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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Kaal Sarp Yoga In Vedic Astrology By Sourabh Soni

A Complete Truth


I hope you enjoyed my last article and information shared by me was helpful for you, Any way’s here I have some different topic to write today, and I have selected Kaal Sarp Dosh, as my researched was finished long ago, but selecting celebrities horoscopes taken time, but now I am fully prepare to write about Kaal Sarp Yoga, because peoples are sending me their question through my mails and requesting me to write about it…!!

Even I am quite interested to discuss on this topic because I have also faced several issues due to fake astrologers and have my own experience to share with you people, and I am sure my experience is going to help you a lot. However as we know Kaal Sarp is fully based on Rahu and Ketu so I will suggest you people to please read my post about Rahu and Ketu so that at least you should understand basic astrological terms and even everything related to Rahu and Ketu, Hence first go and read nodes article and come back to read this one, Here is the URL for Nodes article –

To read about Rahu and Ketu – Click Here
These days Kaal Sarp Dosha is a great source of income for astrologers sitting in any famous Shiv temple, and literally generating a large wealth for priests. Because if anyone who has such situation in their chart later or sooner going to be a victim of priest sitting in temple and going to lose large amount of money for puja and all other such stuff.

Well, it’s none of my business so it’s better to leave this discussion and continue with our main topic, as we know Rahu and Ketu are two shadow planets in Vedic astrology and also known as two karmic planets playing very important and dominant role in making destiny but in reality these are not less than a terrorist for any horoscope. 

So first let’s discuss point of view of other astrologers, later I will share my point of view and after that “I will leave it to you whether you should trust it or not”…!!! 

As per almost all business man astrologers and online available articles -

Kaal Sarp Dosh is formed when all seven natural planets of Vedic Astrology (Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury) are placed between Rahu (Moon's North Node) and Ketu (Moon's South Node) in the main birth chart.

Or you can say if in any birth chart if all seven basic planets gets hemmed between Rahu and Ketu so such situation in birth chart regarded as Kaal Sarp dosh.

Note – Kaal Sarp yoga does not include the influence of the outer planets like Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and whether its Dosh or Yoga we will decide later.

You have to start counting from Rahu in Anti clock wise –

As Rahu is considered as mouth of Kaal Sarp, and Ketu is considered as tail of snake, peoples those using south Indian format of horoscope can use clock wise counting

But counting should be start from Rahu only in case of KSD….!!!

All modern businessman astrologers considering such combinations as very destructive combination and regarding the same as another form of penury yoga in horoscope.

However there is another term mentioned in online articles as Kalamrita yoga which means if all planets falls under Ketu towards Rahu so such terms regarded as Kalamrita yoga and does not affect person life in a bad way, Even for more extend few astrologers calling it a Yoga, So depending upon movement of the planets either towards Rahu or Ketu, the yoga is named either as Kala Sarp Dosh or Kalamrita Yoga.

In south India, Kaal Sarp or Kalamrita term known as “Anuloma” & “Viloma” as south Indian have their own way of calculation and understanding the things…!!!

There are few more definitions available online, where peoples calculating the same yoga in vice versa order (from Ketu to Rahu) and predicting as per their belief and knowledge…!!

As we know each horoscope has twelve house in Vedic astrology system, so as per nodes (As they are always seven places away from each other) house placement in horoscope also regarded as different different names like, if Rahu is in first house and Ketu is in 7th house then it is known as Anant KSD, if Rahu is in 2nd house and Ketu is in 8th house so it is known as Kulik KSD, in 3rd house it is Vasuki KSD, even up to twelve houses it has different names due to Rahu and Ketu placement in birth chart…!!

These days this yoga is a subject of controversy as anyone who has this yoga in their chart and if facing any wrong in life so astrologers always giving entire credit to Kaal Sarp yoga only, however forgets that there are seven more planets exist in horoscope and after that there are several divisional charts which defining different shape of life, and giving each transformation details of native life….!!! 

Let’s forget about astrologers, because it’s all about native and their life, I can’t tell you how people reacts when people come to know that they have Kaal Sarp yoga in their chart.  
Yes, it’s true, people start considering themselves like a biggest unlucky person born in the earth, and they start acting like they have got nothing in their life…which is not true at all…!! 

