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KemDrum Yoga in Vedic Astrology By Sourabh Soni

The Pain of Loneliness
Hi Guys,

This is my second article on moon, and i was researching since long time to clarify Kemdrum Yoga, because there are lot of misconceptions found on internet about Kemdrum Yoga, And again the result mentioned in ancient text for Kemdrum yoga is very Horror, indeed which is not at all true...!! 

I am writing this article as per modern time, and i have researched these facts through many horoscopes, even i will give you few horoscopes here as an examples, but lets refer first what ancient text books says about Kemdrum Yoga - 

Kemadruma Yoga Definition as per ancient text: If there are no planets other than Sun and nodes in the 2nd and 12th houses from Moon and if there are no planets other than Moon in the quadrants from lagna, this bad yoga is present, and if the same time moon is also un-aspected by any planet such yoga gives extreme difficulties in life...
Result : One born with this yoga is unlucky, bereft of intelligence and learning and afflicted by poverty and trouble. This bad yoga kills the results of other good yogas in the chart, especially Chandra yogas. One with this yoga has to work hard and succeed through great efforts.

In Another Text - The native with Kemadruma Yoga will be deprived of life, drinks, food, residence, robes and friends, though he may belong to regal scion. He will suffer from poverty, grief, sickness and be dirty. He will live by hard labour, be wicked and be inimically disposed to one and all.

However as per modern time, these maximum comments are not applicable and result is not so horror in real life, Now my research gets start from here - 

As per ancient Vedic astrology Kemdrum Dosha is one of the worse and A grade bad dosh, which gives poverty as per ancient text and person born with this yoga faces lot of hardships and their mind are always unstable.  

However its not at all true in modern time....First of all Kemdrum is Not Yoga, Its a kind of Dosh which depressed moon in horoscope, because moon is very happiest planet among nine...and also the source of light along with sun, and have its own impact in human life....!!!
Sun is a source for moon energy hence we cant include Sun in Kemdrum Dosh, however as per ancient astrology Sun represent father and Moon represent mother and when Father and Mother meets then only you come in the earth... 
Closeness of Moon towards sun makes "Amavashya" And when moon goes closer to the sun it makes moon Weak hence sufficient gap is quite good for moon from Sun.

Hence Sun and Moon are the source of life in the earth, and their condition & power is always important, and always a primary part of observation during horoscope analysis, their powerful situation in the horoscope makes your entire chart powerful, Because if Mother and Father are good so child also gets the benefit. 

Well we are just taking about Kemdrum dosh which comes due to loneliness of Moon in horoscope, Moon is the planet who is surrounded with other planets in the galaxy and feels happy with the benefics and friendly planets.

Presence of Kemdrum Dosh in horoscope mean absence of Sunapha, Anapha, and Durudhara yoga in birth chart which are causes by situation of Moon.

To learn more about Sunapha, Anapha and Durudhara yoga in details along with Examples - Click Here 

Because presence of plants (Except Sun, Rahu and Ketu) in 2nd and 12th from the Moon causes Sunapha, Anapha and Durudhara yoga, So any planet next to moon is like a path teller and planet which is 12th from the moon is like a back support for the Moon. So whenever Moon have support of other planets like if planets are sitting 2nd and 12th to moon (Specially benefics like Jupiter, Venus and Mercury), Moon gets extreme support and perform very well as causes Durudhara yoga in the horoscope.

Note - Sun is a source of energy for Moon and Rahu and Ketu are merely shadow planets which are not capable to produce individual result and depend on the depositor to act hence we don't include Sun, Rahu and Ketu while calculating Kemdrum Dosh, Because even if they are present of 2nd or 12 from Moon, they are not capable to save Moon and cant remove her loneliness and depression of Kemdrum Dosh...

And whenever in any horoscope, Moon have no planets in 2nd and 12th from its position, so such situation creates depression for Moon, because moon missed the back support of other planets.

Another point is, Moon is a significator of feminine energy and known as female planet -

So Kemdrum dosh is very basic concept, if alone lady who has no support in his life and who is totally alone, so how she will act and react in her life.

Moon is also a significator of mind, & power of moon in our horoscope signifies our decision making ability, So if Moon has no support of other planets is like A mind who has no Guidance to move further in life and which is feeling scary and losing ability of decision making.

And this situation become very severe when Moon is suffering from Kemdrum Dosha however in the same time, Loosing Paksha Bal and no planet is aspecting moon so moon feel totally alone and depressed --

So that was the situation of Kemdrum dosh, Now lets move to the another part which is known as Kemdrum Dosh Bhanga, because anyone who has Kemdrum dosh in his or her horoscope always looking Kemdrum Bhanga parameters in their horoscope...!!!

So i would like to ask, whether really "Bhanga" word exist in astrology????

And answer is big No, because nothing gets cancelled once written by almighty god, however there are some situations in astrology which signifies modification in result of that particular good or bad yoga.

So Bhanga is a situation which modifying the Kemdrum Dosha...But it never cancel Kemdrum Dosh...!!

But before reveling Bhanga parameter i would like to share Past Karmic truth behind Kemdrum Dosha, the Past Karmic deeds responsible for any good or bad yoga in your horoscope - So lets discuss that,  

As Per Karmic Text - Person who's mind is always involved in sinful acts and always misleading others towards wrong path, when someone in need of mental support but they denying for support, Such people suffer from Kemdrum Dosha in his life and as per its effect their mind loses guidance and most of the time they face mental frustration, mental peace of such peoples always get suffered, Kemdrum Dosha also signifies curse blessings of your mother, (Moon is all about mother) so ill behave towards mother also causes this yoga, like if someone is always receiving curse words form her mother, because your mother is not happy with you, So its universal truth no body can escaped from mother curse words(also known as Abhishaap), But as no body can do same wrong deeds throughout life, few also corrects their mistakes later in previous life itself, So such people gets modification situations along with Kemdrum Dosha, and if modification situation occurs in horoscope which means person has rectified his mistake later in his life...!!!  

