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Stars Of The Avengers In Vedic Astrology

Fortune Of Marvel Heroes


As we all having some connections with comic books in our early childhood, Even I have grown up reading comic books and liking too much Indian super heroes Like NaagRaj, Dhruv, Doga, Parmanu, Bhokal etc., but unfortunately till now we have not seen anyone in big screen in cinematic format, even if anyone making then it’s no guarantee whether will it be successful here in India or not.

May be when new generation of directors will lead Indian cinema then it could be possible, because here old directors don’t have that taste, someone new blood with different & modern thinking may make them alive in big screen (So we have to wait till then), Well i have heard that raj comics is launching Super Commando Dhruva through a web series (Trailer available on YouTube) but still waiting to watch as got no official announcement yet from their end.

American Hollywood industry is bit fast in idea implementing and film making process and no doubt their way of making films are quite advance, Hollywood having a long and experienced journey as located in richest country, It has given many well renowned producers, directors and writers, and even each department and crew members gets their credits, but in India its different as many works but only actors get all the credit.

Now time is changing because film making is no tougher task as it was previous, and reason for such a big change is digitalization, Hollywood (Based in USA) is number one in film producing, later Indian gets second credit.     

Hollywood having many big production houses which are worldwide famous –  

Each one having their own way of making films as they all are well known and all established in 20th century, they all having worldwide recognition for their productions and high quality media. Dream works (Stephen Spielberg Company), Warner Brothers, Miramax, 20th century fox, etc these all famous for various kind of movies, but these days which is more popular is “Marvel Studios”  -

Marvel Studios, LLC (originally known as Marvel Films from 1993 to 1996) is an American motion picture studio based at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank (It’s a parent company of Walt Disney studios).

And since 2008 approx. they have made several films based on marvel comic super heroes, even we can say that maximum American super heroes are active in video format now, which are attracting audience worldwide.

In previous years I have received several request from teens that they want to see super heroes’ horoscopes, But as we know there are human behind super heroes those playing these roles in films, so I have tried to collect maximum horoscopes of actors those are playing role of avengers in marvel films.

Well I have nothing special to tell here, because as these heroes are also a human so “Parameter responsible for film career and success” works for them also” hence pasting their birth charts here in two formats (North Indian & South Indian) and giving their life brief, so that you can understand it easily.

Mainly Karaka Venus, Moon, Rahu, 3rd & 5th, 10th & 11th houses and their lord’s interconnection require to be in glamour world, there are various fields and designation also existing in cinema industry so that too needs to consider.

Note: All the horoscope which has been shown here are based on Vedic astrology & Lahiri Ayanamsha. (With AA Rating form Data Bank).

So let’s start and refer charts one by one, starting with most attractive and first avengers of marvel studio which is -

Yes I am talking about Captain America, and Chris Evans (Christopher Robert Evans) playing role of captain America in marvel super hero series, Refer his horoscope –

Chris Evans (Captain America)

He has started his career in year 2000 under Saturn Maha Dasha which has been finished just, Saturn is in close conjunction with 5th lord Jupiter in 11th house and aspecting fifth house, Even conjunction (Ju+Sat) getting repeated in D-9 also where Saturn conjunctions with Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Ketu, And In D-10 Saturn placed in royal fire sign Leo in Magha Nakshtra in Dasamsa Lagna, So whatever he has received till now from Hollywood industry is all in Saturn Maha dasha.

I hope you people must be aware that this will be last appearance of captain america in avenger series as chris evans has completed his contract of four movies with marvel studio, so he is going to die in upcoming avenger movie (Releasing in April 2019) while getting soul infinity stone.  

Well we are going to miss captain america surely…!!!

Next hero is most lovable and very powerful as seems incarnation of science -

And Its Iron man, first part of this film came in 2007 and till now this character is a part of all avenger movies, and Robert Downey junior playing role of iron man in marvel world, As far as I know about Robert Downey, his early life was hellish and bit similar to Sanjay dutt, Refer his chart - 

Robert Downey (Iron Man)

His film career was started in Rahu Dasha and Jupiter Antardasha, however it was quite fluctuating till 2000 as Downey was drug addicted since 8yr of his age, Downey was arrested numerous times on charges related to drugs including cocaine, heroin, and marijuana and went through drug treatment programs many times (1994 to 2000 was worse time as it was Rahu-Saturn & Rahu Mercury Dasha time and all 3 sitting in 12th house of D-10), but nothing worked. 

