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Monday, 23 March 2015

D-9 Navamsha Chart in Vedic Astrology By Sourabh Soni

Transformation Towards Future

Hi Guys,

Since Long time I wanted to write about Navamsa Concept, as I have seen many peoples (those are not familiar with astrology) are wrongly putting their own mind into Navamsa chart just to know their future, however still they are not able to calculate their own horoscope.

Well I am not an expert to describe entire Navamsa chart and even not so capable to reveal all the hidden secret of Navamsa, however I am trying to give my best through this article, so that after reading my article, at least you can understand the real meaning and importance of Navamsa Kundli, As D-9 has its meaning in Vedic Astrology and even in Western Astrology too, because it does not matter whether you are following tropical astrology calculation or sidereal astrology calculation, without using D-9 accurate prediction for whole life is almost impossible. 

Trust me there was a time, when even I was into searching answer of my questions through astrology, (like you people are searching now), and till the time I was searching future I didn’t get even single answer, But the day I have set my mind to learn my past, I got all the answers which I wanted to know, as well as this was only the reason behind my astrology study.

So that’s what my motto also behind opening this research portal so that you people can also improve weaker areas of your life because everyone in the world equally deserve happiness in life…..!!! 

Well, do you know why everyone is not equally happy???

Well, I think Its universal concept that your past bad karmic deeds are working behind your sufferings, Even you have not done anything bad in present birth then too, your life is giving you thousands reason to cry…. because birth by birth your deeds are chasing you, Yes its truth and you can’t escape anyhow…!!!

Trust me guys, past is more IMP than future, you can’t understand your future till the time you don’t know your past, because past is a base of future...Even how you can think to know about your future when even you don’t know what good or bad you have done in your past life.

So try to read your past first if you really want to know about your future, Read your horoscope, prepare the list of available bad Yogas (Like Kemdrum Dosha, Pitra Dosh, Grahan yoga, Paap Kartari Yoga, Shakat Yoga, Shrapit Yoga, Alpayu Yoga, Chandaal Yoga, Manglik Yoga, Daridra Yoga, and many more), and find the reasons why have you got these bad Yogas in your horoscope, because only these bad Yogas are the real reason behind your sufferings, so find out that and try to remove that, trust me your life will automatically start shining, and all the planets which are giving you suffering will start working in favor of you...!!!

Hence try to read your past life first, because if you don’t know your past, you will never understand your future, and throughout the life you will waste your time in searching future because I have seen these days everyone is studying astrology (specially females) and want to know about their future, but without knowing past and searching about future is like you want to make a huge and nice building for you, but don’t want to focus on the base of that building....
So remember past is a base of your life, and if you don’t have strong base so you can’t make higher prominent building on it.

That’s why I always say, Face your past no matter how worse it is, Just correct that mistake in present life, so that you can write your own desired ending, but remember if you can’t read your past, you can never read your future also, and trust me, you are going to spend entire life just searching your future in astrology but you will never get the clear answer.... “Never Ever”.

Do you know the best point about my articles, where I am spending my lot of energy???

That part is “Karmic Theory”

Yes, I am writing karmic theory in my almost each article when I describe any specific Raja yoga or Bad yoga, so that at least you people can understand what good or bad deeds you have done in your past and as resulted you have got that particular yoga in your horoscope.

And trust me guys, I didn't find anything about past karmic deeds responsible for any specific Yogas anywhere, hence I studied and did many practical with many peoples & their life, to describe Karmic Theory, because you won’t get karmic theory anywhere else except my articles, neither in any books or nor any online articles.  

As per my research experiences till now in astrology, I straight away can say that Raja yoga makes no differences in life, life is all about Deeds, Each Raja Yogas and Bad Yogas merely representing your past karmic deeds in your horoscope.

Please understand the meaning the astrology, God has created astrology to read the past, so that you can learn the lesion and correct that mistake in your present life, god has not created astrology to read future, which everybody is doing these days…. That’s why there is not even single astrologer born in this earth who can predict 100% correctly, because they don’t read past when they predict about any person…that’s the main reason maximum astrology predictions goes wrong always….!!! 

Hence try to read your past if you want to understand your future, because there is no future without past….!!!!

Even I have done the same during my initial stage, hence suggesting you too, further your wish..!!!

However today I am not writing much about Navamsha, because there are lot more information already available over internet about Navamsha or D-9 chart, however I just want to share my researches through my point of views about Navamsha, and trust me you will surely like it - 

As we know that, in Vedic astrology several divisional charts are there which represent certain area of life, however there is a main chart which is known as birth chart or Lagna chart, which content summary of our life, and details study we can read through concern divisional chart. So Navamsha or D-9 is also a ninth division which signifies details study of ninth house of main birth horoscope, But also gives detailed study of married life and about your luck store. 

Few peoples says that D-9 chart is most IMP chart after main Birth chart, but it’s not true because D-9 chart is as IMP as D-1 and both are incomplete without each other. 

But apart from above concept, there are lot more questions which comes in the mind like -

What is the Basic meaning of D-9 or Navamsha chart??
How to know Soul purpose through Navamsha chart???
How to know whether you are going to fulfill your sole purpose through Navamsha??
How Navamsha Transform our life??
When Navamsha gets activated??
What is the reason behind specific planetary conjunction in Navamsha chart??
What is the role of Navamsha Lord in our life??
What is Navamsha Bal??
How to calculate final result from D-1 and D-9???
How to read Navamsha chart using various plants??
How to analyze Career through Navamsha???
How to check planets dignity through Navamsha??
How to judge marriage related queries through Navamsha??
Importance of Raja yoga in Navamsha Chart??

Now let’s have the answer one by one -

First question is - What is the Basic meaning of D-9 or Navamsha chart??

As I have read few online article and few magazines during my research where peoples are narrating Navamsha as second innings of life, few saying Navamsha signifies our duty, few writing D-1 is like Radio and D-9 is signal, bla…bla…bla...bla… many more such comments….!!!

Few also saying that D-9 is a fruit of life –

However almost all are correct, well leave them, I just want to show my research through my point of view so let’s discuss that –

Remember here we are just talking about D-1 and D-9 only (Not about any other divisional chart).