Well, if it’s about money so no one destroys their business as I have seen now it’s a professional business in modern time and generating large wealth in temples. 
As I have faced lot of issues due to this yoga and even after that I have done lot of research on this, so I want to share all the truth here related to KSD…!!! 

As far as I know many well renowned astrologers has denied existence of Kaal Sarp Dosha in astrology system, but I will still request you to please read my entire article and then decide (As everyone should use their own common sense and should not take any blind decision). 

As I have written in many articles that I don’t trust on ancient text blindly, but here I am completely agree that ancient text books has no details available about Kaal Sarp dosh, which means ancient sages has not described any such yoga in their books (Books means old Grantha written by sages), so it’s all human made fiction term…!!!

Well before telling you anything let me tell you that I am belong to “Naga Dynasty” and we people worship snakes also during other festival like Nag Panchmi & and sometime during any Shiv Puja, as snakes are considered as a one form of god in Hindu religion.   

And trust me, here my story & experience will clear your entire doubt that if there is no such term (Kaal Sarp) available in ancient text books or sages has not mentioned anything about KSY in their writings then How Kaal Sarp word entered into public life???

Well do you know “How Loop Neech Bhanga or Loop Parivartan Yoga terms came into picture” in Vedic astrology???

Well, even sages had not discussed any such situation in ancient text, but in modern time such situations are available and affecting person life (As I have shown example horoscopes in my article of NBRY also), like if depositor of debilitated planet also becomes debilitated, so it is also affecting person life as per their nature but such situation has no name, and when I was studying astrology and found these nameless situations exist in astrology so I just fulfilled that missing gap and given a name to these terms without affecting their original significance, because actually I am an IT Expert and “Loop” is a programming word, and in any programming language “If any condition repeat itself so such term regarded as “Loop”, Hence I applied the same concept in astrology because if one planet is debilitated however depositor of the debilitated planet is also debilitated then debilitation is repeating itself and forming a loop (One nameless situation under another), So when I found Neech Bhanga situation getting repeated by another debilitated planet, So I gave a name “Loop Neech Bhanga”. 

Same happen with sign exchange, if multiple planets are exchanging sign together so I gave another name as “Loop Parivartan“.

So since I started working on astrology articles, Another two new astrological terms has been born in Vedic astrology system, “Which are Loop Neech Bhanga & Loop Parivartan Yoga“, however these names are not available in any ancient text books, even apart from my article you will not find these terms in any other books or online articles…!!!

And trust me, same happened with Kaal Sarp Dosha, As sages has not discussed about any such terms in ancient text, however modern astrologers have found this unnamed situation and have given a name (Kaal Sarp Dosh).

Later others have done few more experiments on this terms and has destroyed its original significance and converted it into a great source of business…!!

As I have written in my Rahu and Ketu article that they are not two planet as they are always one, So here Rahu & Ketu both has regarded as snake where Rahu is considered as head of snake and Ketu is considered as tail of snake.

However Rahu and Ketu placement in various houses has been described as different names and these names are based on (Shesh Naag Sloka) Naag Prayer which we people use while Naag Puja, And I know this truth because I am belong to Naga dynasty.

Note – In Kaal Sarp yoga placement of Rahu and Ketu in diffrent houses have been regarded as different names like in first it is Anant Kaal Sarp, than Kulik, than Vasuki, Karkotak, Padam… bla… bla… bla… etc…So basically these are twelve names of Shesh Naag which we people use during our Puja, however modern astrologers are misusing it, Hence these twelve names of Kaal Sarp yoga has been adopted from “Naga Sloka”. 

As far as effect of these KSY are concern through different houses, So if you are closely observing then you can easily understand that effect of Anant Kaal Sarp yoga is almost similar which comes through Rahu placement in 1st house for all (In without KSY horoscopes, if Rahu bereft any benefic influences then Rahu by default create such drama), So you don’t need to use Anant Kaal Sarp name for such things, it’s just natural & normal effect of nodes placement (Rahu being in 1st house) and same happening with other houses too, another point is - nodes position in certain houses merely affect specific area of your life, it doesn’t block entire horoscope…!!! 
And, All well renowned astrologers including Sir K.N. Rao are denying existence of KSY because they all are purely referring ancient text which has no detail about Kaal Sarp yoga.

