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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

All About Planetary Combustion In Vedic Astrology By Sourabh Soni

The Karmic Deduction
Hi Guys,

Thanks a lot for your feedback's which i have got for my previous retrogression article, and again here i am going to describe another theory of planetary combustion in Vedic Astrology, I will show you my research point by point along with examples so that you can understand it very easily.     

As we know all such processes are based in astrological views only, its not happening in the sky, We just consider these steps while calculating our horoscope so that we can predict the nature and behavior of planets in normal life because our life is purely based on the planets and strength and weakness of the planets creating strong impact on our life, and like a retrogression motion of planets, combustion is also important concept and we can't ignore it any how.     

Anyway lets refer the solar map below so that you can understand this concept easily - 

I hope through above map you can understand as combustion is all about distance of the planets from Sun, As there is limitation for each planet and each planet live in limited distances from the Sun in the sky, However as we don't care whats happening in the sky, and for us whats happening in our life does matter a lot for us hence our ancient sages and astrologers has given combustion theory.

As we all knows Sun is very hot and fiery planet and we consider the same fiery nature of sun in Vedic astrology too  - 

However energy of sun is main source of life in this earth, and sun is considered as giver of life, however due to its fiery nature Sun is considered mild malefic planet in Vedic astrology, Because fire has no friendship with anyone its just act as per its nature and burn everything which comes closer to it. 

Same thing happen with the Sun, If any planets which comes closer to the Sun gets burned and which is destroying the significance of the burning planets -

However in Vedic astrology distance between two planets is been measured by the degree's hence in ancient text there are certain degree has been described for combustion for specific planet -  

Moon: Moon is under 12 degrees from Sun considered as Combusted.

Mars: Mars is under 17 degrees from Sun considered as Combusted.

Mercury: Mercury is in 14 degrees  considered as Combusted. (12 degrees If in retrograde Motion)

Jupiter: Jupiter is under 11 degrees from the Sun considered as Combusted.

Venus: Venus is under 10 degrees considered as Combusted. (8 degrees if in retrograde Motion)

Saturn: Saturn is under 15 degrees from the Sun considered as Combusted.
However in modern world everyone including me is denying above parameters for combustion of any planet, because in modern time old parameters are not working 100 accurately and even all practical experiences and live feedback's from peoples are allowing all modern astrologers, not to trust on ancient written text books blindly.  

So as per modern time and based on practical researches any planet gets start burning when its under 10 degree, and if planet is more closer to the sun like under 5 degree to 1 or less degree planet will be considered as burned or combusted.  

However there is one debate i have seen almost everywhere, which is about combustion of Mercury and Venus, because they both are the planets which are always too closed to the sun and quite used to with Sun heat, So can we put Mercury and Venus under combustion concept ??? 

So answer is "Yes" 

Mercury and Venus also gets burned if they goes too close to the Sun, however as they are quite used to with the Sun heat hence they become combusted when they are under 1 to 4 degree, Mercury is always either would be one house previous or next to the Sun or could be found in conjunction with Sun in horoscope and mercury cant break this boundary, Same happen with Venus also as Venus could be either one or max two houses ahead or previous to the Sun or could be in conjunction with Sun in horoscope, but as i said fire has no friends hence Venus and Mercury also gets affected when they are too closed.

However combustion of Venus and Mercury is really a matter of debate, as when we see horoscope of successful peoples or celebrities where Venus and Mercury conjunct Sun then we easily saying that Mercury and Venus are combustion free, however trust me if you refer chart of lower class peoples then you will actually realize that they both planets are also not free from combustion and really fire has no friends.    

Another important point about combustion i would like to tell you, is that, while checking combustion of the planets, must need to check as which planet holds lowest degree, because its also matters a lot.

