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All About Paap Kartari Yoga By Sourabh Soni

The Game Of Deduction

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Today I am writing about another Yoga, which I have seen almost in 8 horoscope out of 10. However this yoga comes under bad raja Yogas but it’s not bad always and I have seen it supports person to reach great heights in career. 

So let’s discuss about “Paap Kartari Yoga”

Paap means sins and Kartari means cutting…So as per its definition, Sins are cutting happiness from your life…So it’s a kind of happiness deduction dosh. 

Yes your previous life sins cutting your happiness from your present life…that’s what it’s meaning.

There are three types of yoga’s available in ancient astrology, which are - 

1 – Subh Kartari Yoga

2 – Mixed Kartari Yoga

3 - Paap Kartari Yoga

Subh Kartari Means Adding Good Qualities and supporting to hemmed house and planet however Paap Kartari means deducting good qualities of involved house and planet. In short you can say Subh Kartari means Plus and Paap Kartari means Minus.

Now what is that Plus and Minus game, how to understand it???

As per ancient text, whenever any house or planet is hemmed by two benefic planets (Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and Waxing Moon are known as Benefics) so it’s known as Subh Kartari yoga which gives great support to hemmed house and planets.

Apart from Subh Kartari yoga, there is another term which is known as mixed Kartari yoga, when there is one benefic and one malefic are sitting in 2nd and 12th house of any house, create mixed Kartari yoga, Which produces Mixed results as per nature. Means few positive and few negative energies gets mixed in hemmed house or planet. However mixed Kartari is also quite important but many astrologers are always ignoring mixed Kartari effect while doing horoscope analysis. 

And Third one is Paap Kartari Yoga, Means If any house or planet is been hemmed between two malefic planets (Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are known as Malefics) so strength and good quality of hemmed house or planet get reduced which is known as Paap Kartari yoga. 

But trust me there are lot more information which I feel missing so that secret I am going to reveal here…(Actually it’s not secret as it’s a part of my research) - 

So let’s describe Subh Kartari Yoga first – 
If any house has benefic planet in 2nd and 12th from itself, creates Subh Kartari Yoga for that house, which gives supports and positive energy to hemmed house, Like if benefic planets are sitting in fourth and sixth houses, So fifth house comes in between fourth and Sixth, so fifth house will be considered hemmed by two benefics, and if any planet is also occupied hemmed house (Means sitting in 5th house) then hemmed planet also gets the benefit of Subh Kartari yoga.

See an example through horoscope –
Case Study -1

In above case Venus is sitting in third house and Jupiter is sitting in fifth house and both are hemming fourth house, However Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Ketu are also sitting in fourth house and hemmed by Venus and Jupiter, So power of fourth house along with all four planets has been increased, this horoscope belongs to a successful Indian cricketer. 

You can also understand Kartari yoga in a different way, Like any planet 2nd from any planet is like a path showing planet, and any planet sitting 12th from any planet is like a back support, If Path showing planet and back supporting planet both are benefics then it is considered great support for hemmed house or planet, however if both are malefic in nature then it is not considered good, as they can mislead hemmed planet or hemmed houses energies which creates hurdle for a person.

I have read in many books and in online articles, that Subh Kartari yoga makes person rich, Famous and an equal to a king, However nothing is like that, and in modern time all theories has changed a lot, as per modern time Subh Kartari yoga means an additional benefic strength to the hemmed house and hemmed planet, and Paap Kartari yoga means deductions of positive energies of hemmed house or hemmed planet…that’s it…!!!

Well my motto is not to write about Subh Kartari or Mixed Kartari yoga, I just wanted to clarify about Paap Kartari Yoga, because I have read very horror kind of results for Paap Kartari yoga mentioned in ancient text book, however it’s not at all true. 

Note - All Kartari yoga (Subh, Mixed, and Paap) affects personal and professional life both equally because involved house and planet is fully influenced by it.

So before discussing details about Paap Kartari yoga I would like to share the Karmic reason behind Paap Kartari Yoga (Which is part of my research) - 

Because everyone wants to know, Why Paap Kartari yoga comes in the horoscope, and why specific house and planet is suffering through this yoga??