So i hope karmic theory is clear to you, if not then feel free to drop me an email...!!!

Now lets discuss the parameters which gives relief from Kemdrum Dosha in Vedic Astrology -

1 - If Moon is suffering from Kemdrum Dosha However the same time it is getting aspected by the depositor or involved in sign exchange with depositor.  

2 - If Moon is suffering from Kemdrum Dosha, However getting aspected by benefics or conjunct with benefics (Jupiter, Venus, Mercury).

3 - If Moon is suffering from Kemdrum Dosha, However occupied Taurus or Cancer sign in birth chart.

4 - If Moon is suffering from Kemdrum Dosha in D-1 chart, However occupied Taurus, Cancer in D-9, or getting aspected or conjunction with benefics.

5 - If Moon is suffering from Kemdrum Dosha in D-1, however strong in D-9, which means later till the age of 30 person may suffer from Kemdrum but situation would be quite better in later half.

6 - Moon occupy Kendra Houses (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th), But should not loose Paksha Bal...!!!

7 - Availability of Adhi Yoga, Gajkeshri Yoga, Maha Bhagya yoga is quite capable to give you great relief from Kemdrum Dosha. 

Remember above situations just gives modification in evil effect, but its not cancellation hence you cant escape from entire evils, As per moon situation in horoscope, little mental stress will always be a part of your life(which is very common these days and each one has mental tensions even without Kemdrum Dosh) and person will face little financial crises time to time if moon is weak in horoscope.

As moon is depressed and facing loneliness in life due to Kemdrum Dosh, so no matter how powerful and rich you are, you have to face little bit...Sorry...Life is all about Deeds...nothing else...!!!!

However the good point of kemdrum dosh is, its doesn't signifies poverty in each case, Only those have Daridra yoga along with Kemdrum yoga in horoscope may face financial crises in life.

Now the main point is, If Kemdrum yoga is not so severe harmful in life then why most of the peoples are suffering too much, and facing poverty, not happy in relations, no mental happiness??

So as per my observation, Entire suffering in life doesn't comes through single bad yoga, I have seen many horoscopes to write this article, and found that the person who has Kemdrum Yoga but also have another bad yoga in his or her horoscope like, Vish Yoga, Grahan Yoga, Paap Kartari yoga, Daridra Yoga, Pitra dosh etc....are mainly suffering hard in life, however astrologers just putting entire blame on Kemdrum Dosh...Hence please use your own sense and understand the real meaning of any yoga, so that you can find real source of your sufferings.

Kemdrum dosh affect throughout life if it is available in D-1 and D-9 both, because availability of Kemdrum Dosh in D-1 may give you sufferings till 30 or max 35, but if moon is also weak in D-9 then suffering time gets increase, Hence Moon situation in D-9 is very important.

However if you want to know Moon effect in various Navamsha chart so Just - Click Here 

Person who has alone Kemdrum yoga in his or her horoscope always needs a support to move ahead in life because if they doing anything alone so they get fear in mind is like whether are they taking right step or not...That's it..!!

Now lets have few horoscopes as examples, Those have Kemdrum Dosh in horoscope however still they have achieved great heights in life - 

Mr. Bala Saheb Thackrey

Above chart belong to Maharashta king, Late Bala Saheb ji thackrey, however in his horoscope moon is sitting in Lagna house and there is no planet is in 2nd or 12th from the Moon, So this horoscope is suffering from Kemdrum Dosh, But as Moon is sitting in Kendra house so moon is getting quite relief from Kemdrum dosh, But still they have faced many issues when Raj Thackray has created another party, and may be many more issues which we might Don't know..., another Example is -  

 Mr. Raj Thackray

In above case, Moon is in 3rd house, but no planet is in 4th and 2nd house, means chart is getting affected by Kemdrum Yoga, But Moon is getting aspected by friend Mars, And moon is also strong in D-9, But still he has faced several issues while separation from Bala Saheb.

Note - Degree wise sun goes into 8th house of raj horoscope, its little software error, so pls take care as here we are just calculating Kem drum Dosh, refer next example -

Mr. Bill Gates

In Above Case, Moon is in 10th house, there is no planet in 9th and 11th house from the Moon, Kemdrum Dosha is available, However moon in Kendra and getting aspected my friend mars and benefic lagna lord mercury, Adhi yoga is also available as all benefic are 6th, 7th and 8th from Moon, hence despite Kemdrum Dosh person is world richest personality. !!!!

Film Star Dharmendra

In above case, Moon is in sixth house and no planet is in fifth and 7th house, Moon is suffering from Kemdrum Dosh but as moon is getting aspected by Mars, Saturn and Venus, So  however he is successful and rich man but he is still struggling mentally because this yoga is happening in sixth house and Saturn aspecting debilitated sign, next example is - 

George Fernandes

In above case, Moon is sitting in Leo in fifth house, but no planet is in 4th and 6th house and another point is moon is also not getting aspected by any plant, so moon is quite alone here...Well i am not aware about his personal life but yet Mr. George Fernandes is a former Indian trade unionist, politician, journalist, agriculturist, and member of Rajya Sabha from Bihar, so quite successful..

