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Friday, 4 July 2014

Exchange / Parivartan Yoga in Vedic Astrology By Sourabh Soni

The Game Of Karmic Transformations

Hi Friends,

Now I am going to describe another astrology term known as Rashi Parivartan or Exchange in Vedic astrology, which is considered number one connection term between two planets which signifies quality and soul sharing connection of two planet, which gives some usual or unusual result in life during Dasha or AntarDasha of the concern planet… so let discuss in detail –

What is Exchange or Parivartan Yoga in astrology??

Parivartan is a Hindi word which means “Exchange“. So whenever two planets exchanges their signs signifies Parivartan relation between two planets… Parivartan can be termed as the strongest form of relationship that can exist between two planets (More than conjunction & Mutual Aspects,). Parivartan yoga increases the power of both involved houses as well as both planets involved, In other words if two planets are exchanging their signs so you can say like both planets are sitting in each other houses, in short for prediction you can replace their position in horoscope.

In Vedic astrology, any planetary position gets denoted by one yoga hence such situation is known as Rashi Parivartan Raja Yoga in Vedic astrology. Or In other words, the interchange of two Rashi lords forms a special planetary combination called Parivartan yoga in Vedic Astrology.

But, what does it signifies?? 

So guys Parivartan means not only exchange of signs - it means exchange of power, exchange of energy, exchange of natural nature of each other… even exchange of everything... So whenever two planets exchanges their signs in any horoscope it simple means that they are mutually connected to each other and will work together in future under each other... 

As I said above Parivartan is a Hindi word and it means “Exchange” however in real life it has very different and big meaning as it signify transformation in person’s life.

So per its definition -

“Parivartan means Exchange which gives sudden transformation in one’s life “

So in any horoscope where planets are exchanging their signs straight away has single definition - 

“The unexpected events or sudden changes may be good or bad will take place in native life” 

This is a very important consideration during analysis of any horoscope because the Parivartan Yoga will greatly increase the strength of the planets involved as well as the houses they occupy. Through Parivartan they are able to exchange places and gain the influence, power and strength of their ruler ship. It also helps a planet to get out from debilitated or weak stage.

Whenever planets exchanges their signs so Both Planets also become owner of all ruled houses (those houses which are involved in Parivartan) means Even single planets is ruling four houses those are exchanging their signs. (Except Sun and Moon and Rahu and Ketu because sun and moon ruled one sign and Nodes rules no sign). That’s the main reason they act very powerfully because their power and area of influence becomes double... 

But remember if the exchanged planets are natural or temporal Malefics, results may be emphatically more difficult than the planet might separately produce.

So it needs to be judge very carefully while doing horoscope analysis…

There are three kinds of Parivartan Yogas exist in Vedic astrology –

Rashi (Sign) Parivartan Yoga

Nakshtra or Suksham Parivartan Yoga

Karaka(Significance) Parivartan Yoga

So let’s talk about above Parivartan Yoga’s in details -

Rashi Parivartan Yoga Whenever two Sign lord exchanges their signs so Rashi Parivartan yoga is formed. Here planets not only exchanges their quality even you can say like they completely exchanging their souls.  

Karaka (Significance) Parivartan Yoga - When Karaka or significator of two houses mutually exchange their houses, creates Karaka Parivartan yoga in horoscope, actually here energy of one house is mutually exchanged with the energy of second involved house, hence significance of both the involved houses is also gets exchanged.

Nakshatra Parivartan yoga – Whenever two planets exchange each other constellation Nakshatra Parivartan Yoga is formed. This is an auspicious yoga. Both the houses involved in this yoga are strengthened and produce good results. Nakshatra Parivartan Also known as “Sukshma Parivartan Yoga” but this is purely Dasha Dependent yoga.. Because this yoga is useless if person is not getting the Dasha of the concern planets… (Person can only feel the effect of this yoga if he is going under the Dasha and Anter Dasha of yoga forming planets)

Rashi Parivartan has another three types -

According to nature of involved houses three types are - 

1) Maha Parivartan Yoga: Whenever lords of 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th and 11th houses lord exchanges their signs, Maha Parivartan Raja Yoga Formed in horoscope...!!!

