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Sun and Mercury With Rahu and Ketu By Sourabh Soni

The Multiple Action by Multi Stars
HI Guys,

      Thanks  a lot for valuable feedback which I am getting from you people, it’s really encouraging me to write something more, otherwise really I don’t have much interest in astrology and instead of writing astrology articles I will prefer to work on my film scripts…!!

Well today I am writing about very confusing connection which is Sun and mercury with Nodes (Rahu & Ketu). And I hope it would be very helpful for you to understand the basic connection among them, however before proceeding further I would like to say that this article is much based on facts rather than astrological combination…so while reading this article please keep this line in mind….!!

Since the day I have started writing astrology articles I am noticing this point as have gone through with many horoscopes and where ever I have found this combination (in any chart), So two observation was very common almost in all horoscopes, that is the reason I am writing an article on it..!!!

First point was – Higher Professional Success & another point is Struggling marital life….!!! 

So let’s discuss in details along with examples –

As we know sun is a kingly planet in solar system and signify power and authority in one’s life - 

As per ancient Vedic astrology text, connection of sun with Rahu and Ketu is considered as one of the most curse full yoga known as Grahan yoga

Where Rahu and Ketu eclipsed the kingly planet Sun and absorbing all kingly power and even post eclipse sun feel tremendous weakness.

Yes, its true but I am not agree with the significance and results which are mentioned in almost all online articles for individual zodiac sign getting predicted by modern astrologers, As they are giving very horror predictions for Sun connection with nodes, however during my research I found these comments are almost incomplete and somehow false too… (Don’t worry I am going to give you too many examples below for my statements).

First of all eclipse is very short process which is almost ends in maximum two or three hours, however the next day you can see the same powerful sun shining in the sky without any issues.

Actually Rahu and Ketu putting eclipse on sun or moon but not harming them till long time, Even during eclipse, our life goes on in the same speed and in the same way, our life doesn’t change too much even pre or post eclipse, you yourself can watch eclipse happening in the sky does not harming us actually, life will continue in the same realm...But but but I am not denying existence and importance of eclipse or saying like eclipse is useless….no… It exists and affecting our life too, but it has much importance in mundane astrology, not for human life, However astrologer are always ready to give their horror predictions whenever eclipse date comes near around…!!
The person who has degree wise very close conjunction between Sun and nodes (Rahu and Ketu) going to face frustration for short time only and it happens multiple times throughout the life…. that’s it…Even this is too not in each case as depends on horoscope…!!!!

See basically nodes are putting eclipse on sun and moon is not our lookout because we are living in the earth and eclipse happens in the sky and we can’t help sun and moon because we are not so capable and another thing is that it’s not less than a fictional ancient story because for me, eclipse is just a normal process of nature….Any way’s….!!! 

If Rahu and Ketu are connected with sun and moon in any horoscope signifies unusual things in unusual manner in unexpected time.

Note – Unexpected time means peoples those are not familiar with astrology so any dramatically event of life is not less than a drama for them…!!! 

Well, right now I am not writing about eclipse or Grahan yoga so I will describe it later in separate article. 

I just telling you about one yoga which has no name but still very strong and making a ruler personality of modern world and that raja yoga is formed by Sun, Mercury with Rahu or Ketu.

Yes whenever Sun and mercury is sitting with Rahu or Ketu in any house creating this yoga….!!

Note – Rahu and Ketu are always sits seven places away from each other so the Sun and Mercury either Sits with Rahu or sits with Ketu for this.

If Sun and mercury is sitting with Rahu in any house so Ketu would be seven places away and will aspect this conjunction. Or if Sun and Mercury is sitting with Ketu so Rahu would be seventh places away from this conjunction but will aspect this conjunction…!!!

But below are the three important parameters which required to qualify this Yoga -  

1 – Involvement of Mercury is mandatory.
2 – Degree difference between Sun and Nodes should be 10 or 10 Plus.
3 – Sun and Mercury should not be weak in Shadbal or through other non Shadbal factor (Even their position in D-9, D-10 and D-60 are equally important).

But why only three???

Okay let me clarify you all three points in details….

First Point - Mercury is a planet which is karaka for intelligence and friendly with Sun and both the nodes… So whenever mercury sits with Sun create Budh Aditya yoga (which is yoga for higher intelligence), however nodes are merely a shadows and they absorb the power of planet to whom they conjunct with, However as Sun is not friendly with both nodes so Here mercury uses his own intelligence and play very important role. 

You can say like if two enemy are working together but one intelligent person who has friend ship with both the person can help both the enemy to work together and will help to create mutual cooperation.

By the support of mercury power of all the planets get merged and generate something new, which should be known as Raja Yoga in my point of view because supporting professional life in great manner.