Mr. Ghanshyam Das Birla

In above case, Moon is sitting in own sign cancer in 6th house and getting aspected by mars but there is no planet in 5th and 7th, Still he was business tycoon of india, next example is - 

Film Star Jim Carry  

In above case, Moon is sitting in 8th house in exalted sign Taurus and also getting aspected by Jupiter, there are no planet is in 7th and 9th then too he was richest actor of Hollywood film industry and quite successful, However he always play very funky role in his movies... next example is - 

Mr. M.G. Ramachandran

In Above Case, Moon is in libra in 9th house but there are no planet is in 8th house and 10th house but moon is getting aspected by Jupiter, He was quite successful actor, director, Politician of Indian history, Next example is - 
Film star Raj Kapoor

In Above Case, Moon is sitting in Kendra in own sign cancer along with Rahu and there are no planets are in 2nd and 12th from Moon, However he was successful but he was quite depressed mentally, even when his last movie " Mera Naam Jokar" got flopped, He was in much depression, finally left the world, Now Final horoscope is -

Lord Shri Krishna

In his horoscope - Moon is in Kendra house (1st house) occupied her exalted sign Taurus and getting aspected by Saturn and there are no planet is in 2nd and 12th house, But i have no words to describe his chart, he was lord and can do anything...!!!

Note - There are many horoscopes are available for lord ram & Shri Krishna, so its up to you which one you want to refer as i have taken above chart from B.V. Raman Text.

So remember guys, Kemdrum yoga is bad for horoscope but its not worse, hence dont need to refer horror result of ancient text, because in Kaliyug everything is Ulta Pulta...Kumdrum yoga depressed Moon and to live happy life happy moon is primary requirement...!!!

Well, Do you know actual power of Moon ??? 

Power of Moon i am just describing in few words as, Nothing is impossible for Moon, it can give everything and huge, like money, happiness, wealth, fame and success everything…So if Moon is happy in your horoscope so surely going to make your life happy.

However if you want to know more about Moon in details just - Click Here

Another point is, i have seen when people find kemdrum yoga in his or her horoscope so they start looking for remedy, so lets discuss on that part also -

Remedy - Never look for remedies because it doesn't work in every case because if you destroyed someone else life then how can you expect that remedy will save you, However if there is a pain in life so god has also given pain killer, Hence prayer is the best remedy as just one true prayer can save you from Kemdrum Evils effect, as Lord of Moon is God Shiva, Hence pray from Lord shiva to forgive your all sins because if your prayer got accepted so your life will automatically come on track.. 

Finally Moon wants to say that, if you are not so much into astrology so please remember -

So guys this was research on Kem Drum Yoga in Vedic Astrology, I hope you would like it… If you like my article and if you want to be my friend and interested to read my further articles so Just open below link and like my page but please don’t be my fan... Just Be my friend..

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From: Sourabh Soni
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All About Moon In Vedic Astrology By Sourabh Soni

The Role Of Queen In Human Life

Hi Guys,

Today we are discussing about most important planet in astrology which is “Moon”, However moon is a masculine planet but significator of feminine energy, hence known as female planet.

Moon is known as Mother and Sun is known as father hence health of your total horoscope depends on them, if they both are weak entire horoscope becomes weak, because no matter how rich you are since birth if you missing love and support of mother and father in life, Child can’t grow well…!!

Hence well and strong Sun and Moon in the horoscope itself a Raja Yoga, however if they both are weak so puts a question mark on entire horoscope, Hence While judging horoscope after Lagna and Lagna lord astrologers always ask to judge Moon and Sun position and situation in horoscope. 

Well today I am just writing about Moon, hence will discuss about moon only, I will write about Sun in separate article later…!!!

Anyways as far as I know Moon makes a complete transit in every 27 days, 7 hours and 43 minutes (Few says 28 days). 

As per astrology text, waxing Moon is considered a benefic and waning Moon a Weak however as per me Moon is never malefic, waning moon just loses the power and capability of doing good but still need to observed another parameters also in horoscope…!!

If Moon is happy in your horoscope, which signifies that you are blessed because an exalted Moon itself a great Raja Yoga...

However afflicted Moon during birth causes several issues throughout life and does not allow to have proper growth, and missing things will always reflect in the personality…

Moon owns Cancer sign but exalted in Taurus and debilitated in Scorpio. Moon highest exaltation point is 3 degrees in Taurus and the lowest debilitation point is 3 degrees of Scorpio. 

Note - The first 3 degrees of Taurus is Moon's exaltation portion and the remaining 27 degrees portion is her Mool Trikona. Moon Rules cancer entirely…!!

Astrology says moon is debilitated in Scorpio, However in my practical experiences I have found Moon is never debilitated, it’s just loose its doing good capacity in the horoscope, and now a these days people with debilitated moon is quite successful then exalted…!!
However debilitated moon makes person very intense emotional, a person with mystical and secretive and most of the time they love to live in dark deep emotional world because Scorpio is an originally 8th house sign (8th house is very dark and deep unknown world).

By the way I would like to remind again is that any debilitated planet is just deduct happiness from personal life, But can do very good in professional life if getting proper Neech Bhanga or if debilitated planet is sitting in Kendra, or Exalted Navamsha. 

So it’s kaliyug, No need to worry from debilitated planets, because these days debilitated planets are much powerful then the exalted planets however debilitated planet takes little exam first before giving anything…!!!
Moon rules liquids things like water, milk, all kind of drinks etc...  

However I wanted to cover entire things related to moon like – 

Moon placement in 12 houses
Moon Placement in 12 signs
Moon relation with 27 Nakshtra
Moon conjunction or relation with other planets
Moon Position in Navamsa
Raja yoga and Bad yoga causing by Moon

But I am skipping above first three points, because I don’t think I need to describe it…Any planets sitting in any house also sits in specific sign, specific Nakshatra, in specific degree and sometime its connected or aspected with one or more planets so total result will comes after analyzing all the parameters, And if I am writing these all things here then my article will convert into a book.