Example -1

Above chart belong to first indian film super star, Mr. Rajesh Khanna, and do you know why Rajesh Khanna has got tremendous success and fame in his life even more than everyone as he was the biggest first super star of the Indian Film Industry - 

Because Of Maha Parivartan Yoga happening between Jupiter and Mercury and both the planets are ruling all four Kendra...  

Note - Whenever all kendra Lords occupy kendra itself then they can give massive fame to the native...Even Justin Bieber, Hollywood Singer has all kendra lord in kendra itself... 

Let’s have another Example of Maha Parivartan Raja Yoga - 

Example - 2

Venus and Sun are exchanging their signs and both are ruling 2nd, 4th, and 11th houses...chart belong to Julia Robert and who is a biggest successful and richest actress in Hollywood Industry...

Comments Maha Parivartana yoga is one of the great yoga but this yoga has no match –

If exchanged happening between 9th, 10th, and 11th Lord.    

See example for above situation - 
Example - 3

In above case, Mercury and Venus are exchanging their sign and 1st, 2nd, 9th and 10th houses are involved...

Effect of Maha Parivartana Yoga in Life: It is written in the ancient text that Maha Parivartana Yoga is a blessings of goddess Maha Laxmi and gives rise to great power and social status, windfall of wealth and success in professional area. The person who has Maha Parivartan Raja Yoga's gets success and wealth like anything (Like windfall of fortune) and another Good thing about this yoga is that to feel good effect of this yoga you don’t need to wait for Mahadasha of yoga forming planets as its not Dasha depends yoga (As merely a transit of concern planet is enough to give sudden transformations, which could happen under any Maha Dasha ruler).

So another type of Rashi Parivartan Yoga is -

2) Kahal Parivartan Yoga: Whenever lord of 3rd house exchanges sign with the lords of 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th or 11th houses Kahal Parivartan Raja Yoga Formed in horoscope…

See below Example - 
Example - 4

Above chart belong to richest business man tycoon, Mr. Ratan Tata, and here 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th houses has been merged due to sign exchanged happen between Saturn and Jupiter....

Effect of Kahal Yoga in Life: Third house is a house of self-effort which person puts to get success. Having this yoga in horoscope means the person will have to struggle little hard to improve his material condition because before to get success he is going to face many unexpected fluctuations in life. The person will be very prosperous or going to face poverty full situations (Will depends on other factors too), he will face little difficulties to get success but he manages in all the situations very effort fully just due to power of this yoga, but surely going to be prosperous with his own efforts but after hard work. Sometime such people used very harsh speech in their professional arena.

Let’s move to another Rashi Parivartan Yoga -

3) Dainya Parivartana Yoga: Whenever Lords of 6th, 8th, and 12th, exchanges their sign with the lords of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th and 11th houses. Dainya Parivartan Yoga Formed in the horoscope. 

Let’s see Examples -
Example - 5

Above chart belongs to Great "Osho" and here exchange is happening between Jupiter and Moon (Between 8th,11th and 3rd Lord)... Acharya Rajneesh was known as "Osho" but as God of the Sex (involvement of 8th house and its lord Exalted Retrograde Jupiter).

Effect of Dainya Yoga in Life: As per ancient text anyone who has Dainya Yoga in their horoscope will be wicked nature, can be found involved in sinful deeds, causes trouble to others, and have to face highly fluctuating fortune. If having this yoga in horoscope and if any other modifying situation or saving factors are not present in his or her chart then it is very difficult to achieve success and wealth in life.

Note - Guys I was searching lot about Karaka (Significance) Exchange but could not found much information about it and even have no chart as an example... So I have to say sorry for it...because I am also not aware much about Karaka Parivartan but in future I will write separate article on it... so don't worry... 

Even I didn't find any chart to give you an example of Nakshatra or Suksham Parivartan Yoga hence i am giving you only one chart as an example here -

Example - 6

In Above horoscope Venus and Mercury are exchanging their sign however Mars and Sun are also exchanging their constellation (Sun is in Chitra Nakshatra ruled by Mars and Mars is in Uttra Phalguni Nakshatra ruled by Sun). you can also refer this chart for Dainya Parivartana Yoga. (Exchange between Mercury and Venus).

In above case, mars Dasha has already been passed when he was just one year old child and till sun Dasha he won’t be alive hence this Sukshma Parivartan or Nakshatra Parivartan Yoga is useless for him...