Second Point is degree gap, so if two or more planets are sitting together in any houses create conjunction but strong ness of that conjunction is seen by the degree.

Like if Sun is in 02:34 degree and Rahu is in 5:23 degree and sitting together in any house, so it would be known as close conjunction and really going to give worse effect without any positive influence.

Any conjunction within 5 degree considered as closed conjunction, any conjunction which has degree gap more than 10 or higher is considered as loose conjunction and degree gap above 20 is not actually a conjunction.

See no matter how degree difference are there between two planet, conjunction will still work but not in same power like in higher degree gap like 20 plus degree so conjunction won’t harm you so much and instead of severe major issues you will just get a small cut instead of any accident (or could be anything) which could be easily curable by a small bandage.  

So that’s the power of degree, if you have two malefic planets are in conjunction and sitting in any house but have 20 or more degree gap, so is doesn’t considered as conjunction and overall effect of that conjunction will not be too severe. And any planet which holds lowest degree is known as leader of that group.

Remember - Any yoga (may be good or bad) doesn’t affect a person throughout life, hence any bad yoga which is available in horoscope start losing its killing power later age of 42…and the only reason behind it is that a person can’t do same deeds throughout life, and each and every yoga which is available in your horoscope is a result of your one past karmic deeds. (But good or bad that depends on previous karma). 

Now Third point is Shadbal – So by Shadbal or non Shadbal factor we decide the actual power of planet, like even an exalted planet weak in Shadbal can’t give its pure and full result, Vice versa planet can do good if strong in power factors (Shadbal and non Shadbal Factors)…   

Note – Weak planet also acts so don’t consider that planet out of the game if you found any planet weak in horoscope. However output will depend on the actual power of planet. If planet is weak so can’t give desirable result, if strong can give you higher booming output. Hence don’t put your mind on the basis of single concept, as astrology has endless calculations.

So again – Whenever Sun and Mercury are sitting with Rahu or Ketu in any house but Sun has 10 or plus degree gap from Rahu or Ketu, creates such Raja yoga, and in this yoga both the nodes supporting the person to get higher success in professional life.


Now let’s see the examples with celebs horoscopes –

Example -1

In Above Case - Sun, Mercury and Ketu are sitting in 11th house and Rahu is sitting in Fifth house but aspecting them, Now Sun is in 19:46 Degree and Ketu is in 07:22 Degree so there is total 12:24 Degree difference between Sun and Ketu. And this combination is connected with fifth and Eleventh house (Fifth house is house of film and entertainment and Eleventh house is fulfillment of desire) so such yoga supporting her to get big professional success and making her one of the highest paid actress of the Hollywood Film Industry, Above horoscope belongs to Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie.

Example -2

In Above Case - Sun, Mercury and Ketu is sitting in 11th house and Rahu is aspecting from fifth houses, Sun is in 22:13 Degree and Ketu is in 07:25 Degree, so there is 14:88 degree gap between Sun and Nodes, so such yoga supporting here too to get higher professional success, chart belongs to Ekta Kapoor, as she is known Queen of small screen in Indian cinema industry. 

Note – Please don’t judge if planet is sitting in 5th so it will take you in film industry, because it signifies support towards fulfillment of desire, but your desire could be different which depends on your total horoscope…!! 
Example - 3

In above Case - Sun, Mercury and Ketu is sitting in 1st house and Rahu is aspecting them from 7th house, Sun is in 20:04 and Ketu is in 29:03 degree, so there is total (approx.) 9 degree difference, This yoga has supported here too to get higher professional success, chart belongs to Shri Dalai Lama ji who is one of the famous spiritual leader.

Example - 4

In Above Case - Sun, Mercury and Ketu is sitting in fourth house and glamorous Rahu is sitting in 10th house, Sun is in 10:30 Degree and Ketu is in 04:30 Degree, so there is 06:00 Degree difference however saving and positive factor is Maha Parivartan Yoga between Sun and Venus, chart belongs to one of the highest paid & many award winner Hollywood actress Julia Robert.

Example -5

In above Case - Sun, Mercury and Ketu is sitting in 12th house and Rahu is aspecting them from 6th house, and Sun is in 24:54 degree and Ketu is in 12:30 degree, so there is 12:24 Degree difference between both. horoscope belongs to Great K.N. Rao sir, who is counted as world best astrologer and his researches are worldly famous and even I am great follower of him and learning from his researches.
Example - 6


In above Case - Sun, Mercury and Ketu is sitting in 4th house and Rahu is aspecting from 10th house, and Sun is in 29:20 degree and Ketu is in 11:49 degree, so there is 17:71 Degree difference between both. So in-spite of involvement in loop Neech Bhanga raja yoga, mercury is also forming this yoga being with Ketu and sun in 4th house, this chart belongs to Prince Charles and as far as I know he is a prince in UK.
Example - 7

In above Case - Sun, Mercury and Rahu is sitting in tenth house and Ketu is aspecting them from 4th house, and Sun is in 11:02 degree and Rahu is in 22:51 degree, so there is 11:49 Degree difference between Sun and Rahu. Chart belongs to sir Subhash chandra Bose and as we all know Mr. Bose was great and very famous Indian freedom fighter and one of the great historical person of Indian history.

