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Friday, 21 March 2014

All About Divisional Charts by Sourabh Soni

The Detailed Study of Life

Welcome to my vedic astrology research portal, and today i am going to tell you few basic concept to understanding the divisional charts. I am writing this article with my maximum hope, so that after reading this article your maximum questions will be resolve regarding to divisional charts in astrology. So let’s start - 

Divisional Chart simple means divisions of Birth chart (Divisions of Birth charts = Divisional charts)...and as we know that there are twelve houses in vedic astrology which are giving detailed study about specific area of your life....Reading a particular divisional chart meaning that you want see inside the specific house of your main birth chart to get complete details - 

Oops still not clear because if you are new and not aware about basic concepts of astrology than your mind can’t understand that which kind of division and charts I am talking about???

Yes... Astrology is all about endless mathematical calculations and everyone is not capable to deal with such maths... See guys I won’t tell you very depth about divisional charts because i am going to write about each divisional chart in detailed way in my separate article, and if you are an expert so you can search more depth about D charts in Google as you can find too many articles and blogs are available on internet. But as I always want to tell something rare concept in a cinematic way so that you can understand it very easily in never forgetting way. 

So whenever you submit your birth data in any horoscope making software or maybe you would be generating online Kundli through any astrological website so you always get too many charts along with your birth chart in birth report like below - 

Samples of Divisional charts

There are basic sixteen divisional charts (Known as Varga chart in Hindi) used in vedic astrology to finding the auspiciousness or inauspiciousness events of life, as below - 

There are Four more vargas are attributed to Jaimini astrology, Which are below -

Apart From birth chart (D-1), Navamsha (D-9), Dreshkana (D-3), Dasamsa (D-10) and Shastamsa (D-60) are also considered significant divisional charts in Hindu vedic astrology.

However astrology has twelve houses study but still there are many uncertain area and issues in life which are getting resolved by some higher varga's like -

Above Varga are getting used in rare cases but have their own importance and value...!!!

Note - Peoples from south India or from any other country those are not familiar with north indian diamond chart and using other kind of charts (Like south Indian chart or Western astrology chart) please don’t be confuse because there might be different in denoting a chart or way of calculation but there is no different in its meaning or houses significance as everything is same.  

You know as we have several area's in our life like family, money, houses, jobs, friends, enemy, death, loss, gains, foreign travel, marriage life, sexual life, life partner, child, life aim, etc.

Above are only few area's which I have mentioned, because life is so big I can’t describe every part of life over here, I mean to say that our entire life has been divided into 12 parts of horoscope. From first house to the twelfth house and every house signify particular area of our life, and trust me we cant get every answer from main birth chart itself, and if we are using D-1 chart alone than there are several questions which will be remain unanswered always without divisional charts...!!!!

And you cant get that answers unless and until you are using concern divisional chart to look concern area of your life, because only divisional can give you accurate clue about an event promised by D-1 chart or lagna chart...!!

To make my words more clear I am going to tell you one cricket story and it is my humble request to you please pay attention to read it and understand it very carefully because if you are not getting point of my story than you can’t understand anything – 

So do you watch cricket match or football match or hockey match or any international games which is happening in the outdoor big ground...? So let’s take an example of cricket 

Suppose you are watching a cricket match so when we see cricket match in the T.V so we actually see it from the normal angle (Straight camera) and we see the batsman (Waiting for ball) wicket keeper (standing behind the stamp) an umpire and a bowler who comes to the batsman with the ball and throw the ball to the batsman and batsman hits the ball towards boundary. Now sudden operator changes the camera and you see the ball going towards boundary than again sudden camera switches and you see umpire indicating the decision.  It was very simple to see all this things because everyone don’t take interest what’s happening behind the screen or how the live telecast happens... Anyway I am not going to tell you theory of live telecasting of a match I just want to tell whatever you see in the TV screen that picture is combination of many cameras and angle by angle. Or if I say in single line so I mean to say that you can’t see entire match from single camera. Whenever ball will move towards boundary you will have to use boundary camera to see that whether ball has crossed the boundary or was it maximum or fielder has stopped the ball before boundary. Same happen in every match like football match or hockey match as behind the screen too many cameras are used to show you the match from different different angles. 

So you can’t see entire thing just from an angle and you need other camera angle to confirm many things. 

Let’s take another example of run out case from cricket match – When fielder throw the ball to the stump and suppose he has got run out. but if batsman is far away from the line and there is no doubt that batsman is out so umpire clearly gives decision but if it close case I mean batsman is very close to the line then umpire refer to the third umpire to see it from different different close angles(Camera). And you see replay from many angles later they decide whether he was out or not out.

Keep above scene in your mind and apply it into astrology now… suppose If I want to describe lagna chart in my own language in only few words so that is -

 “Lagna chart tells summary of life” (D-1 = Life Summary) 

Now you would say “summary is what” and I was talking about angles and camera … so don’t be confuse again - 

Summary means like highlights of the cricket match and why I use camera terms because I just want to say you can’t see everything from single camera and to see any particular thing very closely you have to use that close camera. 

