughout life, or going to give something good also.
Because I have seen people those have born with two, three or more retrograde planets think like they have born for sufferings only, and their horoscopes are worse one, however it’s not like that, hence please read and analyze your entire horoscope properly so that you can understand what your destiny wants from you.... And trust me the best way to judge retrograde planets is to Judge them in the same manner as you judging nodes (Rahu and Ketu) in horoscope, Let me clarify it more - 

Rahu and Ketu are just a Shadow planet and act as per depositor because they have no shape and direction, and without support of other planets they can’t act or you can say without depositor they are not capable to generate any result in horoscope, However if you want to read about Rahu and Ketu in Details so please Click Here  

However the same theory is also applicable to other retrograde planets, So whenever any planet become retrograde so its acts like a child which have no direction or guidance, Hence they also need support of other planets to act, Hence apart from sign, Nakshatra, House (which retrograde planet occupy in horoscope), The planet who is in conjunction with retrograde planet or aspecting retrograde planet is equal important to decide result of retrograde planet, Because retrograde planet may act like Yoga Karaka* if sitting with any Yoga Karaka* Planet, will act like a benefic if sitting or getting aspected by benefics, And will also act like malefic if sitting with Malefic or getting aspected by them and will give several issues (Even same nature Rahu and Ketu have).     

Note* - When retrograde planet conjunct yoga Karaka planet, House placement of retrograde planet and yoga Karaka planet (Kendra houses are quite good) is very important, and secondary the planets which are influencing that conjunction of retro planet and yoga Karaka planet needs to be judge, So overall that conjunction should be free from any bad influences otherwise retrograde planet is enough capable to destroy of auspiciousness of Yoga Karaka planet, So please be careful and don't judge them blindly....!!! 

Because the planet which is influencing retrograde planet either through conjunction or aspect is like a path teller to that retrograde planet, retrograde planets are like an amplifier as they collect the energies from other planets those influencing them and amplifying it and expressing that energy in unexpected way...!!!

However if no planet is aspecting or in conjunction with retrograde planet then the sign, house which retro planet occupies and the position of depositor is vital....because in such case retrograde planet is act like they are their own boss and free to do anything good or bad...!!! 

As per my personal observation I have seen that if entire horoscope is strong then retrogression is not affecting too much, But depositor of retrograde planet should be strong & benefic in the horoscope to get the rewards from karmic retrograde planet, and among all the planets which create maximum drama in life is "Saturn", Hence like if you want rewards from Saturn then Saturn placement is auspicious houses (Specially Kendra) are quite important and if the same time depositor of the Saturn if strong and benefic as per ascendant and aspecting Saturn or if any benefic planet is influencing Saturn, so it can control Saturn and even can bless with great rewards (Same concept is also applicable on other retrograde planets)....!!

If I have to describe above theory in one line, so benefic influence and positive placement of retrograde planets in horoscope signifies rewards also, however bad placement under malefic influence retrograde planet signifies much Karmic lessons...!!!

Because remember millions are born with retrograde planets but everyone is not suffering...!!!

I hope now you can understand and capable to judge the game of retrograde planets in your horoscope..!!

Now let’s refer few celebs horoscope - 
  Shahrukh Khan

Note - In this article I am not calculating entire horoscope in any example as I am just highlighting the retrogression impact on their life...!!!

Above horoscope belong to Bollywood king and Indian film actor Shahrukh Khan, He has Saturn and Jupiter retrograde in his horoscope, As Saturn is lord of 7th house and sitting in 7th itself so he has also faced huge drama during his marriage as he is Muslim in religion and his wife is Hindu lady however as one benefic planet retrograde Jupiter (Which is also getting one very positive aspect of Venus from 5th house) is aspecting Saturn and fifth and seventh house (Fifth house is house of love and seventh house is house of marriage) hence he got succeed in his love marriage.

However as far as his great success in film industry is concern, Jupiter which is retrograde and sitting in house of gains (11th house) and getting aspected by benefic planet Venus from fifth house and Jupiter is also influencing fifth house, Shahrukh became Superstar in Mahadasha of Retrograde Jupiter.

Hence remember guys, Retrograde planets are always very powerful like Rahu and Ketu and give their  effect in full swing, if they are in teaching mood so suffering would be very severe (means if bad in horoscope), however if rewarding the person, success too would be very huge (Like Rahu and Ketu).