Now see few examples from politics where the same yoga is available however degree gap is less than 10, However other supporting yoga are also available hence these are the top leader of politics.

Example - 8

In above Case - Sun, Mercury and Ketu is sitting in 11th house and Rahu is aspecting them from 5th house, and Sun is in 00:46 degree and Rahu is in 05:12 degree, so there is 04:66 Degree difference, But Powerful Neech Bhanga in Lagna is equally supporting him and causing great success as chart belongs to Mr. Narendra Modi JI, he is a Prime Minister of India since 2014, for Mr. Modi I can say straight away that at least minimum ten years no one can snatch his throne…!!! 

Example - 9

In above Case - Sun, Mercury and Ketu is sitting in fifth house and Rahu is aspecting them from 11th house, and Sun is in 24:01 degree and Rahu is in 18:38 degree, so there is 05:72 Degree difference between both. However degree gap is very less but Jupiter and Venus aspecting 10th house and fulfilling missing energy, chart belongs to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, as everybody knows Mrs. Sonia Gandhi is an Italian-born Indian politician, who has served as President of the Indian National Congress party since 1998.

Example - 10

In Above case – Sun, and mercury are conjunction with Rahu in 11th house, as Sun is in 26:21 Degree, and Rahu is in 21:47 Degree, so almost 4.74 degree difference here which is considered a close conjunction, however you can see here too, Jupiter and Venus are sitting in 10th house (In Kingly Nakshatra Magha) and making great powerful combination for royal life.

Horoscope belongs to Anna Eleanor Roosevelt who was an American politician, diplomat, and activist. She was the longest-serving First Lady of the United States, holding the post from March 1933 to April 1945, refer another example - 

Example - 11

In above case, Sun (05:35), Mercury (07:56) and Rahu (10:02) are sitting in 3rd house and Retrograde Saturn with Ketu sitting in 9th house, and this horoscope belong to richest tycoon Mr. "J.P." (John Pierpont) Morgan was an American financier, banker, and art collector who dominated corporate finance and industrial consolidation during his time, his founding “JPMorgan Chase & Company” is an American multinational banking and financial services holding company. It is the largest bank in the United States, with total assets of US$ 2.6 trillion.

Now i am giving you one more example of one female where the same yoga is available but she is still living middle class life and working in very low salary under small ink distributor. 

Example - 12

In above Case - Sun, Mercury and Ketu is sitting in 11th house and Rahu is sitting in fifth house with Jupiter and mars and aspecting them, and Sun is in 11:17 degree and Ketu is in 05:42 degree, so there is only 05:75 Degree difference, so however degree gap is less but main thing is Sun and Mercury are also quite weak in Shadbal chart and along with Rahu, two more retrograde planet which are mars and Jupiter influencing this yoga, And she is living middle class life, Divorced from first marriage, and very egoistic lady. 

Actually she has all the capability even Rahu is in Magha Nakshatra, and Exalted moon and Venus is also supporting as she belong to quite rich family (Exalted moon in Second) and very luxurious nature(Exalted Venus in 12th), drinking wine etc.. but nature wise she is biggest flop, So actually this horoscope is not flopped, only her deeds are making her flop...

Note - All the great results ascribed to some Yogas may not materialize in reality, due to weaknesses in them. Unless a yoga is very strong, all the results cannot expected. Just one yoga cannot make or break a personality, unless it is very powerful. In the case of Yogas with many conditions, partial results may sometimes be experienced if all the conditions are not satisfied (P.V.R Ji).

Analyzing a chart and making correct predictions requires mixing many different principles and making fine compromises and judgments. So on the basis of single yoga don't be happy and please analyze entire horoscope along with divisional charts.

Another final concept about this Raja yoga - As you know there are two aspect of each coin and our life is like a coin and our professional life and personal life are its two aspect, Raja yoga which i have mentioned above is merely a one part which is applicable on professional life...And this yoga is really powerful in professional front because certainly producing successful celebrities....

But remember i am just telling you like final out of this Raja Yoga which is great support in professional success, and this is almost telling you like “India is going to win world cup”, But to get world cup, Indian team has to perform very well in each area and have to face many ups and downs along with very crucial time, So don’t be happy only when you see this yoga in your horoscope, there are several things comes in between...Because this yoga has bad impact on personal life, specially married life...because I have seen in many charts where due to presence of this yoga, happiness from the personal life almost burn... specially marriage life become big question mark.... 