So what are the camera in astrology?? 

Yes divisional charts are that cameras and by using it you can see that particular event very closely and get confirmation that something is going to happen in your life or not.

Because like cricket you can’t get entire life picture just from Lagna chart and you have to study your concern divisional charts related to query, because we all know - 

Remember predicting about anything without divisional charts is like watching the cricket match from single camera or angle...

Now what are the confusion while doing analysis of divisional charts??

Any person who is not ware about astrology and when he/she generate his or her horoscope so they get their birth chart along with other divisional charts. But as they are not aware about D charts or if they know than too they get confusions because all charts looks like same. Every chart has different Lagna and in every chart planets owned and occupy different houses so what does they signify...???

Maximum people (those are learner or just want to know about their upcoming future) calculate Lagna chart only like ohh it’s my Lagna and it’s my Lagna lord, it’s my Rashi. This is debilitated planet and this one exalted and focus to read the predictions generated by software which is actually wrong... because no software can calculate all the points. 
Astrology has too much mathematic calculation, too many conjunction, aspects, and many hidden points which software never calculates and that’s only the reason prediction made by software is not correct. 

Not only you people, even I was ignoring D charts in my initial stage of astrology learning because even I was confused in same way... too many charts, too many Lagna, in every chart planet owned another Rashi, so how to get correct answer of my question.. Because I was calculating event based on my Lagna chart only and they yet not happened or which is happened that was not in my calculation. So I started to look into deeper so I learnt this... I was unable to calculate the answer because I was ignoring my divisional charts. Lol

 So never do this mistake which I was doing because astrology is never wrong only astrologers are....Its all about -

Now I would like to clarify more about lagna chart The life summary chart

Suppose if we create a summary of a match = Like take an example of India vs Pakistan match, now see how the summary would be -

India won the toss and invited Pakistan to bat first.. Pakistan set the target of 280 runs in loss of 8 wickets. Anil Kumble took 4 wickets and Zaheer khan, R. Ashwin and Yuvraj shared rest six wickets. And later india won the match by 3 wickets as sachin scored a glorious century and Dhoni and Kohli also contributed well and India chased the target in 45 overs. 

So that was a summary of a cricket match..  Now what if I asked you what was happened in 44th over or if I want to know ball by ball information from you??

Off course you can’t tell me without watching complete 50 over match. 

Now in same way see what do your Lagna chart tells you – If we consider 80 year (an average age of person's life) age of every person so Lagna chart can tell you like you have life span of 70-75 years, you will have good spouse in your life, you will have pleasant house, and even about all major and minor events of your life but Lagna chart can’t tell you about each day, about each hours details of your life because Lagna or D-1 chart can tell you about all the major and minor event about your future (You can also learn about your past) but when, why, where, how and positive or negative that details you can get from divisional chart only… Lagna chart can only give you basic analysis of your destiny... And divisional charts pin point every situation in your life. It will give you the exact details about particular part of your life with complete picture.

I hope now you can understand importance of divisional charts in Vedic astrology so don’t mess just open concern query related chart and study it thoroughly.

Now let’s discuss about various divisional charts below –

D-1 to D-12 these divisional charts represents 12 houses of horoscope. As You can get details of your first house from D-1 chart, Second house details from D-2 chart, Third House details from D-3 chart, Fourth house Details from D-4 chart, fifth house details from D-5 chart, sixth House Details from D-6 Chart, Seventh house details from D-7 chart, eight house details from D-8 chart, Ninth house details from D-9 chart, Tenth house details from D-10 chart, Eleventh house details from D-11 chart, And finally twelfth house details from D-12 chart.

Note – Seventh house of your main birth chart (D-1 chart) represent your marriage prospect however to get complete details about your marriage life you won’t check D-7 chart... Here you need to check your D-9 chart (Navamsa Chart) to get more details about marriage prospect. Because navamsa chart is a D-9 chart which is known as fortune chart (first IMP Divisional chart after lagna) which means how would be your life after marriage we seen from the D-9 chart. Hence D-9 chart gives details about your ninth house of your lagna chart as well as your marriage prospect. 

Should I clarify it more??? Okay read ahead

Suppose anyone want to know about their complete marriage life then you must need answers of below questions -

When will you get marry I mean early or late or might be wont marry?
Will you have luck after marriage?
Would you be wealthy after marriage?
Will you get good nature husband and wife?
How cute your husband and wife would be?
Would your marriage relationship be happy?
If your marriage will lead you towards happiness or going to destroy remain Pease of your life?
What about your in-laws?
What about your sexual life? (Because it’s also a part of married life)

So if you are looking seventh house of your birth chart so that will only tell you nature of your wife along with external exposure of your spouse, even direction of your marriage (I Mean location where you will get marry) and little bit more information... but it won’t give you all the answers of above question because if you want all the answers of above questions so for that you have to calculate your complete D-9 chart, and UpaPada Chart to get all the clear picture along with seventh house of your birth chart and its lord and (also the karaka).  