Note - If depositor of any retrograde planet also become retrograde however if that planet is strong and under positive and benefic influences so the main planet also gets benefited and Vice Versa too if retrograde depositor of first retrograde planet is also malefic so it will also destroy the benefic effect of first retrograde planet...!!!

Let’s refer few more horoscopes -

Pop Singer Madonna

Above horoscope is belongs to USA Pop singer Madonna, She has Saturn and Mercury in her horoscope, As seventh lord Saturn is retrograde and another retrograde planet mercury is influencing 7th house of her horoscope and everyone knows her marital life was not less than hell and got severe sufferings in marital life, However Saturn is in Kendra and getting aspected by depositor Mars, And Retrograde Mercury which is lord of 11th and 2nd house sitting in Lagna along with Moon, She is quite successful and famous singer in USA.

Another Example is -
Julia Robert

Above horoscope belongs to Hollywood film actress Julia Robert, She is an Oscar winner and quite successful actress of Hollywood film industry, In her horoscope Mercury and Saturn are retrograde, She is successful in profession life however 7th lord Saturn is retrograde and aspecting 7th house in D-9 chart, She was flopped in her first marriage and did a second marriage with a person who were already married and was just a camera assistant...!!!

I Hope now you can understand what i mean to that "Unexpected Drama"....!!!

Now another term is, Conjunction of two retrograde planet

Indeed a great, when two retrograde planets forms a conjunction in horoscope, however its result may be vary as per ascendant and depends on the conjunction forming planet and the planets those influencing that conjunction....Because if this conjunction is happening in 1st and 10th house of horoscope, Then it’s not less than A grade Maha yoga, But before judging the conjunction of two or three retrograde planets please keep parameters in mind - 
1 - To get auspicious result of this Retrograde yoga, Conjunction should be in Kendra house (Specially 1st and 10th house).

2 - Presence or influence of Rahu or Ketu almost destroy the auspiciousness of this Powerful retrograde conjunction. 

3 - The two retrograde planets those are in Conjunction in D-1 should not be conjunct in D-9 (If This Retrograde conjunction is available in D-1 then the same conjunction should not be in D-9, means in D-9 planets should be separate).

4 - The planet which act favorable to the respective ascendant should hold low degree in the conjunction.

Example : If Capricorn or Aquarius ascendant and Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde in sitting in 1st house forming a Conjunction so as per ascendant Saturn is good for this Lagna then Saturn should be in lower degree than Jupiter.

5 - Conjunction should be free from any other malefic influences (Aspect of Sun and Moon does not counted as malefic aspect if they are lord of 8th house because they are free from this blemish, and this happen only in Capricorn and Sagittarius ascendants)

6 - As per the observation I have found that whenever two retrograde planets forming conjunction in the horoscope so both the planet occupying same Nakshatra, Hence position of Nakshatra lord is also vital.

Note – Point number 3, 4 and 6th are my own observation, which I have seen during observing horoscopes while working on this article, these points are not mentioned in ancient text books, hence before applying these points into your chart please use your own logic, and no need to be frightened if you see that your chart is not fulfilling these parameters…!!!

Now let’s see few horoscope -

USA President Barack Obama

Above horoscope belong to USA President Barack Obama, In his horoscope Jupiter and Saturn are in conjunction however both are retrograde and sitting in 1st house, As Saturn is lord of ascendant and hold lowest degree in the conjunction also giving Neech Bhanga to Jupiter, Both the planets are separated in Navamsha, and Both occupied the same Nakshatra and Lord of that Nakshatra which is Sun aspecting that conjunction. 

Now you can understand Power of this yoga as USA is world leading country and what is the value of president in USA.... Destiny has rewarded Barack Obama with Throne of president in USA. 

Let’s see another example - 
Mr. SatyaJit Ray

Above horoscope belongs to Legend of Indian cinema history, Mr. Satya Jit Ray, who is also known as god father of Indian cinema history, As per his Astro profile Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct in fifth house and both are retrograde, For Aries ascendant Jupiter considered as benefic planet and holding lower degree than Saturn, both are in Same Nakshtra and lord of their Nakshtra is Venus which is also retrograde and sitting in first house with exalted depositor of the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction, and Saturn and Jupiter both are separated in D-9 also.     

