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Monday, 14 July 2014

All About Lady Luck Or Luck After Marriage By Sourabh Soni

The Process of Merging Two Destinies

I hope you people are enjoying reading my articles as I am doing quite hard for you people so that you can get the answer of your question through astrology. In this article I am going to tell you about “Lady Luck” or Luck after marriage

I know everyone those are single these days interested to know about their future life partner, specially girls. Everyone those are interested in astrology desperately looking for answers related to their marriage.
As I have already told you people in my previous article that no science can give you answer of your future related question except astrology. Just you need to know you correct birth date, Birth time and Place of Birth.
As per ancient text nature of the spouse can be easily seen from your own horoscope. But only lagna chart can’t show you the entire picture or can’t give you answer of all the questions.
Well we will discuss about astrological combination or how to get answer of marriage related questions later in the same article because I will like to tell you something interesting… So please pay attention -
Now I will tell you little theory because without reading this theory you can’t understand concept behind “lady luck” or “good luck after marriage” 

Please read and understand every line which I am going to write here –

As you people probably know that husband and wife are two aspect of same coin. But why… do you really know its meaning????

Well I don’t know your answer but let me tell you this from my point of view –

This is because after marriage two physical body becomes one soul and destiny of both the person gets merged. Yes its 100 % correct… 
As you can’t deny that we can’t clap from single hand and to clap we need use another hand. So in the same way everyone has two aspect in their life which is “Personal and Professional“.

God has made male to handle professional life and female to handle the personal life (Now these days people are breaking this rule so as return they are getting tension in their relation and divorce ratio is also very high specially in western countries like USA, UK).

So another question is “does really destiny gets merged after marriage of both the persons”
So answer is “Big Yes

Few become rich as gets huge money after marriage, or in few case remain peace of present life also gets destroyed. And few live moderate life even after marriage… So why is that so???

So in Vedic astrology husband or wife known as “Mirror”

Yes if you are male then your wife is your mirror and if you are female then your husband is your mirror…Hey but what is mirror means here

Okay – let me tell you this also – As when you face mirror so it will show you your own image.

As per karmic theory whatever you have given to your husband or wife in your previous birth you are going to get the same in your next birth. And as we describe everything through yoga in astrology hence if your spouse were happy in previous birth with you so you won’t find any negative yoga which is famous for destroying marriage life of the person.  (Like Manglik Yoga)

So your husband or wife is a mirror which reflect your own image.

So you can observe yourself if you are not happy with your husband and wife and observe how he or she is treating you in your current life because the same behave you have done in your previous life with your life partner. 

All the pain and happiness which you have given to your life partner in your previous life so the same pain and happiness you are going to get in return in your present birth.   

I hope now the concept of Karmic life is clear to you…..

So let’s continue on the topic merging destiny after marriage -

As everyone has his own destiny so wife and husband both has their own destiny however when they marry their destiny is now no more two… It is now one.

It means if male have short life or early death yoga in his chart however his wife don’t have any widow yoga in her chart so see what is going to happen in such case –

As you can’t change the bad or good event coming into your life so when the time will come of his death so person is going to face that such bad event however instead of death he will face any major accident which is going to make him useless (Like if he loses his hands and legs in accident so he becomes useless) however he is still alive as his wife luck saved him (however he is facing death like situation as he is useless now).

Take another example – If someone is unable to earn money or suppose he has no money yoga in his horoscope or he has restricted amount of money indicated by his chart in his entire life. However from another angle his wife has great wealth and money yoga in her chart. So even if person earning is very low then too his wife can bring good money for him (Like such person may be involved in business which is his wife running or she could be in higher post in any multinational company and can earn great wealth). So inspite having restricted money in his life he won’t face any issue to run his family.  

Same theory is applicable for females also.

Hence now these days our parents prefer to do horoscope match making before marriage because if your husband or wife has very bad yoga stronger than your yoga so remain peace of your life is also going to be destroyed.

It happen with everyone because luck of your family member also affect you “ Have you listen ever people saying ohh my child is very lucky for me, or that lady is very lucky for me” this is why because when another strong destiny work with your destiny so the results will depend on the both luck. That’s actual meaning of family... Suppose if your luck is indicating hard time but if the same time you are getting the same thing through others luck. So its simple means if you have five member in your family so every luck is connected with you.  

And above concept also works in during partnership in business because when destiny of both the business partner will support then only business can grow.     

I hope above concept is clear now so let’s move to another point -

Few days back I have received one query from one female who had asked me why she is living normal life when she has too many raja yoga in her birth chart.

However I have replied her query and shown her several factors however I want to write about it more here as well so that other female and girls can read and understand it.

So first of all “Existence of any Raja Yoga in birth chart is not a guarantee of royal life” Every planets sitting in any house, in any sign or even in any constellation create one yoga. So every event about person is denoted by these yoga (May be good or bad that depends on the complete placement).