Should i describe married life of the same celebrities those charts i have shown you as an example above...

Okay let’s have a look on their married life one by one - 

Sonia Gandhi - Married but husband (Rajiv Gandhi) got killed early.

Narendra Modi - Married but flopped marriage life and staying away from wife.

Ekta Kapoor - Still Unmarried

Dalai Lama – Unmarried

Julia Roberts - Flopped in her first marriage, & got married again with the person who was already married.

Subhash Chandra Bose – As per recorded documents, He has married secretly to a lady but could not enjoyed her company for life time.

Prince Charles - Flopped first married life with Princess Diana. 

Angelina Jolie - Flopped in her three marriages, Now Brad Pitt is fourth husband.

J.P. Morgon - Married Twice, first wife died early.

Sir K.N.Rao – He denied to get marry as I watched one interview where he accepted that he is not made for marriage...!!

Even that lady whose birth chart (Example - 11) I have presented as a case study has flopped in her first marriage and now living alone...!!!

Maha Guru Chaitanya Prabhu had this combination in his chart, he was also unmarried throughout his life, you can also see horoscope of Sir APJ Abdul Kalam who has Sun, Mercury and Ketu conjunction in his birth chart and he was also unmarried.  

Even film Super star Hrithik Roshan has divorced recently, He has Rahu conjunction with Sun and Mercury in his horoscope...!!

However please don’t judge martial happiness just because of this yoga because there are lot more combination or parameter required to give final prediction related to marital life, and whatever I am telling is just a fact (Not complete astrological calculation) which I have observed. However as per the basic concept Rahu and Ketu connected with three or more planets in any house, puts a question mark on personal life or even a single aspect of nodes on seventh house or connection with 7th lord is enough to put a lot of frustration in marital life....

So guys this yoga can help you making professionally successful, but you have to fight against odd destiny because this yoga is just like a support but not a guarantee... I am not saying it’s always harming personal life because if there in benefic influences available in your horoscope then result could be change.... There are millions in the world those have such combination in their horoscope and everyone is not suffering in personal life or in marital life, But as far as I have observed through my study, 8 charts out of 10 have disturbed martial life "(Specially maximum cases belong to Females)"...So please beware little and pay extra attention if you found this in your chart…!!  

Another very important fact about this yoga is, anyone who has this yoga in his or her chart, surely takes one bold decision in his or her life which could affect their entire life badly, Like Godhara Kand for Narendra Modi, getting settled in India with husband for Sonia Gandhi, KN Rao also denied for marriage, even that lady (Example-11) has broken her marriage just for a silly reason, Even Julia Robert & Prince Charles have done the same mistake, so almost in each case even one’s in life person takes one bold decision in his or her life which can affect their entire life badly…!!!

So this yoga has profit but little draw backs too because of involvement of nodes…!!!

Note – I am again repeating this article is based on fact and just not less than an observation hence please analyze overall horoscope because several parameters and calculation are required to predict one event of life, and very strong point is “Astrology does not believe in facts” but I like to research new in astrology so it’s just my own research, That’s what I can say max....!!!

Always remember no matter how bad or good yoga’s you have in your horoscope, as per karmic rules deeds comes first and your deeds have capability to make or destroy your existing destiny…

Anyways, I have written another article based on Rahu and Ketu, so if you want to read that article then - Click Here

Don’t afraid from failure and make one strong ambition for your life because being ambitious doesn’t necessarily mean having elevated or idealistic goals that are impossible to realize, your ambitions could consist of more limited objectives. Set ambitions for yourself that suit you, without asking yourself whether they are lofty or limited. The main thing is that they are yours...

Even no matter how many errors or failures you experience in your existence, you must keep trying to improve and change things in your life, learn from your mistakes, don’t reproduce them, don’t repeat the actions that caused them, and very often, you will obtain different results, if a solution does not work, it’s possible to try another one, if the new one does not work, you can try something else, and so on, until you find the right solution.
As one of the essential goals in life is to make your existence a success by improving yourself in all areas, and in doing good around you...

Every destiny has been written by god but everyone is not interested in astrology, If you are learning astrology which means you are trying to read your destiny and if you are reading your destiny which means you want to edit it and not happy with it, And if you want to edit your destiny that means god has given opportunity to write your destiny according to you and given you freedom to recreate your life and -

So guys this was my long research about Sun and Mercury with nodes, I hope you would like it… If you like my article and if you want to be my friend and interested to read my further articles so just open below link and like my page but please don’t be my fan... Just be my friend...!!!

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