Parivartan Yoga occurring among natural friends are quite beneficial then occurring between enemies. Like Parivartan Yoga Is good if occurring among Sun, Mars, Moon, Jupiter (between any two planets in these four), and in another end it’s also good if occurring among Saturn, Venus, Mercury.

But you can’t get always good results if Parivartan Yoga is happening between two enemies like Sun and Saturn, Mercury and Moon, Mars and Saturn, Even if they are creating Maha Parivartana yoga, will give you several opponents and you can’t enjoy complete fruits of Maha Parivartana Yoga.

Maha Parivartan is also good if happening between Sun and Mercury, but if it is happening between Sun and Moon then too is would be considered good but person mind would be questionable.

So there are 66 Parivartan yoga’s exist in Vedic astrology system and out of these 66 Parivartan Yogas, 30 are caused by the lords of the 6th, 8th and 12th known as Dainya (misery) Yogas, 8 Parivartan Yogas are caused by the lord of the 3rd known as Kahala Yogas. And remaining 28 are known as Maha Parivartana Yogas.

Note – Out of 30 possible Dainya Yogas, there are six kind of Parivartan Yogas happens among 6th, 8th and 12th lords which is actually not Dainya Yoga they termed as Vipreet Parivartan Yoga Hence only there are 24 kind of Dainya Yogas are available in Vedic astrology system. 

I have forgot to mention above that there is another term (which is also a great Parivartan yoga) known as Vipreet Parivartan Yoga… let me clarify this also -

Vipreet Parivartan Yoga means – Whenever Dusthana Lords (6th, 8th, and 12th) exchanges their signs so Vipreet Parivartan Yoga formed in horoscope…

See basically 6th, 8th and 12th houses are known as bad houses in Vedic astrology system and their lords are known as destroyer so whenever two destroyer exchanges their signs so they actually destroy all negativity of houses involved. It is like minus and minus makes plus in mathematics, this yoga also signifies good transformations for life during odd time, but sometime gives severe frustration in career or in personal life before giving anything good..!!! 

Note - One of Vipareeta Parivartan Yoga causing planet should be lord of Kendra and Trikona and another sign should be fall in bad houses. 

Let's see an example - 
Example - 7

8th and 9th lord Saturn exchanging sign with 5th and 12th Lord Venus... Many astrologer regards this chart as an example of Dainya yoga but this is not Dainya yoga... it’s Very powerful Vipreet Parivartan Yoga and as affect in good way too, you can see her life style, as chart belongs to Priyanka Gandhi and she is very powerful woman and enjoying all luxury in her life. 

Let’s see another great example -  
Example -8

1st and 8th lord Venus exchanging sign with 9th and 12 lord mercury...Venus and mercury creating best Vipreet Parivartan Yoga and also removing negativity of 8th and 12 house... Horoscope belongs to cine actress Madhuri Dixit, and I think I don’t need to write much about Madhuri Dixit and what is her value and contribution in Indian cinema....She is a super star actress of Indian cinema....!!!  

Effect of Vipreet Raj Yoga in lifeVipreet Parivartan Raj Yoga is a powerful yoga and gives positive and auspicious results sometime beyond expectations. Because along with Parivartan yoga power of Vipreeta Raja yoga also gets merged hence person will achieve success and prosperity even in adverse circumstances in unexpected way. (But person has to do hard work to get success, because this yoga also takes exams to test the real capability of the person).

You can refer the chart of Kapil Sharma who got sudden famous in the world by his ongoing show "Comedy Nights with Kapil" Kapil has Vipreeta Parivartan Raja yoga created by Mercury and Saturn.

Kapil has done lot of hard work and struggle to get success in Bollywood, He was under Saturn Mahadasha and Mercury Antardasha when he started doing Comedy Nights with Kapil
Well I don’t want to write much about Maha Parivartan and Kahal Parivartan Yoga or Vipreeta Parivartan Yoga Here because my motto is to clarify much about "Dainya Yoga”

So let’s clarify it as much as we can -

Dainya yoga is famous for giving hard ship and much trouble, as per text it is said that person who has Dainya yoga can’t live normal life with happiness…So first of all how can we get the answer for past life karma associated with Parivartan yoga?? 