However there are certain things which you can predict through only the basis of Moon position in specific house, or through moon position in specific sign, or through moon position in specific Nakshatra. 

You can use Google if you still wish to learn about Moon position through various houses, Signs and Nakshatra...etc

Moon has friendship with Jupiter, Mars, Sun and inimical nature with Saturn, Rahu and Ketu and mixed result is seen with Mercury and Venus(Depends on house and Sign)...!! 

Moon conjunct Rahu and Ketu in horoscope so such situation creates Grahan Yoga in horoscope, and Grahan yoga eclipse the Power, Quality and auspiciousness of the moon, as well as specially several mental issues may arise.

However sufferings will depends on the closeness of moon with nodes by Degree, If its within 10 degree then severe issues are indicated related to moon as per horoscope, But if degree gap is 10 to 20 then its average and if degree gap is more than 20, then maximum issues gets nullify. 

However Moon has great association with mars and sun and Venus also but Jupiter is her Bosom friend, and Jupiter conjunction with Moon, or Jupiter aspect on Moon is a great support for moon in horoscope.

Moon represent mind, Hence weak and depressed moon in the horoscope signifies several mental tensions in the horoscope. Because no matter how much wealthy and richest you are but if you sufferings through mental poverty, nothing can make you happy. 

However if your moon is good and strong in horoscope, so no matter how much problems you are facing in your life, you would be happy always and will smile even during your odds in life. Hence Position and power of Moon has much importance in horoscope.

However there are a lot of parameters to calculate the power of any planet (Like all Shadbal and Non Shadbal, Navamsha, Conjunction and aspect..etc), but the primary factor which is IMP for Moon, is it should be strong in Paksha Bal as i wrote above waxing Moon is considered Strong and waning Moon a Weak....!!!  

Overall strong ness and weakness of Moon affect entire horoscope, Hence Moon is very important among nine planets in Vedic astrology.

So lets discuss Moon relationship with other planets - 

Moon With Sun - Whenever Moon conjunct Sun signifies person has great internal strength, Both are friendly to each other and known as King and Queen in Vedic astrology, so if both are powerful and well placed, can blessed with royal life to the person, however have side effect too which affect personal life.  

Note - Moon position from the sun in horoscope also matters a lot and influence horoscope in different way, hence please don't merge the concept...!!
Moon with Mars - Moon with mars makes person valorous and very passionate in life, however also creates great Dhan yoga (Laxmi Yoga), this combination also gives emotional anxiety and few skin issues too. Behave and result of this conjunction depends of nature of Lagna.

Moon with Mercury - Moon connects Mercury makes person more concerned in relationship, this conjunction makes very good creative writers, people with such combination are very understanding people. This combination also blessed with great logical and emotional thinking.

Moon With Jupiter - This is actually one of the best conjunction of Moon, Because this conjunction also create very auspicious Gaaj Keshari yoga, which affect personal and professional life in good manner, This conjunction can makes person royal if free from all malefic afflictions. Person with Moon and Jupiter conjunction is always very wise, respectful, wealthy and virtuous.  

Moon With Venus - This conjunction can bless with great luxury, these ppl are also great human, they are quite expert in love relations, Peoples with this combinations found involved in large social circle, there network circle or society circle are always vast,  and are expert in buying and selling the things.    

Moon with Saturn - Moon and Saturn are enemy to each other and this connection of Moon with Saturn makes Vish Yoga in horoscope which puts question mark of happiness of personal life. however good results has been also seen of this conjunction in Kendra and 11th house but personal life will suffer in most of the cases (Specially relation with the mother if moon is weak than Saturn).

Moon with Nodes - Moon conjunction with Rahu or Ketu makes Grahan yoga, As we all know that Nodes are biggest enemy of Moon and always eclipse the moon time to time, Hence Moon never feel comfort with nodes however in few cases success in professional life has been observed but Degree difference makes the game in such combination.

Note - Conjunction of any planets are always vast and signifies many things, but i have just mentioned two or three line in each moon conjunction because these are the basic qualities of these conjunctions but there are lot more comes in between to declare the final result (Degree, House placement, Sign placement, Benefic and malefic Aspect, connected with two or planets) and total result is always different in each case, and if i am covering everything in this article than i need to write 300 pages long articles because each conjunction with each parameter is very vast....!!! 

Now as we know that there are several divisional charts exist in vedic astrology which gives detailed analysis of each section of your life, So moon position is important in divisional chart also, Like if Moon is quite depressed in main birth chart by either malefic influence or bad placement but if strong and exalted in Navamsha, so it will give great inner strength to the Moon to fight with odds.

As i cant describe moon position in each divisional chart (Because i am still researching through horoscopes), however after Lagna chart, D-9 or Navamsha is more important hence lets discuss Moon connection in D-9 chart.

Note - Degree and Nakshtra placement of Moon is seen from Main birth chart hence calculate the same from main birth chart, not from Navamsha chart..... 

So lets discuss Moon connection with other planets and with their signs in Navamsha - 

When Moon Occupy sign of Aries or Scorpio in Navamsha - 

Lord of Aries and Scorpio is Mars, So if moon is sitting in Aries makes person very competitive and a person who is quick decision maker however same opposite if moon in Scorpio makes very emotional and highly sensitive but if moon is also getting aspected by Mars in these signs then person would be very valorous and determined person who wins over his enemies, such peoples love to follow their own mind.

Moon in mars signs under mars aspect in Navamsha makes person very career oriented and serious person in second half of age, however way of reaction would be little different due to nature of both the signs(But the lord of both sign is same).