His situation including career bit improved since 2001 (Rahu – Venus Period), however his peak time started since 2007 in Jupiter Maha Dasha (Which is debilitated in D-9 & D-10 both), which is even being in debilitation in conjunctions with exalted Mars in Dasamsa (Mars is 5th lord of D-1), Still he is passing through Jupiter Maha Dasha which will continue till 2023, however if you use Jaimini Astrology then great raja yogas are available in his chart.  

I have read about this character also that iron man is also going to vanish from marvel movies soon, But Have not received any official announcement, well wait and Watch.

Refer next avenger super hero and “Yes” he is almost like a Indian “Bheem”, however for world, its a green man “Hulk” -

This character first came live in 2003, however it was not so successful, second part of hulk came in 2008 which was superb, however later it regularly appeared in maximum marvel movies, hulk 2003 & 2008 character played by different actors however later it had been replaced by mark Ruffalo, which is now most lovable character in the form of hulk, So lets refer horoscope of -    

Mark Ruffalo (Hulk)  

One prominent point about his chart is, he has all three main Varga (D-1, D-9 & D-10) Vargottama, and Venus has Parivartan with mercury (Getting Neech Bhanga), He has started his career since 1996 (Mercury-Saturn) however he was just getting minor roles, however since 2002 on wards he started getting significant roles, his major success came in Venus Maha Dasha which is going to end in 2026 as Venus which is influencing 5th of D-1, also placed in 9th house with exalted Jupiter in navamsa, and again same Venus occupied D-10 Lagna with Jupiter, So his peak time of career started in Venus Maha Dasha.

Refer next chart because Next avenger is star lord, Yes I am talking about Chris Pratt who is playing this role of star lord in Guardian of galaxy series -

His birth detail is verified from Databank with AA rating, which is giving Libra ascendant Lets see his chart below - 

Chris Pratt (Star Lord) 

Lagna lord in 8th house with Moon and mars under aspect of 5th lord saturn (Bit dangerous combination in personal life), well leave it, He has started his career in rahu mahadasha and now passing through jupiter Mah dasha which is exalted in Lagna chart and placed in fire sign Leo in Dasamsa (D-10) along with Sun, Jupiter Dasha clearly indicating further more rise in career.        

Next one is Gamora, Yes she died in avenger infinity war as Thanos killed her.

She was very influensive character even in gardian of galaxy series, This character is played by Zoe Saldana, Passaic born actress having cancer ascendant with venus in it, lets see her chart -

Zoe Saldana (Gamora) 

Venus in pushya nakshtra occupied lagna, however lagnesh moon is debilitated in 5th house under aspect on Ketu and moon in Kemdrum Dosh, Moon does not achieve any growth in navamsa also, So overall lagnesh is weak which will cause several issues time to time including health.

She started her career in ending Ketu mahadasha, however since Venus Mahadasha (2003 to 2023) she established herself into Hollywood industry, Her entire success came in Venus Mahadasha which is placed in 11th house of Dasamsa (D-10).

Next another female avenger is wanda maximoff (Scarlet Witch), she joined team avengers, age of Ultron part, playing very vital role now and known for her specific powers.

Elizabeth Olsen is playing role of wanda maximoff in avengers series, Lets refer her vedic birth horoscope -

Elizabeth Olsen(Wanda)

Leo ascendant born actress, ascendant lord falls in rahu ketu axis in 7th house which is not good in term of marriage as saturn also influencing it, But as we are not judging personal life so we will not discuss about it, 5th lord placed in 10th house of Lagna, 5th having influence of moon from 11th, her main career started since 2011 approx in Saturn Mahadasha (which is also lagna lord of D-10), recently she has entered in mercury maha dasha which is placed in 10th house of Dasamsa (Mercury is 10th house of D-10 is a good yoga of rise in career).