But why D-1 if this article is about D-9??

So D-1 is a base and without D-1 you can’t get any answer from Navamsha chart hence whenever you want any answer from Navamsha Kundli than also merge D-1 chart during study as alone D-9 chart can’t generate any prediction, hence don’t be confuse if I am using D-1 along with D-9 anywhere in this article. 

In astrology, desire and fulfillment of that desire has been divided into two parts, as D-1 chart signifies desire, but fulfillment of that desire is seen from D-9 chart. 

Or you can say like D-1 chart signify labour but fruits of that labour is seen from the D-9 chart, So D-1 and D-9 chart is nothing but the two aspect of same coin and incomplete without each other.

In one Line - Rashi chart gives promise and D-9 chart shows fulfillment of that promise. That’s it (Not tree, not soul, not radio, not signal and bla...bla...bla…bla)... that’s the main reason 80% of public is not able to achieve their goal because everyone wants to be something in life but they can’t, because Navamsa is not supporting. 

So whatever your Rashi chart is promising, Navamsa is just fulfilling that (It may be good or bad too, depends on the horoscope)... So that’s the basic meaning of Navamsa in my point of view.

Now the next point is - How to know Soul purpose through Navamsa chart??? 

In ancient text, it is written that Navamsha chart tells the duty(Dharma), and also tells why did you came in this earth, which means your soul purpose of life is seen from D-9 chart, But as per my opinion it’s not correct, Let me clarify you why??

Remember guys, D-9 is a detailed version of actual ninth house of horoscope, Which signifies dharma hence Soul purpose for each soul is always one which is “To attain final liberation (Moksha)”, So if each soul has same purpose to attain Moksha or Final Liberation (which is also universal truth) so we doesn’t require support of D-9 to know our Soul purpose.

However if you looking for materialistic Soul purpose through Navamsa chart, so sorry guys D-9 or Navamsha Chart doesn’t tell any kind of materialistic purpose to coming in this earth, That you can understand through D-1 chart or Main birth chart only, and then use Navamsha chart to check whether your Navamsa chart is promising fulfillment of your material purpose or not.    

Hence any kind of purpose is always seen from the D-1 chart, however whether you will finish that purpose in your life or not that clue you can get through your Navamsa chart. If your Navamsa chart is contributing your D-1 chart then yes you can complete your material goal along with spiritual goal (Final liberation).

Now the next question is “How to know whether you are going to fulfill your sole purpose through Navamsa”....???

Indeed a very IMP question, because in Vedic astrology everything is depends on the planetary placement and combinations which are also known as Yoga, which signify fulfillment of certain desire, so –

What that yoga’s are in Navamsha chart, which signifies whether person is able to fulfill his or her materialistic Soul purpose or final Soul purpose or any one in these two….???

So remember these two planets - Atma Karaka and Amatya Karaka (Terms belong to Gemini astrology)

Atma Karaka – The planet which hold highest degree in main birth chart, known as Atma Karaka however also known Soul of main birth chart.

Note Soul of the person is always sun, but soul of your birth chart is Atma Karaka so don’t be confuse.

Amatya Karaka – The planet which holds second highest degree in the main birth chart is known as Amatya Karaka, which is karaka for career and help person to achieve his materialistic Aim.  
So if these two planets are connected (Through conjunction, Aspect) with each other in D-1 Chart, however also connected in D-9 chart with Lagna or Lagna lord, almost 80% chances are there that person can achieve his materialistic Soul purpose. I mean whether you want to be a sportsman, Singer, Actor, politician, businessman or anything, If you have such combination (which is also known as A Grade Raja yoga in Gemini) which is giving 80% surety that yes you can achieve your material life goal, 20 % will depends your deeds and self-efforts which you are putting to achieve your goal. 

Even any connection between Atma Karaka and Amatya Karaka in D-1 chart helps a lot to the person gaining his or her life Aim, but if this connection is also available in D-9 and connected with Lagna or Lagna Lord, Signifies a kingly personality has born in the earth. (No matter how much hardship you are facing in your life but if your deeds and efforts are up the mark so at certain age, such person definitely gets a throne).

Note – Here I am just giving one prominent combinations (connection of AMK and AMTK in D-1 & D-9) which I have seen in many horoscopes of successful person, But There are lot more combinations are available in astrology which signifying successful material career, however they have no guarantee and we can’t apply that formula in all horoscopes (as other formulas are not working in each cases, hence no surety) but above formula which I have given working in almost all cases…!!!
Maximum Celebs has such yoga in his horoscope – Like Amitabh Bachchan, Rajesh Khanna, Sachin Tendulkar, Narendra Modi, Barack Obama, Bill Gates and many more.   

Person can also attain the final liberation if Atma Karaka, Lagna lord of main birth chart, Navamsha Lagna lord and Venus are connected (Through conjunction, Sign Exchange, Aspect) with each other in Navamsha chart.

Note – If above situation is not available in D-9 chart so it doesn’t mean person can’t attain moksha, than in such case you need to calculate other parameters through D-1 and D-9 chart, however above situation is certain indication.

Hence Position and condition of Atma Karaka and Amatya Karaka is primary IMP in D-9 chart. Or you can say, for Gemini astrology, Atma Karaka, Amatya Karaka and Navamsha chart are primary IMP.

Next question is How Navamsha chart Transform our life??

So life is a process of several transformations, and life always transform itself into the next level like when you born you are a kid, then day by day, month by month, year by year, you gets the transformations from life, like kid to teen age, then young age, middle age, old age… and like the same way, your living style, your requirements, your physical shape, your mentality, even your achievement changes with the time….so that’s the transformation process of life…!!!

Now if we see this transformation process through astrology, so the day when you born in the earth, your D-1 chart gets prepared accordingly which signifies each section of your life including all the relations.

However with the time, your Lagna chart (D-1 Chart) transform itself into Navamsha (D-9 chart).

Because as per astrology, Process of life has been divided into two parts, One is the labour another is fruits, Lagna chart signifies the labour and Navamsha chart signifies fruits of that labour.  

D-1 chart shows once previous life Deeds and D-9 charts shows rewards of that previous life deeds (May be good or bad or mixed).  

