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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Singing Career In Vedic Astrology By Sourabh Soni

The Magic of Voice

Hi Guys,

Today i am going to describe very interesting topic in Vedic astrology, And even I was waiting since long time to write on this topic and I was busy collecting the birth data of singers and researching about the responsible factors as well as combinations so that I can reveal the astrology secrets behind singing career and finally I have finished my research with horoscopes of the singers (Indian & Western, both).

Singing is very common gift given by the almighty god and almost everyone loves music, so no doubt that everyone those loving music have few combinations in their horoscopes which signifying interest towards music.   

However remember interest and talent both are two different things, and I will clarify both here because everything has very important role while checking career in singing.   

However before reveling astrology facts i would like to clarify both the points in details so that you can understand basic difference between talent and Interest. 

So basically each one who is just found of listening music signifies that person having merely "Interest" in music (But he or she is missing performing abilities and Singing qualities in horoscope).

However definition for "Talent" is very vast and have different meaning and anyone who has singing talent is always dedicated towards music -

Hence interest for music is just a role of Karaka's but when we think for talent then entire astrology calculations comes into the picture, because in Vedic astrology each parameters has its own meanings. 

And also remember personality doesn't matter for career in singing, because no matter how worse personality you have but if your voice is attractive and melodious, you can win the game because singing is purely game of Voice.

Like an example, you can see Michel Jackson as he doesn't had handsome personality even not good looking face, however still he has won millions of heart and was the King of Pop Industry (Heads Off for him).

Anyways let’s discuss about Singing Talent in more details - 

As per my observations, there are many varieties in singers also, and each one has different taste as few like to sing local regional songs, few sings traditional songs, few sings Sufi, Few like POP, Jazz, etc...

So if you are calculating talent then primary parameters which matters a lot, are "What do you sing and how well you sing and where are you singing

Because if you are a kid so can sing in your school functions -

OR like if you have singing abilities along with good and cute voice for singing so you can sing for your own, just like singing as Passion -

OR you could be part of any orchestra music bands those are performing in marriages parties, or in local functions, or doing local musical shows, or even doing domestic shows as an orchestra Singer -  

OR, even you are not interested in worldwide or domestic singing, or not a part of any musical band, or even don't have any performing abilities but just have a singing passion like a Bathroom Singer - 

OR, these days even Beggars singing to bag money and trust me many of them have very melodious voice but just they are facing poverty and singing is only a source for them to beg....!!! 

So remember, these all are singers and few are equal talented too, but just missing A Large platform to give their performance, because almost 80 % percent population of the world loving music, 40 % trying to make their career in singing also but only one or two % are getting success.

Even if you have singing talent along with melodious voice, then too you can’t do anything if you don't get any big platform to perform.

And main battle I have seen for Playback Singing (In India), for Career in Pop Singing (In Western Countries)....

These days even kids are quite talented and trying to show their talents through various platform -

So really competition is quite hard, as I am also a part of media and have seen a large queue for singing audition however only few persons are getting selected, and merely one could be winner who is also going disappear after sometime. 

Hence Career as Playback Singer (In India) or Pop Singer (In Western) is really tough.

However Combinations for Singing talent and getting the big singing platform are quite different, so let’s discuss above all parameters through astrology....!!!  

Well, as I wrote above, I have gone through with few horoscopes and have observed many combinations and parameters of local singers as well as celebrities and few horoscopes I am going to show here as examples so that you can understand my points in detail.  

So let’s discuss the observation parameters first -  

Whether it is singing interest, or singing talent both depends on two Karaka planets of music industry which are Venus and Mercury and their ruling signs (Taurus, Libra, Gemini and Virgo).

Any linkage between these two Karaka's or with their signs in any horoscope are enough to bring singing interest for the person.

However if you are calculating singing talent then you have to calculate Second House and its Lord also, so basically Connection of Venus and Mercury with Second house and its lord is quite enough to give singing talent to the person.

Now another and very IMP question is when there are so much singing talents in the earth, So why number of successful singers are so less???

Trust me, in matter of singing there are so much talent is available worldwide because Venus and Mercury can’t go far away from each other (As per planetary alignment in the sky), Hence in maximum horoscopes Venus and Mercury either could be in conjunction or under each other sign exchange or could be found one or two houses away from each other, But remember these both the Karaka's are just promising the talent "Not platform".

