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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Exaltation vs Debilitation By Sourabh Soni

Maximum VS Minimum

Hello Guys,

Welcome to Vedic research portal and here we are going discuss about state of the planets and their impact in human life. Most of the time when peoples think it is bad to have debilitated planets in their chart. But sometimes it is good to have debilitated planet in the chart for some areas of life. The Exalted planet in the horoscope shows a very good past karma with respect to the area of life, however Neech planets do show some lack of karma in the field of governance of that planet. Exaltation and debilitation only signify the actual quality of planets in Vedic astrology.

Astrologers claims that if planets are debilitated in horoscope so they would be considered as powerless however exalted planets are considered as powerful. I think this is misinterpreted by astrologers only or if it is written in Vedic ancient text then too I would say astrology system needs to be updated as it is old and all rules are not correct and not applicable for all universe because if powerless or debilitated planets are bad so when we browses through many top celebrities and top leaders charts, we can come to know that at least two or more planets in debilitation in their charts, which makes them to have royal life style and making them royal person. Both debilitation and exaltation have good/bad results, but don’t make the structure on the basis of exaltation or debilitation only as there are lot more which comes in between. 

Because I have seen people over tensed when they know that they have got planets in debilitation in their horoscope.

However to understand this theory more deeply we should understand the actual meaning of exaltation and debilitation. Which is our main topic here, so let’s start our journey -

First of all we should understand the basic -

What is debilitation in Vedic astrology?

Debility is like an illness which seriously affects someone or something's strength or ability to carry on with regular activities. And if we describe it more so a planet is fully inauspicious, if it is in its debilitation. So whenever planet occupies debilitated sign generally considered weak and destroyer.

What is an exaltation in Vedic astrology?

Exalt means to glorify or elevate something, Exaltation means a feeling or state of extreme happiness, the action of elevating someone in rank or power. So whenever planet occupy an exaltation sign generally considered strong and good. And if we describe it more so a planet in exaltation is considered highly strong. Exaltation is eternal life, the kind of life king lives. The person who has three or more exalted planets in the chart lives in great glory and possesses all knowledge and all wisdom as per Vedic text.

It is medium in strength if it’s in Mool Trikona sign or occupied own Sign. Its strength is only nominal if it is occupied a friendly sign.

I don’t want to write much about planets occupied own sign here because you can find a lot of information about the same through internet… I would like to give more light on the bad part of astrology which is known as debilitation system in Vedic astrology … Or even I would like to say debilitation is as good as exaltation…

People ask to me, Why debilitation or exaltation of planets are imp in astrology?

And I always give same answer to everyone and every time, is that “This is going to affect your life” Happiness or sadness of your entire life depends on it”…It’s also represent your Karmic punishment or rewards of previous birth Hence very important…!!        

Exalted planets can give you anything easily but in case of debilitation you have to fight alone as you won’t get any help (except from god) which is actually makes person stronger….

Debilitation is like a fight with destiny where you have to prove your ability and have to tell the destiny that you also deserve for happiness…

I would like to remind you that even god was in sufferings and under influences of planets when they were on straight away no one can escape from the effect of planets. Person born in day time or night time, on particular date, even particular day, Nakshtra during birth, Pada During Birth, Paya, Charan, Yoni etc. Everything matters in human life as you get by affected by them as your characterization is purely based on them... Even planets in some degree can change the game, no matter whether they are debilitated or exalted...So beware and never ignore even a small point because everything matters in astrology... So -

Exaltation means you have done something very good in the past birth related to the exalted planet in respective area (Ruled house) and debilitation means you have done something very bad related to the debilitated planet but it does not means that if you have done bad in the past birth so you are going to repeat the same in present birth too… Even in exaltation is not a guarantee that you are going to repeat the same good deeds in present birth because that is totally up to you how do you act in present birth…

I know my many friends with two or more exalted planets in their charts however still walking empty and don’t have any aim to do… Amazing but true

So never be happy when you see exalted planets in the chart and never be sad to see planets in debilitated position in the chart… exaltation or debilitation alone can’t guarantee anything, as you also need to check another available positive and negative factors in the horoscope before giving any conclusion about future.