As per karmic text your early life (Till the age of 25) has been reserved for education and mind development process, which is also known as labour process of life, hence it is said that your actual life starts after the period 25 year, and then you put your mind towards your career and start achieving your career or specific aim (If have any), hence after the age of twenty five when Lagna chart starts transform itself towards Navamsha chart to give you the fruits of your labour.

So if anyone is working hard to have good education and knowledge so that he can get higher paid job or any desired career, even anyone who has no education yoga in his horoscope and due to their bad luck they have struggled a lot during their childhood, but life has developed them enough through hardship in their early childhood however when migration process of D-1 chart towards D-9 starts, Such person become celebrity and create history by reaching to the top celebrity level (Rag to riches), because it’s all the rewards of life which is coming from Navamsa or D-9 chart. 

That’s is the main reason, most of the person’s life change when they finish their first life cycle.

Note – First life cycle means age from Birth to 30 year, Second life cycle start from 31 to 50 years, and third is from 51 to up to till you alive.

Let’s understand above theory through one horoscope –

Case Study - 1 (North Indian Format)

(South Indian Format)

Note – Please don’t be confused, as I am sharing one horoscope in North Indian and South Indian both the format so that south Indian readers can also take advantage of my research, because many peoples are not familiar with north Indian (Diamond Shape) chart.

Above chart belongs to a person who has started his career as a teacher, after doing teaching few years he got chance to jump into politics, and after spending some time in politics he left politics also and have joined spiritual path and almost completely detached from material world now, I have pasted his horoscope along with D-9 chart in both the format (North Indian and South Indian), Now see his 9th house main birth chart and role of sun and mercury so that you can understand why did he become teacher, and then see 10th lord Venus (Which is getting Neech Bhanga) with Rahu in 9th house along with Sun and Mercury, so that you can understand easily why he entered into politics, Mars and Moon are also exchanging sign, Now refer his D-9 chart check role of Vargottama Mars in 4th house with rahu (Causing detachment from home life), and Ketu and Jupiter in 10th house which is showing him a spiritual path sitting in career house.

So even if he has not strong yoga or strong indication to jump into spiritual world in D-1 chart however since his D-1 has started migrated into D-9 so he started facing transformation according to Navamsa (D-9). 

So remember, everyone has to face transformation in his life, I have seen people starting their career with different stream however later in life doing something different things, Just due to Navamsa impact on life.
Hence it is said that if planets are bad in D-1 but good in D-9 is always considered good, because if planets are bad in D-1 so you might face hardship in early childhood but when the migration process will start, and effect of D-9 will also get mixed with D-1 then you will experience the real gains of life, which is also known as -

Like if your moon is debilitated in your D-1 chart however exalted or occupied owned sign in D-9, so however you have bad relation with your mother in your early life but later with the time when D-9 effect of exalted moon will get merged with your debilitated moon of D-1 chart, So situation will automatically start improving and day by day and your worse situation will be migrated in good situation. 

So that the basic concept of transformations in astrology between D-1 to D-9, like if any planet is good in D-1 but bad in D-9 so you that planet is getting transformed in good to bad, but if debilitated in D-1 and exalted in D-9, So it means that planet will face transformation form debilitation towards exaltation, and effect of this transformation you can see in your life.

The day you born, so due to the effect of D-1 chart you get identified by your family (As your day of birth, place of birth and time of birth, family of birth everything has been pre decided and can be seen through your main birth chart), but the day when you will die you will have another self-earned identity which comes from D-9 chart (That final self-earned identity is actual reward of D-9).  

So I hope you got the transformation process of life, How D-1 chart transform itself into D-9 charts with the time, Hence D-1 and D-9 chart should always be analyzed together. 

If you are calculating D-1 or D-9 chart alone, you will never going to get the clear picture because they always need each other help and support to perform well...

Now next question is - When Navamsa chart gets activated??

Guys first of all don't be confused and stop searching such question related to activation of any raja yoga or divisional chart, Everything is activated from the day you born, however everyone just wait for positive results from such things which is known as activation process of any Raja yoga or divisional chart which are coming later in life. 

So basically Navamsa chart is a chart of marriage (Marriage is a second life of the person) hence after marriage D-1 chart migrate itself into D-9 chart, and start producing good or bad result. That’s the main reason few peoples sudden becoming rich because of their powerful Navamsa chart which start producing its effect in human life, and second life of person sudden changes just after marriage however few even lost their remain peace of mind and happiness too if they have weak Navamsa. 

I have seen many peoples as they have born in very rich family having silver spoon in their mouth even have got everything in their early childhood (Because D-1 is strong), However when they move into next cycle of life (from age of 25 to 30 or plus), Sudden face tragedy in life as destiny starts giving hardship (Just due to Navamsa is weak).

Note – Weak Navamsa means “overall strength of planets decide the overall strength of D-9”, even this theory is applicable for all the divisional charts including birth chart.

However few also do very good in their second life (Life after 30 or post Marriage), No matter how much hardships they have faced in their early childhood they use that hardship as their power and becoming celebrity in their later age... and few spending entire life as average or middle class person, nothing high but nothing low too... So that’s all the game of Navamsa which signifies transformations in life after marriage hence whenever two couple marry we always wishing them for new and happily married life, Because marriage is just a beginning of second life and everyone expect good from second life....!!!

However as everyone is not made for marriage so the person who doesn’t marry throughout life or marrying late in life can feel effect of Navamsa later age of 30, when they finish their first life cycle. 

Because Navamsa signifies maturity, and after the age of 30 person become mature enough, and also becoming strong to face good or bad result of Navamsa...!!!

Let’s discuss the next point - What is the reason behind specific planetary conjunction in Navamsa chart??

As I already described in my nodes article, why specific planets comes in the conjunction in horoscope, if you have not read that article, so must read it – Click Here

So basically conjunction of multiple planets in horoscope signify fruits of specific deeds because planets works together in conjunctions to give you the result of specific situation in life -

like if your destiny wants to make you a film star than even Venus is Karaka for film and creative talent but and career in films is seen from the fifth house but alone fifth house or Venus are not capable to make you a Superstar, As fifth house signifies entertainment world and alone Venus can bless with you with artistic talent and quality, but to make you a superstar Venus would require support of Mars or Rahu.
That’s the main reason, in the horoscope of film stars, you can see Venus connection with fifth house and lord and with Rahu or Mars in D-1 or D-9 or D-10 (Either through conjunction, aspect or exchange) along with other planets those are lords of third and fifth house.