You can also refer horoscope shown in Case Study - 4 above as an another example, that lady also have retrograde Jupiter and Mars conjunction in fifth house however her horoscope is not fulfilling all the required parameters, Hence she is struggling in her life.  

I hope concept of judging the conjunction of retrograde planets is clear to you, now i would like to clarify few questions which i have received through emails on my Mail ID and first one is -

Exaltation and debilitation concept of retrograde planet and how to judge it???

As per ancient text, Whenever any planet occupy its exaltation sign however become retrograde in horoscope, which is about moving backward so that exalted planet loses its doing good capacity and act like debilitated planet, and if any planet which occupy debilitated sign and also become retrograde gives very auspicious result and act like an exalted planet....!!!    

Few also says that Panch Maha Purush Raja yoga is not applicable on retrograde planets...!!!

However as per practical knowledge above both the parameters are totally my research giving me totally different feedback so let’s discuss that...!!

Guys remember, "Retrogression is a power, it’s not a curse” Should I describe it more? Ok

Everyone knows how power full Sun and Moon Are in the sky, Sun is too hot and Moon is too cold...but then too Rahu and Ketu are eating Sun & Moon like Bread or Butter while eclipse, do you know why???

Just due to power of retrogression, Rahu and Ketu are always retrograde in the horoscope hence they are capable to eclipse Sun and Moon, And if they are not retrograde trust me they even can’t touch Sun and Moon...So retrogression is like an "Add on" Power given by the god to the nodes so that they could become capable to create eclipse,....Hence remember retrogression is a Power, planet in retrograde motions gets an additional power…!!  

Note – However retrogression is power but it does not give auspiciousness or maleficence, it’s always depends on the planet how they want to use this power, Like a Killer or like a Hero…!!

So as per almost all astrology text, an exalted planet loses its power when become retrograde, However it’s not true, Whenever any exalted retrograde planet sits alone in any house however if the same time even not a single planet influencing that exalted retrograde planet, So that planet act like its own boss and delays the result but its cant destroy itself, however if other planets also influencing exalted retrograde planet then in such case overall parameters needs to be calculated (Because much malefic influences can change the final result and can really destroy auspiciousness)....!!!

Note - Refer horoscopes of Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and Narendra Modi, Lord Shri Ram in example sections for above theories......!!!

Now If any planet occupy its debilitation sign however become retrograde and (without any other influences) sitting alone in horoscope, So retrogression power help debilitated planet to get the Neech Bhanga (A Raja yoga only if fulfilling other required condition for Neech Bhanga Raja yoga otherwise merely a Bhanga), and planets gets power to overcome from its debilitation stage.

So in short you can say retrogression power just giving Neech Bhanga to debilitated planet so that planet will gain strength but remember “Debilitated planet can give good results in professional area only” as person life will remain question marked....But debilitated planet will never act like an exalted planet when retrograde and occupies debilitation sign, Retrogression is just modifying the debility of debilitated planet (Also remember, Its just modification of debility not a cancellation of debility, hence only professional area gets improved and personal life will remain in sufferings)...but if other planets also influencing this debilitated retrograde planet then must calculate each point carefully and then predict...!!!

Note - Refer horoscope shown in Case Study 5, as Debilitated Jupiter in 7th house....!!!

Hence remember an exalted planet will never act like debilitated planet when retrograde and debilitated planet will never act like an exalted planet when retrograde....however only other planetary influences can turn the result...!!!

Another IMP point is, as per ancient astrology "Panch Maha Purush Yoga’s are not applicable on retrograde planets" 

Well, as per my practical observation my feedback for above question is totally opposite than other peoples, Lets discuss through examples -

Case Study - 5

Above horoscope belongs to one of my very close friend, In his horoscope Saturn occupies its exaltation sign Libra and also retrograde in horoscope, However still his Saturn Mahadasha was one of the best for his life, he doesn't face any issues in Saturn Maha Dasha and got all the luxury by parents, He was quite rich and have a beautiful and luxurious house to live (He is only a single child),  however his father died when his Saturn Mahadasha was about to end, and then he faced little issues when he entered in mercury Maha Dasha, However recently he has started his own water business. So overall Saturn Maha Dasha has given him everything. However he don't want to marry as has no interest in marriage (As presence of retro Jupiter in 7th house creating drama in marital life)....!!!