You can get the answer through “Karmic Theory” which revel secret about karma done in our past life and as rewards of good karma we get Raja Yoga in our horoscope. So I will tell you the Karmic reason behind Maha, Kahal and Dainya Parivatran before discussing about Dainya Yoga in detail…  

Parivartan yoga means transformation in one’s life and have similar karmic theory behind this yoga... Now I will reveal the secret why Parivartan Yogas comes in the horoscope and why Parivartan Yogas rewarding in three way (Maha, Kahal and Dainya) -

So Parivartan yoga is a reward of your previous life deeds, If you have done something very good for mankind or human being and because of your good deeds life of the other people has suddenly got changed, Such things comes in a horoscope as rewards with Name Maha Parivartan Yoga. 

So let me clarify you more with an example –

Like take an example from orphan child – It is said that orphan kids deserve no future if they are not getting any moral support from us because they spend their entire life without family and their life are always very restricted, they can’t live and enjoy life like other kids because they don’t have sufficient money to fulfill their requirement…  

Now you adopted one orphan kid, and given him proper education, helped him in making successful career, also given him every happiness and love, so actually your involvement in his life has changed his entire life and his dark life has converted into bright and colorful life.   

Actually you have given Parivartan (Transformation) to an uneducated and orphan kids who has become a successful person by your support, and his entire life has been changed. So in your next birth destiny will reward you with the Maha Parivartan Yoga which will transform your life from negative odds into successful life.

As another example – If you have donated money to a blind person and through your help he has got his eye back, so the person who could not see beautiful nature before his treatment and was living almost useless life, Now able to fight with his life and can see beautiful world. So your help has transformed his entire life and given him a new life. So destiny gives rewards of your help as Maha Parivartan yoga in the horoscope in your current birth which is going to transform your life positively.

That’s the basic meaning of Parivartan = “Transformations”.

Same happens if your contribution towards human being was moderate so such rewards comes as Kahal Yoga….

And if your contribution was negative towards mankind and life of other has been transformed negatively, so destiny rewards such person with Dainya Yoga which signifies miseries and causes ups and downs in life and gives fluctuated fortunes… 

Take an another example for Dainya Yoga – Suppose if you have a female friend who trust a lot on you, But you have cheated her, thrown her into prostitution, misused her money and almost you have transformed her life, So in your next birth the same thing will happen with you and you are going to face such negative transformations due to presence of Dainya yoga in your horoscope.  

Note - Guys above theory I have given as an example, I have not seen your past so can’t tell your exact details of your deeds…So in easy words – If your contribution has transformed one’s life very positively in your previous birth you so will be rewarded with Maha Parivartan Yoga, or if transformation given by you towards mankind was moderate so it would be Kahal, And if you have transformed someone life negatively or have cheated someone then for sure you will get dainya Yoga in your present birth which will transform your life in negative way.

However involved houses and planets will tell the secret “in which area you have done good or bad deeds in past birth or the area where you are going to face transformations in present life”

Like if Parivartan happens between Mercury and Venus in 10th and 11th houses so it means your deeds has affected female’s (As these are female planets) life in your previous birth in the area of profession (as 10th house signifies profession and 11th signifies gain through profession) But how good or bad result will be?? Overall analysis of birth chart will reveal that secret).  

Let’s discuss Karmic Theory for Nakshatra Parivartan Yoga

Nakshatra Parivartan is reward of one or two good deeds… like if there is a blind person who can’t see properly and facing issues related to his eye but due to lack of money he can’t visit doctor for treatments and you meet his suddenly and donated money for his eye treatment and after that he is able to see.

Take another example as if somebody can’t study due to lack of money or unable to pay his or her school or college fees but you sudden came in his or her life and paid school fees so that he/she can finish further study… So destiny rewards such person with Nakshatra Parivartan yoga in the horoscope in present birth...

Note – through any yoga in horoscope, destiny just pay’s you back whatever you have done in your past…!! 

But but but….. As I said Nakshatra Parivartan yoga is purely depends on Dasha, Without Dasha it’s useless...

So here is another question if person is not going to get output of any yoga so why it comes in the horoscope???

So answer of this question also comes from the Karmic theory suppose if you have promised to do something for someone but could fulfilled that promise, Like if you have committed one poor family that you will help them in his daughter marriage but at the time of marriage you did nothing, So it signify you have committed but didn’t finish your promise.  As result you will get concern yoga in your birth chart but you won’t get the Dasha to fulfillment of that yoga.