Anyway if you want to learn more about Stardom in Film Industry - Click Here

Above theory is applicable for all the conjunctions even in all divisional chart including Lagna chart.

Another point is, if you have any conjunction in D-1 chart however the same planets are also conjunct in D-9 chart, signifies effect of that both planets conjunction you will experience throughout life during the Dasha and Antardasha (It may be good or bad).

Note – conjunction of the planets in the horoscope signify many things in many areas, I have just given you one example. So remember planets conjunction always signifies certain result which is not possible without the help of conjunction forming planets, but it may be good or bad too, will depend on the conjunction forming planets and their real dignity (like as an example, as per ancient text, 4 planetary conjunction in horoscope signifying Sanyaas Yoga in life)….!!!    

So I hope concept of planetary conjunction is cleared now…let’s move to the next question..!!!

What is the role of Navamsa Lord in our life?? 

So before telling answer of this question I would like to ask whether you really know the role of Lagna lord of main birth chart in your life??? 

You may be aware or may not be…. But still let me tell you…

Lagna lord of your main birth chart is a leader of the group of nine planets.

Who is just commanding your main birth chart, that’s the main reason Lagna lord always comes first rather than other planets, and power of Lagna lord is very important, because if Lagna lord is weak signifies leader of that nine planets is weak and not able to handle the rest other planets, but if Lagna lord is powerful and well placed in your horoscope surely gives blessed life, Because if boss is powerful so employee will also perform well.

And above concept is also applicable for all divisional chart, as each divisional chart has specific ruler or you can say controller, Like Lagna lord is a ruler of your main birth chart, Venus is a Ruler of Navamsa chart, Jupiter is a ruler of Saptmesh or D-7 chart, Saturn is a ruler of Dashmasa chart (D-10 Chart).   

However we are discussing about D-9 chart, so ruler of D-9 is Venus, Hence position and placement of Venus is primary imp, because If D-9 chart signifies fruits then Venus is a distributor of that fruits.

So if Venus is good and well placed in Navamsa so definitely power of Navamsa chart will increase, however result may be just opposite if Venus is bad in Navamsa or badly placed.

I hope above concept is clear to you, shell we move to next question….Okay...

How to calculate final result from D-1 and D-9???

Wow… really it’s very critical to answer this question, and I hope everyone want to know answer of this question… So let’s discuss…

Note - Peoples those are using software to generate their own horoscope, might be not aware that there are many software’s which are giving different different D-9 chart, so please kindly check carefully, which one is your correct D-9...there are lot of software errors are coming these days, Please check your horoscope through two three software's so that you can get correct birth chart along with correct D-9, However best and accurate process is, "casting manual horoscope" but it require quite deep knowledge, which is not possible for each one, hence I am not discussing about that...!!!

If anyone who is not an expert in astrology, however have both the charts (D-1 and D-9) in his hands, then too I have seen they are able to predict through them.

However indeed it’s really very critical to understand and predict using D-1 and D-9…Hence I am giving you one horoscope example, so that you can understand it.

Note – I always use celebrity horoscope as an example because they are famous so that everyone can understand what I am writing about and you can also apply my research into their life easily, because you are aware about them and their personal life too, However actual source of own researches are horoscope of my local friends and relatives, and almost each time I am doing practical with their birth charts only, so if any horoscope of celebrity goes wrong or you feel its unauthentic so don’t take tension as it does not affect my article and my research because first I am converting my research into article and later selecting celebrity horoscope for to publish as an example….(So excuses are requested as I am not a god, I am just a human like you people but just doing my best), anyway let’s start with example - 

Case Study - 2 (North Indian Format)   

(South Indian Format)

Above chart belongs to legend film star Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, and as per his birth profile if we use all Parashara concept on this horoscope so this chart would be considered very weak and should be belong to a mean person or a lower class person, as out of nine planets, five are sitting in 6th and 8th house (which are known as bad houses).. But why he is still so much successful legendary super star?? 

Note – Remember two things as Lagna chart signifies promises but the fulfillment of that promises is always seen from the Navamsa chart, Any planet or planetary conjunctions sitting in 6th, 8th, and 12th houses never deny or harm the fruits of that conjunction however any conjunction in these houses give one basic indication is that whatever that planetary conjunction want to give you, won’t give you directly and going to give you hardship first before giving fruits of that conjunction, So remember any planet or planets conjunction in bad houses never deny however they put the hurdles in your path to achieve that fruits.

But before telling the answer let's calculate first, why he had desire to shine as an artist in cinema world…??

So the first planet which signifies desire of birth of the person is “Rahu” and then we calculate Atma Karaka to check soul desire however in his case Rahu is sitting in seventh house which is house of masses in the sign of Leo in Magha Nakshatra. As we know sign of Leo is an actual zodiac sign of fifth house (In Kaal Purush Kundli) which signifies Arts, Film, entertainment world, And Rahu in Magha Nakshatra means converting his normal desire into kingly desire, however if we calculate fifth lord mercury(Desire through Atma Karaka) which is sitting in 8th house along with Mars and Venus and sun, whereas Venus is a Karaka for Film and Glamour, Mars is a karaka for stardom, and Sun who is also a depositor of Rahu but connected with Venus and Mars and fifth lord mercury and contributing equally in the conjunction. 

But the most IMP Point is – Sun is Atma karaka (24.25 Degree) and Mercury (23.43 degree) is Amatya karaka in his chart and both are in conjunction. (One of the best Raja yoga for throne in profession)

But the main point in his horoscope is, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan has written one way career success in his destiny (as per his horoscope), because whenever he tried in any other field he didn’t get success, like he was doing a job but as he was not happy with that job so left that, Later he tried in his luck in Radio Jockey but didn’t get success there too, He also tried in his luck in business but didn’t get success and fallen into huge debt….So per his Lagna chart we can say that D-1 chart is promising desire for media and film industry and his material Soul purpose is to be a successful cinema star…!!!