You can also refer horoscope of Shahrukh Khan above, as Saturn is sitting in 7th house in its own sign Causing Sha sha Maha Purush yoga and retrograde too, however he is worldly famous personality.

You can also refer horoscope shown in Case Study -2 above, As Saturn is sitting in Libra in first house and also retrograde, she is a grade beauty and great attractive personality and even her Saturn Maha Dasha were a great and beneficial for her.    

Note - Any planet which causing Panch MahaPurush Yoga and become retrograde in horoscope, however the same time if depositor of the Panch Maha Purush causing planet is aspecting it or even any benefic planet influencing it, Maha Purush yoga will remain same and surely produces its result (But Remember Maha Purush Yoga causing planet should be in Kendra).  

Now another concept is "Aspect of the retrograde planet & Its Effects"

Well, General meaning of any planetary aspect is, If any planet is aspecting any house that simple means that planet has power to interrupt the result related to that house, hence aspect of any planet on other planet or house matters a lot in Vedic astrology.

So if any planet which is good as per ascendant so planet aspect will also do good but if planet is bad and malefic so it will surely put hurdles related to that house, because aspect of the benefic planet will always be beneficial however malefic aspect will show its cruel nature and will put the blockage. 

However here we are talking about aspect of the retrograde planet, so as per my observations i would like to tell that all aspect of all planets are same even if they are retrograde (Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Nodes, all have special aspects which also works in retrograde motion and influencing other planets and houses as per their nature and condition in horoscope). 

Note - Retrograde planet doesn't produce any reverse effect in their aspect, they just influence as per the nature of horoscope (Saturn considered as malefic planets so it will never open blockage which it’s giving through aspect even being retrograde).

However there is another theory which is, "Really retrograde planet giving result of previous sign and previous house??" 

So I would like to share my own experience here which is, if any planet (Mars, Saturn, Venus, Mercury) except Jupiter become retrograde and if under 10 degree then it gives half result of previous sign (this too not in each case).

Like If Mars is retrograde in Aries and sitting in fourth house under 10 Degree, So Apart from being in Aries mars will also give half effect of Sign of Pisces (Few astrologer call its half aspect of retrograde planets on previous sign), however fourth, seventh and eighth aspect of mars will produce the result as per nature of mars in the horoscope.
Same half effect of previous sign theory is applicable on Saturn, Venus and Mercury also, but not on Jupiter (Jupiter gives result as per basic aspect which 5th, 7th and 9th). 

Now another question is "Does Malefic planet act like a benefic when retrograde or benefic planet act like malefic when retrograde"  

Retrograde planets do not always produce bad results in life, When planets are retrograde their power of doing good or bad is greatly enhanced, As i said retrogression is a power so if any killer planet gets this power, create much sufferings in life, however any planet which is good in horoscope and become retrograde can give higher gains which is actually known as rewards....!!!

Every planet (Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn) being in retrograde motion is enough capable to lead your life in any good or bad direction, However the biggest Drama maker planet is Saturn...
Whenever Saturn become retrograde in horoscope so sometime Saturn acting like being in Sign of Scorpio, Either it will remove entire restrictions from your life and person act in very free and luxurious manner and it can also give you huge gains or windfall success or could be reverse too like it will block everything and will act like biggest destroyer (everything is uncertain)...

Hence please apply all required parameters when you are judging retrograde planets in horoscope....!!!

Next Question is "Does planet gives fast result when they become retrograde"

So answer is, Other planets except Saturn and Jupiter when become retrograde almost delays the result, Jupiter produces its result as per position in horoscope, But Basically the planet which gives fast result in retrogression is Saturn, because delay is the normal nature of Saturn and when it became retrograde it’s just act opposite to the nature, and gives fast outputs...!!!

Because Saturn is only a planet which signifies restrictions however being in retrograde motion it is just opening all restrictions and behaving in very open way sometime.

You can refer above horoscopes examples where Saturn sitting in 7th house or influencing 7th house or 7th lord, almost all got married timely, because if normal Saturn connects with 7th house or 7th lord it just delays the marriage, But it act opposite and in weird manner when retrograde.
Note - If retrograde Saturn sitting in 7th house however getting influenced by Rahu or Ketu or Mars, mostly long delay in the marriages has been observed... So be careful while judging horoscope as any additional influence can make another parameter for you...!!! 