Let’s do some comparison between exalted or debilitated planets and later I will give quite interesting examples of world top celebrities those are shining in the world just because of debilitated planets and will also show you the way how to deal with debilitated planets when you are getting suffer by them… how to convert that negativity into positivity -

I will highlight the comment so that you can understand it in a better way (Red for Debilitated and Black for Exaltation) so -

Exalted planets means god has already written your destiny which you are going to get through exalted planet, and debilitated means god has sent you in the earth with empty hands so that you can write your own story with happy ending… because empty hands signify “you are the only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be, and you have to earn good deeds to make debilitated planet stronger and have to recreate yourself…”

Because when you get full glass of water in your hand by someone then you don’t need to do anything apart from drinking it but when you get empty glass then it is up to you what do you want to drink in this glass… But you have to work hard to get that drink which you want to drink by this glass….

Whenever you find two or three planet Neech in the chart it means you have got Neech bhang yoga in your chart by default…

Whenever you get three or more exalted planets in the chart so chances are equally high to get Raj Bhang yoga in your chart…

Debilitation has many positive points same exaltation has many drawbacks…

Debilitated planet makes opposite house (7th house from where they sits) strong because they aspect their exaltation sign.

Example – Sun sitting in 11th house in the sign of Libra but aspecting 5th house which is Aries and exaltation sign of Sun

However exalted planet gives bad impact to the opposite house (7th house from where they sits) because planet aspects its debilitated sign…

Example - Saturn sitting in 11th house in the sign of Libra but also aspecting 5th house which is Aries sign as well as debilitation sign for Saturn... So along with positive effect person will also face many hardship related to the fifth house due to Saturn bad aspect on it (Saturn aspect is already bad by the way…Ha ha ha ha ..Lol).

Whenever two debilitated planet aspects each other, Neech bhang yoga occurs for both the debilitated planets which gives power to the planets as well as to the people to fight against adverse situation.

When two planets occupied exaltation sign but aspecting each other, Raja Bhang yoga occurs and even a king will turn to be beggar if having such yoga in their chart as per ancient text (however in modern times it signifies setbacks only).

If someone has two or more debilitated planets in their horoscope then chances are much to be multi-talented but vice versa two or more planets are exalted or occupied own signs then still no guarantee to be multi-talented… (Refer Chart of Leonardo Da Vinci in the same article below).

If someone has four or five planets in their exaltation or swarashi simultaneously don’t have one or two debilitated planet in the chart then entire chart is useless and no raja yoga will fructify… In short exaltation is depend on other debilitated planets to give their best…

However there is no such condition with debilitated planets…

Exalted planet can give you everything easily and have power to touch the sky as its gives power to make victory…

Debilitated planet can give you lot of hurdle’s and troubles, but when they start giving person can go beyond the sky and can touch universe…debilitated planet will give you power to make history…what more I should say…..Yes

Note – Don’t judge the planet on the basis of their exaltation or debilitated position because their position in other divisional charts (Especially in D-3, D-9, and D-60) is quite important. Also check their total power (All Shadbal and other Non Shadbal Factors to examine the actual power of planets).

I don’t need to describe power of exaltation here because there are lot more articles are available over internet however I am here to write about debilitation so if you want to know more about debilitation or Debility cancellation Yoga, Then must read my below article which is purely based on debilitation of planets –

To read about Neech Bhanga Raja Yoga - Click Here

Life has many turns and each turn requires -

Anyways, do you know how planet affects us and what are their jobs???

If your answer is “No” and then use below link and read my entire article “Game of the planets” and understand how they affect us and what makes them good or bad, then come back to this article -

Must read this article which is going to reveal the real game of planets - Click Here

Guys I would like to make you clear one updated Vedic text for the planets which is –

“Planets only give adverse results if people does not follow the good path shown by them (No matter whether they are debilitated or exalted in the chart)”

Because persons those have two or more exalted planets in their chart always act very proudly and fearless and always try to ignore moral value of things because they always get everything very easily without working hard so later such person can face downfall too.

And the persons those have debilitated planets in the charts and if they are getting suffer by debilitated planet then too even after many adverse situation one light voice you will always get from your heart is that “Please don’t do it as its wrong”. Few people define it to voice of god, few says it’s a voice of heart etc.