Yes, that is the truth, peoples are missing the platform where they can show their singing abilities, so getting that platform is equal important along with talent....

So basically anyone who has singing talent or singing abilities but missing correct platform, you can easily found such peoples singing on local trains, Footpath, or singing in the bathroom, however to get large platform you have to calculate few more houses and their lords.

Let’s calculate the Role of responsible houses along with their significance for Singing -

First House - Signifies personality, how smart and handsome or cute personality you are, depends on power of first house or Ascendant.  

Second House - House of Voice and Speech, How melodious your voice is?? It depends on power of 2nd house (Bhavbal), its lord and planet which is influencing second house.

Third House - 3rd house signifies local language and local environment, like anyone who is singing in local languages, or domestic songs, singing for orchestra bands, POP Singers, YouTube Singers, etc...Everything is 3rd house.  

Fifth House - Singing for films is seen from 5th house, as fifth house is house of cinema and entertainment, Hence 5th house and lord is vital for play back singing.  

So First house is personality, Second house is for Voice, and 3rd and 5th house are signifying that platform which everyone is not getting, and any connection or linkage with these Houses and Lords with Karaka's Venus and Mercury are enough capable to give you clear picture related to singing platform.

However if you are looking for career as Play Back Singer or POP Singer or wants to make your career in singing only then you have to calculate three houses and two planets more, Which are 9th, 10th, 11th and Planets are Jupiter and Saturn... Let me clarify it more why these are so important...

Ninth House - It’s a just opposite to 3rd house and known as house of Luck, if luck favor then only one can think for glamorous life.

Tenth House - It’s a house of profession, any profession is seen from 10th house and its lord, it’s also known as house of Career.

Eleventh House - It’s just next to 10th house and Success of any profession is seen from 11th house and 11th lord.

Also remember as Ninth house is best in Trikona houseTenth house is best in Kendra houseEleventh house is best in Upachaya House, Hence only these houses and lords promises celebrity status in life (However Celebrity in which field that depends on planets connected with these houses).

And Jupiter and Saturn are natural Karaka's for Profession if these are positive in horoscope then only person can expect uninterrupted and successful career, Otherwise ups and downs in career's has been seen.

So let’s Sum up these all formula in one line - 

If Second house and 2nd lord forming connection with Singing Karaka's (Venus & Mercury) and Profession Karaka's Jupiter and Saturn in 3rd House or (For Local and POP Singing, Jazz, etc), Fifth house (Play Back Singing), or 9th, 10th and 11th houses or with their lords, then person can make their Career in Singing. 

Even if any planet which is ruling 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 9th, 10, 11th houses and connected with Venus and Mercury and sitting in 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 9th, 10, 11th houses then that planet is also equal important for determining profession in Singing and Music.

Note - Single house, Single planet, or even any single Yoga cant promises success in any profession, hence please calculate entire parameters, Few astrologer also calculating Moon, However dominant role of Moon I have seen in horoscopes of music directors as Moon is a significator of mind, which matters a lot for music directors, however benefic moon in second house can also bless with melodious voice.

And all above parameters you have to check in three divisional charts (D-1, D-9, and D-10 and somehow D-60 too).

Also remember, few singers also do lyrics writing and composing their own songs, hence lyrics writing is also seen from 3rd house and mercury, but whatever you have written whether it will get published or not it will depends on 9th house, 9th lord and mercury.... 

Now let’s check Singing Career from Arudha Concept - 

Anyone who is beginner in astrology and not aware about Arudha concept, So I would like to tell, Professional Face value of the person is seen from the Arudha Chart. 

So if you are checking your horoscope for career in Singing then please check your Arudha chart as well…!!

As definition, Arudha concept is bit advance concept in Vedic astrology which tells person image into the society, or you can say Arudha chart is a Mirror which reflect professional image of a person.

Arudha signify “You would be known as _______________ into world”

And answer of that blank spaces you can get through Arudha Chart only, whether you would be an artist, A Singer, A writer, A Business Man, Sportsman or a Leader, Only Arudha chart can give you this answer.

