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Sunday, 6 April 2014

All about Fame and Success by Sourabh Soni

The World Wide Recognition

Hello Guys,

As I never start astrology calculation directly and always sharing few basic concepts from real life to understand meaningful calculation behind any subject. today again I i am going to share few basic before calculating any astrological factors because today I am going to write about something very interesting topic and I hope you people will love it.

Can you tell me the most searchable topic of astrology in Google or any other search engines...??

Can you guess??

Okay don’t tell or else you people will start giving me several clues... anyways I am telling you the most IMP topics of astrology which everybody searching in Google is - Wealth (Money) and other is fame (Career success) and third one is married life.

Yes these three are the most searchable astrology topics in astrology and everybody wants to know whether they would be wealthy in their life and will they become famous... Am I right??

Huh... I don’t need your answer because I know I am 1000 percent correct. As I am not talking about wealth or money or marriage today but you can read about them also in my other article on such subject through my website. But today I will disclose every secrets of getting fame in life even who will get fame and how much and even when...   

So lets learn about -

Okay first question which arrived in my mind while working on this article “ What is fame Actually “ and I started searching about it and found very interesting and correct definition of fame written by jay Jessup is that “Fame is very big and very visible professional success. It is the key to the good side of life’s velvet ropes. For those who win it, society will grant them wealth, power, access, recognition, and other tools to live an extraordinary life.”
So I would like to do little changes in it as - Fame is very big and very visible professional success. For those who win it, Luck will grant them wealth, power, access, recognition, and other tools to live an extraordinary life.”

Yes I have replaced society word with luck word and this is because when you win fame or when you get fame only luck factor will work or you can say due to good luck only fame comes into the picture. If luck does not favor you can’t get fame and society will kick your Ass. Many of you will disagree with me because I used this word luck and specially the person who trust on hard working and believe writing their own destiny or maybe they don’t trust on luck factor but my dear you can’t deny luck factor which is the main reason why everyone is not famous. you just read my full article till the end so you will understand why I used luck word and also I am going to give you many examples related to my points.

By hard working and the basis of your inner talent you win or earn fame and luck has bad habit to favor such person. (Hence Deeds comes first)..

Yes this is the actual definition of fame “Visible professional success is called fame

I have also read many article based on fame but found too many gap and misconceptions about fame hence I wanting to clarify here "what is real fame is all about".. When person become famous in his circle or society so he or she automatically become extraordinary from ordinary man or woman, and fame gives magnetic power to a fame winner so that people can follow you in your every steps and even ready to die just to see you..

That was merely impact of fame, now I will tell you the classification of fame...

See if we want to prepare a list of all the famous persons, so it is very difficult actually, and going to take too much time... So I just want to say everyone is famous because of his own talent in their respective chosen field. They could be an actor, a politician, a businessman, A Singer, A Writer, a Sportsman, A Scientist, A Doctor, A Lawyer, Also may be CEO of any company. You can earn fame from any industry just you need to do hard work and need to show your talent and Capacity of doing something different from others.

And the most fame giving fields are – Media Industry, Politics and Sports Industry, because only An actor, Sportsman and A Leader of politics can earn real fame like anything and this the main reason why 80 % population of the world wants to make their career in these fields only. 

Now another factor - Eventhough there are lot of famous people in the world but why everyone is not equally famous even if working in the same fame giving industries.. ??

Hmm... wait I would like to clarify this bit more –

I want to say Do you know Narendra Modi, Barak Obama, Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Bred Pitt, Bill gates, Mukesh Ambani, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting, Bill Clinton,  …. Ohh you might be thinking “Hey are you joking man these peoples are very rich and famous celebs in their industry” So my friend I am not joking.... just read ahead...

Can i repeat this question again….. do you know – Javed Akhtar, Stephen Sommers, Guljaar, Peter Jackson, Philip K. Dick,  Mohit Suri, Manoj Night Shyamalan, Chetan Bhagat, Meera Nair, and many more..