But my question is “If any planetary alignment is available in horoscope then how can we deny its existence“

Yes it’s true, we can’t deny the thing which is visible in the horoscope, no matter whether it’s good or bad.

Astronomically there are always few periods when planets get hemmed between Rahu and Ketu fully, and it happens for few days in the sky, but it does not means all peoples born under this time period going to suffer in their life, As it’s very natural process like formations of PASA Yoga (when all planets occupies five houses of horoscope), Daamini Yoga (All planet occupies six houses of horoscope) or Mala yoga (Forming a Shape of Mala in birth chart) or other such yoga in horoscope (Any planetary placement have its own significance or influence in horoscope but it does not mean these Yogas are always harming), Each planetary alignment which is known as A Yoga or A Dosha in astrology, have specific purpose for each person, As no planet in horoscope gives 100% good to the person even being exalted and same happening in opposite way also, like no planet can give 100 % negative to the person even though its badly placed or forming any bad yoga in horoscope because no one can do good deeds or bad deeds throughout life, as life is always mixed with deeds…!!!

As i said we can’t deny existence of anything which is present and visible in horoscopes, and the only person has described this yoga correctly is "Sir B.V. Raman" and his texts seems quite valid here as such planetary position has much impact on mundane astrology rather than human life. 

Note: Mundane Astrology is the astrology of countries, also known as Geopolitical astrology as even countries have birth charts based on their gaining independence date and time. Mundane charts are subject to transits and progressions just like any other human chart, and Kaal Sarpa yoga formed during the transits of Rahu and Ketu plays a vital role in the mundane affairs, generally causing unexpected natural havocs and natural calamities like tsunami and earth quakes, hence such yoga has much impact on observing and generating predictions for mundane world.

Basically Kaal means Destroyer (In Hindu religion Kaal has various meaning), and Sarp means Snake (It means fear in modern time), So Kaal Sarp means a situation which gives destroying and fearful experiences in life and modern astrologers are considering the same for human being also...!!!

There is another terms in vedic astrology which is known as "Paap Kartari Yoga", I have described Paap Kartari yoga in details in separate article, where if any planet or house get hemmed between two malefic then such yoga occurs, so my question is why cant we apply the same rule for Kaal Sarp yoga, Where all planets get hemmed between Rahu and Ketu in a particular horoscope and as i wrote in Paap Kartari yoga article that " Paap Kartari yoga cant deduct everything from your horoscope but surely deduct something, and i have seen same happening in case of Kaal Sarp yoga also, where peoples are losing little happiness however this yoga also producing very influensive personalities in modern world.      

Anyways Kaal Sarp yoga or Dosh (whatever) is still a controversy, and forever will be…!!!

However as I written above, I wanted to share my own experience with Kaal Sarp yoga, and that is my only motto behind writing this long article, and I hope you would love and going to learn from my own experiences, and it will help you quite a lot, So let’s start–

As I said there are only astrologers those are making much fear than Rahu and Ketu in astrology world, so in child hood I had snake fear and sometime I also had snake dreams, and even my educational performance was quite weak compare to my other siblings during my college time, My parents met with few astrologers and they all told to my parents that your child has Kaal Sarp yoga in his birth chart hence your child is going to face much issues in his life and even it was happening too because I was quite struggling too that time so even trusted on such things (That time I was not into astrology), So my parents wasted lot of money on puja and others stuff but nothing worked, After finishing my college session when I got shifted in Mumbai in 2009, I visited twice Nasik and did Kaal Sarp puja twice, but trust me nothing happens as I lost my two salaries, Puja didn’t help me as the priests were quite greedy there and sitting there for money only. I become hopeless and I stopped doing all puja and fasting (whatever suggested me by my astrologers) but I didn’t lost my faith over my god.