Have you feel ever one sound coming from your inner side “please follow and do all whatever your heart says” Yes My friend that’s your inner soul voice… and even person those have exalted planets also feel the same because it happens with everyone but it is depends on you what do you want to do 

As I have already clarified in my previous article that -

“Planets jobs are very simple they are going to create a situation and will put you on that” 

so if they are well placed in your chart and acting as positive so no doubt situation would be good but it could be negative too in case if they are badly placed or giving their debilitation effect… 

Have you ask any person who has rapped someone or have killed someone or did something very wrong in their life... How do they feel after doing such crime??

I have asked from one who has killed two person and took his revenge and replied me that he has got mental peace after doing this but he didn’t know why sudden such thing happened and his mind forced him to go for kill someone … (He was my class mate and have killed his step mother and her daughter)…

So finally "Planets created a danger situation for him and he got fallen in that situation" however he never wanted to do it because he knew it is a crime and his whole life is going to be destroyed but the day he avoided his voice of inner soul he did a crime and become criminal.

Let’s see his life from closer angle – As far as I know he was moderate in his studies and was belong to a middle class family and lost his mother in his early age. His dad remarried again with a lady and had one daughter from that lady so he was completely unhappy from his step mother because she had never treated him like her child. So even since childhood he doesn’t wanted her step mother… then too he has spent many years with her and faced many mental suffering so alternatively he was listening his heart and could not do anything wrong with her step mother and sister but at sudden point his mind become violent and he has killed both of them. And as far as I know him he was never thought to kill them. (I don’t remember his birth details so can’t share).

So the day he ignored silent voice of his heart (Or you can say voice of saving planets) his life got destroyed.

So whenever you are fighting against your destiny so always - 

See guys debilitation is not only reason behind failure of someone or behind any crime as I will show you charts of many peoples in my upcoming articles based on crime where planets are exalted but still they have done many crime. It does not mean if person have exalted planets will not do any crime…So basically there are lot more factors which act as per the planetary positions and situation given by them in life and needs to be calculated all together before judging anything. (Hence complete analysis of chart would be require to predict about future events).

Another important point is that “Rahu and Ketu are known as Karmic planets” in Vedic astrology. They act as triggers to deliver both Karmic rewards and Karmic punishments in our life” so act very carefully if you have these two karmic planets debilitated in your horoscope.

Rahu and Ketu are the part of same body hence can’t be together in main birth chart (It is possible in divisional charts) hence you always find them seven places apart from each other so if Rahu is debilitated in the chart then Ketu would also be debilitated in the chart and they both always hold the same degree however they both act just opposite to each other as Rahu is Fake planet and Ketu is all about Truth.

Karmic means Karma (Deeds) – And Rahu and Ketu provide their results as per one’s Karmic log. So if someone has destroyed life of another person so how he could be happy in his next birth. Because destiny is purely based on karma so If you are destroying others life then be ready to pay back… That are karmic log which Rahu and Ketu represent. 

As I have already told you I am not an astrologer and I am just like you peoples entered into astrology while finding answers of my questions, I wanted to know reason of my dark past… so I started learning astrology to get that answers because no other science can answer about such question except astrology… However I did so many practical and research which I am sharing with you people so that it can help you. However I still can’t do prediction (And will never do in future too), Even I don’t know English too much because I studied from Hindi medium even I use Google translator to write my article in English…that’s the main reason you can find too many grammatical mistakes in my all article however I am recovering those error day by day whenever I get feedback from my readers and friends. Ohhh…..Guys please leave my story because it has no end, So my motto is to tell you only -

Every bad thing has something good in it… just try to find that

Note - You can read my debilitation article to know more about debilitated in birth chart and even you want to know the benefits of that planet even after being in debilitation. 

Now I will tell you - what happen if someone gets two, three or more planets in debilitation in their chart - 

Such persons always get tested by destiny in every corner of their life. They get failure more than success as its quite natural in such cases. Personal life of such person would always be suffer (Related to the debilitated planets), such peoples are multi talented (most of the time) and always trying their luck in many fields but can get only one way success till the age of 30 to 35. But still overall horoscope analysis would be require to give final judgment -

But how to know in which field they should try??

So guys no astrologer can tell you this however astrology can but now a days astrologer are not so capable except few. But I think you don’t need to go anywhere because listen “what your heart says to do”

Because if your heart says you have to be a Doctor, Or an Engineer or sportsman or even an Actor but you are doing job in any other field… so in short you are ignoring the voice of planets and instruction given by them so they start giving mental tension like you won’t or never be happy when you do such work or other job and always be in under pressure and you will feel your life is like hell and will get equal mental tension from personal and professional life.