Anyways, lets comeback to the point - Nakshatra Parivartan Yoga will give you any major achievement one or two times during your life or will give you something good in one time in Antardasha of concerned planet.  Hence it is known as suksham Parivartan Raja Yoga, because Suksham means “Little” or just one time…!!!!

While writing this article I also did research on few charts and found without Dasha this yoga is purely useless… Hence Mahadasha of one planet and the same time anter Dasha of another would require to give auspicious results in case of Nakshatra Parivartan Yoga…!!!

Okay guys so let’s discuss about Dainya Parivartana Yoga in details as it was my only motto behind writing about this exchange article... so -

Dainya Parivartana Yoga, Does it really bad???? 

I can’t reply this question because I can’t deny to the fact written in Astrology Shastras but i have something to prove that this is not as bad as written. However it gives bad results too but still person can achieve tremendous heights of success... 

I have read one paragraph in internet while searching about information for this article and that was - 

"Except Sun and Moon, rest of five planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) own two signs. When Parivartan occurs between any two (good or bad) signs, the involved planets do not yield result of their second sign."  
Now lets have an example of this paragraph - 

Example - 9

Above chart belongs to hollywood celebrity Kim Kardashian, In her case, 7th and 12th lord Venus is involved in exchange with 10th Lord Sun... If we remove another sign so this exchange is happening between 10th and 12th lord....She is quite famous (Also Infamous, as its 12th house) celebrity in Hollywood....

Now guys i am going to give world best example of Parivartan yoga -

Example - 10

Above chart belongs to Congress leader Indira Gandhi, as she had TRIPLE Parivartan yoga in her chart including two Dainya Yoga.. In her Chart lords of 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 12th are involved in sign exchanged.

Indira Gandhi was am extremely unusual woman. One of the fascinating features of her life was her surprising popularity with the people. Very influencing personality she was…no female has got success like her in Indian politics till now!!!

You can’t find best chart other than above in matter of Parivartan Yoga...!! 

Note - Parivartan yoga strengthens both planets even if they are both malefic - possibly increasing their evil capacity, but always dignifying both.

Another Great Concept is "Loop Parivartan Raja Yoga".

Note – Guys remember, there were no name has been given in Shastras for such Parivartan hence I am regarding this Parivartan yoga as “Loop Parivartan Yoga” because I found it in loop…so remember it’s my own term, you will not find any such terms in Vedic Astrology Shastras!!!

So like “Loop Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga”, Parivartan Yoga also have another form known as “Loop Parivartan Raja Yoga”, Means three or more planets are exchanging sign in a loop way (Loop means there is another under one, actually loop is an IT term), So it creates Loop Parivartan Raja Yoga, Means three or more planets are taking part in sign exchange and forming Parivartan yoga.. 

Let’s see example -
Example - 11

In above case of Sir B.V. Raman, You might say hey what the hell is this, He doesn't have any Parivartan yoga is his chart, so what are you talking about???

But I will ask again to see thoroughly as Moon is sitting in sign of Venus, Venus is sitting in sign of Sun, and Sun is sitting in sign of Moon again, So actually Moon, Venus & Sun are taking part in Loop Parivartan Yoga, and exchanging each other sign. So whenever two or more planets creates such situation where three or more houses gets connected, so its create big picture in person’s life, but as in such yoga chances of involvement of bad houses (6th, 8th and 12th) are quite higher so before giving any success it gives severe setbacks along with hardships in involved houses, but later promises higher success (If we observe the capability of Sir B.V. Raman, so he was world best and famous astrologer, but before his extra ordinary success, Dr. Raman has faced severe poverty and hardships too).

See another example -
Example - 12

Above horoscope belong to very famous indian singer Gulshan Kumar, and in his case- Mercury, Venus, Moon and Jupiter are forming Loop Parivartan Yoga as Venus is sitting in Jupiter Sign, Jupiter is sitting in Moon Sign and Moon is sitting in Mercury Sign and mercury is sitting in Venus Sign, So there is a loop of exchange by four planets, and all four planets are involved in sign exchanged process and forming great yoga but such always give some huge adverse result too before or after success due to involvement of bad houses.