Now let’s refer his Navamsa Chart, and see whether his D-9 chart is signifying fulfillment of his desire to get success in cinema industry or not ??

As per the first Rule, if Atma Karaka and Amatya Karaka are connected with each other in D-9 chart, is one of the best indication that person is going to complete his material Soul Purpose.

So as per Navamsha chart of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Sun which is Atma Karaka (However also the lord of fifth house) and Mercury is Amatya Karaka and both are sitting in fifth house. As resulted Amitabh Bachchan has achieved material Soul purpose.

So however he has faced lot of hardship to achieve his aim because maximum planets are in bad houses. But as his D-1 chart is promising career in film and cinema and Navamsa chart is also clearly indicating fulfillment of that promise. 

Note – Don’t feel bad if you didn’t find any connection between Atma Karaka and Amatya Karaka in your D-1 or D-9 chart, because still you can achieve your material life aim if Atma Karaka and Amatya are exalted or well placed in Navamsha or become depositor of each other, and even there a lot more parameters which signifies success of material goal, However above formula is very prominent hence I described in details as I have found this connection in maximum celebs horoscopes.
So remember to be successful, you would require equal support from D-1 and D-9 chart.

Do you know why everyone doesn’t get equal success in life, because they have D-1 strong (Which signifies the labour) but weak D-9 which means they are missing the fruits of their labour, (That’s happening with maximum peoples of world, they are working hard but not getting equally reward from life), However if D-1 is weak but D-9 is strong which signifies little hardship in initial life but higher rewards from life later with the time.       

So whenever D-1 chart require fruits from Navamsa chart and if Navamsa chart is weak so it is just going to kick Ass of D-1 chart and deny to give the fruits or giving the fruits delay to D-1.

And anyone who has weak Navamsa, always missing his or her life aim, and they waste most of the time finding their life aim only. As they have no specific aim in life and they always find many confusing ways to move ahead and can’t decide in which way they should move in life -

However if Navamsa is strong so no matter how much hardship they are facing in their life or to become successful, but they are always aware about their aim in life and always trying to get that aim, because destiny wants to lead you in one specific direction only.

Hence I said, study you past to analyze your weakness so that you can move ahead in your life.

I hope, now you can predict your own D-1 and D-9 chart and understand the game of Labour and Fruits, written by God in your Lagna chart and Navamsa.

Now next question is - How to read Navamsa chart using various plants??

So calculate the Atma Karaka and Amatya Karaka position in D-9 chart first and then calculate situation of Navamsa Lagna and Lagna lord, then Position of D-9 Karaka Venus, and then seventh house and seventh lord (Because is Karaka chart for marriage), then Ninth house and ninth lord, after that check rest planets and houses.

But remember while reading D-9 chart, remember one point which is, Conjunction of planets are much imp then any aspect of the planets and before conjunction house placement of any planet in D-9 is primary part for D-9 calculation.

But never ignore anything (Not even planet sitting in 6th, 8th and 12th in D-9) as even don’t consider debilitated planet is out of the game…!!

Next question is - How to analyze Career through Navamsa chart???

So anyone who is searching career through Navamsa, actually making a big mistake, because Navamsa does not give career…If you don’t have trust on my words so do a practical on yourself, just pick your Navamsa chart and check whether it is signifying any career or if you feel yes, then see are you in the same path??? 

Trust me you will be very confused and will never get the any answer… Because if D-9 signifies career then there are no use of D-1 and D-10 chart.  

As per Vedic astrology there are specific divisional charts are made to check each specific area of life, and D-10 chart provides detailed study of your career, hence never put you mind in D-9 to check your career.  

Note – Any divisional chart can’t give you anything which is not being promised by Lagna chart, that’s the main power of D-1 chart, Whatever D-1 chart is promising, so use the concern divisional chart to check whether you are going to get the same in your life or not… that’s it….!!

So if you want to know about your career then check it from D-1 and D-10 chart (you can also use the Karkamsha Chart for more detailed career study).   

But…. But… but…. But…. But…

However Navamsa does not give career study but still helping in deciding one’s career because Navamsa helps to get indication of career through placement of planets, but I am again repeating myself as D-9 does not give career, career is always seen from the D-1 and D-10 chart…

Navamsa merely gives indication or direction of the career along with its fruits (Means you would be successful or flop in your career) …!!!  

It is like if D-1 chart is telling that you should try into politics, however in the same time D-10 also indicating the career in politics, So D-9 will signify that how strong the yoga forming planets are and whether they are capable to fulfill the promise done by D-1 or D-10 chart or not…

Anyways I can’t clarify it more… Let’s move to the next question ---

What is Navamsa Bal??

Bal means strength and Navamsa Bal means “a force which gives strength to the planets in Navamsa”

It is like Shadbal concept and we use it while dignity calculation of planets in Navamsa, as Navamsa Bal we calculate according to position and placement of the planets, like A planet in own signed in D-9 gets 5 units of Navamsa bal. A planet in a friendly sign in D-9 gets 2.5 units of Navamsa Bal. A planet in an enemy’s sign in D-9 chart gets 1.25 units of Navamsa Bal and gets zero point if occupied debilitated sign in D-9 chart.

So it has nothing much to describe…Hence moving to the next question –

How to check planets dignity through Navamsa?? 

So yes Navamsa chart signifies true dignity of the planets, but do you know why we use Navamsa chart to check true dignity of the planets???

Because planet strength we can also observe from Shadbal and through other non Shadbal factors or even through Ashtak Vargas concept also, then why without checking Navamsa we can’t decide real dignity of the planets….??   

So guys, Navamsa has its own uniqueness which other divisional chart doesn’t have…There are few concept which we can apply in Navamsa chart only and however all that concept generate positive effect for planet… So what are that concepts??

That are Pushkar Navamsa and Pushkar Bhag and Vargottama Concept (Vargottama concept you can apply in other divisional charts also), and as per ancient text, all these three concepts are adding something very positive if any planets falls under such parameters.  

