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Monday, 21 April 2014

Game of Nine Planets in Astrology by Sourabh Soni

Mystery of Destiny 

Hi Guys,

Today something very new and interesting article about game of planets in astrology. This article is something rare and beyond calculation of astrology because it’s only based on my little knowledge and little experience or even you can say it’s completely my opinion about planets effect on human more thing I would like to tell you again guys as I said in my introduction in my main blog page that I am not an astrologer I just want to be a filmmaker and I am happy with it.. Even I don’t teach astrology so don’t think I am Vedic teacher...No not at all...I am same as other young boys are..!!!

I also write movie scripts so it’s my hobby to read some other subjects so that I can get some different kind of ideas to write. Because I just want to be complete different from other writers and even there was something which was not changing since long time in my life so I used astrology to solve that life puzzle to get the answer of that unsolved riddle of my life... I am the person who is always busy to know about myself and my future… and while calculating my future if I get some interesting point which I feel I should share with you people so yes I am sharing that with you people so that you can also take an advantage of my research. So anyways I don’t want to write my biography here but I wrote little about me so that you can understand why I write about astrology. Astrology is not my profession it’s just my passion nothing else…   

Today even I am going to use my filmy language to make you understand few points.

Life of the person is like a maze and each one is not enough capable to understand turns of life as no one aware about past life, each one has born with erased memory, however still we are doing our karma and busy to find our life purpose and destination.

As we know that there are 12 houses in astrology and our entire life has been mapped in these houses. And there are nine planets in Vedic astrology and each planet in a chart represents karma for that individual. So I will tell you something about the planet first then I will tell you how planets act and affects us in our real life.

Nine planets of Vedic astrology are – Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu… so actually these are nine actors of astrology and they play very important role in our life… they make our life and same time they also destroy life (Depends on Karma).   

So just in brief I am going to describe importance and power of all these nine actors...because these nine actors are very important in our life and day by day they are influencing us, as they are the significator of our past life karma, so if we can't decode their movement so we can't understand what our life wants from us, however decoding their movement can help us to find our life path.

So let's introduce the planets -

Sun is known as king – Sun is like father and head in the family. Sun rises everyday it gives light to everyone but did not ask anything in return. Which is the true nature of king and the house where sun has placed the your chart is actual life & heart of the horoscope and signify that “This is where you want to shine in your life“

Moon is known as queen like mother. Mother is the person in a family who take care of every one Moon’s true nature is to have peace whatever the conditions of life. Moon represent mind in astrology hence where you find the Moon in your chart is “Where you tend to experience emotional ups and downs”

Mars is known as soldier who fight for the right cause with the dignity. It represent energy, courage, action, real internal capacity of human being.  So where mars is placed in your chart actually represent “Where you expend the greatest energy in your life”

Mercury is known for intelligence, intellectual thinking, communication skills, ideas, business ability, social networking, and writing, so in your chart mercury shows “How and in which area you communicate best”

Jupiter is known as the “Guru” which means advisor, the planet of higher knowledge, Wisdom, spirituality, hopes, and wisdom. Jupiter always teach people to do well. As per Vedic astrology Jupiter in the house of chart signify present of god. Hence Jupiter in our horoscope generally represent “where you have good fortune and like to spend your leisure time of your life”

Venus is known for female impact of life and signify all luxuries... Venus is the planet of love and teaches us how much we can love others without any complain and how to express happiness and even how to expand it. That’s the main reason Venus rules glamour industry. So Venus in our horoscope signify “All the thing which you really enjoy in your life”

Saturn is known as the planet of karma, which represent hard work, restriction, discipline, Saturn always take exam before giving anything, Saturn never deny anything however its always restrict the things and do delay because Saturn always check person capability and only a planet who has power to make bagger to king and king to bagger in very short time. Which no planet can do… hence when Saturn beat you then no other planet can save you. So as per his nature where you find Saturn in the chart is where you feel “least secure and tend to overcompensate”

Rahu is known as shadow planet, Rahu is a shadow of Saturn and it’s also a fake planet and lover of all bad things, Rahu attached you with the material world and signifies expansion and always wants everything by any means.  Where you find Rahu in your chart simply signify the “Thing which you could not achieved in your past life and now here to achieve it and obsessed about that”

Ketu is known as shadow planet, but as rahu and ketu is a part of same body hence rahu is fake planet so just opposite Ketu is a truth planet and detach you with the material world and wants to lead you in spiritual world. Ketu is a shadow of mars so simply where you find ketu in your chart signify the “Thing which you have already achieved in your past life and now you really don’t care about it”

So all nine planets including sun influencing us throughout life…

Note - In Vedic astrology we don’t give importance to Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus, it does not mean they don't exist in galaxy but just because they are far away so Vedic astrology is calculating their influence

Now the one very important thing which I wanted to tell you peoples since long time and that is about agreement.