You might know all celebs those names I have asked in my first question but the names which I wrote in my second question, You may be aware or may not be, because they are also celebs but not such famous however they are also champions in their field but all are working off screen or behind the screen and their faces are not visible to the world like other cinema stars.      

So try to understand my point "why everybody is not so famous", An actor and actress and cricket star may get booming fame in his or her field because you are watching their faces on TV on regular basis. And take an example of any writer who write film script, Novels is not so famous as other TV and sports programs are …you could be aware about novel but its not necessary that you could be aware about his name also…and this is very IMP Factor.
And fame is all about your Image, Fame is all about limelight, which signifies success of your career, it’s all about your face value to the society or to the world...  One can become popular by his deeds, knowledge and hard work.  But, in practical life, we can find thousands of people who are very knowledgeable and diligent; but not so popular.  Believe it or Not, Its does not change the truth..

As per astrology, when one is destined, he is automatically thrown in to the circumstances which can make him popular. 

Fame comes in different spheres of life. A celebs child who is just born, sudden gets famous since birth to media and publicity due to his or her parents who holds celebs status and glamorous reputation.. His/hers photographs are published everywhere because media is running behind him or her. Thats the magic of luck...Without earning anything you are getting everything.

Fame also comes from some actions. Deeds – good or bad (or is it worst). Some are famous in a small circle, and few are famous in their office, friend circle or society due to their notable deeds. Some gain fame after death because alive person has no value in the world if he is not much successful but when that died sudden his good deeds come in the front surface, and people start reminding him due to his deeds.

Life do many tragedy and also the funda of fame is very mysterious.. Can I ask- are you giving 100% in your career and in your life? Perhaps you are but often that’s just not enough. A less-talented actor gets picked for your perfect role, you may have many and much talent but you are still walking free, an opposing candidate with half your vision wins the election without much effort, Or the even the truck driver can earn more than you and could be a famous too....

So is there any permanent formula to measure the fame in astrology? or Is there any criteria which determines that the one will be successful but famous too or will earn name, Wealth or fame at a particular time and will be known to every human being for a specific time or for ever? So answer is yes and is real game of destiny and luck factor works here and you can’t deny it.

Now you can understand my point why I used luck word instead of society... now let’s move to the astrological analysis -
But remember few below points while reading my article – 

There are several types of fame which has their own impact and time to give you limelight, Or you can its like a classification of fame factor like Sudden fame, Normal Fame, Inborn Fame, Famous through someone, Undying fame, short time fame, life time fame, Artistic fame, Negative fame because I am going to clarify these all points below and after reading my whole article you can understand easily which kind of fame you are going to receive in your life or might be already start receiving...ha ha ha 

So how to calculate fame in astrology??

When I was writing this article I did many research and practical on more than 100 charts and finally got the answer and formula to calculate the fame. 

Whenever you want to calculate the fame then you need accurate birth horoscope, Arudha Chart and D-9 and D-10 chart Calculation. I mean D-1, D-9, D-10 and Arudha chart will give you correct clue in matter of fame.. Without it you can’t calculate the correct picture. So let’s move ahead -

Why only these divisional charts and Arudha??

So let me clarify D-1 chart means you, D-9 chart for luck, D-10 for professional value (Because fame comes from profession only) and Arudha to know your face value to the society. Don’t get me wrong please because I know there are many other facts exist in astrology to calcultate success in career but my calculation is coming from D-1 or D-9, D-10 charts as I just want to calculate fame only hence I picked these options.

Note:  Arudha chart is some advance way of calculating the professional Image of a person to the society or to the world, If you don't have your Arudha chart so just go online and use other online tools to get print your Arudha chart. (If still facing issue, then feel free to catch me, I am all yours).
So guys as I read many articles but after reading all, Trust me there is always something left (I feel), Just i am trying to filling that gap,  I am not saying I am 100 percent correct and others are totally wrong I am just saying I am not 100 percent wrong. 