Well here I won’t write much about Vargottama, Pushkar Navamsa and Pushkar Bhag because there are too many articles available in internet with detailed information, So you can do Google if you want to learn much about above three parameters, However here I am just giving their definitions and sharing little my own point of view, So let’s start -   

If any plant occupies the same sign in D-1 and D-9 chart, known as Vargottama Planet, which increases overall strength of the planet (As per Astrology books).

Like if Atma Karaka Occupy same sign in D-1 and D-9 makes soul hard...Same theory is also applicable on other planets also.

However actual strength of Vargottama planet comes from if planet occupies exaltation sign in D-1 and D-9 both, actually this term known as A Grade Vargottama which means “Extreme” benefits from the Vargottama planet (Refer example -1, where mercury is exalted in D-1 & D-9).

Another term is, If Lagna of D-1 and D-9 is same then it is said that it’s greatly improve the strength of whole chart, and one of the best thing about Vargottama Lagna is, Person doesn’t face too much transformations in his life (Transformations means which causes sudden setbacks in life), because if Lagna is Vargottama means all the 12 houses are in Vargottama because each house has the same sign in D-1 & D-9. 

However there are few more points about Vargottama concept which I wanted to share here, as however indeed Vargottama concept is very important and have its own importance in astrology system, but my question is -

Do you think, alone Vargottama concept is sufficient to give you happy life??

So answer is Big “NO”

Refer below horoscope so that I can clarify my point in detail –

Case Study - 3 (North Indian Format) 

(South Indian Format)

This horoscope belongs to my own uncle and his birth details I have collected from his birth certificate, in his case his D-1 & D-9 both the charts have same ascendant, which means entire horoscope is Vargottama, Mercury sitting in Taurus in 11th house in D-1 & D-9 both, So Mercury is sign Vargottama as well as house Vargottama (As occupied same sign and same house in D-1 & D-9), So mercury helped him as he was a mechanical engineer and was working with heavy machineries in a factory, But as factory has been closed down few years back so now working in local grocery shop and severally struggling with finance and facing very tight corners in each area of life in such an old age, He belongs to a lower middle class family and spend his life in a same way (No big career achievements he received), So as I said above, person does not face much transformation throughout life if D-1 and D-9 are in Vargottama and even he has not faced any much transformations, he born in lower middle class family and still living life in same situation.

However to enjoy real fruits of Vargottama your D-1 chart should be extremely strong and full with benefic Raja Yogas because being Vargottama means planets and signs are retaining same thing into Navamsa as promised by D-1 chart, so what if your D-1 itself quite weak???

Because as far as I researched in classics, almost everywhere is written that if any planet or entire chart become Vargottama so it gains strength, But how much strength or how much recovery is possible being in Vargottama, there no specific clarification available in the classics available in modern time.

I have seen peoples feel quite relax when they hear that their chart is Vargottama or if any planet is sitting in Vargottama Avastha or Pushkar Navamsa, and they start thinking like it is a Raja yoga causing situation for their birth chart however nothing is like that, these terms are signifying little strength improvements for concerning planet for specific area.

I am not saying That Pushkar Navamsa or Vargottama concept has no importance or wrong definitions has been mentioned classics, No Not at all, These are very important but my point is don’t rely upon single concept as I have observed in many horoscope and going to share few more horoscope examples in my Vargottama article. 

Basically Vargottama means “Varga + Uttam “ As both are Hindi words and anyone who knows Hindi can understand their meaning easily, however for English speaker I am clarifying their meaning as Varga means “Division” and Uttam means “Best”, So Vargottama means “Best in division“ .

So I am repeating again, whenever you D-1 and D-9 become Vargottama, so your D-1 should not be weak, otherwise you may not get desired result from such Vargottama placement.

And there are two more points which I want to share here, As except Nodes, Sun and Moon, rest five planets owned two zodiac sign, like Venus owned Libra and Taurus, Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius, Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces, Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, Mars Rules Aries and Scorpio. 

So if any planets occupies first sign of any planet in D-1 however the same planet occupies second zodiac of the same planet in D-9 chart, like if any planet is occupy Taurus sign in D-1 chart however sitting in Libra in D-9 chart so it’s also known as “Sign Vargottama Planet”.

And as its effect such planet will always act as per the sign depositor or you can say such planet absorb the nature of depositor during generating its result.

Another point is House Vargottama concept, so if any planet is sitting in any house in D-1 however also sitting in the same house in D-9 chart (Sign could be anything) considered as House Vargottama Planet and that planet will create strong effect on that house (It may be good or bad depends on the planet nature as per horoscope).

Like if Mars is sitting in tenth house in D-1 chart, however also sitting in tenth house of D-9 chart, so we can say Mars has strong effect on tenth house and Mars will play dominant role in one’s career, refer below horoscope -

Case Study - 4 (North Indian Format) 

(South Indian Format)

In above case, Saturn and Moon are sitting in 4th house of D-1 chart, however both the planet are sitting in 4th house of D-9 chart also, such situation regarded as House Vargottama (Few also calls it Bhavottam), which signifies throughout life strong influences of Saturn and moon on all things related to 4th house (Chart belong to my close friend and as far as I know about him, his life has been messed between home and mother only which is actually things related to 4th house).

Next point is, Pushkar Navamsa and Pushkar Bhag So -

Pushkar Navamsa is the special Navamsa which enhance quality of the planets which falls under Pushkar Navamsa. And Pushkar Bhag means special degrees which gives auspiciousness to the whole chart...

Note – Sign occupied by Pushkar Navamsa planet should not fall into 6th, 8th and 12th house of D-1 chart, otherwise planet sitting in Pushkar Navamsa can’t produce its full auspicious result, or there will be a question mark on auspiciousness of planet falling under Pushkar Navamsa category.

You can also use Navamsa BAL concept while calculating true dignity of the planets, so that at least you can understand how strong and positive influence planets have in your horoscope and how they are going to act in your life (whether they will make your life or going to destroy) because they are always active and their transits are always going on, and they are always creating new situation for you -

However I would like to repeat again that, Please don’t rely upon single factor like if one or two planets are Vargottama or even if one or two planets sitting in Pushkar Navamsa and Pushkar Bhag, because such planet can give good during their Maha Dasha or Antar Dasha, But what if their Dasha are coming in too early or very late in life??