Next Question is "What if Retrograde Planet is Combust in horoscope

As per ancient text, If any planet which goes near to the sun get Burned by sun Rays, which is known as Combustion in Vedic astrology, However as per me Combustion does not affect much to the planet if it’s in retrograde motion and conjunction with hot Sun in horoscope. 

Especially Mercury and Venus, even in very close degree with the Sun are almost free from combustion if retrograde, now let’s refer below examples -
Mr. Amitabh Bachchan

Above horoscope belongs to Indian Super Star Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, In his horoscope Saturn and Mercury are retrograde, As Retrograde Saturn is in 4th house, However Mercury is in 8th house and very close to the Sun, As Sun is in 24:25 Degree and Mercury is in 23:43 degree, however mercury is exalted and retrograde. As we all knows Mr. Bachchan is worldwide famous and everyone watching him on TV Screen.

So my question is can you put question mark on his intelligence, or exalted mercury is acting like debilitated mercury or giving bad result due to combustion??

Answer is Big "No", Mercury is neither acting like debilitated nor damaged through combustion and we all admiring Mr. Bachchan performing abilities, and intelligence.
Lets see another example -
Mr. Narendra Modi

Above horoscope belongs to Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, As per his astrological profile he also have Jupiter and Mercury retrograde in his horoscope, And Sun and Mercury are almost in just a less than half degree difference as Sun is in 00:46 Degree and Mercury is in 00:56 Degree, So it’s quite clear that Retrogression and exaltation energy saving mercury from the combustion.  

However apart from Venus and Mercury as far as other planets (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) are concern, So even if they are close to the Sun but if retrograde then acting powerfully in horoscope.   

If you want to learn more about combustion theory then Click Here ...!!!!

I hope it’s clear to you, hence moving to the next question as “What happen when Atma Karaka Planet become retrograde"??

Any planet except nodes become Atma Karaka based on the degree, Hence any planet which hold highest degree in horoscope is known as Atma Karaka, however if same time it’s also become retrograde in horoscope (Which also signifies past karmic connection related to our soul) so it’s generally signifies the reason of your birth, however if retrograde Atma Karaka planet is also connected with nodes almost a strong indication that you have the same aim in present life as you have in your past life, and you could not completed it into past life so it has been carry forwarded into your present birth and its vital to finish, because retrograde planets are also known as Karmic planet which also signifies unfulfilled desire of previous birth.   

Next question is “What happen when Yoga Karaka Planet become retrograde”??

If Yoga Karaka become retrograde in horoscope, Act in great manner if free from other malefic influences but being retrograde it delays the result however it’s never deny and block the result, But remember yoga Karaka planet if benefic so always gives best in 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 9th and 11th houses however malefic are best in Kendra...!!!

Another Main point is “Role and impact of retrograde planet in divisional chart”

Note - Accuracy on divisional chart is purely depends on time of birth, Hence be sure on this part....!! 

If any planet become retrograde in horoscope, So the same planet will also be retrograde in almost all divisional charts however sign could be different, As I can’t describe all divisional chart over here but still giving you few parameters to judge role of retrograde planet in concern divisional chart -

1 - Any retrograde planet occupying first house of any divisional chart is strong indication that retrograde planet will very dominant role for the concern divisional chart (Means specific area of life which is related to concern divisional chart like D-9 is for marriage, D-10 is for professional life). 

2 - Any retrograde planet falls in bad houses in Shastyamsha Chart (D-60) or conjunct nodes or under much malefic influences signifies Malefics sins related to previous birth, and you will have to suffer hard due to that sins, you can’t avoid it anyhow at any cost...(Found almost in 90% cases, hence peoples are struggling with retrograde planets).

3 - Debilitated retrograde planet in exalted Navamsha (D-9) could be great blessings, but should be away from malefic influences and bad houses.

4 - Retrograde planets sitting in bad houses in D-1 if also sitting in bad house in D-9, Signifies quite hard lesson.

5 - Debilitated Retrograde Atma Karaka in D-1 signifies higher advancement of soul if become exalted in D-9 / Navamsha.

6 - However Saturn is biggest drama creator planet when become retrograde in horoscope, But retrograde Saturn is quite good for professional success than normal Saturn.