See guys - The basic factor is everyone are doing research on the basis of their knowledge so I also want to share my research from my point of view -
As per ancient text fame calculation comes from 1st, 5th, 7th and 10th house and planets those signifying fame are moon, sun, Jupiter, nodes, and Venus...and rest all houses supports to achieve fame but as per my observation all nine planet are capable to give fame…. now let me clarify why?

First house or Lagna (Ascendant) and 7th house is primary IMP. And this is why because Lagna means you and 7th house is public house (Actually 7th house is really house of public). 

Should I clarify more?? Okay let’s move 

If I ask can you tell me one most IMP part of human body and without it you can’t recognize the person????

You know I asked the same question with one of my friend and he gave me lot of answers one by one and I was just replying no.. no.. no.. no and he could not guess.. He told me that without heart you can’t identify people, then said without nature you can’t identify, then said social status, then father name... Even he gave me lot of options and I was just laughing… 

can you guess which body part is that??? 

That is Face, if face is missing then you will never know who that person is?? And Lagna chart called face of the astrology that’s only reason if D-1 chart is missing then prediction is never possible for such person and that’s the reason when we calculate anything we must look D-1 first then we move into other divisional chart …  

And everybody knows there are 12 houses in astrology which represent different sections of your life but Lagna house or first house (Ascendant) represent you.

And now what is 7th house – when we calculate fame so it signify masses, a house of Mob or Masses, Now make the definition – 

When your face known by many people that’s fame (Means first house and 7th house aspect each other) and (astrologically 1st house is you and 7th house - The state of being known by many people). 

Trust me guys these days people are ready to make their life not less than a fun just to get fame, they just want to become famous because they know very well they can become celebrity by exposing themselves into media and in outside events...But its not correct...It can give you short time fame which has no hard if you really want to achieve the Fame...anyways .. 

Now importance of 10th house in fame – if I ask 10th house is what?? So answer is profession of the person is seen from the 10th house of Lagna chart. Hence 10 house become imp in fame. See if any actor do film means professionally he is an actor, any leader is famous in politics, and cricketer is famous because of cricket.. So my dear film, politics, sportsmanship these all are profession.. So anybody becoming famous in any field so 10th house role would always be there. 

I will give you few other example also like – 

Take an example of Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Hugh Jackman, Bred Pitt, and even all actors...So if we are just removing film back ground from these artist so can you identify who is Shahrukh khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Bred Pitt, Hugh Jackman without film background???

Answer is No and they just need, media and film profession as a medium to being known.. in short they need a medium to become popular, so tenth house is that medium, Or you can say they need 10th house support to become famous, without 10th house support they cant be worldwide famous.       

Hence I said fame only comes from 1st house and from 7th house and in which field that we can calculate from 10th house. 10th house is also known as outer society or outer world hence bit more IMP in matter of fame. 

Now what about other houses – so When you calculate artistic fame then you must calculate 5th house because fifth house is art and films, for media kind of fame please calculate 3rd house (Third house is also used to calculate fame in sports), rich person kind of fame please calculate 2nd and 11th house, for fame in politics please calculate 10th house and 11th house (10th house represent politics and 11 house for success), Any one become famous lawyer or doctor by support of 6th house, 8th house can give you sudden fame like an astrologer or occult scientist (I will clarify it more in my another article “Overnight Success” because 8th house has its own importance). 9th house support can give you social and spiritual kind of fame, one can become famous in foreign land by support of 12 house.. So in short you can’t leave any factor.

Because see Shahrukh khan is famous for films but he is also a business man, Also managing sportsman ship and owner of Kolkata knight riders, he also do many charities so he is getting fame from many fields by support of respective houses, I mean to say if you are getting support of many houses then you could become famous in many fields. 