And I have seen people always focusing to see positive Raja Yoga available in the chart however ignore the negative Raja Yoga. That is the main reason you won’t get clear picture of your natal chart. Please do the complete analysis including other positive and negative factors.  

Another very IMP point for female - 

Effect of maximum raja yoga available in female chart she experienced after marriage because 60 % profit of Raja yoga (Positive and Negative Both) which is available in her chart goes to her husband….however in return she gets love, happiness and care through husband which keeps her happy.

That’s is main reason wife is known as Lakshmi (Goddess of money and wealth).

Note - But Make sure negative yoga can also destroy husband life

But why 60 % profit to husband of her Raja Yogas???

Because as I said above professional and personal life has been divided between husband and wife and wife always spent her life to serving her husband and his family entire life. Hence all the profit of her good or bad deeds she received through her life partner only.

However females who don’t marry will face her fate based on her chart entirely. But it happen in only few cases because spending life alone is also like a curse and result of bad yoga of previous life. 

Now let’s discuss the above points through astrological combination or through planets…

In Vedic astrology Lagna is prime important because your life story gets start from here. Strong Lagna and Lagna Lord will make you influential person among all.

As 1st house represent you and just opposite 7th house is a house of your wife.  (In Case of Male)

(It is Just Opposite in case of female as First will represent female and 7th will Husband).

So if you are judging your marriage part only from Lagna chart so 1st, 7th, and 8th house and their lords are important because 1st house is you, 7th is your wife and 8th house is second from 7th. And second house represent stored wealth and money however 8th house is also just opposite to actual 2nd house and also known as inheritance house (In laws). Hence 8th house and its lord is very important and actually tells how much wealth you will get through marriage. (8th house is considered as bad however it gives many profit in unexpected way)

However this is not only the formula. You have to calculate the other things also –

Let’s see what they are -

There are so many ways to determine lady luck or luck after marriage in the horoscope.

As per Indian Astrology the 7th house and its lord (Also positive and negative influence on this house and lord), Marriage karka Venus (For male), Jupiter & Mars (For Female) and the planets with the lord of 7th house but most detailed study you will find in Navamansa chart, 7th house of Navamsha, 9th house of navamsha, Dara Karka and Upapada Lagna.

These all will give you answer of your all question related to marriage life.

Let’s discuss about above points in more details – 

Let’s first describe the 7th house in details –

7th House: This house denotes marriage, married life, love, contracts, litigations, divorce, honour and reputation in foreign country. Matters regarding wife, husband, partnership, external sex organs, and conjugal happiness are we checked from 7th house. Private parts, uterus, glands, Legal bondage, business, love affairs (for love affair also need fifth house and its lord support), success or failure in love, beauty, appearance, character and complexion of the spouse, divorce, differences among husband and wife, business partners, diplomacy etc. 

So Luck after marriage or Lady Luck means how fruitful will be your life after a lady or a person who comes into your life after your marriage...

Do you know why life of the person gets changed after marriage??? 

Have you thought ever? - Why after marriage person situation gets sudden changes and the person who is living normal or hard life sudden gets dramatically improvement in his career and even beggar becomes king and even vice versa too.

Someone receive tremendous happiness and money and rises in career after marriage and even in few case which I have seen even remain peace of the person gets destroyed after marriage. And few also continue living average life even after marriage ….

So the question is why so much drama happens??

Because your D-9 or Navamsa chart comes into the picture here -

Your Navamsa chart gets activated after your marriage or later age of 28-30…Or you can say like from your birth date to age of 28-30 you are your Lagna chart but later age of 30 you start becoming your Navamsa chart… I mean to say - you live and face the situations given by the lagna chart till the age of your 28-30 but after it you live your life as per your Navamsa chart and faces the situation given by the Navamsa chart(70 % effect comes from Navamsa)… because till 30 you are your Lagna chart but your life converts you in your Navamsa chart after 30…so D-9 role is most IMP here…but don’t calculate D-9 alone and always calculate it along with D-1 and get the results…(Please calculate D-1+D-9 together) 

So whatever you received after marriage (Like any situation or anything good or bad given by the planets) or after age of 30 to 35 that most effect comes from Navamsa Chart.  

In Vedic astrology Lagna chart is known as tree so Navamsa chart is known as fruits of that tree… If Lagna chart is a radio then Navamsa chart is a signal of that radio… hence planet debilitated in birth chart but occupied own sign or exalted sign in Navamsa chart has been considered much powerful…Or your life after 30 or life after marriage will depend on the power of Navamsa chart or D-9 Chart.

So powerful Navamsa Chart ( D-9 Chart) Can only give you Luck and Wealth through Marriage.  

So let’s start with the answers of the most searchable questions in the internet -

When will I get marry??

so check condition and 7th house and its ruler, Which planet aspecting 7th House, Because when you will going through under Dasha/Antar Dasha of seventh lord, planets placed in seventh house or planets aspecting seventh house. if Dash or Antar Dasha is allowing marriage then transit of planets will make the yoga of marriage. 