Even one or two planets sitting in Pushkar Navamsa or Pushkar Bhag or even being Vargottama can’t promise happiness in entire life or one or two planet can’t save you if rest planets are killing you, because it’s a human tendency if one planet causes pain in life so people forget entire happiness and start focusing on the pain point only, Anyways ……!!!!

Many peoples asked me, if any planet occupied one sign in D-1 However occupied another sign in D-9 like if suppose Saturn is sitting in Aries in D-1 and however sitting in Scorpio in D-9, then what is the meaning of such sign placement???

So answer is very simple, as I said Navamsa signifies transformations of life, So Navamsa also signifies transformation in the nature and sign qualities of the planet, Like if Saturn in Aries in main birth chart however occupies Scorpio or another sign in D-9 means, Journey for Saturn has been started from its debilitation nature (Being in Aries which is debilitation sign for Saturn) and will end till Scorpio or any sign which Saturn occupies in D-9.

So basically one sign in D-1 to another sign in D-9 signifies transformation limit for particular planet. Like is Moon sitting in Aries in D-1 however occupies Cancer in D-9 which means moon will face transformation from Aries to Taurus maximum, and such transformation of any planet also impact the human nature, Like Anyone who has Moon in Aries in D-1 so such person may have very aggressive or fiery mood in initial age however later with time his mind will become cool because moon is facing transformation and reaching towards Cancer from Aries (Even such transformation will affect entire quality and result of moon according to ruling house and sign).

Another very important point is, please use Navamsa to check internal relevance of houses, because first we see house placement of planet in D-9, rest calculation comes later…!!!

Confused…Oops… you might be thinking what is this now???

So let me clarify it to you, as you know that, First house of main birth chart signifies your personality, Second house is family and Money, third house is self-effort and younger siblings, and fourth house is your home, Vehicle, etc up to the 12th house signifies different areas of your life.  

So D-1 chart signifies your external view however D-9 chart gives internal view -
Like First house of your main birth chart and planet occupied first house signifies your external personality and nature, However First house of D-9 chart and any planet sitting in first of D-9 will reveal your internal personality -

If 2nd house or any planet sitting in 2nd house of main birth chart gives clue about family and money status and other such things (everything related to 2nd house), So 2nd house of D-9 or planet sitting in D-9 reveal internal clue about your family and money, Like if 2nd house is strong in D-1 however weak in D-9 so person may show that he is a rich but internally he could be struggling in matter of money and family, Same vice versa too, Like If 2nd house is damaged in D-1 however strong and if any benefic sitting in 2nd house of D-9 which signifies however person may say that he has no money and he is living restricted life but internally he will have lot of money or hidden bank balance. 

If 3rd house is weak in D-1 however strong in D-9, so even such person will act like lazy in outer world however whenever required such peoples show extra ordinary courage to finish work and holds great Internal strength -

We also see siblings from 3rd house so if anyone has strong 3rd house in D-1, however weak 3rd house in D-9 or any malefic sitting in 3rd house of D-9, which means however your siblings showing love and affection to you, but in later age your sibling will not love you or support you or may act like a great enemy sometime (Depends on horoscope, as overall you are going to miss internal support of your siblings).

4th house of main birth chart signifies home and Vehicle happiness in life, So if anyone has weak fourth house in D-1, but if fourth house is strong or if any benefic planet is sitting in 4th house of D-9 means even if you born in rented house but in later age such people gets happiness of house or vehicle pleasure.

If any malefic planet sitting in 4th house of D-9, So even such people own a house but they can’t get happiness in their house, or can’t enjoy house pleasure internally (As he or she will be surrounding with unexpected mental worries always, which is due to malefic placement in 4th house ).

You can refer horoscope of my uncle given in Case Study -3, as in his case malefic Rahu is sitting in 4th house of D-1 and Malefic debilitated Sun sitting in 4th house of D-9, So He born in rented house and still living in rented house and he never owned any Vehicle and running in bicycle since starting, because 4th house of D-1 & D-9 both have malefic influences.

So this theory you can apply in all 12 houses to check internal pleasure of that house. Hence remember house placement of malefic and benefic planets in D-9 is very important while prediction, this concept I have learned from book of late Shri C.S. Patel Sir who were a legend of astrology, so entire credit for above concept goes to him.        

Now the next question is How to judge marriage related queries through Navamsa??

Position of Jupiter, Mars, Venus & Seventh house and its lord along with Dara Karaka planet in D-1 and D-9 chart, can give you most of the answer related to your marriage life, however still I will suggest to analyze D-1 and D-9 entirely. 

Note – Dara Karaka means the planet which hold lowest degree in your main birth chart and signifies spouse nature and quality. 

Like, Connection of Venus with Nodes and Mars in D-9 chart is almost worse for martial life specially if connected with 7th house in D-9 chart, because it makes the person very passionate and person can take any bold step which is considered against the marriage rules.

Even if seventh house or its lord are connected with malefic (Specially Nodes) either in D-1 or in D-9, then they are enough capable to destroy your marital life.

Now the final Question is “Raja yoga through Navamsa Chart”

So like D-1 Chart, Plants also formed Raja yoga in D-9 or Navamsa chart either by conjunction, aspect or by sign exchange and all the Raja Yogas are as equal as raja Yogas of D-1(But Raja Yogas needs to be calculated from D-1 chart only). 

Any yoga which is available in D-1 chart however also available in D-9 chart, certainly gives its good or bad effect in your life.

Like if Neech Bhanga Raja yoga is available in D-1 chart however also available in D-9 chart, certainly give you throne in your life if really powerful and qualifying all the parameters of Neech Bhanga.

See the chart of Amitabh Bachchan, As Venus is causing Neech Bhanga in main birth chart, however Mars is also giving strong Neech Bhanga In fourth house of D-9 chart.

Also check the Horoscope of Bill Gates below as, Sun is debilitated in in fifth house causing Neech Bhanga in D-1 chart, In D-9 chart Moon is also debilitated and causing Neech Bhanga.  

Even Narendra Modi has Neech Bhanga Raja Yoga in D-1(By Debilitated Moon) and D-9 (By Debilitated Mars) chart in his horoscope. 