And to get the answer we need to open Karmic Book - 

As per karmic theory Paap Kartari Yoga signifies deduction in horoscope due to sins, however hemmed house or planet can tell you truth behind deduction and even your entire sins history, But mostly it is coming in horoscope by insulting parents, Insulting relatives, Insulting the person who is working under you, Anyone who is involving in cleverly doing sins, (Like behind the back of cheating boss, involve in doing vulgar things, etc, and many such sins which I can’t describe here…). 

However the first question which comes in the mind is, how to check which kind of clever sins or cheating we have done in past??

So it’s very simple, as hemmed house signifies that “Specific area” where you have done your sins or cheating, and hemmed planets signifies “Specific relations” which you have not taken care and insulted or ignored. 

Remember guys, I have not seen your past, as I am not a god or any supreme power holder, I just do researches related to astrology, so here I am giving few examples of deeds that could be a possibilities only, Like -

Take an example – Suppose you have purchased a coconut and donated it to the temple, but if any Priest (May be caretaker of that temple) is reselling that coconut into the marketplace again and earning money through it, so in his next birth ninth house of his horoscope is going hemmed between two malefic planets, because ninth house is a Dharma house and he is cleverly reselling that coconut into the market just to earn money, It’s a sins related to dharma.    

Or like any priest is taking higher price for Puja’s, or selling any dharma related books or anything related to dharma into very higher price to the devotee. Which may cause hemming the ninth house in his next birth which may deduct auspiciousness of ninth house. (I am just telling you one situation merely, there could be a lot more situations like this which causes ninth house hemmed, but it’s always related to dharma as ninth houses signifies Dharma).

So different different houses signifies different different sins, I have just given example for ninth house only, like -

Sins related to profession and ill treatment with your employee or lower class worker, causes tenth house hemmed in your horoscope, same happen if your sins are related to in laws, which causes hemming 8th house, cheating in partnership or business may cause hemmed seventh house, Sixth house signifies cheating and sins related to your job or employer, fifth house is hemmed means cheating is related to education, knowledge and kids. So all houses have same kind of theory. 

However hemming planet signifies sins or ill treatment with specific person or relative, like Moon signifies sins or bad behavior related to mother, if sun is hemmed so its signifies sins or bad behavior with Father, Venus signifies the sins related to wife or females if hemmed, Mercury signifies friends related sins and issues, Jupiter signifies sins related to teacher or Gurus or Dharma, Mars sins and cheating are related to siblings, Saturn signifies sins and cheating related to lower class people or cheating with peoples those are working under you. 

And if Rahu and Ketu are hemmed so check in which houses and planets they are connected with, they signifies severe sins and cheating related to that planets, if not connected with any planets then predict as per occupied house. 

Note – Paap Kartari yoga signifies deduction in horoscope, and hemmed house and planet is just giving a clue about “What and where the deductions has been made by destiny in your horoscope due to past life sins”.

However Karmic theory for Subh Kartari yoga is just opposite, Subh Kartari signifies good deeds related to hemmed house and planet, like if you have done good deeds or performed well for a specific relative or blood relative (Like treating good, taking care well), so the planet which is significator of specific relation (Like moon is mother, Sun is father, Venus is Wife, Mars is siblings) would be in good situation  or if you have done something very good related to any specific area, Like you are performing Dharma related deeds Like Puja’s, Yagya, Havan etc during your lifetime which will cause Dharma house (9th house) hemmed between two benefics, and will provide auspiciousness to the involved house and planet. 

If your deeds are mixed then mixed Kartari yoga will formed and you may get mixed experience. 

Please remember as I am repeating again, there are lot of sins which causes deduction in your horoscope and above are the possibilities and examples I have given to make you understand.

So that was the karmic theory behind Kartari (Subh, Mixed and Paap) Yogas.