Because D-1 and Arudha both should promising the same career then only you would be a huge singing personality into singing or entertainment world, otherwise there are lot of singers exist worldwide including India those are sudden wining any singing competition like (Indian Idol, Raw Star, Little champs, and many singing shows worldwide), however disappearing just after sometime. 

If 3rd, 5th, 9th, and 11th houses Sign of your main birth chart (D-1) become your Arudha Lagna, or if any planet which is ruling these houses in D-1 getting connected with Arudha Lagna (Specially Venus and Rahu in Arudha Lagna) is a strong indication for entertainment world.

Hence if D-1 chart have all required combinations & Arudha Chart is also signifying image of a singer-

Then only you can become perfect singer and can play long successful innings.   

Another imp factor which I have seen almost in each horoscope is that, anyone who is successful singer have strong second house (Attractive Voice), third house (for local Singer and POP Singer), and fifth house (Only for play back singer). 

Hence Bhav bal strength of second, third and fifth house is primary important -

Note - How melodious your voice would be it will depend on power of second house, its lord and the planet which is influencing second house.  

Now refer below horoscopes for example, first i will show you horoscope of Indian Play back singers and then horoscopes of western POP celebrities singers and then I will tell you few very unique factors from all these horoscopes, So first let’s start examples of playback singers of Indian cinema -

Note -  Remember guys I have collected all horoscopes through my sources and internet but I am not almighty god, however I have still tried my best to present accurate horoscopes, and even I have gone through with many horoscopes of local singers & celebrity singers, so that I can clarify about each parameter which is responsible for career in singing, hence all the parameters which I have shared above, are totally my part of research and quite accurate for singing career as per me, hence below I wont describe entire horoscope of any celebrity & going to pin point the IMP factors only which are responsible for singing let’s start with horoscopes --

Alka Yagnik

Above horoscope belongs to Indian Female playback singer Alka Yagnik, You can see clearly, Lord of second Venus is sitting in 5th house, Mercury is also sitting with 3rd lord mars, Saturn aspecting third house, Jupiter and Rahu also aspecting 3rd and fifth house, She has started her career in Jupiter Mahadasha and Venus Antardasha but receive actual success in Saturn Mahadasha, Hence since long time Alka Yagnik is great playback singer of Indian cinema. refer next chart –

Lata Mangeshkar

Above horoscope belongs to Lata Ji, Who does not need any introduction in India, and almost all Indians are great fan of her Voice, Ascendant is Taurus and lord Venus which is Karaka for films sitting in 4th house, Jupiter sitting in Lagna but aspecting 5th house where Voice Karaka mercury is sitting with Sun, Lata ji has started her career in Mercury Mahadasha under Jupiter Andar Dasha, Refer next horoscope - 

Asha Bhosale

Above horoscope belongs to Another great Female play back singer Asha Bhonsale who is younger sister of Lata Mangeshkar, In her Case 2nd lord Venus sitting with Jupiter which is aspecting 2nd house, Saturn Retrograde in 10th house, Mars is also aspecting 3rd house, but mainly Ketu, Sun and Mercury all are sitting in fifth house under aspect of Rahu, Asha ji has started her career in Venus Mahadasha, Overall singing career is visible in her horoscope. Next chart is -
Md. Rafi

Above horoscope belongs to legendary singer Sir Md. Rafi, Saturn is exalted in Lagna house and influencing 3rd house and Mercury, Sun and Jupiter, Mars which is 2nd house lord aspecting Saturn through 8th aspect, Venus and Moon both are sitting in 2nd house making his voice extreme melodious and Rahu is amplifying this power through his fifth aspect, Rafi Sahab has started his career in Mercury Mahadasha Under Venus Antar Dasha, and recorded 26000 songs till death, Refer next -

Singer Mukesh

Above horoscope belong to another legendary singer Sir Mukesh, In his case 2nd and 9th lord Venus is sitting in 10th house under aspect of Jupiter and Saturn, Jupiter and Moon is sitting in 2nd house, Saturn which is fifth lord aspecting 3rd house and Venus and sitting in Lagna, Mars, Sun and Mercury all are aspecting fifth house, He has started his career in Saturn Mahadasha, As far as I know Mukesh, Md Rafi and Kishore these were the great legendary singers of Indian cinema, so lets refer horoscope of Singer Kishore also - 
Singer Kishore  