Even Lord Shri Ram has Saturn retrograde in his horoscope - 
Lord Shri Ram

Note – There are several horoscopes are available for Lord Shriram and Shri Krishna, As I am not so expert like Sir K.N. Rao or like any other expert to describe horoscopes of any divine lords, So I have just collected this birth chart of lord Ram from books of B.V. Raman, however you can pick any birth chart either given by K.N. Rao sir or B.V. Raman ji as Saturn was retrograde in birth chart given by both of them. 
Guys, I am not going to describe effect of individual retrograde planets in horoscope, because if you are looking for that then use Google as almost everyone has written that in their articles like How mercury act when retrograde, how Venus act when its retrograde, and this details are available for all planets over internet, But trust me dear, Each retrograde planet in Specific Sign, Specific house, in Specific Nakshatra, Under influence of other planets will definitely generate different results which could be totally different and beyond expectations sometime, That's the main reason I don't want to write retrogression effect for each planet just on basis of single parameter.       

Any way's lest discuss another point which is "Mahadasha and Transit of Retrograde planet"

Indeed Mahadasha and Antardasha are quite important discussion and matters a lot, but it’s a quite big topic and I can’t describe effect of each planet over here hence i will to describe all about Maha Dasha's in separate article.   

Because Maha Dasha and Antar Dasha is a time period when certain planets get opportunity to produce an event as prescribed in your horoscope, and that event gets activated by transit...!!!

I have seen peoples are making horror comments for retrogression transit, and all almost scared from transit if they have retrograde planet in their horoscope, But trust me dear almost 60 % population of the world have retrograde planets in their horoscope, and transits are going on daily basis on the sky but it does not mean everyone is just facing horror part of not at all....!!!

I have personally communicated with many peoples those have retrograde planet and during transit they have not faced any big issues, Life is just going as in normal way, Nothing big changes has been observed.... (Same happen when eclipse happen in sky, all afraid that something bad will be happen during eclipse but nothing happening and all are living normal life..)

However I am not saying that transit of retrograde planet has no meaning, Transit of retrograde planets make big impact on human life only when person is going under Maha Dasha or Antar Dasha of retrograde planet, Because if Maha Dasha or Antar Dasha of any planet promises an event in life than that event will be activated through planetary transit only.    

Hence whenever you are checking transit then please also calculate which planets Maha Dasha or Antar Dasha you are facing in your life. 

Now the final question is "Importance of retrograde planet in Prashna Kundli (Horary Method) and Varshphal (Yearly forecast)"

Guys, Horary and Varshphal both are based on transit, and we use both method to get short time answers hence the way of judging the retrograde planets will be same as described above but meaning and significance would be totally different. 

Because way of prediction and planetary Yogas are quite different in both the methods...!! 

Now i will also share few facts which i have collected during my research which will help you to calculate your own horoscope in matter of retrogression -

1 - Rahu and Ketu are known as Malefics so their influences on retrograde planets are almost bad.

2 - Malefic planets like Saturn, Mars do very well in Kendra houses when retrograde, and Benefics like Jupiter, Mercury and Venus do well in 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 11th houses when retrograde.   

3 - Aspect of depositor on retrograde planet could be quite beneficial but only if depositor itself should be well placed and should be benefic for the ascendant.

4 - Retrograde planets are always very powerful, and act like an amplifier of energies.

5 - Three or more retrograde planets in horoscope signifies that person has to put little much effort to become successful in life, And required much effort than other peoples, Means challenges will never leave your company.

6 - If any planet is hemmed between two retrograde planets, then hemmed planet will also act like a retrograde planet during its Maha Dasha or Antar Dasha.

7 - Saturn being retrograde act as like being in Sign of Scorpio (Almost all uncertain).

8 - Retrograde planets behave auspiciously in early childhood but gives challenges in middle life.

9 - Aspect of two benefic planet (Jupiter, Mercury, Venus) on each other generally considered very good in astrology but when both benefics become retrograde and aspecting each other then such aspect does not produce good result, unless and until other interruption is not there. 

Note – Rule no - 9 is just an observation which I have seen during working on this article (as checked in almost 25 horoscopes) but I will still suggest you peoples to do little more research on this point by doing analysis on 1000 horoscopes.
10 - Retrograde planet changing the gender if falls in retrograde motion (Like Jupiter is male planet however acting like female planet if retro).