Note- Nasik is a place of Maharashtra, where lord Shiva is available in the form of Triyambakeshwar, One real Avatar of Lord Shiv and very famous place for removing such evil from horoscopes, specially famous for Kaal Sarp and Manglik Puja. Etc

But I still had snake fear and dream quite a lot and career was also struggling, so I had only one thing in my mind is that “Kaal Sarp yoga is a reason of my sufferings” After few days I again visited one local Shiv Temple and I truly prayed lord Shiva that “Baba (I call Baba to Lord Shiva), I don’t have enough money (As I was working on quite low salary that time) to visit again Nasik and I can’t afford any puja now but still I am in pain and sufferings are not leaving me please listen my prayer and help me as I know no one can help me except you, and I will come again and again here only till the time you are not resolving my issues” 

These were my words that time, I visited two three month to that temple but then too nothing good happened, I was still having severe issues, Later I did job change so I was not able to visit that temple as I was shifted from New Mumbai to Western Mumbai, so finally I stopped visiting temples, But still I had faith on my lord.

Post few months, I started feeling little inner power like whenever I feel I have snake hovering over my head, or sitting near to me, I was thinking from inside that okay if you (Snake) are really here then come and bite me, I don’t scare anymore, its over…It happens four five month with me, Whenever I got snake fear in my mind I repeated the same word every time whenever I got snake fear, “Come and bite, I don’t care now, come and bite I don’t fear now” and literally you won’t trust my such snake fear vanished after sometime (It taken few months however).

And even after few days I also attached to astrology and started researching in astrology so I came to know that I had no Kaal Sarp yoga in my chart as two planets are out of Rahu and Ketu axis, Astrologers were making me fool, However my moon is greatly affected by Ketu which was causing me such snake fear.

So I actually realized that lord Shiva had accepted my prayer and shown me correct path. 
That’s why now I am writing in my article “Prayer is the best remedy and solution for all issues”.

So that was my experience with Kaal Sarp Yoga and with fake astrologers…!!

Now let’s comeback to the astrological calculation again, and now I am going to clarify few more points which I have researched deeply and learned from practical life experiences…!!!

First biggest myth and fake statement about Kaal Sarp is “It is coming in horoscope due to snake Killing”

Trust me its 100% bullshit statement and in real life nothing is like that as I am quite deep into past life study so I can answer this very accurately.

However as far as snakes fear or snakes dream are concern so I am also clarifying the same in details below –

It’s not necessary that if you have any planetary alignment like Kaal Sarp dosh then only you can get snake fear or snake dream….”No”… Not at all…so let me clarify what is snake fear or snake dreams –

During my research, I have observed that anyone who has snake fear, like if they are walking any forest kind of place so such people sudden gets one illusion in mind like snake will come in front of them and going to bite them….

Few sitting in the dark room, or walking somewhere alone, feels that they have snake around and will come in front to bite them … 

Few also a different kind of snake fear, like snake is chasing to bite them, or other such similar fear and it could happen in planetary transit also (Not necessary every time).   
Sometime if anyone eating something but sudden gets an illusion like they are holding snakes in their hands…but most of the cases i have seen when peoples are meeting snakes during sleep.  
So there are several kinds of snake’s fears which peoples are facing these days however all are an illusion created by Rahu and Ketu in birth chart activating during transit…!!!

These all the feedbacks which I have collected from all the persons those are facing such issues, however when I have observed their horoscopes so found that their moon is under influence of Rahu or Ketu in horoscope (Maximum have this).

Few also have Mars + Rahu & Saturn + Rahu conjunctions, everyone who has Saturn in 12th house also said that they have snake fear.

Even presence of Sarp Dosh in horoscope can also give you such illusions sometime –

But remember it’s all an illusion of mind, once you start facing it bravely as I did, it will be vanished automatically…!!!

So don’t waste your money for such things, or even you don’t need any astrological remedy….!!!!