Above horoscope belongs to Kishore Kumar, As 2nd & 3rd lord Saturn is sitting in Lagna under aspect of  Venus and aspecting 3rd and 10th house, Jupiter is also aspecting 2nd house, Mars which is fifth lord aspecting 3rd house under aspect of Rahu which is also sitting in fifth house, voice Karaka Mercury, Sun and Moon aspecting 2nd house, He has started his career in mercury Mahadasha, His horoscope mainly not showing great impact in fifth house however If we look his D-10 chart where Moon is exalted in fifth house and fifth Lord Venus is under Loop Parivartan yoga with 10th lord Mercury and Sun, Hence i said check all parameters in three divisional chart which are D-1, D-9, and D-10.  Refer next example - 
Gulshan Kumar

Above horoscope belongs to Owner of Tips Music company and the king of very melodious voice Late Mr. Gulshan Kumar, Who is mostly famous for devotional singing, and even after his death his songs are still famous and he is alive through his recognizable voice, Anyway Devotional singing is seen from the 12th house and Jupiter so in his case Jupiter itself rules 12th house sitting in exalted sign cancer in 4th house and aspecting exalted Venus (which is also lord of second house) and 12th house, He has started his career in Rahu Mahadasha and under Venus Antardasha.

His horoscope is actually crystal clear for devotional singing, Lets refer another example -      
Kannada Devotional Singer

Above horoscope belongs to Famous Kannada Singer, who has faced extreme poverty and hardship in his life and received success very late as the Age of 55, when his Saturn Mahadasha got started, Saturn is 2nd and 3rd lord sitting with Jupiter in 9th house and aspecting Karaka Venus, however in his case Mercury and Venus are also quite strong. but as except nodes no strong connections are available in his D-9 and D-10 chart with fifth house, so he was singing in local and regional language songs and could sings for films, But even after his death his songs are still active in local Kannada temples.

Note - Strong impact of planets on fifth house and fifth lord is vital for Play Back Singing or singing for films, however just opposite strong 3rd house and 3rd lord is important for POP singers or western singers, So lets move to USA and Lets refer horoscope of USA singing celebrities - 

POP Singer Madonna

In her horoscope, Second Lord Mercury is retrograde sitting in Lagna along with Moon under aspect of retrograde Saturn, 3rd lord sitting in 12th house under aspect of Mars, Jupiter,  Rahu and Ketu impacting 3rd house, Overall required planets are connected with each other, Refer next - 
Jennifer Lopez

In Above horoscope, second and third lord are sitting in Lagna, Venus is in 11th house and Jupiter aspecting Venus from 3rd house, Mars and Moon also influencing Venus from fifth house, In her D-10 chart, Mercury is in 2nd, Venus is in 5th, and Jupiter, Moon and Rahu influencing 3rd house. She is Singer, Dancer, Actress as well as fashion designer also...Lol....Refer next chart -
Britney Spears

Above horoscope belongs to USA POP singer and actress Britney Spears, 1st and 10th lord Mercury sitting in 3rd house with Sun along with Saturn aspect, 2nd and 9th lord Venus is in fifth house with Moon, Jupiter is in 2nd house and Rahu aspecting it....Overall great horoscope...Refer next - 
Susan Boyle 

Above horoscope belongs to Scottish singer Susan Boyle, in her case, 2nd and 3rd lord sitting in Kendra and aspecting each other, Jupiter and Saturn aspecting 2nd house, fifth lord Venus is in 11th house retrograde, Mercury, Rahu and Ketu are connected with 3rd house, She has also appeared in many TV shows, Refer next chart - 

POP Singer Shakira

Shakira is one of most successful Latin-American POP singer, and have worldwide fan follower, As Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu and Saturn are influencing second house of voice, 2nd and 9th lord Mars sitting in 11th house along with Sun under aspect of Retrograde Saturn and Moon, Venus is exalted in Lagna, Mercury is in 10th house, Even she has strong combination in D-9 and D-10 also... Refer next 

Katy Perry

Above horoscope belongs to Song writer and Singer Katy Perry, I don't need to describe much because almost all planets except Rahu are sitting in 1st, 2nd, 3rd house itself, Even Rahu is also aspecting 2nd house, She is worldwide known biggest singer. Refer next chart - 
Lady Gaga