Suppose There is a conjunction of Mars, Sun and Venus in horoscope and Sun is in 06:00 degree, mars is in 10 degree, and Venus is in 02:00 Degree,  so actually whats happening here as Sun is in 06:00 degree so as per other planets degree Mars is going away from the sun as hold higher degree from the sun, but Venus hold lowest degree from the sun and coming closer to the Sun, As an impact on human life Mars will do lot better after the age of 42 even being under combustion (As its going away from the Sun heat, so later with the time suffering coming due to combustion will also be less), However Venus will give more struggle and will create issues as going near to the Sun, Hence please keep this concept in mind while calculating combustion of the planets in horoscope.

Lets see few horoscopes - 
Case Study - 1

Above horoscope belongs to a Male, Refer his seventh house where Sun and Venus are in conjunction and both are in 2.37 degree away from each other as Sun is in 7.40 Degree and Venus is in 05.03 Degree, As Venus hold lower degree to the Sun and moving towards sun (However Venus is already in combustion range), as conjunction is in 7th house so person has got married quite late in life, and has spent his entire life as middle class even have spent long time in rented house (Venus is lord of 11th which is gains, and lord of 4th which is home life).

Note - Entire sufferings are not coming from combustion only as its quite clear that other planets also causing sufferings in above chart, Hence without proper observation don't blame to combusted planet. 

Another example is -
Case Study -2 

Above horoscope belongs to female, Who is still unmarried and quite struggling in her career, as Mercury which is 7th and 10th lord sitting in 12th house and very close to the Sun, as Mercury is 09:43 Degree and Sun is in 08:39 Degree, however they are also getting aspect of Saturn which is making delay.  

See, basically if any planet in horoscope become combusted by Sun so its loses its basic significances, and if its a benefic planet which is combusted in horoscope so its loses is doing good capacity and its benefic qualities are greatly suffers (Like how the burn person will react in their life).

And if combusted planet is malefic than its become more malefic and somehow act like hard enemy (If any modifying situation is not present in horoscope), However any combusted planet act completely negative in the horoscope only If Combusted planet is in debilitated sign, Weak in Shadbal, Under Paap Kartari yoga and also losing strength in D-9 then it can act like biggest destroyer and mild malefic for horoscope.  

However there are few parameters which are known as saving factors for the planet and even being in combustion position, planet can perform very well in horoscope and these are as below - 

1 - If combusted planet is occupying its own or exaltation sign in horoscope.
2 - If Combusted planet is getting strong benefic aspect.

3 - If Combusted planet is sitting in the house where it gets Digbal (Directional Strength).

4 - If Combusted planet is exalted and well placed in divisional charts (Specially in D-9 & D-60). 

5 - If Combusted planet is retrograde in horoscope.

Note - Along with above five points combusted planet should not be weak in Shadbal also...!!! 

So lets discuss above five points one by one in details along with examples --

If any planet is in conjunction with Sun and become combusted in horoscope however occupied its exaltation sign, so even after combustion situation planet is able to survive and can't harm concerned area's of your life too much (But combusted planet should not be weak in Shadbal and D-9 & D-60). 

Refer below horoscope - 
 Case Study - 3


Above horoscope belongs to a business woman,  In her chart Sun is in 11:19 Degree and Mercury at 06:57 Degree, so total difference is approx 04 and half degree however Mercury is in own Sign, so even being in 8th house in her horoscope, she doesn't feel anything lack related to mercury and she is quick and successful decision maker and running successful business of Vastu products and giving TV Shows.  

Refer another example - 
Case Study - 4

In above horoscope, There are four planetary conjunction is in fifth house, Sun is with Saturn, Mercury and Ketu, However as per degree Saturn is combusted by Sun as Saturn is in 25:52 degree and Sun is in 21:07 Degree, However Saturn is sitting in its own sign Capricorn, However Sun itself is quite weak in Shadbal and entire conjunction is under Subh Kartari Yoga formed by two benefics Venus and Jupiter, Anyways this horoscope belongs to former Indian cricketer Md. Azharuddin.  

Refer another example -
Case Study - 5

Above horoscope belongs to an electrical engineer, In his case Sun and Jupiter sitting in 4th house along with Rahu, However Sun is in 19:58 and Jupiter is in 14:03 degree and getting burned by Sun however Jupiter occupied its Own Sign Pisces and Even Sun is quite depressed by Rahu, Person is quite successful and getting higher salary from company.  