I don’t wanted to ignore Kaal Sarp dosh blindly just because KN. Rao and other astrologers has denied its existence completely, hence I also performed one little survey with my relatives and friends those have Kaal Sarp in their horoscope and collected their feedback's which I am going to share here –

Because peoples those are suffering can only tell you the truth, So in my friend circle or relatives those are born in rich and wealthy family but have Kaal Sarp dosh in birth chart said that they never faced any horror situation as predicted by astrologers or result mentioned in online articles and even life is going as usual (Because everyone face little hardships in life so nothing big in it), However those belongs to middle class or lower class family and born with Kaal Sarp yoga in their horoscope, have commented little odd and if I have to summarize their feedback's in one word, then almost all delivered same statement like –

Yes they are in sufferings due to Kaal Sarp Yoga (As they are thinking like that), However I have collected all horoscopes those said life sucks, and gone through with their charts and found that they are also living in dilemma like I was at some points because like my case, their source of sufferings are different however they are entirely blaming to Kaal Sarp, most of them are facing Dasha of the planets those are already depressed in their birth charts, Many have others bad Yogas too which are actually causing sufferings to them, I could not understand why astrologers avoiding presence of Paap Kartari Yoga, Grahan Yoga, Pitra Dosh, Shrapit Dosh, Guru Chandaal Dosh, any many other Dosha even ignoring debilitation point of horoscope, however entirely blaming Kaal Sarp just to snatch money from peoples, Because almost all horoscope (those are struggling in life) have other bad Yogas and other unavoidable negative points along with Kaal Sarp Dosh.
So we can’t blame entirely to Kaal Sarp Dosh, and an alone Dosha cant be responsible for entire sufferings in life.

However another important point about this planetary alignment is –

If you have read my retrogression article, and there somewhere I have written that if any planet get hemmed between two retrograde planets also start acting like retrograde planet, and our complete study on retrograde planets tells us that retrograde planets always creates little drama in life.

So when all planets hemmed between Rahu and Ketu so in such cases your entire horoscope become dependent on Rahu and Ketu, and nodes position in horoscope along with divisional becomes vital.     

Being Karmic planet Rahu and Ketu have certain restriction over birth chart by default, however is such case of KSD they act like an in-charge of horoscope.

So overall if nodes are healthy and happy in horoscope, person does not face much issues however if they are badly placed in D-1, D-9 or D-60, or afflicted or even their depositor is weak then they may create little much issues, where person feels hard crises in life. 

Rahu and Ketu are shadow planet but as they are always retrograde so always enough capable to make or destroy one’s life.

However even after such issues I would still say that one good or bad yoga can’t make or destroy your life, so even if they are bad, merely they can put more hurdle in your life but they can’t stop you achieving success in life.

I have several notable horoscopes with me to show you as an example here which I am going to show in example session, Almost everyone has faced severe hardship but still they reached top in their fields and known as highly successful person in the modern world.

peoples thinking they are not becoming celebrity due to presence of Kaal Sarp Dosh, but such peoples never understand that anyone who is big today has faced severe hardships and becoming big through their hard work, later luck taking all the first of all person has to check whether he or she has born to become rich or just like a common man they have to live entire life and complete study of your entire horoscope can easily tell that.

It is just few businessman astrologers those are making horror of KSD to get business, otherwise it’s very common & natural planetary process, which neither require any fictional name nor generating any horror output in human life… I have seen people are making horror pictures through Photoshop where a snake has been designed between horoscopes and showing that horoscope is cursed due to snake yoga -

Later calling them for consultation, snatching money and telling them that they have Anant Kaal Sarp or Vasuki Kaal Sarp, or any other kind bad Sarp dosh in their birth chart, because you have killed a snake in previous birth... and even many more.. Bla…bla…bla…and they require Naag puja to remove evil from life otherwise they can’t progress throughout life….Trust me these all statement are - 
Peoples are frustrated and ready to pay easily for such things but when you ask them to donate 100 Rs to hungry poor man, they are going to think 100 times…!!!

Basically my research is not denying existence of such planetary alignment in horoscope, but the horror story created by modern astrologer is little severe issue, Anyway let's refer few horoscopes and later you decide whether Kaal Sarp is Yoga or A Dosha for you ???
Example - 1

Above horoscope belongs to my very close friend as well as my classmate, who born in very rich family, recently got married and blessed with male child, however only negative point in his life was "Even presence of very auspicious Budh Aditya Yoga in his fifth house, he could not finish his college education, and he is merely 12th pass, but now has joined his father business and earning quite well, as he is close to me and as far as i know he has not faced any issues in his life because being an alone male child in his family, Now refer his horoscope, Rahu is sitting in ascendant in sign of Taurus and Ketu is in 7th house, rest all planets are hemmed between Rahu and Ketu. 