If no planet is in 7th house or even not aspecting 7th house so you can also check the marriage time period through transit. (Transit over 7th house and its lord)

Karaka Venus, Jupiter also play major role in marriage.

Will i get early marriage or Late Marriage?

If there is no problem in 7th house and its lord like if its strong and under benefic influence and dasha of these planets are coming in right time in natal chart so chances are higher to get married timely.

Same opposite malafic influence over 7th house and on its lord create delay. Sometime people also problem from dasha system as dasha of marriage causing comes very late.   

Position of Venus (For male) and Jupiter and Mars (for Female) also decides marriage, as they are karakas for marriage.

Will I have love marriage or Arrange marriage??

Ohh commonly asked question - As far as i have knowledge for this condition -

If seventh house or its lord is having under any malefic influence and the same time 7th house and its lord also having conjunction or one aspect of any benefic planet... chances for love marriage occurs...

Love we see through fifth house if fifth house and its lord is also connected with 7th house and with its lord so chances are higher to get love marriage.
Mars + Venus also create chances for love marriage.

So there are lot of combination for love marriage but i have written only about those combination which i have seen in maximum charts.  

If any chart missing above situation chances for arrange marriage are higher.

Will I have luck after marriage?

Alone factor cant give you answer of this question. for this you need to study D-1 and D-9 chart entirely together. Because luck after marriage or through husband or wife will depends on the total power of Navamsa Chart(D-9).   

Position of Navamsa Lagna lord, 7th lord and 9th lord in Lagna chart and also the position of Lagna lord, 7th lord, 9th lord in Navamsa chart and situation of seventh house in both charts ( D-1 and D-9) will decide lady luck or husband luck through marriage. 

Will I get wealthy family or wealthy wife or husband?

To know this must study the Upa Pada Lagna and second house from Upa Pada Lagna. Because Upapada Lagna shows the nature, life or longevity, and health of the marriage relations because its a 12 Arudha Pada. 

So If UL is receiving any benefic and positive aspect as well as lord of UL is exalted then husband or wife would be from noble and wealthy family. Also the position of UL Lord should be positive or exalted.

This is very vast calculation actually. 

Will I get loving or good nature husband or wife?

Again for this you need to check position of UL and its lord. Sign in 7th house in main birth chart and Darakaraka "the planet which has lowest degree in the chart" which actually signify the nature of the life partner.

How cute my husband or wife would be? (Looks)

You cant draw the face you our life partner through astrology however condition of 7th lord and Navamsa Lord and benefic or malefic influences on these houses or lord will give you maximum clue about appearance of your life partner.

Will i have happy relation ship through out the life?


Power of UL Lagna and UL can answer this question because life of relationship can be seen from power of UL and its Lord. 8th House from UL gill give you clue about healthy relation ship with life partner.

What about my in-laws?

As i wrote above 8th house is second from 7th and also represents in laws or family however position of 2nd house from UL also gives answer of this question.

So power of 8th house and its lord in Main birth chart and and Navamsa chart will decide family nature, power and position of in laws.

What about my sexual life? (Because it’s also a part of married life)… 

12th house and its lord is known as Bad pleasure and responsible for sexual life. So strong position of 12th house and its lord in both chart (D-1 + D-9) can give you healthy sexual life. However analysis of Karaka of Venus support is also required. 

Will I get kids??

Fifth house of main birth chart and its lord position in lagna and Navamsa chart along with fifth house Karaka Jupiter will give answer of this question. But we can get detailed information through study D-7 or Saptamsa Chart.  

Will I get male child or female child?

So Astrology denied to answer this question. However strong male planets influence in fifth house and fifth house of D-7 chart gives little Clue. 

However above point is not applicable in all cases....

So Guys one question which i have not mentioned here is that -

"How will decide that one will marry or Not"

So when ever seventh house gets powerful malefic aspect and 7th house lord become debilitated or combusted or gets hammed between two malefics (Paap Kartari Yoga). Also loosing strength in Navamsa Chart... Chances become less to get marry.

Position of Karaka Venus, Jupiter and Mars also play vital role in late marriage or in no Marry.

And one more thing if you want to know Profession of your life partner so check your fourth house and 4th house lord. that will tell you this. (Because 10th house represent Profession or job and 7th house is a house of life partner so 4th house would be 10th from 7th).

So guys our all happiness of married life depends how we behave with our husband or wife... So no matter how bad indication you have in your chart for marriage if you have got married so please treat you wife or husband in right and correct manner.

Don't cheat your life partner and whenever you see situation is not under control and relation is no more happy so please don't be aggressive and do little compromise with the situation because you are getting effect of bad planetary position so don't let planets win...

Just use your mind and will power to save your life and do compromise with the situation if you really want to save your marriage life from negative circumstances. 

So  "The Only person who can save your life is you"  (Applicable for Male and Female Both).

So guys this was long research about Marriage and on its other prospects … I hope you would like it…

And do a little prayer for me to get one investor who can invest in my film scripts so that i can make few good movies for you...!!!

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From: Sourabh Soni
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