Now we will discuss about Paap Kartari yoga in details –

Remember few points as these are very IMP to get clear picture from Paap Kartari Yoga, because only using these factors, you can understand the actual amount of deduction

1 – Degree is primary factor
2 – Overall Strength of malefic planets those are Making Paap Kartari Yoga.
3 – Placement of the hemmed house lord is also imp.
4 – Any benefic aspect over hemmed house
5 – Any Benefic is sitting along with malefic those are causing Paap Kartari.
6 – Must check hemmed house or planet situation through concern divisional chart and Ashtak Vargas concept to reconfirm the actual deduction.

Note – Except degree parameter, you can apply rest parameters into divisional chart also.

Now why above all points are IMP??

So degree play very vital role to reduce the malefic effect of Paap Kartari Yoga as degree gap under 5 degree is severe however degree gap more than ten degree provide great relief. 

Like if Rahu is in fifth house at 4:23 degree and Saturn is in 7:32 Degree in third house, means fourth house is hemmed between Rahu and Saturn however degree gap between Rahu and Saturn is also very less, Means this Paap Kartari will deduct much happiness and greatly reduce the power and quality of fourth house or hemmed planet in fourth house.

Well do you know importance of degree in astrology???

Guy’s degree tells the age of planets, like as we have childhood, Young and old age with the time so the same concept is also applicable on planets they become infant, adult, youth and dead.

So infant and dead planet's can’t produce their effect in full swing, however they are never useless. But if malefic planets become infant or old age so they also loose killing power, however during my observation (in few cases) I have seen that malefic planet sitting in higher or lower degree acting as mild malefic, So please carefully observe each parameter.

However here we are not using degree concept to check age of the planets, but we are just checking how powerfully planets are hemming that particular house or planet, So overall here we are using degree concept to check power of Paap Kartari yoga.

Next point is strength – Amount of deduction is quite depends on overall strength of hemming planet. (But remember one malefic planet if weak in Shadbal or losing overall strength may act in more negative way), Hence judge it very carefully.   

Third point is placement of hemmed house lord – So yes it’s also very imp, suppose if your eleventh house is hemmed between Two malefics, however lord of eleventh house is also strong or sitting either with one of the malefic which are causing Paap Kartari yoga, so it can save its house very much. (Because no one can see if somebody else is destroying their house). Refer below example – 

Case Study - 2

Above chart belong to a lady, and in her horoscope 11th house has been hemmed between Malefics, as Rahu is sitting in 12th house and Mars and Sun are sitting in 10th house. However 11th lord Venus is also sitting with Sun and mars in tenth house, Rahu is in at 18.24 degree, and Mars at 23.46 degree, and sun is at 21.58 degree means they closely hemming 11th house. Now see the effect.

Mercury has ability to come out from 11th house as exchanging sign with Venus, so at least she got married, However mercury is also seventh lord but closely hemmed so as resulted she is not happy with her husband, but 11th lord sitting in 10th house and saving 11th house, so she has shifted USA post marriage working in corporate company as a designer however not happy with her salary (As its quite low compare to her work as her 11th house is hemmed). 

So remember, Paap Kartari yoga deduct the auspiciousness of hemmed house and involved planets but remember it does not affect entire horoscope, only involved house and planet suffers. 

Like if Sun or Moon are hemmed between two malefic planets then you will feel mentally harassed along with weak soul. 

Would you like to see through an example, refer below horoscope – 

Case Study - 3

In above horoscope, Sun, Moon and Venus are sitting in 11th house and been hemmed by Mars which is sitting in 10th house, and Ketu which is sitting in 12th house along with mercury. However Paap Kartari is not so powerful because 11th lord is a benefic planet and involved in Paap Kartari yoga and conjunct with Ketu, and as per degree calculation Mars is in 7.31 degree, and another side Ketu is in 22.54 degree, there are 15. 23 degree difference between mars and Ketu. Now see the effect of Paap Kartari yoga in his life, Sun, Moon and Venus these three planets are hemmed between Mars and Ketu which signifying struggle with three relations (Father, Mother and Wife), so this is a chart of my maternal uncle who had no good relation with his father and mother, As seventh lord Venus is also hemmed so Legally he is still unmarried, but I know as he is very closed to me, He did secret marriage with already married lady who also died few year back. Now living alone life. 