Above horoscope belong to POP Singer & Song Writer Lady Gaga, Second lord Venus is sitting in 8th house with Rahu, associated with Moon, Ketu, 3rd lord Mars sitting in 4th house, However Jupiter, Mercury is in 6th, retrograde Saturn is in 3rd house and Sun is in 7th house, even her D-10 chart is quite supporting for her singing career, Refer next chart- 
Nicki Minaj

Above horoscope belongs to another POP Singer, Rapper, And Song Writer Nicki Minaj, She has two MahaPursh Yoga in Kendra, Saturn and Jupiter both are ruling 2nd and 3rd house and powerfully disposed in 10th and 11th house, Moon is in 9th aspecting 3rd house, Both Karaka Venus and Mercury are sitting in 12th house under influence of Nodes, Overall powerful horoscope... Refer next -

Selena Gomez

Above horoscope belongs to Youngest Female Singer and Actress, In her case Both Karaka Venus and Retrograde Mercury are Sitting in 1st house with 2nd lord under aspect of Retrograde Saturn, fifth lord Mars aspecting fifth house,  Jupiter is in 2nd under aspect of Rahu, Moon is in 10th house, Even she has strong supportive combinations in D-9 and D-10 too...., Refer next horoscope -

Justin Bieber   

Above horoscope belongs to heart of billions girls Justin Bieber, All four Kendra Lords are sitting in Kendra(4th house) itself and Jupiter aspecting it, Jupiter which is ruling 2nd and 5th house sitting in 12th house with Moon, Retrograde Mercury sitting in 3rd house and Rahu and Ketu are in Kendra also...He also have strong D-10 as maximum planets are in kendra...Overall strong horoscope, Refer Next - 

Justin Timberlake  

Above horoscope belong to Actor, Song Writer and Singer Justin Timberlake, In his case Saturn and Jupiter are sitting in 2nd house and both are retrograde, And Saturn Exchanging Sign with Mercury and also a depositor for both Karaka's Venus and Mercury, Mars also influencing 2nd house and retrograde conjunction, however Rahu which is in 12th house have conjunction with Venus and Mercury in D-9. 

However if you want to know more about Retrograde Planets - Click Here

Guys I cant paste more charts here due to blogger restrictions hence closing examples session, I know I have not clarified all horoscopes fully however I have just pin pointed the singing factors in each horoscope so I think I have given sufficient examples for learning.

Now very important point is - There are billions peoples exist in the world, and there are lot of professions worldwide, However as per Vedic Astrology, planets are only Nine and all are signifying some kind of career and have own Karkatwa for Career, as Jupiter and Saturn are natural Karaka for any career, and Venus and Mercury also a Karaka's for entire entertainment world (Singing, Acting, scripting, Dancing, Modeling. Etc), and when one single planet signifies so many career then how judge specific career through Vedic horoscope???

Remember guys, Its does not matter how many Yogas for specific career you have in your horoscope, if your divisional charts are not giving success symbol, than its always difficult to achieve success in desired career, I am also a part of film industry and have seen many peoples coming dream city to making career in acting, singing etc... but they always get frustration and lot of struggle and later changing the aim or returning back to their home town and start trying career in something different field, And this is happening because peoples are referring yoga's and combination of entertainment world in D-1 chart only, however forget to observe concern divisional chart which are responsible for determining the career and gives correct detailed description of profession.

Hence please don't forget to judge the concern divisional chart which are D-9 & D-10 along with D-1 while judging yoga's for specific career, because if any combination for desired career is available in D-1, however if the same combination or similar factor is available in D-9 and D-10 also, that is actually known as real yoga which signifies true success and capable to make you a star.
Because D-1 signifies the promises, D-9 chart signifies the fulfillment of that promises, and how and which way that promises are going to fulfilled that you can observed through D-10 only.

And above divisional chart concept is applicable for all professions...!!!!

Now finally i am going to reveal all the consolidated common factors which i have collected from horoscopes of above singers and trust me each factor is quite interesting, so let’s understand that too - 

1 - In India, maximum successful female playback singers has born between 06:00 PM to 12:00 AM, and male playback singers has born between 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM. 