Now see the Karkas for fame – 

Rahu – Capable to give you massive fame (Rahu is all time hungry for fame because Rahu is only planet which has worldly desire and love to deal with masses, Rahu is body less head and wants whatever Rahu can see).
Ketu – Mostly signifies Spiritual Kind of fame, but if sitting in Nakshtra of Rahu or Venus or any luxurious nakshtra, can help you getting luxurious fame too.

Rahu and Ketu are different from other seven planets, so without learning about complete about them cant give you correct picture hence to learn complete about them - Click Here
Venus – Artist kind of fame (Fame in glamour, media, films)

Mars – Mars is a karaka for stardom, also signifies Fame is Sports, Administrative fame, Can make you famous engineer. a CEO, Editors, and many more.
Jupiter – Leader or advisor kind of fame, can make you intelligent minister even...Jupiter is much capable then other planets, and i have no word to describe his power.
Sun – Can give you good fame in politics or any of govt. authoritative figure...
Moon – Moon is very IMP in getting fame but Nakshtra is primary for moon in matter of fame, Moon is capable to give you any kind of fame (Even can make you ill famous)...
Mercury – Business man, social networking, all intelligent kind of fame comes under Mercury. Radio Jocky, singers...
Saturn – Tantrik, Sanyasi kind of fame, Union leader, and supports even politics... Saturn is also a planet who is capable to give you any kind of fame. (If connected with concern houses). 

But but but wait … Please keep in mind single planet does not represent fame in only single field.. Each planet also rules other industries.. like Venus is Karka of film and glamour but it also signify hotel industry, General stores, cosmetics beauty,.. Instead of being famous as an artist you could be known as hotel manager, A famous retail cosmetic things seller...Like mars can make you administrator or engineer, but also can make you one business tycoon if connected with mercury, I just want to say do not think that if I have mentioned only one-one line in front of every planet then it means you are going to be famous in that particular field.. Nope

If multiple planets are connected with 1st, 5th, 7th or 10th houses then things can be change, and could be something else then expectation because each planet signify many fields. So complete analysis would require to know the exact field of fame…!!! 

Now where to see which kind of fame you are going to receive???

I have seen many charts while writing this article where in too many formulas are available but still they are not famous.. So guys you have to apply these formulas in Arudha Lagna. 

So here that advance method of Arudha comes into the picture.. See Arudha Chart can give you exact clue about which kind of fame you are going to receive – That you can see through first Arudha Pada, by planets sitting in or aspecting first house(1st   house of Arudha chart)..

Do you know meaning of image value – may be yes but let me explain also –

Image value means your primary image to the society, Which means your face to the world...Primary signify your top face image, Like Shahrukh, Amitabh are an actor.. but they are also a businessman but people knows them as an actor first then who is dealing with them as business associate may regard them as a business man... But their primary image is "an actor".. People knows them as an actor first..

Like M.S. Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar is famous as cricketer so they hold image values of cricketer.. Public know them as cricketers first then as a businessman or as an any glamour icon..

Another example Barack Obama, Narendra Modi, Sonia Gandhi have face value of politician..

So in short image value means “ You would be Known as________ into the world

Arudha can fill that blank spaces... Hence for fame calculation Arudha is the most IMP.

So if you want to know which kind of fame you are going to receive so please check which planet is sitting in 1st house or in 7th house in Arudha Chart. Also check their Nakshatra they play very imp part in determining the fame.. Because you can find Moon, Sun, Jupiter in the Arudha Lagna and in 7th house but they are working in any other field as I said above single planet does not signify only single field. So never ignore Nakshatra while calculating image value from Arudha.

One more thing please also check In which house Arudha Lagna goes in D-1 chart if it is goes in 1st,or 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th or in 11th house along with respective planetary alignment than fame like an artist comes in the surface. 

I know many person wants to be famous like a Radio Jocky, Like a singer, Like a pop star, Like a sportsman, like a politician... so i trust me i am telling you one line formula - 

If your D-1 chart has sufficient combination or connection related to your desire field (The specific field where you want to shine). and the same time your D-1 chart also becomes your Arudha chart(Means your Arudha chart and Lagna chart is same)...than 100 % surety is that you can get what you desire... 