However yoga is not powerful so he got few illegal marital happiness and enjoyed it till 10 years, and mother was still supporting him but father was always fighting with him (As sun is quite old degree wise). Sun is a lord of tenth house and under Paap Kartari yoga and even tenth house is hemmed by benefic and malefic creating mix Kartari yoga, so he had very fluctuated fortune related to profession in his early life as maximum time he spent sitting idle, but as 11th lord mercury is saving 11th house because sitting another side of Kartari yoga and however ninth lord moon is hemmed but Jupiter is exalted in 9th house so as far as I know him, He is follower of god and earning quite good past few years.

Refer another example -
Case Study - 4

In his case, Second and Fourth house is been hemmed by the Malefics, Mars is sitting in Lagna at 10.11 degree along with Jupiter and Ketu are in third at 13.41 degree and Saturn sitting in fifth house at 29.09 degree, however Mars and Ketu are closely hemming second house but Jupiter present with mars is quite beneficial, however fifth house is not too close as Ketu and Saturn are far away as per degree wise, Means again this Paap Kartari yoga is not so powerful. This horoscope belongs to Mr. Tony Blair who was former prime minister of the UK. He served British Government since 1997 to 2007, but he has faced many issues related to his family and home… (2nd house is house of family and fourth house is house of home life).

So remember, First you have to check degree gap of both the malefics which are forming Paap Kartari yoga for a particular house or planet. Like if one malefic is in 3:00 Degree in one side however second malefic which is sitting another side also under three degree like sitting in 5:00 or 06:00 degree so we can say that it is closely hemmed and then we have to check saving factors as I discussed above to get the accurate predictions.

However if degree gap between both malefic will be higher than Paap Kartari yoga will show less effects…!!!

Note - Subh Kartari yoga removes the obstacle and supporting hemmed house & planet however Paap Kartari yoga is acting in just reverse way as it is reducing power of hemmed house and planet, but remember no matter how strong it is, it can’t snatch everything or can’t cut entire success line -

However its negative effect you can feel in your personal life much rather than professional life…!!

Refer below another horoscope –
Case Study - 5

Above chart belongs to Pop Star Britney Spears, In her horoscope, there are two houses are badly hemmed by the Malefics, 2nd house, 11th house however 1st house and 4th house are also under mixed Kartari Yoga.

So let’s discuss about 2nd house first, Saturn is sitting at 25:41 degree in first house, and Mercury at 11:55 degree sitting along with Sun which is 16:34 degree in 3rd house, so Sun and Saturn two mild malefic planets also the lord of 6th and 12th house are hemming 2nd house & Jupiter, however benefic mercury presence with sun could not save second house as little weak in Shadbal, Specially Sun is too weak in Shadbal and ruling 6th house in D-9 which is bad house again, So second house and Jupiter are quite depressed due to Paap Kartari yoga formed by two enemy Sun and Saturn.

Now let’s discuss about her 11th house - In her chart 11th house which is also badly hemmed by Rahu and Mars as Rahu is in 29.33 degree at 10th house and mars is in 12th house at 29.44 degree so both are closely hemming 11th house which signifies breaks in success however 11th house has two benefic aspect of Venus and depositor Moon.

Note – Closely hemming means two planet which are forming Kartari Yoga how far they are from each other degree wise…!!!

Now let’s see effect of Kartari Yogas in her life –

As per ancient text, Jupiter is karaka for husband, and mars is karaka for marital happiness for females however in her horoscope Jupiter is hemmed and Mars is badly placed in 12th house (also forming Manglik yoga) at 29 degree which is not considered good degree wise, so As far as I know about her, she has broken her first marriage just in 55 hour and 12th house which is a house of sexual bad pleasure and mars which is lord of eighth house sitting in 12th  destroyed her as she lost her virginity when she was very young before the age of 16 years, and even till now she has faced many sexual encounters (As per internet reports). She engaged again with someone but again flopped converting it into successful marriage.