11 - Retrograde planets don’t promises to snatch everything, but they don't commit to give everything.

I hope I have given sufficient examples of horoscopes to clarify my points, Trust me I have too many horoscopes with me to paste here as more examples but as my article is already too long, so I can’t share more charts....however still I would like to tell that -

Almost all top Super Stars from films/Politics/Sports/Business industry have retrograde planets in their horoscope, as Rajesh Khanna has Jupiter and Saturn retrograde in his birth chart, Amitabh Bachchan has Saturn and Mercury Retrograde in his chart, Shahrukh Khan has Jupiter and Saturn retrograde planet in his chart, Salmaan Khan has Jupiter retrograde in his horoscope, Aamir Khan has mars retrograde in his horoscope, Comedian Kapil Sharma Has Saturn and Jupiter Retrograde conjunction in his horoscope, Akshay Kumar has Venus and Saturn Retrograde in his Kundli, Aishwariya rai has Mercury, Saturn and Mars three planets in retrograde in her horoscope, Mahatma Gandhi has Jupiter retrograde in his chart, Prime minister Narendra Modi has Jupiter and Mercury retrograde in his horoscope, Shri Atal Bihari Bajpai has Mercury Retrograde in his horoscope, Ven Diesel (Fast and Furious Film Actor) has Mercury retrograde in his chart, Angelina Jolie has Mercury retrograde in her horoscope, Baba Ramdev has retrograde Saturn, Arvind Kejriwal has Saturn retrograde, Business Tycoon Anil Ambani & Mukesh Ambani Both have Jupiter and Saturn retrograde in their birth chart, Facebook Owner Mark Zuckerberg has Jupiter, Mars and Saturn retrograde in his birth chart, business Tycoon Gautum Adani has Saturn retrograde in his birth chart, Porn Actress Sunny Leone has Jupiter and Saturn retrograde in her birth chart, Even Maharana Pratap has retrograde Saturn in his birth chart, Lord Shriram had Saturn retrograde in 4th house in exalted sign, Great Raavan had exalted Saturn Retrograde in his horoscope, and many more celebs from all field those are quite successful in their life just due to support of retrograde planets... 

Even as per my observations sometime I feel like, Any Big professional success without retrograde planets seems little difficult to attain....!!

So this is my massage to all that peoples those are just making drama of their horoscopes, So don’t treat your life as drama because i have seen anyone who has two or more retrograde planets and also adding Rahu, Ketu just to show themselves only that they got huge number of retrograde planets in horoscope and start thinking like as they are just born for sufferings, however it’s not true peoples those are normally born also facing sufferings, and you are not alone in the world who has born with retrograde planets, so stop fooling & cursing yourself, and work out on whatever you have received by destiny because after all it’s all your deeds coming back to you...!!!

I have seen people born with retrograde planets are quite practical, intelligent, outspoken, determined, brave, strong, bold, self-made, uncompromising, humble and talented, however still getting sufferings in life...Just because they don't know who they are...!!!

Do you know the best thing about retrograde planets???

Lol… They never leave you and even remedy can’t save you from their effects (as I have seen in practical life), so whether it is good or bad written in your have to face it...also remember retrograde never makes entire life worse, it’s just teaching a lesson.. Retro planet is like a child who has no shape and guidance hence the planet which influence retrograde planet is like a father for retrograde planet, if father teaching good manners and showing good path, child will also become good.  

Also remember you can’t understand each step of retrograde planet, retrograde planet always wants to cross its pre-defined limit and want to be its own decision maker...Hence don't waste your much time to judging them, however their effect or impact would be positive or negative that you can understand by applying retrogression concept...!!!

So don’t criticize your luck when you see retrograde planet in your horoscope because retrogression is a power, so take the advantage of retrogression...Because it doesn't matter how many retrograde planets you have in your horoscope -

Hence i would like to suggest everyone who is younger and unmarried and have two, three or more retrograde planets in horoscope, don't be scared its not bad always, use your mind to deal with retrograde planets, be little aware in relationship (Specially in love life and Marriage life), and utilize the retrograde power so that you can win, Because be careful with retrogression as you are going to face - 
So guys this was my quite hard and long research about Retrogression in Vedic Astrology, I hope you would like it… and If you like my article and want to be my friend and interested to read my further articles so Just open below link and like my page but please don’t be my fan... Just be my friend...

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