Remember Arudha chart is merely a shadow, but D-1 chart is a physical body, If body and shadow both are moving together in a same area, So yes they can create a worldly impact.. 

One more thing is that - check which planet is sitting or aspecting Arudha first house, and check the same planet in D-1 chart, Because effect house will reflect in your personality through that planet...

Like If moon is a lord of eights house of your main birth chart then if moon is sitting in your Arudha Lagna, then things related to 8th house would be a part of your personality....!!!

Lets calculate few facts and lets see few examples by celebs horoscope -
If Rahu is in 1st and 7th in Arudha chart then whatever you would do or involved in any profession it will always expand fame in that field, Specially in cinema world.. see below Arudha chart of 

Mr. Amitabh Bachchan

 Clarification - Why Amitabh is famous in films or why he holds face value of an artist?? 

Because as i told Arudha Lagna is your face, Rahu is Sitting here in Leo and as i told you may be working in any field but rahu will always expand that.. And leo sign is what - its a actual fifth house or astrology and fifth house is what ?? its all about cinema, Films, Art Entertainment.. Leo sign Represents Films and arts and rahu is here means Rahu has expanded the quality of fifth house and the fifth sign. Even in his birth chart Rahu is in 7th house of fame and rahu always wants to be world famous so yes Mr. Bachchan is world famous.. Hence He is a Legend in Indian cinema World. That's the reason He is an Actor.

(You can see many model chart with this alignment because modelling is all about exposure)

If Ketu is in 1st and 7th so person may be known as spiritual person and could be famous,  but remember ketu support every field and can give you what you want if connected with concern planets.

Moon in 1 & 7 house - Nakshtra of moon will give you clue, in which field you are going to shine, Like if Moon is sitting In Dhanishta Nakshtra which is ruled by mars then must see which houses are getting ruled by mars in main birth horoscope, like If mars is ruling fifth house, and Moon occupied Magha Nakshtra and sitting in Arudha lagna or aspecting Arudha Lagna, Can give you effect related to fifth house....but whatever moon gives you its always ever lasting...!!!

Sun in 1st and 7th  gives authoritative figure means whatever you would do you would be always in top Like MD of company, CEO company, Leader, Top Artist..etc but always in top position.

Refer below Arudha chart of Rajesh Khanna 

Notes - Again as i said if sun is in first or 7th house of Arudha then whatever you do you always be in the top.. And sun being lord of third house, Venus lord of fifth house, Jupiter lord of 7th and 10th and mercury lord of lagna and fourth house expecting first house.. So if you will apply all the formula as i said above.. you will easily know why Rajesh Khanna is first super star of indian cinema..and no one has got fame ever like he has got..another main point is Lagna chart and Arudha chart is same for Rajesh Khanna....!!! 

So Next If Saturn in 1st and 7th in Arudha so person would be known as person of man who helps poor people like a union leader, 

If Venus in lagna or 7th house of Arudha then person will have face value in field of Venus like Art, Actor, Media etc, 

Notes - Jupiter aspect in lagna from seventh gave him undying fame.. and you can see the role of Venus which is in fifth house of Lagna chart and In Lagna in Arudha Chart...thats Why he is very cute and regarded as King of Bollywood.

If Mercury is 1st and 7th in Arudha chart then someone known as famous businessman, singer, Radio Jocky or could do good in other mercury field. 

And if there is no planet is 1st or in 7th house of Arudha then check their lords and which planet aspect Arudha Lagna and 7th house.

See Arudha lagna signify your face value to the society but there are lot of other factors are also there like which planet is sitting in the Arudha lagna and 7th house of Arudha, and then conjunction, mutual aspect, exchange of sign, Nakshatra and many more other factor which also need to be calculated because in many peoples Arudha charts there is no planet but still they are very famous so please check Arudha Lagna, Arudha Lagna Lord, 7th house and lord of Arudha and Planet sitting in these houses, Nakshatra of Planet, Aspect and Conjunction and then merge every fact then you can find the real face value.   See below chart -

 Note - I wont tell here..i just want you people to calculate the fact why stephen Speilberg is world known celebrity in cinema..?