However you will get lot of trouble even too if you are trying to get success in desired field like if you want to be an actor or anything else, you are going to face lot of trouble there too. But you have to win that situation.

Because that is actually meaning of exaltation and debilitation. Exalted planets give you everything very easily without any problem but in debilitation you have to face lot of hurdles and issues. In short be ready to get lot of sufferings than only you can achieve your goal.

So straight away, decide single career as your heart says… you will get your success there only…But must do analysis on yourself like - 

Because whatever exalted planets will give you. Debilitated planets will give you more than that at certain point of your life.

Because while writing this article I have observed more than 100 charts and one notable point was that peoples those have exalted planets in their charts are working in MNC Company as Manager, Director or CEO. But the peoples those have two, three or more debilitated planets in their charts so either they are living very low class life or Ruling the country like a Ruler and all directors or CEO are obeying rules made by such person.

Trust me guys if you have debilitated planets in your charts so please closely observe what is wrong and what is right going around you and act cleverly to save yourself… Never think you can’t succeed when you see all doors are off… try to look at an open window.

Everything in life happen for a good reason because it teaches you something, treat every mistake which you made as a lesion to make you a better person…Trust yourself and pray from that almighty who is watching everything -

It is good if you have got exalted planets in your chart but if you have got debilitated planets in your horoscope “then you have been blessed by god”… Trust me….. Because

So let’s start example session now, and these all celebrities have debilitated planets in their charts however known as ruler in their time – First chart is -

Albert Einstein

This person is known for his intelligence and great mind however Karka of Intelligence (Mercury) and Karka Of Mind (Moon) both are Debilitated in the chart...As Mercury is debilitated in 12th house and moon is debilitated in 6th house, He was not as intelligent in his early childhood, but when planets started given him, that man became a historical Scientist,  next example is -

Michal Jordan

American Basket Ball Player has Mars and Moon debilitated in his chart but still he was great player, refer next chart - 

Prince Charles 

Prince Charles has Venus and Sun debilitated in his chart... However he is still a prince of UK and richest in matter of Wealth, refer another horoscope –
Leonardo Da Vinci

He has Rahu, Ketu, and Mercury, three debilitated planets in his chart however he was really multi-talented person.

Da Vinci was an Italian Renaissance polymath: painter, sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer. refer next another celebrity example -

Sachin Tendulkar

God of Cricket World Sachin Tendulkar has Four planets in debilitation state...can you imagine but still is an emperor of cricket world....

Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter, Mercury, are debilitated in sachin's horoscope...

Note – Nodes sign position for debilitation is still a matter of controversy, few considers Scorpio is debilitated sign for Rahu and few consider Sagittarius, however in modern astrology I have seen that Rahu is performing quite good in material world even being in these signs too, however to get more clear picture you can read my article on Rahu and Ketu.  

Refer Next example of another Queen –

Elizabeth II is, Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and Head of the Commonwealth, She has Jupiter and Mercury debilitated in her birth chart.
Refer another horoscope below from sports world - 

Serena Williams

Very famous sports woman, Serena Williams who has Karaka for sports which is mars itself debilitated in her chart, but still she is notable personality in sports.

You might be thinking why am I writing this when I am not a writer or astrologer???

So answer is till now I am biggest and successful failure but soon I am going to convert my failure into biggest success and I am not saying that on the basis of good or bad Raja Yoga’s available in my charts. I am just saying on the basis of my confidence (Even Karaka of Confidence Sun is Debilitated in my chart) and on the basis of my lord almighty who is helping me through unknown helping hands and giving me power to fight with negative energy and teaching me how to win from adverse situation…See guys basically I am not trying to teach you anything but I am just helping out to find you within yourself…Enough

So if you find debilitated planet in your horoscope so don't be afraid and just follow your life aim and keep saying -  Yes i Can and one day you will say yes "I DiD IT " Hurray

So guys it was my long research about "Exaltation VS Debilitation in Vedic Astrology", I hope you will like it and If you like my article and want to be my friend and interested to read my further articles so Just open below link and like my Facebook page but please don’t be my fan... Just be my friend... 

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