2 - Birth time for Western singer found just opposite as almost maximum Male POP singers birth time is between 06:00 PM to 12:30 AM, and almost all successful female POP singers has born between 12:30 to 10:00 AM or few in evening time. (Time zone of countries could be a reason for any discrepancy).

3 - Almost all Indian and western singers have very strong 2nd and 3rd house, In matter of Bhav Bal (which is also known as House strength, refer above shown Bhavbal chart in the same article for example).

4 - Connection of Venus, Mercury, Rahu and Mars with Arudha Lagna or Arudha Lagna lord found in maximum horoscope.

5 - Presence of One or Two retrograde planets in horoscope, found almost in 90 % horoscopes.

6 - Presence of Debilitated Mercury (Should not debilitated in D-9) with Neech Bhang or Retrograde Mercury is not less than a blessing for singing, Found almost in 60 % horoscopes. 

Note - Almost all Indian or western successful singers have one or two retrograde or debilitated planets (Specially Mercury) in their horoscopes, as Sonu Nigam has Mercury and Jupiter Retrograde in his horoscope, Shreya Ghoshal has debilitated Mercury and Retrograde Saturn in her horoscope, Sunidhi Chauhan has Venus retrograde conjunction with mercury in her horoscope, Honey Singh has Saturn retrograde in his horoscope, Ankit Tiwari has Debilitated Mercury conjunct Venus in his chart, Arijit Singh has Debilitated Mercury Conjunct Venus and retrograde Saturn in his horoscope, Himesh Reshamiya has Mercury and Jupiter retrograde in his horoscope, Even Md. Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar, Madonna, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga all have Mercury retrograde in their horoscopes....!!!

7 - Either Mercury or Venus or both were quite strong in matter of Vimshopak Bal, found in all charts.

8 - Maximum singers (Especially females) have born in ascendants of Benefic (Mercury, Venus & Jupiter) planets, Found almost in 60 % horoscopes.

9 - Almost all famous and successful singers have 30 + and 35 + points in 10th house of SAV Chart or in D-10 SAV chart (30 + found in Indian singers, 35 + in Western Singers).

10 - Influence of benefic planet on 2nd house or with 2nd house lord (Through placement, Conjunction or aspect) as per Cusp, Found almost 70 % horoscopes.

11 - Placement of Rahu in 11th house of D-1, D-9 and D-10 chart, found almost in 40 % horoscope.

12 - Influence of Mars on 2nd or 3rd houses or with their lords in D-1, D-9 and D-10, Found almost in 80 % horoscopes. 

Note - Strong mars is quite important for POP singers as they also dance along with singing which require lot of energy and source of that energy is only planet mars.

13 - Connection of Mercury or Venus or Mars or any retrograde planet (either through placement or aspect) with 2nd house or with its lord in D-10 Chart, Found almost in 60 % cases.

14 - Almost each singer has received his or her success in singing world in Mahadasha of Mercury, Venus, Rahu and Saturn only, Applicable and found on 100 % horoscope.

15 - Anyone Like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Nicki Minaj, those have receive early and massive success in singing, is a reward of Mahadasha of Rahu in Early age. 

Note - Even anyone who is winning sudden Indian Idol, Raw Star or any sudden rewards through such singing platforms, is only possible by Rahu & Mercury and its connection with 3rd house and with its lord and Mahadasha of Rahu itself. 

So i hope above researched points can help you a lot to judge your own horoscope for singing career.

Now another point is, if you are looking for "how to judge flavor of songs" like POP singing, Sufi Songs, Sad Songs, Songs Rappers, Love songs, patriot songs, So basically these all depends on particular planet placement on particular constellation, which is again long theory and require more research and the same i cant describe here, hence wait for another article on singing to know much on this part.

However if you want to know "How to judge how many peoples will love your singing" Or either will you get support of masses or not???

So seventh house of your horoscope signifies Masses and eights house of your horoscope signifies support of masses, Hence positive and benefic influence on these two houses and their lords can give you this answer...!!

And Power and Strength of 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 9th, 10th, 11th houses and their lords along with Venus and Mercury will decide your amount and Level of Success, Anyways do you know -
So guys it was my research about "How to See singing Career in Vedic Astrology", I hope you will like it and If you like my article and want to be my friend and interested to read my further articles so Just open below link and like my Facebook page but please don’t be my fan... Just be my friend...

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