However if Moon occupy Aries or Scorpio in D-9 and getting aspected by Sun, makes person cruel, little bit criminal mind as such person secretly thief other information, but Sun aspect on mars signs also makes person very protective and courageous.   

If Moon occupy Aries or Scorpio in D-9 and getting aspected by Saturn, makes person very cunning in nature, such peoples are not really trust-able and can deceive anyone if needed because they people think about themselves first.

However if Moon occupy Aries or Scorpio in D-9 and getting aspected by Jupiter, makes person sociable and royal personality, person love to follow Dharma path, and gets respect from the higher and respected peoples (If Moon and Jupiter is also good in D-1 then person enjoy wealthy life in later half too).  

However if Moon occupy Aries or Scorpio in D-9 and getting aspected by Mercury, makes person expert and fast communicator, however such aspect of mercury is also make little bit selfish and fickle mind person.

However if Moon occupy Aries or Scorpio in D-9 and getting aspected by Venus, makes person wealthy and social respected personality in the society, Venus aspect on moon in such signs makes person interested in many woman or mans.

However Moon under aspect of nodes in D-9 may create several twist, and to get the correct result we need to observe nodes situation from D-1 (Because degree gap between nodes and moon is more important which we can observe through D-1 only), Hence result we cant predict without proper calculation and need to observe D-1 and D-9 together.

Note - If moon is getting aspect by multiple planets in D-9 then please calculate the multiple effect as mentioned above and merge the same.

When Moon Occupy sign of Taurus or Libra in Navamsha - 

Moon gets exaltation in Venus sign Taurus, and exalted moon in Navamsha is considered very good for happy life, So if Moon Occupies Venus signs (Taurus or Libra) in D-9 and getting aspected by Venus, then indicate healthy marital life, wealth and luck, and person also gets creative abilities.  

If Moon occupies Venus signs in D-9 and Getting aspected by Saturn - Person could be involved in lower class profession and result may be more disappointing if its in bad houses (6th, 8th, and 12th).

If the Moon is in Taurus or in Libra Navamsha and is aspected by Mercury the person will have knowledge of playing musical instruments and be interested in dance and music (specially gets singing abilities).

If the Moon is in Taurus or in Libra Navamsha and aspected by Jupiter, the person could be a great poet, expert in Dharma, May be highly skilled, have many royal connection in life and will have many a servants and will enjoy happy life.

If the Moon is in Taurus or in Libra Navamsha and aspected by Sun, One may perform foolish activity, could be a time waster, enjoys Delicious food and could be fickle mind.

If the Moon is in Taurus or in Libra Navamsha and aspected by Mars, Person may takes interest in others wives, Could be a quite lusty person, but still gets higher reputation in the society on the basis of his moral deeds.

When Moon Occupy sign of Gemini or Virgo in Navamsha - 

If the Moon is in Gemini or in Virgo Navamsha and aspected by Mars, Then person's mind would be notorious, very argumentative in nature, angry communicative personlaity and be fierce.

If the Moon is in Gemini or in Virgo Navamsha and aspected by Mercury, Person would be well skilled (specially in electronics), could be expert in arts and writing, and communicative talent may be seen.

If the Moon is in Gemini or in Virgo Navamsha and aspected by Sun, Person can wins arguments,capable to speak like leaders, and may acquire knowledge from various fields. 

If the Moon is in Gemini or in Virgo Navamsha and aspected by Saturn, Person could be very spiritual mind, lover reading and poetry, could be intelligent and experts in arts.

If the Moon is in Gemini or in Virgo Navamsha and aspected by Jupiter, Person would be a splendid personality, wealthy and wise, connected with royal peoples, follower of moral path and could be famous for his deeds. 

If the Moon is in Gemini or in Virgo Navamsha and aspected by Venus, Person would be handsome personality, Experts in fine arts and cinema and writing, glamorous and attractive nature and famous personality.

When Moon Occupy own sign Cancer in Navamsha - 

If the Moon is in owned sign cancer in Navamsha and sitting alone without any aspect, so such placement of moon in Navamsha can give a strong drive for recognition and acceptance, very nourishing nature, and always care about about family, nations and other human beings. 
If the Moon is in owned sign cancer in Navamsha and aspected by Sun, Person would be free from severe illness, but criminal tendencies has been seen through such relations.

Note - As per ancient text, Sun and Moon connection does not considered good in Navamsha. 

If the Moon is in owned sign cancer in Navamsha and aspected by Mars, Person could be highly skillful, but keeping eyes on others wealth and could believe in miseries and stealing. 

If the Moon is in owned sign cancer in Navamsha and aspected by Mercury, Then person could be a cleaver, will be not virtuous, will sleep much and will wander at all times.

If the Moon is in owned sign cancer in Navamsha and aspected by Venus, Person will face issues in dealing with opposite sex, even such connection can affect personality.

If the Moon is in owned sign cancer in Navamsha and aspected by Jupiter, Person would be various and wealthy personality, and enjoy riches, happiness from family, be a moral character, and wise and royal person.

If the Moon is in owned sign cancer in Navamsha and aspected by Saturn, the person will indulge in prohibited acts and will incur grief due to imprisonment, litigations and destruction.

When Moon Occupy Leo sign in Navamsha - 

If the Moon is in Leo in Navamsha and sitting alone without any aspect, Person don't like to take others advice, however always up to to give their own suggestion, Quite talented and always try to be center point of attractions. 

If the Moon is in Leo in Navamsha and getting aspected by Sun, Person would be wealthy, Famous and short tempered in nature but creatively talanted and capable to lead large group.

If the Moon is in Leo in Navamsha and getting aspected by Mars, Person belongs to rich family, enjoy riches, wealthy and famous in society, liked by royal peoples.