Lets move to the point number -2, If Combusted planet is getting strong benefic aspect from the benefic house, so it can give great relief to the combusted planet.  

Benefics (Jupiter, Venus and Mercury) and their aspect are always considered as good  and can remove many obstacle from horoscope if they are well placed in horoscope.

Refer below horoscope - 
Case Study - 6

In Above horoscope, Venus is combusted from Sun as sitting in 21:26 degree and Sun is in 23:31 Degree, As Venus is moving to the Sun, However Venus is sitting in exalted sign Pisces and also getting aspect by Jupiter from 11th house, Person is professionally quite successful...!!! 

Lets move to the point number -3, If Combusted planet is getting in the house where it gets Digbal (Directional Strength) , so it can give great relief to the combusted planet.  

Refer below horoscope - 
Case Study - 7


Refer above horoscope which belongs to a female who is shifted USA post her marriage, As per ancient text Mars should be 17 degree away from the Sun, However Mars is too close to the Sun as Mars is in 23:46 Degree and Sun is in 21:59, getting combusted by Sun, However Mars is sitting in 10th house and getting Digbal, Even Venus is also combusted as per standard degree parameter but as involved in Sign exchange with Mercury, which is saving Venus also, this lady is well settled in USA and working in designing company.

As per point number - 4, If Combusted planet is getting exalted and well placed in divisional chart, so it can also give great relief to the combusted planet. 

Guys remember, any combusted planets cant destroy entire horoscope, its just creates issues related to the ruling houses and its own significances, So if any planet which is weak in D-1 through combustion however exalted in D-9 or Sitting in friendly sign, under benefic influences or Under Pushkar Bhag or Pushkar Navamsha or Vargottam Navamsha, Even strongly placed in D-60, these situations are not less than a blessings for combusted planets.

Now the final point number - 5, If Combusted planet is retrograde in horoscope. 

Well as my personal observation i would like to say that combustion doesn't affect any planet if its retrograde in horoscope, and the only reason when any planet become retrograde in horoscope its automatically becomes too powerful. 

Retrogression itself a great Power, As we know whenever any planet coming near to the Sun so Sun is just burning that planet -  

But basically even when planet is too close to the sun and if retrograde so it doesn't get affected, Retrogression power is just saving that planet in a great way, and we can say that combustion is nothing in front of retrogression.

As i have already clarified in my retrogression article is that, As Rahu and Ketu which are known as shadow planets then why Rahu and Ketu is eating Hot Sun & Cold Moon like Pizza and Burger, and this is possible Just because power of retrogression, They even cant touch Sun and Moon if they are not retrograde hence they are always retrograde in horoscope so that they can eclipse the Sun and Moon. 

That is the main reason Rahu and Ketu are never considered as combusted even if they are too closed to the Sun, Even they are damaging Sun if they are in close conjunction with Sun, Which is also known as Grahan Yoga in horoscope, So If Rahu and Ketu could be too strong due to retrogression, Then why other planets cant be??

So if any planet which is closely connected with Sun however in retrograde motion, so its does not get combusted by Sun heat, as retrogression power is saving that planet...

Lets refer few horoscopes -
Case Study - 8

In above horoscope, Sun is in 25:04 Degree, and Mercury is in 17:23 Degree however retrograde, So even Mercury is under approx 7 degree from Sun, Mercury has not a least affected from combustion, As this horoscope belongs to First Indian Female IAS Officer Kiran Bedi who is famous for her intelligence in entire India.   

Next Example is - 
Case Study - 9

This is best example for such condition as in above horoscope, Sun and Mercury are almost in just a less than half degree difference as Sun is in 00:43 Degree and Mercury is in 00:59 Degree however retrograde, So its quite clear that Retrogression and exaltation energy saving mercury from the combustion, This horoscope belongs to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.   