As 11th house is hemmed so although she is super star, but spent few time in mental hospital and got severe breaks in her career and her success.

So remember Paap Kartari never deduct everything but surely deduct something..!!

Next concept is – If any benefic planets are sitting along with malefic in 2nd or 12th house of hemmed house then it can save the hemmed house very much,

Even if any house or planet which is been hemmed by two malefic planets however if they are receiving any benefic aspect or getting an aspect of lord of that house, Then such situation can save hemmed house pretty much from Paap Kartari Yoga.

Refer below horoscope –
Case Study - 6

In above horoscope, three houses are hemmed by planets where, seventh house is under mixed Kartari yoga, However 8th and 10th houses are under Paap Kartari Yoga, as Mars and Sun are hemming 8th house and Sun and Saturn are hemming 10th house, However Mars and Sun both are sitting with benefics, and Lord of 8th house which is Saturn is aspecting 8th house itself, and lord of 10th house which is mars also aspecting 10th house, Mars and Sun are approx. 6 degree away from each other, however Sun and Saturn are approx. 9 degree away from each other, so these Paap Kartari Yogas are not so powerful, hence overall both the houses are saved, this horoscope belongs to multimillionaire IT businessman tycoon.

However also remember, Any bad planet or bad house (6th, 8th and 12th) if hemmed between two Malefics then it will increase the Malefics power of bad planet or house (if any benefic point or saving factor is not present)because Kartari yoga only deduct auspiciousness however increases the malefic ness.

So if sixth, eighth and twelfth houses are hemmed by Malefics than it increases the malefic ness of these houses and if any malefic planet is also sitting in these hemmed houses, than that planet may produce little crucial results, Refer example below –

Case Study - 7

Chart belongs to Hitler, In his case, 8th house has been hemmed by malefic planets, four planets are sitting in 7th house which are Mercury, Venus, Sun and Mars however Rahu is sitting in 9th house, But actually Rahu and Mars hemming 8th house very closely because Mars is in 24.01 degree and Rahu is in 22.47 degree (Degree gap is very less), and mercury could not save this house because mercury is infant as in 03.21 degree, and 8th lord Venus is retrograde but mainly Saturn is also aspecting 7th house from its tenth aspect, So if we count malefic effect on seventh house as Saturn, Mars and Sun affecting 7th house and Rahu and Ketu affecting 9th house, So totally 8th house become powerful malefic as moon is also influenced by Rahu and Ketu, So even his mind became very cruel. 

Eighth house is a house of death, he didn’t care for others life ever and as per history Hitler has killed almost 7 million people during his tenure or may be more. 

Now another concept is, whenever any house or planet is hemming by two Malefics then always check condition and health of that house or planet through Ashtak Vargas concept, and through divisional chart (because using ashtak varga concept and relevant divisional chart related to hemmed house or planet will give you clear picture) so that you can understand overall strength and health of the hemmed house. 

Note - Ashtak Vargas is essentially a system that tells us the benefic positions of Lagna and seven planets with respect to each other. This can be used to analyze the strength of entire birth chart and Samudaya means “group”. Samudaya Ashtak Vargas is sum of the Ashtak Vargas of seven planets. In each Rasi, we add the number of rekhas in the BAVs of Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. The sum denotes the number of rekhas in that Rasi in Samudaya Ashtak Vargas. So if hemmed house has good rekhas in it as per SAV chart, Or situation are improving in concern divisional chart, So it can tell you at least how much positive result you can expect from the hemmed house or by hemmed planet. 

Let’s see few example with SAV concept –

Case Study - 8

This chart belongs to world richest man Mr. Bill gates, In his case, Rahu is sitting in sixth house is at 24.53 degree, and Mars is sitting in fourth house is at 16.51 degree along with mercury, So fifth house has been hemmed by Rahu and Mars however as per degree it’s not too close, And exalted mercury which is siting with mars also reducing the effect of Paap Kartari yoga. 