Also remember, If there are all planets in left (Between Rahu to Ketu) then right hand will be empty, same happen if all planets are in right side (means Ketu towards Rahu) then left side will be empty...!!!

Few astrologers also says that if any planet is sitting with nodes so kaal sarp dosh bhanga occurs, however trust me when you are going to observe 40-50 horoscopes, then you can find such points invalid very easily. even in his case Ketu is in 24:20 Degree, and Jupiter which conjunct Ketu in seventh house is in 14:08 degree, so even degree wise too jupiter is not crossing Ketu's Limit, however still you want to consider it bhanga for Kaal Sarp so it's always up to you, I am not an astrologer and even not forcing anyone to follow me blindly, as my purpose is only to keep you out from such myth. Refer next -

Example -2

Above horoscope belongs to biggest successful and millionaire business tycoon, who has achieved his massive success after little struggle but created milestone in his field. In his case all planets are hemmed between Rahu and Ketu, now it’s your wish you can call it Kaal Sarp Dosh or Yoga, Refer next horoscope which is little similar with example -2, 

Example - 3

Above horoscope belongs to cricket Emperor Sachin Tendulkar, his horoscope is similar with example-2, but both has born in same year but in different months, But both are emperor of their fields and have got massive success even after having such yoga, Even Sagittarius sign considered very bad for Rahu in astrology, but still Rahu and Ketu could not stopped them to achieve success. Refer next example of another celebrity -

Example - 4

Above horoscope belongs to biggest USA business tycoon and politician Donald trump, he also has same planetary alignment and where all planets are hemmed between Rahu and Ketu, but nothing seems worse as said due to presence of Kaal Sarp Dosh. see next horoscope -
Example - 5

Above chart belongs to Infosys King, Mr. Narayan Murthy, in his case Rahu is sitting in 8th house in the sign of Taurus along with exalted moon, however rest all planets are sitting till Ketu, So nodes are hemming all the planets here too, almost all Indian knows how much struggle he has done before founding Infosys, But now one of the richest Indian. refer next celebrity horoscope - 

Example - 6

Above horoscope belongs to former USA President George W Bush, in his chart all planets are situated between Rahu and Ketu starting from 11th house, Still he became president...!!! 
Example -7

Above horoscope belongs to another former USA President Mr. Abraham Lincoln, in his chart too, all planets are situated between Rahu and Ketu starting from 9th house, he became president at the age of 52, however as far as i know about him he has spent his initial life under extreme poverty...!!!
Example -8

Above horoscope belongs to Delhi chief minister Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, He also has such planetary alignment like Rahu is in 11th house and rest planets are sitting before Ketu, and all Indian knows very well that these days BJP is very strong political party however still this man won the election against BJP and become chief minister of Delhi, India as well as leader of Aam Admi Party.
Example -9

Above horoscope belongs to Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s first female prime minister, In her case rahu is sitting In 10th house and rest planets are placed before Ketu, overall horoscope signifying presence of Kaal Sarp Dosh, but still she became prime minister of united kingdom, refer next chart - 
Example -10

Above horoscope belongs to Hollywood film super star Sylvester Stallone, In his case Rahu is sitting in sixth house in the sign of Taurus however rest planets are placed before Ketu, however rest houses are empty after Ketu, means horoscope fulfilling all required parameters, however as I said we can’t deny struggle part of the person, and everybody knows how much struggle this person has done to reach such a great career height, as he started his career as a porn star, but now known as successful super star.   

Example -11

Above horoscope belongs to American tennis player Serena Williams, in her birth chart, Rahu is sitting in 4th house with mars and rest planets are placed next to Rahu but before Ketu, Next above half portion of birth chart is blank, but she is still world famous celebrity, Kaal Sarp worse effects does not work here or what else ?? 