Next avenger is most charming who does not holds any super power but still not less than from super heroes due his skills set, He is an exceptional fencer, acrobat and marksman, having been trained from childhood in the circus and by the criminals Trick Shot and Swordsman, Yes this is Hawkeye, a master archer -

Jeremy renner playing this role in marvel avengers, He was absent from avengers infinity war but will be there in avengers end game, Jeremy is an american actor, singer, and film producer started his career in early 1995 in under Rahu Mahadasha and Saturn antardasha, Lets refer his horoscope below -

Jeremy Renner(Hawkeye)

5th lord Moon placed in 3rd house in exalted sign filling him with artistic talent, As far as profession is concern then he having Rahu placed in D-10 Lagna house (Aquarius ascandent) and saturn placed in 10th house of Dasamsa, He started his filmy career in Rahu Mahadasha and Saturn bhukti, now he is running under jupiter maha dasha which is placed in 9th house of D-1, and in 7th house in Leo of D-10 chart.

Next Avenger is Stephen strange (also known as doctor strange), this character came live in 2016, Benedict Cumberbatch is playing this role in marvel avenger, infinity war series.
English actor and film producer (Son of actors Timothy Carlton & Wanda Ventham) who has performed in film, television, theatre and radio, He earned an MA in Classical Acting from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, He first performed at the Open Air theatre, Regent's Park in Shakespearean productions such as "Love's Labour's Lost" (2001), "AMidsummer Night's Dream" (2001), and "Romeo and Juliet" (2002), Refer his birth chart below - 
Benedict Cumberbatch (Dr. Strange) 

Horoscope source is not verified hence not commenting on his chart, published just to see and for further observation of learners..!!
Another very powerful avenger is Vision and I got his chart also but his events are not matching with Dasha sequence so doesn’t want to publish his chart as it doesn’t seem correct.

Few more charts of super heroes I am not publishing here due to incorrect birth details as I am still searching correct birth data, if I am getting in future I will update their birth chart here, so no need to worry.

But as last hero I have got birth details of main maha villain of Avengers infinity war, each marvel lover these days discussing about one character because of his act which made avengers movie most awaited movie of history, And that is Thanos -

Thanos is active in many marvel movies, if you have not watched gardian of galaxy series of marvel and thor series and if you want to know much about Thanos then go and watch them, you will get little history of thanos & other infinity stones there.

And As far as real life character is concern so Josh Brolin is playing this character in marvel movies, Lets see his birth chart -

Joss Brolin (Thanos) 

Aries ascendant born hero started his career early in 1985 under mercury Maha dasha, however his peak time came in vargottama venus maha dasha which started since 2000 to till 2020, all his marvel movies has been released during his Venus Maha Dasha.

So we all are still eagerly waiting for marvel next movie "Avengers, End Game" which may be end of Thanos also, so let’s wait and watch…!!!!

Script wise if you want to understand entire marvel movies then you must watch all the movies produced by marvel studios (I mean watch all the marvel movies), because even their script goes in a comics way, I mean their each movie is interlinked with each other (which mostly happen in comics where all stories are linked with each other), if you have read comics then you will be able to understand my point surely.

Well if you like Marvel & DC movies then we have almost similar taste as far as movies are concern, as I am also fascinated by superheroes I know we can’t be super heroes as we don’t get any super power by almighty, but we get strong will power to do something like super heroes at least in real life because I strongly trust that -

And there a huge difference between reel life hero and real life heroes, as we are into real life then we must do something good for society to be a real life hero, because that’s what meaning of humanity for me.

Well, 2018 has finished and this is a New Year (2019) beginning, So please enjoy new year and have a lot of fun, and stay connected, I have recently started working on YouTube channel and growing audience but I can’t make videos in English, so off course not making astrology videos at present, but I have finished shooting of few spiritual places which I am going to publish on my channel, also planning to make few short movies, hope you gona like them, so below is the link to subscribe my YouTube channel as well as link to connect with me through my social accounts.

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