Yes have an agreement with the planets ….Lol kai po che “I know you could not understand” Okay okay I won’t make you more confuse.. So friend all nine planets have an agreement with you to give you four kind of results in your life… 

Each planet except nodes promises to give you four kind of results in your life (Good or bad that depends on overall nature of planet).. So what is that four kind =

 1 - The Results of house where they sits.
 2 -  The Results of sign which they occupy
 3 -  The Results of houses which they rule.
 4 -  And the most IMP the results of Nakshatra.

Note – Rahu and Ketu don’t owned any sign hence they don’t rule any houses because they are shadow planets hence gives three output only (Rule no 3 is not applicable for nodes). 

So that’s the only reason no astrology software can tell you the exact 100 percent correct prediction because software never calculate the grouped effect and real dignity of the planet. 

Now I will use my filmy language to make you understand this real game… 

So in films everyone knows Actor and their roles and the theatre, and about all the work which happens behind the screen… 

Oops seems still not clear?? Okay let's understand like this -

Life is a = Play

Planets are = Actors

Houses are = theatre, stage or screen (where they perform)

Sign are = Role of the planet (Exalted or debilitated means Hero or Villain)

Nakshtra's are = Behind the screen work (Very IMP)

Dasha are = Time period to perform in the stage

Degree are = the real quality of the actors

Should I make the definition now using above sentence –

Life is the play which actors (Planets) perform in stage (houses) for certain time (Dasha) and shows their negative or positive roles (Sign effects) as per their ability (Degree)…

This means that the activity {may be good or bad} denoted by the planets will take place in the arena of your life designated by the House in which that planet falls.

So I hope you understand now how important planets are as in each chart they comes in horoscope with a -

And apart from planet there is another point which in known as dasha system in astrology which signifies karma fructification time & comes in the form of an events in life.

Because everybody has many raja yoga’s in their charts but still they are living normal life...and this is happening because “how will you feel if main lead actor in the film is coming on the screen for two min only” That’s the main reason Dasha of the raja yoga giving planet is very imp.. Otherwise raja yoga is useless and can’t show their effect which is happening with 80 percent population of the world. Now you got one point is very clear how important dasha’s are in astrology. 

As I said above grouped effect of the planet can show the clear picture of your life…so I think I should write little bit about depositor also- okay.... As I have already told you the importance of the depositors in my first article (Neech Bhanga raja yoga section) however in brief again I am telling you how planets work in union… and why we use depositors to calculate the dignity of the planet because every planet is connected with each other and yes they work in union …

 "As definition depositors are a one-way connector of the planets
It is simply the sign a planet is in; the planet of that sign is its depositor. The planet that is the depositor of a planet is the soul essence of that planet, it gives the reasons why a planet reacts in the way it does.

Like: sun in Libra so Venus is the depositor of sun because Venus rules Libra.

Example - If a planet is debilitated and is deposited by a planet in its own sign, or an exalted planet, it gives it strength. The planet itself is like the physical body, but the depositor is the heart and soul of the body. If a planet is exalted but the depositor is debilitated it has a strong body but a weak soul or heart. 

So Venus would be the soul and reason why Sun operates the way it works. Look to all the Planets and their depositors. They are all connected in this way and working in union…

See basically astrology is no different than life with respect to the fact that everything is interconnected. People need support, and a feeling of connection. The planets act the same as human. They need support and connection to perform. The plan of a chart involves how the planets are connected with each other and helping each other or pulling leg just like a human being.

When I was learning astrology that time I was reading many articles published in newspaper on every Sunday where astrologer were commenting like mars made normal Sachin to great Sachin Tendulkar, or Saturn made someone great politician, and they just wanted to say single Raja yoga giving planet can lead you into the top...

Is it really true?? 

Please before giving any answer must read my full article...

Let me give you one example from cricket - as everybody know that cricket is a game of 11 player. And every player has their own importance and capacity… In particular match few perform very well and few moderate and few are unable to perform.. And as per team performance and overall effort team wins or lose the match... 