You can also refer horoscope of film star hrithik roshan who also have "Loop Parivartan yoga in his birth chart".

So whenever such situation occurs in horoscope it regards as "Loop Parivartan Yoga".

Now Final term is, Exchange between two retrograde planets - 

Whenever two retrograde planets exchanging sign in horoscope forms Retrograde Parivartan Yoga in horoscope, Refer below horoscope – 
Example - 13

Refer above horoscope, Where Retrograde Jupiter and Retrograde Saturn are involved in Sign Exchange, As Saturn is sitting in Jupiter Sign in 7th house and Jupiter is sitting in Saturn Sign in sixth house, however both are retrograde in horoscope and forming Retrograde Parivartan Yoga, this horoscope belongs to great Yoshihito, Who was an emperor of Japan.

Guys, Retrogression is quite big theory and there are several parameters to judge retrograde planet, because retrogression is game of reverse result, this yoga either make you a king or will give you severe sufferings in life, because in such retrogression exchange, Sign, Depositor, house and the planets which influencing retrograde planet are vital and needs to be calculated together to get the final output of this Raja Yoga.

However if during exchange only one planet is retrograde and well placed in horoscope can bless you with unexpected and give success like windfall (Refer horoscope of Priyanka Gandhi above, exchange between retrograde Saturn and Venus).

You can also refer horoscope of Rajesh Khanna above, As Jupiter is retrograde and exchanging sign with Mercury, However both are sitting in Kendra and all four Kendra houses are involved in this exchange. 

However if you want to know more about retrograde planets so Just - Click Here 

Astrology is very old & ancient but now time has been changed a lot... Many things were negative in ancient time (Like Love Marriage, Lottery, Gambling, etc) so astrologer were calculating them as negative yoga and has wrote the text accordingly in the astrology these days that negative things are known very positive in modern world...and even such things or bad yoga peoples are searching in their charts...Hence Astrology needs to be updated as per the modern time (and I am doing the same, nothing else)...!!!

Even if we are not following that concept (One Sign concept, during calculation of Dainya Yoga) then too I can give you many example where Dainya yoga is available in the chart but still person has received massive success in their life...

I am not saying to ignore bad effect of Dainya Parivartan yoga however I am just trying to say that still you can achieve massive success even if you have Dainya Parivartan yoga in your chart...

However instead of being actor you may be act for negative role as villain or may be any celebrity who is also infamous like Kim Kardashian (Hollywood TV Celebrity)...!!!

Have you heard someone saying that “I don’t know dear suddenly everything happen in unexpected way and things got changed dramatically”    

This is happens due to presence of Parivartan yoga in horoscope... So guys whenever you see Parivartan Yoga in your chart which simple mean -

 “The unexpected events or sudden changes may be good or bad will take your in native life” 

Because Parivartan Yoga gives sudden transformation and have power to make even a beggar a King or A King to Beggar...

You know one best thing about having Parivartan yoga in the horoscope is that this yoga never gets cancelled, if somebody has parivartan yoga in his or her horoscope so it means sooner or later he/she has to face effect of this yoga, Parivartan yoga always shows its effect in one's life. 

Even debilitated planets become powerful when they exchanged sign with other mutual friend, Because Parivartan means is very simple as two planets are occupying their own sign now, and you can predict simply placing them with each other houses, Like if Mars is debilitated in cancer and moon is also debilitated in Scorpio so they are actually exchanging each other sign so won’t be calculated as debilitated while calculation and actually you can say like Mars and Moon are occupying their own sign in the horoscope and you can do the prediction accordingly. 

Another very important concept of Parivartan yoga is, If Parivartan yoga causing planets also conjunct with other planets that means other planetary involvement also become vital and during the Maha dasha or Antar dahsa other planets will also give their result, Yes that's why Parivartan yoga plays very dominant role during calculation...!!

Your reserved deeds of previous birth causes your present birth, and we are here to rectify our previous mistakes and here to learn few new things, so that finally we can attain final destination which is moksha, so ultimately we are always working for our future but remember we can't erase destiny...!!

But still we can make needful changes, Anyways' so guys this was my long research about Exchange / Parivartan in Vedic Astrology … I hope you would like it…if still you have any doubt you can write me .... Comments box is available at the bottom of this blog...!!!!

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