That’s only reason prediction made on the basis of birth chart only always get failed and unable to show you the complete picture without looking the concern divisional charts. 

Now there are few more divisional charts are below which is been used to calculate certain part of your life and these are as important as D-1 to D-12 divisions –

These Charts known as D-16 Chart, D-20 Chart, D-24 chart, D-27 Chart, D-30 Chart, D-40 chart, D-45 chart, D-60 chart... There are few more but not too imp as others so about rest I will discuss later. 

Like I said every divisional chart give you details about concern part of your life so these charts also important to calculate certain things of your life. 

I will give you an example – 95 % population of world have below questions in their mind.
Why it happens with me only... or Why me only... what is wrong with me????  

I damn sure you also use this word when you get frustrated …Lol

So if you want to know answer of this question than you have to check your D-60 chart because D-60 tells why particular events happen in the life of the native (Specially bad events).

If you know little bit about astrology so you might be thinking fifth house of main birth chart also tell about past birth or past karma (Deeds) then why we use this??

So let me tell you why? – My friend this is true that twelfth house and fifth house of your main birth chart gives details about past deeds or karma but again it won’t tell you everything.. I mean alone fifth house or twelfth house can’t tell you how many birth's have you taken in the past (May be you have born 5 times in this earth before this birth or 50 times or may be 100 times so it may be your 101 birth in this earth) and what did you do in your all previous births. So details study of D-60 chart will give you the exact clear and complete details about all previous births because twelfth house only gives you details about only one previous birth and fifth house represents your past karma or deeds. So not only for your previous birth details even D-60 is used to check all areas of life...

That is the reason I always ask everyone to study your D-60 chart first than study your main birth chart or other divisional charts or anything other. D-60 is a base of your entire Kundli because you can’t deny that your entire destiny is a results of your previous deeds and when you don’t know what have you done in the past how you can calculate your future??

So my friend only details study of D-60 chart can tell you why everything goes wrong with you (Even D-60 chart equally tells present and future along with past life)...

Note – don’t study your D-60 chart if you don’t know your exact birth time because only 40-50 Seconds difference can change D-60 chart and can change your entire picture.  

I am giving you another example of divisional chart which is going to clear all your doubts related to " Importance of divisional charts in Vedic Astrology "

Almost everyone in the world always curious to know about their professional area of life and we all know that 10th house of your main birth chart gives details about your career, now suppose if you few great raja yoga in your 10th house or any strong and benefics are placed in 10th house of your main birth chart which are signifying great professional success but still person is working in lower class job and struggling in career....and why is that so ??  

And to get the answer of your why, We need to surgically open 10th house of your main birth chart and need to see inside, and have to check all planetary alignment in D-10 chart (Dasamsa Chart) -

Note - Dasamsa chart gives detailed study of 10th house of your main birth chart, hence whenever we want to know about career than we have to check our D-10 chart.

Now even if D-1 chart (Main birth chart) is indicating raja yoga or any big professional success in your life however in your D-10 all planets which are causing success in D-1 are badly placed in D-10 in weak position and giving low class job or low status in life and signifying struggle for you - 

Because D-1 chart only makes promises but chances for getting fulfilment of that promises are always seen from concern divisional chart only...!!!!

Thats is the main reason everyone in the world including baggers have raja yoga's in their horoscope but still they are living normal or lower class life because D-1 is promising by divisional chart is denying the same....that's what the importance and truth of divisional charts...!!!

Another important point about divisional charts is, divisional charts are also used to rectify the birth time of the person (Specially D-60 Chart). Person who don’t know his birth time but want his future details so what all professional astrologers do they ask few major events of your life (which has been passed out) to validate the correctness of the birth time. If the indications of the chart and the actual life events do not agree, then it is necessary to rectify the birth time to obtain correct birth chart. If timing of an important event (like an accident, any robbery, Marriage, Divorce, anything big) is known, then the birth time can be modified to bring a particular division chart into agreement with this event. Remember divisional charts change much quicker than the birth chart.

For example, in the birth chart the Lagna sign changes in every 2 and half hours, on average Drekkana (D-3 Chart) changes in every 40 minutes. Navamsa (D-9 chart) every 10-13 minutes. Even Main base of horoscope D-60 chart is within 40-60 seconds to 2 mins, even few higher varga charts I have seen changing in within 5-10 seconds only. This is very tough process to go through but it is necessary when accurate birth times are not available.

So my dear Friends I can’t write about each and individual divisional charts here because if I write my article will become 150-200 page book. But don’t worry I will write about each divisional chart separately. But if you want to know about more about on each divisional chart so you use Google and you can read 10000+ articles related to divisional charts. Because I just want to write about the points which is been missed in the other articles available on internet.    

Don't try to read your entire luck as using astrology you can get hints only and to get that hints still lot of mathematical work required because in astrology -

Anyways so it was my detailed analysis on divisional charts of Vedic astrology. Again my humble request to you please ignore my grammatical error as my english is quite poor. 

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