So are you agree with it??

I don't know your answer but yes this is an unavoidable truth and 100 percent correct. So let's apply this theory in astrology… 

You have nine planet in your horoscope which are ruling different different sphere of your life and giving results as per their can review any multitalented person’s chart and see the effect of all planet like someone may be a good businessman, wise, wealthy, even a writer, singer, dancer, even have good knowledge in IT, also have knowledge in I mean grouped effect of all planets only can make you multitalented.. I just want to say single planet can't give you all qualities that's the main reason every player in cricket can't be an all-rounder and those gives all-rounder performance so they are getting support of many planet and single planet can't make you Sachin Tendulkar.. Sachin Tendulkar had capability to play offensive, defensive, even he was doing good with ball and field… that energy comes from many planet not from single planet...
Many astrologer divide the planets in two part “good and bad” and then making prediction on the basis of alone factor which is actually wrong because planetary energy is assigned some influence in our life. If they remain in their original form they work well but if they are not in their original form they cannot do well because even an exalted planet has many drawbacks and vice versa debilitated planet can give you large empire… So always capture the grouped effect of any planet then calculate your prediction… let me give you an example -

Did you remember T20 world cup final match between India and Pakistan. I will tell you last over summary here as Pakistan required 11 runs in last over and later 6 runs in last four balls to win the final match however they have lost nine wickets… So Misbah Ul Haq (Pakistani Bats man) hits ball to behind the wicket keeper but caught by shrisanth and Pakistan lost that T20 world cup. Now see shrisanth did not perform good through bat and ball in that match but gave just small contribution at last stage and took that match winning precious catch… otherwise if he was not taking that catch then that was a boundary and Pakistan probably going to win.. So life is like a match and if you want to win your life then you would require all nine planet support... Because it’s very simple if Sachin Tendulkar hits century in match and India scoring 300+ but then too they would require support of all 11 player to save the match...because if bowlers and fielders are not supporting then no matter how big target you have given to the opposite team. You can't save your match without support of bowler and fielders... So same happen in matter of planets also as a Yoga karaka or raja yoga giving planet can give you many big opportunity to rise very easily but what if you don't have capability to take advantage of that opportunity…No matter how worse condition planets is in your chart but if giving small contribution in certain point of your life can help you in good way.. And you can't deny that small, small can make large... So never be frustrated and think wrong if you found combusted planet, debilitated planets, or planets in dead stage in your chart because even in any worse situation planet is never out of the game...    

So if you want to win word cup (means your life) then you would require support of all nine planets because even if a single planet is not supporting you then it is sure that you are going to lose your can take example of any game like football, hockey and can observed that without support of all player you can’t win any game. 

I would like to discuss one more unavoidable situation which I feel 90 % population of the world are facing in their life is that –

Everyone gets opportunity in their life to become successful but when you get chance suddenly some unavoidable circumstances will pull your leg down and you can’t take advantage of that opportunity…so the planet which is supportable in your chart can give you opportunity but if rest others are not supporting you than they are going to pull your leg and you can’t achieve success so easily. 

See when you face problem in life and visits temple or remember your god to help you out to get rid from that situation like if you facing money concern in your life and asking from god to give you some money, or you might be facing job or career related issue so you pray from god to give you one good job… so what happen after your prayer?? Because everyone do prayers … 

So my friend god listen every prayer which you pronounce by mouth or by your heart but if your prayer is genuine so it gets accepted and vice versa if they are not accepting your prayer so there me be a two reason behind it –

1 – Your prayer is not genuine
2 - God still want to teach you something and he has something very good for you which you are going to get in your coming future.  

See basically when you ask job or money or anything from god so god does not come down in this earth to give you money or job… He will show you the way, they are going to give you wisdom to achieve your goal, he will give you opportunity, and He also can give you source… In short he shows you the way to get money or job… or you may get any hidden help by any unknown hidden hands… that’s a result of your prayer, because everything happens for a reason as we peoples are just an actor however the main director is god who control our destiny (Destiny is operating us through planet).

I want to ask one question is do you really know “what are the planets and their job?? 

They all are agent of god and doing their job assigned by destiny… and their job is to give you good and bad effect in your life based on your karma… Because planets just creates a situation (Good or bad) and just put you on that… that’s a simple job of planets. 