If the Moon is in Leo in Navamsha and getting aspected by Mercury, Person would be very affluent, take interest in occult science and history, and astrology and would be interested in other hidden world. 

If the Moon is in Leo in Navamsha and getting aspected by Venus, Person may be involve in multiple love affairs, and quite flirtatious in nature. 

If the Moon is in Leo in Navamsha and getting aspected by Jupiter, Person enjoy raja yoga situation in life and honored by many royal person and ministers, and person self would be authoritative personality in society.

If the Moon is in Leo in Navamsha and getting aspected by Saturn, The native will be sinful, unkind and will kill living beings, gets jealousy in nature.

When Moon Occupy Sagittarius or Pisces sign in Navamsha - 

If the Moon is in Sagittarius or Pisces Navamsha and getting aspected by Jupiter itself, Person would be worldly personality and associated with ministers, belong to royal family, Be Quite rich and famous and spotless character.

If the Moon is in Sagittarius or Pisces Navamsha and getting aspected by Sun, Person would be lover of moral conduct, become famous, but faces several hurdles and issues in personal life.

If the Moon is in Sagittarius or Pisces Navamsha and getting aspected by Saturn, Person would be from lower class society, may face separation from the society due to his own deeds. 

If the Moon is in Sagittarius or Pisces Navamsha and getting aspected by Mars, Person would be very famous, follower of family traditions, very skilled and knowledgeable of machinery, interested to learning history.  

If the Moon is in Sagittarius or Pisces Navamsha and getting aspected by Mercury, Person would be a pleasant personality, connected with social and Dharmik peoples, liked by society and associated with royal circles.

If the Moon is in Sagittarius or Pisces Navamsha and getting aspected by Venus, Person would be endowed with conjugal happiness, very luxurious and royal and famous personality.

When Moon Occupy Capricorn or Aquarius sign in Navamsha - 

If the Moon is in Capricorn or Aquarius Navamsha and getting aspected by Saturn, Person lives sickly life and loves miseries, if situation is not good in D-1 too then person do the same throughout life.

If the Moon is in Capricorn or Aquarius Navamsha and  getting aspected by Sun, Person will have a few children, be miserable with diseases and be ugly and rude in nature.
If the Moon is in Capricorn or Aquarius Navamsha and getting aspected by Mars, Person will be a great ruler in modern world or equal to a king, be very rich, happy, but unfortunate in marital life. 

If the Moon is in Capricorn or Aquarius Navamsha and getting aspected by Venus, Person would be crooked in disposition, be attached to many women and be valorous and wealthy.

If the Moon is in Capricorn or Aquarius Navamsha and getting aspected by Jupiter, Person could be a great personality, dedicated and devoted to his own work, May involve in social work.

If the Moon is in Capricorn or Aquarius Navamsha and getting aspected by Mercury, Person will suffer through past, cleaver mind and expert in speaking. 

Note - Result may be different as per the house position of Moon in Navamsha or moon might be in conjunct with two or more planets or getting aspected by much planets in D-9, and I don't have much Database of birth details hence could not write about Moon position through various houses, However my researches are going on, and will disclose remain secrets in another article very soon.

Also remember the results, which i have mentioned above will be based on power of moon like If Moon is Vargottam in Navamsha, or Owned Navamsha, Enemy Navamsha, or Friendly Navamsha, And her position in D-1, Everything matters hence to get the correct and final result please calculate D-1 and D-9 together.

So Lets discuss Raja yoga and Bad Yoga causes by Moon in Vedic Astrology -

Most important and common yoga's given by Moon are -

Sunapha Yoga, Anapha Yoga, Durudhara Yoga, Adhi Yoga, Kemdrum Yoga, Shakat Yoga, Gajkeshri Yoga, Vasumati Yoga, chandra Mangal Yoga and many more like that......

Shakat Yoga i have already clarified in separate article in details - To read Click Here

So lets discuss Sunapha, Anapha and Durudhara Yoga first -

Sunaphaa Yoga - If there are planets other than Sun and nodes are in the 2nd house from Moon, this yoga is present.

In above case, 4 planets are next to moon causing Sunapha Yoga in horoscope (Pls ignore Sun).

Sunapha yoga signifies accumulation and possession in life, This yoga means person has born to receive the things in life. 

One born with Sunapha Yoga could be wealthy and lucky, will be very virtuous, be learned in Dharmik books, respectable in society, would be a pleasant personality. 

As per the Karmic Theory - The person who believe in giving gifts and surprises to the Mother, relatives, family, and friends so destiny rewards such person with Sunapha yoga in horoscope in his next birth and person receive much more than he or she has given in previous birth (Its all about receiving). 

But there are five planets which gives Sunapaha yoga by Moon and the planets who gives the Sunapha yoga may differentiate the mention result (Because its not good every time) -

If Sunapha Yoga is caused by Mars (by being in the 2nd to the Moon), the native will be valorous, wealthy, cruel in speech, be a chief in group, will be fierce, torturous, proudy in nature. If Mercury causing of Sunapha Yoga, the native will be expert in Vedas, Shastras and found of music. He will be virtuous and could be a poet. He will be high-minded, intent on thinking of good for all and will possess a brilliant physique. If Jupiter causing Sunapha Yoga, person will have high knowledge in life, will be famous and himself be a royal personality, or dear to a ministers or higher authorities. He will have a good family and may have great wealth. If Venus is causing Sunapha yoga, may get charming spouse, lands, wealth, prowess, quadrupeds and valour. The native will further be honoured by relatives and society, will also be courageous. If Saturn be in the 2nd of the Moon causing Sunapha Yoga, the native will be skillful, may taking care of his village and city and may face issues in career but will be devoted to his work and be brave.