Refer another legendary horoscope -
Case Study - 10

In above horoscope, Mercury is in 8th house and very close to the Sun, As Sun is in 24:25 Degree and Mercury is in 23:43 degree, however mercury is exalted and retrograde so almost free from Combustion. however Mars is also combusted but conjunction with two benefics, First is Venus and another is retrograde mercury, And this horoscope belongs to Mr. Amitabh Bachchan who does not need any introduction.  

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Now lets discuss the Karmic Part behind combustion -

As we knows our entire horoscope is purely based on previous life deeds, so what are that deeds which are responsible for planetary combustion???

Yes its true that combusted planets signifies some malefic or weaker deeds from past life which you can understand through combusted planet placement and condition in horoscope, However the main imp fact about combustion is "It is like a Deduction".

As Combustion is natural process and to give you certain result based on your past life deeds planetary combustion is required, however its basically a deduction which signifies "Something has been deducted from your luck Store due to your past life sins"

Combustion process of any planet is just a contribution to an event related to your life which will affect your life negatively surely, refer below example - 

Case Study - 11 

In Above horoscope, Venus is combusted by Sun as very close to the Sun, Venus is in 03:12 Degree and Sun is in 03:41 Degree, As four planetary conjunction are available in 11th house, So this person was worldly known Saint, However as i have written in my downfall article, Saturn never leave if you follow immoral path, So finally in debilitated Saturn Maha Dasha person has faced severe downfall as got caught in sexual scandal related to female and imprisoned now. However several other parameters are also available in horoscope like debilitated Saturn is exchanging Sign with Mars which is in 8th house of sex,  So you can observed small contribution of combusted Venus (Which rules female and sex), And yes this horoscope belongs to richest saint Asha Ram Baapu, who were doing hidden sins and got caught in Saturn Mahadasha. 

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Hence remember combustion of any planet does not make your life hell, its just affect ruling houses and its significances but mainly presence of combusted planet in horoscope signifies that something has got deducted from the destiny which you will surely experience in your life, As to give you certain result based on your past deeds planetary combustion is required, It doesn't lead to the scandal always like Saint AshaRam, but could support to even little event which may be important for you... but combustion effect of any planet is always not horror as mentioned in ancient astrology, however if your horoscope is weak you can feel its effect due to presence of other bad yogas....

As i have seen people never trying to find exact source of sufferings, however just start blaming Combusted planet, Retrograde planets or debilitated planets if they have these in their horoscope. but trust me without analysis of your overall horoscope you cant understand that.."Never, ever"

And if you are searching effect of individual combusted planet in my article so dear you wont find it here, because i don't write planetary effect on the basis of single parameter, Because any combusted planet in horoscope also sits in specific house, Specific Sign, and same time could be in conjunction with other planets, effect of other positive and negative influences can change the result. Hence effect of individual combusted planet (which is available almost in all online articles) cant be correct and require proper judgement to predicting through them.   

Also remember combusted planet never deny the result, but result will depends on the nature of planet, Even if combusted planet is yoga Karaka then too with little hurdles planet will produce it result, it cant deny however the way of giving result could be little different then normal planet, and if other planets also influencing then prediction should be made on the basis of all factors. 

Combusted planet (If too close to the Sun) loses its strength which could affect health of the person, And combustion of any planet affect personal life much than the professional life. 

Few astrologers suggest to wear gemstones so that combusted planet can get the strength, however please beware because if combusted planet is bad for your horoscope and if your increasing its strength then be ready to face severe sufferings instead of profit....

Remember all players in any team cant perform equally, and even all team members are equally giving their best, Than too only two or three players can perform well in any match but yet we require contribution of all players because wining is depends on team work only, Same happens with the planets as all nine planets cant be exalted or debilitated in horoscope, So no matter how strong and weak they are in horoscope, they are never out of the game, and even they have got burned but still they can help you out by their little support (Support could be good if benefic or bad if malefic or both).

So guys it was my research about planetary combustion in Vedic Astrology, I hope you would like it and If you like my articles and want to be my friend and interested to read my further articles so Just open below link and like my Facebook page but please don’t be my fan... Just be my friend...

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