Now let’s see fifth house situation in SAV chart -  

In the fifth house bill gates has lowest 19 points, means situation is not improving here…Now let’s see Paap Kartari yoga effect in his life – 

Fifth house signifies Education so everybody knows that he could not finished his schooling properly and dropped out his education. And fifth house is a house of child so however he got child but very late in life. 

However Saturn, Sun and Venus is also under Paap Kartari yoga, however couldn’t affected too much because there are lot of strong ness are available (Saturn is exalted, Venus is in owned sign, Sun is debilitated but Causing strong Neech Bhanga) as Karaka Venus is hemmed so he got married little late then usual age, But remember he is still a world richest man and business tycoon as well as celebrity… (But why…Read the reason at the bottom of article).

So as i said, Paap Kartari don’t deduct everything, But it surely deduct something… ( Bill gates lost his Education Part).

See another example -
Case Study - 9

In his horoscope, Lagna house and Venus is hemmed between Rahu and Mars, Rahu is in 17.51 degree and Mars is in 19.16 degree, means Rahu and Mars closely hemming the first house and Venus, However Mercury is also sitting with Rahu but Unable to reduce power of Paap Kartari yoga because Mercury is debilitated and is in 4.17 degree so almost infant. 

Let’s review his SAV chart -

As per SAV chart his Lagna house has 31 rekhas, which is quite good to protecting first house. 

Now see Paap Kartari effect in his life – 

First house represent personality and Venus represent wife, as per his personality however he was not so beautiful, but was very influential and strong personality. And as far as Venus is hemmed which is Karaka for wife in male chart, He married to one lady in year 1905(Durga Devi) who died just after five year of marriage (1910), Than just after two year of his first wife death, he again remarried to a lady in year 1912 (Maheshwari Devi) who also died after sometime (1926)…

So ultimately Paap Kartari has deducted marital happiness from his life.

Now let’s calculate divisional chart also along with SAV Concept in next example -  

Case Study - 10

Chart belongs to Hollywood film star John Travolta, as per his horoscope, His fifth house and seventh houses are hemmed by Malefics, because Saturn and Rahu are hemming fifth house, and Rahu and Sun are hemming seventh house. Let’s calculate his fifth house first then we will calculate seventh house…

So Saturn is sitting in fourth house in exaltation sign Libra at 16.09 degree, and Rahu is sitting 28.56 degree, so it’s not closely hemmed however Jupiter is also aspecting fifth house and saving fifth house. But if you read my article about retrograde planet where I have written if in planet is hemmed between two retrograde planet then hemmed planet also acts like a retrograde planet and creates issues for person, so Mars is hemmed between retrograde Saturn and Rahu (Which is always retrograde), So let’s calculate his seventh house now - 

Seventh house is hemmed between Rahu and Sun, Rahu is in 28.56 degree and Sun is in 06.26 degree means they are far away as degree wise, And sun is also sitting with two benefic planet Venus and Mercury, Another point is Saturn is seventh lord and also aspecting Rahu from its 3rd aspect, So Saturn can’t allow Rahu to destroy his house, So actually this Paap Kartari yoga is quite weak and not affecting too much. 

Let’s check his SAV chart - 

As per his SAV chart he has 25 points in fifth house, which is just average, and lowest 23 point in seventh house, means situation is not up to the mark here…So let’s check his seventh house situation through divisional chart, as D-9 is a concern divisional chart for seventh house or for marriage – 

Now see his Navamsha chart, Saturn is lord of seventh house and sitting in seventh itself and getting one benefic aspect of Jupiter… means as per D-9 chart seventh house is safe but fifth house is again hemmed by Sun and Rahu.

Now let’s see Paap Kartari effect in his life - 

As fifth house is hemmed so he never finished his education and left school in very young age, (Fifth house is house of education and children’s) and also lost his son, as he died in 2009. As Seventh house is a house of marriage which is also hemmed between two malefic, but Paap Kartari yoga is quite weak hence not deducting much seventh house things because as per D-9 its almost safe, but as I wrote above, Paap Kartari never deduct everything but surely deduct something so however his seventh house is safe and he is enjoying happy marriage life but He has married to a girl who is already a Divorcee. Ha..ha..ha… Lol

Let’s finish example session and come back to the theory now - 

Guys If a planet is hemmed by two Malefics then it will give its results during transit, but if a house is hemmed then deduction effect you can feel through life time. 