Now Anapha yoga of Moon - 

Anaphaa Yoga - If there are planets other than Sun and nodes in the 12th house from Moon, this yoga is present.

In above case, Saturn is situated in 12th from Moon causing Anapha Yoga.

Anapha yoga in horoscope signifies spending and enjoyment, This yoga means person has born to spending and giving the things to others.

Results: One born with this yoga gets smart and hand some personality. He is a man of character and has holds great reputation in his circle. He is surrounded by comforts, always ready to help others, don't think much before spending money, will be eloquent in speech, magnanimous, virtuous, will enjoy good company of opposite sex, calm in disposition, but also makes person short tempered and person tend to fight quite easily, would also be a quite sociable personality ...!!!
As per the Karmic Theory - The person who believe in charity, serving others, helping others, like fear free spending for self and for others too, so destiny rewards such person with Anapha yoga in horoscope in his next birth, because they get happiness when they spend(Its all about giving).  

However there are numerous varieties of the Anapha yoga also, depending upon the nature and the number of the occupants of the twelfth house from the Moon.

So lets see effect of others planets involvement in Anapha yoga - 

If Anapha Yoga is caused by Mars-being in the 12th from the Moon, the native will head a band of thieves, will be arrogant in disposition, be honored, wants fighting, angry in nature, good, praiseworthy, good-bodied and proud. If Mercury in 12th to moon, the native will be an expert in singing, dancing and writing, will be a poet and an able orator. He will be conferred honors by social circle and will have a brilliant body and will perform famous deeds. If Anapha yoga caused by Jupiter, the native will be majestic, strong, intelligent, fond of assembly, famous through a royal person and could be a poet and face fluctuations in fortune(Due to Shakat Yoga). If Venus causing this Yoga gives an exceedingly great liking for women. The native will be dear to the society and will enjoy pleasures. He will be splendorous, famous and will have large property. If Saturn causes this Yoga, the subject will be broad shouldered, be a leader, person of his or her commitments, be rich with quadrupeds, and always helps lower class people.
Note - Above chart belong to Arvind Kejriwal, where you can observed that Saturn in 12th from Moon and as resulted Kejriwal ji always helping lower class peoples and fighting for their causes and concern. 

Now Durudhara yoga of Moon - 

Duradhara Yoga - If there are planets other than Sun in the 2nd and 12th houses from Moon, this yoga is present.

In above Case, Moon is sitting in sixth house, and Jupiter and Mercury causing DuruDhara Yoga, Person belong to very rich and wealthy family and he is a Doctor in USA.
Durudhara Yoga in horoscope, One born with this yoga enjoys many pleasures, charitable in nature. He or she owns wealth and vehicles. have good servants, and enjoy luxurious life since birth, will be famous for speech, wisdom, valour and virtues, will enjoy freedom, comforts, will be liberal, but will come to grief by maintaining his family members. He or she will have good behaviour.
Person who has Durudhara yoga enjoys the benefit of Sunapha and Anapha yoga however the pair of planets which cause Durudhara yoga may decide the final situation of yoga - 

If Durudhara Yoga is caused by the pair of Mars and Mercury, the native will be a liar, be very wealthy, expert, very wicked, greatly miserly, and addicted to an old lady and be chief in his race.

If Durudhara Yoga is caused by Mars and Jupiter, one will be famous by his deeds, be mighty and wealthy, angry in nature, may have many opponent, will protect his men and will gather money by using fair means.

If the Moon has Venus and Mars on either side, the native will have a virtuous spouse, will be fortunate, argumentative, pure and skilful, will like doing exercises and be bold in nature.

If Saturn and Mars causes this yoga(Also a Paap Kartari Yoga), the native will be the husband of a bad lady. He will save a lot of money because ready to up for any means to earn money. He will have vices. He will be given to anger and be a tale bearer. He will win over his enemies in work area.

If Jupiter and Mercury causing Durudhara yoga, then the native will be virtuous, learned in Shastras, garrulous, be a good poet, be wealthy, capable of making sacrifices and be famous.

If Durudhara Yoga is caused by Mercury and Venus, the person will be a sweet speaker, be fortunate, splendorous, and beautiful, be fond of dance, singing etc., be served, valiant and be a minister.

If Mercury and Saturn cause this yoga, the native will move from one country to the other to earn money. He will not be much educated, will be worshipped by others, but be inimical to his own men.

If Jupiter and Venus cause this Yoga, by being on either side of the Moon, the native will be courageous, intelligent, will have political wisdom, will possess gold and gems, will be famous and may be a government employee.

If Jupiter and Saturn be such planets, as to cause Durudhara Yoga the native will be happy, will have knowledge of politics, will be sweet in speech, learned, peaceful, wealthy and good looking.

If Durudhara Yoga caused by Venus and Saturn will conduct himself like an old man (i.e. so mature), be chief in his race, skilful, dear to women and will have plenty of money. He will be honored by the royal peoples and gather wealth.
Note - These Yogas give effects according to the state of the Moon because yoga giving planet and moon should not be weak in horoscope, neither debilitated or combusted, If a planet forming one of Anapha, Sunapha, or Durudhara Yoga is combust, then that planet severely affects the moon. As a combust planet becomes irritated in nature, and may lead to a failure. These tendencies will then influence the Moon and the mind is to be prone to anger, frustration which make this yoga weak and sometime useless too.. and i will also suggest that please Analyze the culture and country as which country or society you are living in, so that can understand the real meaning of Sunapha yoga and its coming effect in life.

Now Adhi yoga of Moon -

Adhi Yoga Definition: If the natural benefics occupy 6th, 7th and 8th from Moon, this yoga is present then.