So any Raja Yoga which is available in main birth chart however repeating itself in Navamsa chart is very prominent indication and certainly produce its effect in your life, however that effect would be good or bad that would be depend on Raja Yoga(or you can say internal strength of any raja yoga you can judge through d-9). 

But also remember, D-9 chart can’t give that which is not being promised by D-1 chart, hence calculate the Raja yoga from D-1 chart only.

Do you know why the Raja Yogas fails???  

Because each raja yoga require few point to generate its effect like Raja yoga should be into the right house, right time, with right power, with right conjunction…If these all points match then only you can feel pure effect of any yoga, because such situation creates coordination among planets so that they can perform well as per their assigned job and nature - 

Let’s have few more example through horoscopes to check effect of Navamsa in life -

Case Study - 5 (North Indian Format) 

(South Indian Format)

Above chart belongs to Steven Spielberg and in his case, Atma Karaka Venus (26:03 Degree) is in conjunction with Amatya Karaka Jupiter (24:49) Degree in Fifth house with Moon in Libra, However in his D-9 Both Venus and Jupiter again forming conjunction in Taurus in 3rd house, Causing extraordinary success in film career.

Steven Allan Spielberg is an American director, producer and screenwriter. Spielberg is considered as one of the founding pioneers of the New Hollywood era, as well as being viewed as one of the most popular directors and producers in film history, He is one of the industry's most successful and influential filmmakers, as well as a principal partner of DreamWorks Studios.

Let's see another Example -

Case Study - 6 (North Indian Format) 

(South Indian Format)

Chart belongs to richest person bill gates and as per his horoscope, There are three planets debilitated in his horoscope (Rahu, Ketu and Sun), However all three are causing Neech Bhanga. In his Birth chart Saturn is Atma Karaka (28.21 Degree) and Venus is Amatya Karaka (At 27 Degree) and sitting in fifth house along with Sun.  

Do you know why Bill gates has decided business as Career??

Because of Gemini Lagna, yes.....Remember Sagittarius and Gemini Are two Lagna which produces tycoon businessman, Person born in these Lagna prefer business as career then Job. or you can these people gets inborn businessman qualities, as in both the Lagna 7th and 10th houses (Houses which signifies business as career) are getting ruled by one planets. Because for Gemini Lagna, Jupiter rules 7th and 10th house and in Sagittarius Lagna Mercury 7th and 10th houses.

Well I have already described combination for business in my separate article which you can read through my website, so I don’t want to write much about career in business over here..... please refer D-9 / Navamsa chart of Bill Gates now, Where Atma Karaka Saturn and Amatya Karaka Venus (Which is also a Navamsa Lagna Lord) is sitting in 2nd house.... making a great connection and indicating person is able to fulfill his life aim...!!  

But here I would like to clarify another point... As i told Navamsa doesn't give career, however gives indication and able to show the direction for career. So let’s see how to understand that indication from Navamsa - 

As everyone knows Mr. Bill gates is a Businessman, Active in technology industry as well as the world's richest person...    

As i told prediction can’t be done alone by D-1 or D-9, so we should analyze all the things from both charts... So the first planet which gives indication for career is "Amatya Karaka" in D-9 chart. 

Well let’s pick the IMP points from D-1 chart first -

Lagna and Lagna lord Mercury, 7th and 10th lord Jupiter which is responsible for business, Mars and Saturn for technology, let’s see these points in his D-9 chart. 

In Navamsa Chart, It is said that check the sign which Amatya Karaka Occupied in D-9, One should try business related to lord of that Sign...In his vargottam D9, Amatya Karaka Venus is sitting in Sign of Gemini, so Bill gates can do business related to mercury, However In birth chart mercury is exalted and sitting in 4th house along with Mars(Great conjunction for technology), however in D-9 chart Mars, Saturn and Venus is sitting in Lagna, forming conjunction of Atma and Amatya Karaka. 

So maximum points are repeating itself in D-9, revealing his extra ordinary success story...!!!!

Note - If Malefic planets become Atma Karaka and Amatya Karaka so it’s considered good rather than any benefic becoming Atma Karaka and Amatya Karaka, And another point is, Most of the astrologer says that Saturn in Leo Navamsa is almost bad, however its always not true, If Saturn is yoga Karaka in Navamsa (For Taurus and Libra Lagna), or if Sun is well placed in Navamsa and Saturn is also in Kendra or in 11th house of Navamsa Chart, So Saturn even in Leo never destroy fruits of D-9 chart (I have calculated this from many celebs horoscopes).

I know very well, there are many peoples those are not so much familiar with astrology and many of them learning astrology silently, so for such peoples I would like to advice please use ashtak varga concept while judging D-1 & D-9, because if you are not aware how to judge D-1 with D-9, then trust me SAV concept will resolve your issue, Will make your prediction very easy, like see below example chart -

This is a sample D-9 along with its SAV (Sarvastak Varga) chart, check these points as these are telling actual strength and capacity of your entire D-9 chart, and available points reveal the secret of each Navamsa house.

As point under 20 is considered worse or Weak, 20-25 points are just average, 25-30 are good, 30-35 is considered Very Good, points above 35 is tells excellent situation of particular house (Do google to learn more about these point system).

I hope above points are clear and understandable if not then feel free to write me (But please don’t ask prediction).

So finally i would like to say that, guys read your past, and remove your hurdles, because everyone has got Raja yoga in their horoscope, and trust me Raja yoga do nothing, Deeds are important, and the first thing which helps us to achieving huge success is only "Faith" 

 So make the jump and achieve your goal, But also remember -

No matter how smart your mind is, it can’t beat luck... so if you feel you are lacking in luck, catch the almighty lord, he will make everything possible...

Another point is that, this article is not end yet, I will write another sequel of this article very soon, as I am searching about few things, As soon as I will get the answers of that questions, I will share that knowledge with you people.

I want to update the astrology with updated time with updated terms along with words but without your support I can’t do that, so keep sending me your feedback's…

So guys this was my long research about how to Check Navamsha  in Vedic Astrology, I hope you would like it… and If you like my article and want to be my friend and interested to read my further articles so Just open below link and like my page but please don’t be my fan... Just be my friend...

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