Now Amount of fame will depend on real dignity of the planet, aspect and conjunction and Nakshatra because everything matters.. Because I have seen Even after very good combination in your chart even in your dasha….. fame is always missing!!

Fame might be a misnomer as many people confuse it with Celebrity. Anglina Jolie is a celebrity, Bred Pitt has fame. Sachin Tendulkar is a celebrity, Barrack Obama has fame. Fame is professional success enjoyed by society’s true elite;  Fame is like a magnate which attract a world towards fame has its own game, and everybody want to win this game...!!!

Now what is called complete fame??

A person who’s name, work and face all are famous equally, is a real winner of fame.. Do you remember my line where I have asked to identify celebs on the basis of name??

Stephen Sommers – You might be don’t know him because his face you can’t see in the screen but he is a movie director and if you remember Hollywood Movie “ The Mummy and The Mummy Returns” so know you may know who is he !! Same happen with all writers and you know their name but never seen their faces. Few become famous after die..  Fame refers to renown and reputation, or a position of public prominence. Someone can be famous for making a scientific invention, winning lottery, making huge donations, but it will give you small fame which is going to vanished after sometime and people wont remind your work and name again hence to get complete fame, person’s name, work, and face should be equally famous. 

Now another question is that what is called real fame??

Real fame is means when your real good deeds makes you famous and you don’t need any medium to describe your face value like all actor need cinema medium to describe their professional image and you can’t recognize actors without TV screen.   So anyone who need support of medium to make his face value can never get undying fame... because fame is an illusion which is going to Vanished when you will die or loose your glamour.

Now see who got undying fame –

Lord Shriram, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Albert Einstein, Nelson Mandela, Mirza Galib and many more such person who has got actual undying fame. And Fame which keep person alive even after their death called real fame which everybody can’t get.  
And the planet those are capable to give this undying fame are Moon and Jupiter.  

Please Calculate the facts from below Chart from Mahatma Gandhi 

 Notes - So where ever Jupiter and moon support are available so you can see all have got the real complete undying fame. that's why Our Nation father is still alive in our heart. (Jupiter aspecting Lagna), however Lagna chart and Arudha chart is same...

So in other end Rahu and Venus can give you massive fame in your profession... (Every Artist who is worldly famous has got support of Rahu and Venus to Achieve such fame specially if they are in 5th, 7th, and 10th house of main birth chart)..
Rest planet also can make you famous but they have no match with above four planets (Four means Rahu, Venus, Jupiter, Moon in matter of fame)...

 For example you can refer both below charts -

Arudha chart of angelina Jolie

Please calculate the role of Rahu here, Because Rahu is sitting in 5th house of main birth horoscope.. Lets see Next chart ....

Indian Film Star Dilip Kumar

Venus, Mercury Sun all are aspecting Arudha Lagna of dilip Kumar... I hope you can do further calculation....

Now come to the rest term, I have asked you to keep few sentences in your mind which was like sudden fame, Famous through someone, Negative fame, inborn fame, short fame, life time fame..etc ..So

Sudden Fame – Like Arvind Kejriwal who sudden won election and become CM of delhi and sudden started receiving lime light..(Jupiter and Venus are in conjunction in 4th house along with Sun and Mercury, Causing great Vipreeta Raja Yoga for him and giving sudden success)

Negative Fame – Famous for bad deeds like Sunney Leony, Poonam Pandy, Kasaab (Terrorist).

Inborn Fame – Aradhya Bachchan or any celebs child who become famous since born (1st, 7th, Sun and Moon support, why sun and moon because mother and father should be famous for such fame) 
Short Fame – Do you know Abhijeet Sawant “The first Indian Idol” who got sudden success for short time but now disappeared.