Now lets see few examples where all planets are sitting from Ketu towards Rahu -   

Example -12

Above horoscope belongs to very famous American astronomer Mr. Carl Sagan, In his chart Rahu conjunct Saturn in 9th house, however rest houses after Rahu are empty and all planets are placed after Ketu to Till Rahu, so he has such planetary situation available in his chart, but he was quite successful too, Refer another example -

Example -13

Above horoscope belongs to Indian richest business tycoon Mr. Dheeru Bhai Ambani, in his chart, Rahu is placed in 3rd house and rest houses are empty till Ketu, and all planets are placed between Ketu towards Rahu, He has Kaal Sarp Dosh but also have Amavashya Yoga in his ascendant formed by Sun and Moon, But he was the richest as everyone knows his journey from a Petrol Pump man to making a reliance Empire, Refer another example -   
Example -14

Above horoscope belongs to POP singer Lady Gaga, a lady who got rapped at the age of 19, but now a days known as biggest celebrity having millions followers all over world, In her case Rahu and Venus is in 8th house, however rest houses are blank, and all the planets are situated next to Ketu towards Rahu. Refer few more charts, -
 Example -15

Above horoscope belongs to Tamil Super Star Rajnikant, and this man is actual emperor of south India, A Man who has started his journey from a bus conductor but now a winner of millions hearts, He also have same Kaal Sarp planetary alignment, as Rahu is in 8th house and rest houses empty, later all planets are sitting towards Rahu starting from Ketu.  
 Example -16

Above horoscope belongs to Indian cricketer Mr. Ravi Shastri, in his case all planets are placed between Ketu towards Rahu, however Rahu is in 3rd house and rest houses are empty, this man was successful sportsman during his time, even still active in sports.

One more example I am showing you here which is one of the best horoscope of this article, refer below -

Example -17

As I said, Rahu and Ketu position has much importance in mundane astrology instead of human life, So yes above chart belongs to our beautiful country India, Rahu is in ascendant and rest planets are sitting after Rahu but before Ketu so actually all planets are hemmed between Rahu and Ketu, Every Indian knows internal and external situation of Indian nation, so it’s better you do your analysis with this horoscope of India.

I still have many horoscopes of celebrities those have born with the same planetary alignments and become successful, but due to blogger restriction I can’t publish more horoscope, but I am giving their names below – 

Martin luther king, Alka Yagnik, Amrita pritam, IAN Thorpe, Nazma Heptulla, Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, Nelson Mandela, Vijiya Raje Cindiya, Kareena Kapoor, Lara Dutta, Dada Bhai Noroji, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, Vahida Rahman, Ashok Kumar, Dr. K.S. Krishnan, Steve Fossett, Indian Singer Sunidhi Chauhan and many more...!!!     

So when these all peoples could be a celebrity then why you can’t, After writing such a long article I feel Kaal Sarp should not regarded as Dosh, I think it is a Yoga or you can say it’s a stamp given by destiny into your horoscope that if you don’t lose life battle then you have a bright chance to become celebrity so overall your hard work with life will decide whether you are going to get this stamp permanently or going to destroy its significance. 

One more thing I would like to suggest, whenever you are judging any yoga or Dosha in your birth chart so please use Nirnaya Bhav chalit chart to confirm exact house placement of the planet, because if you apply this concept so in maximum cases Kaal Sarp presence become questionable….!!!!
So i shared my entire research over here, Now It’s always up to you whether you want to consider it a yoga or a Dosha, however if you still feels that Kaal Sarp is a Dosh and giving you trouble then instead of wasting money in temples or priests, it’s better to knock the correct door which is only solution for all issues - 
In my observation I have seen that each one struggling these days even without Kaal Sarp presence however if they are trying hard then there no planet who can stop you, basically any bad yoga or bad planet merely giving you hurdle in life and giving you much challenges to face but they don’t dare to block your entire path, So its nothing big having Kaal Sarp Dosha in horoscope, its very natural formation of the planet which has their own importance however modern astrologers are misusing it but still -

So guys it was my long research about "Kaal Sarp Yoga or Dosha in Vedic Astrology", I hope you will like it and If you like my article and want to be my friend and interested to read my further articles so Just open below link and like my Facebook page but please don’t be my fan... Just be my friend... 

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From: Sourabh Soni
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