So guys you can understand the game of planet through astrology but you can’t understand the game of destiny. Hence I have written in my remedies article, there is one best remedies is to catch the real one almighty god instead of pleasing planets through remedies. That one real power can change your entire life anytime… because if planet is an actor in astrology so god is a real director who control your destiny and you know actor can’t do anything against the director…

So catch the real director who is directing your destiny which is almighty God...

As importance of the planet - Even god was in sufferings and under influences of planet when they were on earth...Like Lord Jesus, Lord Sainath of Shirdi, Lord Ram etc….

But one thing which we have in our hand is that - Planets are dependent on act from us... because if we stop act so they will become useless hence planets are dependent on us to do deeds/Karma. But it does not mean if you stop doing karma so you can stop planet. No … in that case planet will make your life more worse and will put you in worse condition so automatically you will start act (Karma/Deeds)..Lol.. “Planets are much clever than you” so don’t try to be over smart…

However you can alter the effect of the planet which is called remedy… and if you want to know about the real remedy which 100 percent works so must read my article “All about remedies” so that you can understand the basic and concept behind the remedies…

One more IMP concept which I have forgot to mentioned in my remedies article – If planet is giving you bad effect based on the sign then only remedy will work but if planet is giving you bad effect based on the house trust me no remedy can save you .. I can bet on this… 

Oops again confusion how to know planet is giving house result or sign result???

And to know that you have to learn grouped effect of any planet like how planet act if it’s in particular house and how planet act if its occupies particular sign.. And combine that effect...

I don’t know but I am feeling like even after reading my this whole long article still you didn't get the definition of grouped effect of the planet and their impact on us??

Okay I am telling you in short how to check group effect of any planet –

To check real dignity and complete nature of any planet you need to calculate below points together –

House, Sign, Nakshatra, Degree, Aspact, Shadbal, Vimsopaka Bal, Yoga, conjunction, depositors and many other such points which i am going to describe in my other articles one by one.

Now when you calculate above points and combine all results that will show you the real dignity and real power and role of particular planet in your life like -

House = It will tell you “In which area particular planet is going to affect you in your life”

Sign = It tells you the nature of planet “Like planet is good or bad (Exalted or debilitated or friend) “

Nakshatra = it will tells you the inner nature of the planet like if someone is very hard in nature but very soft from inner side.. yes planets also have inner nature if planets occupy own Nakshatra or friendly Nakshatra so even debilitated planet won’t harm you so much because it’s not totally bad from nature (Will clarify more in Nakshtra Article)…  

Degree = It tells state of the planet like Infant, young, Old or dead…

Aspect = Aspect tells you “Impact of other planet on particular planet “ like if you are good guy but what if you have to follow the rules of any evil person..(So it’s very important) and may be vice versa… 

Shadbal = It tells you the real power of planet “How powerful planet is”

Vimsopaka Bal = It tells you how positively particular planet is going to affect you in your life (Any planet with 15 and above point play very dominant positive role in person’s life)…

Yoga = It nothing but your highlighted deeds preformed in previous birth” Signifies extra rewards or pain in life”

Conjunction = It tells you company of the planet with other planet like “You are good but you are living with a person to whom you don’t like or likes... 

Depositors = I have already clarified importance of depositors above but still I would like to say that calculation of depositor is very important for any planet… Because if planet sits in the house of another planet so they also promises to gives results based on the depositors… Sitting in the house of another planet like you are renting a house from someone… So if your landlord would be rich like Ambani or Bill Gates so you will get good house to live with all the luxury but if your landlord is a normal man so he is going to give you an ordinary house to live…   

So now let’s come to the conclusion part so when you watch any movie you can’t see face of an actor in entire movie... You also see role of heroine, villain, even good events and bad events. Many things and many person. So the same in astrology you can’t see effect of single planet in your life and single planet can’t create entire picture as alone hero can’t play all role in any also need support of other actors and actress to make complete movie… So in astrology you also need support of all nine planets if you want to become successful in every area of your life and to achieve everything in your life… otherwise you can see many person those are successful in professional life however flopped in personal life and vice versa too… 

So planets jobs are very simple they just create a situation and will put you on that (however situation would be Good or Bad that depends on the planet which you can check from your horoscope)…

Anyways don't waste much time in astrology as it’s like an addiction, and even after 30-40 years in your own horoscope you can’t understand your entire chart, so stop trusting on luck and trust on Karma which is main source of your life as -

Anyways so it was my little understanding about how planet affect us through vedic astrology. Again my humble request to you please ignore my grammatical error.

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