Famous Through someone – Like every celebs child you can also receive fame through like you could be famous because someone of your relatives who may be celebrity or your child can earn good fame like special "Boy Kautilya" who is very famous these days, and if you become father or mother of celebs child (It happen if fifth lord goes in 10th house so person gets fame through child, but please don't aspect from alone and single factor..)

Life time fame or Famous throughout the life – You need Akhanda Samarjyapati Raja yoga which actually here play very important role.. If person has Akhanda Samarjyapati yoga along with fame yogas that person can only enjoy fame throughout the life.. You can check this yoga in D-1, D-9, and D-10 charts if available in these charts and if person become famous then only fame would everlasting and till his death.

Otherwise we have many option who gets fame and later get disappeared like Abhijeet Sawant, Rajesh Khanna (His chart if very good example for this).
You can check Amitabh Bachchan chart to verify everlasting fame and role of Akhandya Samarjyapati yoga.. He is not so active in films now these days but still number one position is always reserved for him. Otherwise many people gets fame but their fame die like sun sets..

So I mean there a lot of way to receive fame you might be Road singer, orchestra singer, and stage performer, anything so when you apply above formula and doing calculation so please don’t ignore even small facts… Specially Nakshktra because person may be involved in many things but Nakshatra will give you exact clue of your face value.. like one may be an actor, businessman, Social Worker and may involve in many works and Planet with Nakshatra study with give you correct details. 

There are 1000+ Raja yogas in astrology but I appreciate only two raja yoga which actually gives surety for fame is Maha Parivartan Yoga (Sign Exchange between kendra and Trikona Lord), Vipreeta Raja Yoga and another in Neech Bhanga Raja Yoga.. Other yoga’s are also there but when I see chart of middle class person I saw many times yoga’s are there but there is no fame.. But it is 100 percent correct if Vipreeta Rajayoga and NBRY is available in full swing.. Luck shine sudden and even I have saw these yoga’s of many person those have got overnight success.

Actually I don't agree that everyone aspires to fame and glory. No way. Some actually avoid it.

Now as summary fame is our society’s most powerful force, Fame is way beyond money, although it can deliver wealth as one of its benefits or you can say fame is a complete package of professional success who wins it, gets everything related to professional life. It’s a powerful tool you can use to get many things that money can’t buy. Fame isn’t wealth, lots of people are rich but don’t have that power which fame delivers. It isn’t breath taking physical beauty although Priyanka chopra, Angelina Jolie, Katrina Kaif, Aishwariya Rai and the rest have leveraged their genetic advantages into very public roles with adoring fans following their every move. Every one desire fame but can’t achieve.. Because again it’s all about Hard work, Talent, and luck factor...
So it’s all about few very good deeds of our previous life which we get as fame in present birth.

Now something for the reader those don’t know astrology and don’t want to learn and could not understand my entire article but still having desire for fame – So how to judge

So does your personal calling require you to have the support and admiration of the public, Because desire to get something is always important? Maybe you want to be a smashing success in the Art, Media and Film Industry, Want to be a pop star, or want to go into politics and wish to become leader, or may be aspecting some kind of overnight success....or may be various expectations but guys trust me success has no shortcut, Even luck doesn't favor who doesn't work, Hence remember Deeds comes first, Astrology gives an indication merely...!!!

So just keep hard working and good deeds on if you have talent and desire to success and want to become famous in your life so never give up. Because every dog has its day…

This article is not Finished yet, I will write remain portion of this article very soon...However If you want to make your career as an artist or as a Political leader...So i have done few great researches for you, just use below link and read them also....

To know about Artist Factor in Astrology - Click Here

Astrology Factor for Career and success in Politics - Click Here 

Finally if you like my article and if you want to be my friend and interested to read my further articles so just open below link and like my page but please don’t be my fan.. Just be my friend

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From: Sourabh Soni
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