In Above Case, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are in 6th, 7th and 8th from Moon causing Adhi Yoga in horoscope.

Result - One born with this yoga become wealthy in his middle age, and gets association with vast social circle, enjoy delicious foods, and One of the best point of having Adhi yoga in horoscope is person never face shortage of money throughout life, and his of her family would be wealthy But As Jupiter goes in 6th, 8th from Moon in Adhi yoga which puts a question mark on personal life happiness (In case of females issues in marital life has been observed).

Note - All three benefices could be in 6th, or 7th or 8th, or 6th & 7th, 6th & 8th or 7th & 8th causes Adhi Yoga, and Power of Moon, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus will decide amount of gains from Adhi Yoga.

Another point which is very IMP, Moon is a significator of mother in vedic astrology - 

Hence bad relationship with mother in present birth makes moon weak, So anyone those have Adhi yoga in their horoscope but if they don't have good relation with their mother, so they cant enjoy real fruits of Adhi yoga, However money shortage in life they never face but no guarantee for mental peace if no good relation with mother. lets discuss another yoga.

Now Vasumati yoga of Moon -  

Vasumati Yoga - If all the natural benefics (Jupiter, Mercury, Venus) occupy upachayas houses (3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th) from Moon, one has great wealth. If two benefics occupy upachayas from Moon, the native has medium wealth. If only one benefic occupies an upachaya from Moon, the native has little wealth.

In above case, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are sitting in Upachaya houses (10th and 11th house ) from Moon causing Vasumati Yoga in horoscope, as person is quite wealthy....!!! 

As per Karmic Theory - Vasumati yoga comes in horoscope due to helping co born and friends financially in previous birth...Hence destiny rewards with Vasumati yoga to such peoples in next birth which makes them wealthy and rich...!!!

Another concept is Kemdrum Dosh of Moon - 

Kemadruma Yoga Definition: If there are no planets other than Sun and nodes in the 2nd and 12th houses from Moon or if there are no planets other than Moon in the quadrants from lagna, this bad yoga is present.

Kemdrum yoga has many misconception and my new article on Kemdrum Yoga is now ready, where i have described everything about Kemdrum yoga in detail, To read - Click Here

I will also clarify Mahabhagya Yoga, Ardhra Chadra Yoga, Gaajkeshri yoga, Chandra Mangal yoga in separate articles because these all have long theory and i have finished my research on them...

As per ancient text, Apart from above yogas there are lot more concepts are also exist in vedic astrology which are known as Raja yoga caused by Moon and which also remove negativity of horoscope, so lets discuss that - 

Let me explain the combinations that are capable of nullifying the evils from horoscope, for these are important in the Science of Horoscopy and initially explained below are the Yogas to counteract the evils emanating from, or afflicting the Moon, as done by expounders, like Lord Brahma.

1. If the Moon is Full and is aspected by all heavenly bodies, all evils are countered, just as Law breakers are destroyed by the king. Venus aspecting the Full Moon, while the latter is in friendly divisions is capable of obstructing evils, just as abdominal remedies are able to cure windy diseases.

2. Should the Moon be in her deep exaltation and be aspected by Venus, evils are countered, just as phlegm and bile are controlled by induced vomiting. If the Moon be in the divisions of benefic planets and be aspected by benefics, she will not prove evil though she may be waning, just as nutmeg bark treats dysentery.

3. Benefics in the 7th, 8th and 6th from the Moon remove all adversities, just as madness is removed by Kalyana Grita. Same is the case, if the Moon is conjunct benefics and be in the decanates owned by benefics, just as saline water controls ear diseases. 

4. Should the full Moon be in a benefics Dwadasamsa, all evils are removed, just as buttermilk checks piles. If the Moon occupies a benefics Rasi and receives the Lagna Lords aspect, adversities for short-life are counteracted, as even a noble housewife can destroy the fame of the descent, if she seeks union with other men.

5. Even though the Moon may be in a House owned by a malefic, or in such Vargas, she does not prove evil, if aspected by her dispositor. This is comparable-to a miser protecting his money. If the dispositor of the Moon is strong and be in aspect to benefics, or friendly planets, the Moon is not capable of harming, in comparison to a timid person, who cannot face others even though he may be in war field.

6. If the Lord of the Moon Sign is in Lagna and is aspected by all planets, all evils are removed, just as the ointment of holy fig and bamboo bark removes whiteness. The Moon in her exaltation, own, friendly, or benefic Vargas, aspected by benefics, but not malefics counteracts all-evils, as the Sun does remove fog.

7. Just as quartan fever is removed by inhaling Agashya flower, all evils are checked by Mercury and Venus in the 12th of Moon, malefics in the 11th and Jupiter in the 10th. 

8. should the Moon be in the 6th, 3rd, 10th, 11th, or 4th from the natal Ascendant and be aspected by benefics, evils are removed, as though a king destroys his opponents. The Lord of the Moon Sign is singly capable of removing all evils, if he is with full strength and aspected by benefics, similar to an inebriated tiger throwing away a thousand deer.

9. If at birth, many planets are capable of giving benefic results, even then there is no blemish, just as the king gets success in journey undertaken, when the Moon is in a Trine to the Sun.

So above are the combinations which is mentioned in ancient text as evil removal but trust me guys when you practically apply these parameters on horoscopes, so maximum doesn't work in modern time as result is different as mentioned above hence i will suggest you not rely on such parameters and please analyze entire horoscope as one or two yoga cant make or destroy entire life.

Well, i am finishing this article here and Moon have a massage for you - 

So guys this was my long research about planet Moon in Vedic Astrology, I hope you would like it… and If you like my article and want to be my friend and interested to read my further articles so Just open below link and like my page but please don’t be my fan... Just be my friend...

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