Because if like moon is hemmed so during the transit so you may face quarrelsome situation with mother or with someone else who is like motherly figure for you.

But if particular house is hemmed, Like if fourth house is hemmed between Malefics than person can’t get happiness in his home, he will always feel stress when he is living in home, suppose your 11th house is hemmed between two Malefics than person has to face lot of hurdles to achieve his life aim.

But how much hurdles and how much stress, that you can understand through degree, SAV and by reviewing concern divisional chart.

As a house signifies certain area however a planet signifies specific relation or specific thing.

I am again repeating, so please remember, Paap Kartari is all about deduction only… If any house or planets want to give you 100 % and but if hemmed between two Malefics then it’s can’t give you 100 % and few amount will reduced. But how much quality and auspiciousness has been reduced by both the Malefics that you can calculate very easily when you will apply all the parameters which I have shared above.

Another point is, however nodes are shadow planets but they create strong Paap Kartari yoga, hence please don’t ignore Rahu and Ketu. Because Rahu is equal to Saturn and Ketu is equal to Mars. And all are great Killer….!!

Now the final point is, If Paap Kartari yoga is bad and deducting auspiciousness then why people are becoming celebrity even after having this bad yoga???

So first of all, Please don’t refer any comments which is mentioned in ancient text book about Paap Kartari yoga, as that comments are very horror, because as per ancient text book anybody who has Paap Kartari yoga, would be a follower of others wife and other wealth, would be a cheater, wicked nature… and lot more bla..bla…bla..bla.. 

So bill Gates has Paap Kartari yoga and he is a world richest person, do you think he has interest in others wealth, Even When he is capable to buy an entire country…!!!

World famous Hollywood film star “John Travolta” has Paap Kartari yoga in his horoscope, but  millions girl are always ready to die just to see him once, so do you think he will put his mind in other wives???

Guys in modern time maximum rules has changed, hence pls ignore old horror comments from ancient text books, and refer updated results which we are receiving from practical life.

So guys as I wrote above Paap Kartari yoga have an impact in your personal life as well as professional life, But Paap Kartari never destroy or cancel anything entirely, and even though any house or planets are under Paap Kartari yoga, only hemmed house and planet will suffer, it doesn’t affect entire horoscope.  

Paap Kartari yoga also signifies sacrifices in life, means if any house or planet is under Paap Kartari yoga than you can’t get entire happiness of that house or from that planet because it will create frustration related to that house or planet.

This is yoga is very severe for personal life but does not harm professional life too much, means whatever you are losing in personal life, it will return far better into your professional life (But Other raja yoga involvement would require to rise high)…but it never returns happiness of personal life. 

Actually this yoga is quite good for professional life, because in initial stage it puts hurdle’s In your success path, but never block the entire path, even helps to get success, it’s like when gold faces fire to become pure gold, but the time when it comes out from fire, it becomes very costly, everyone can’t afford it to buy… 

Paap Kartari yoga can give power of ruling the world but only if person is performing as per the planets indication…Its gives power a person to create history like rag to riches but before giving anything it takes examination. 

Astrology always tells If planets are good or exalted in your horoscope means your deeds were good and exalted in your previous birth related to the planets, if planets are badly placed or debilitated in your horoscope means your deeds were bad and debilitated related to the planets, so it’s all about deeds, Planets are just signifying your deeds through their position and strength…And to understand it you just need a basic understanding and little common sense, You don’t need to be a master to understand this game…That’s It…!!!! 

So guys this was my research about Paap Kartari Yoga in Vedic Astrology, I hope you would like it…Neither i am an astrologer nor an expert, I am just a novice researcher and If you like my article and want to be my friend and interested to read my further articles so Just open below link and like my page but please don’t be my fan... Just be my friend...

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From: Sourabh Soni
Coming Attraction of The World

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