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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

All About Panch Maha Purush Raja Yoga By Sourabh Soni

The Power Of Five

Hello Friends,

How are you guys, I hope not fine that’s why you are reading my article, because you might  be frustrated from your life and seeking answer of mysterious questions from your life through astrology. Everyone who has born in this earth has suffered from some kind of problems, even Lords (god Incarnations) could not escaped from planetary influences.

Everyone has to pay old life dues, which we can understand through astrology only, no other science can tell you reason behind your sufferings except astrology. But astrology is not a science, astrology is a language. Yes astrology is a language of planets which you have to decode to get the answers of your questions.

Astrology tells everything, But astrologers are not enough capable to read and decode entire codes of the planets. That’s why there is not even single astrologers born in the earth (I am not talking about ancient time, it is just about current time) who could predict accurate ten year prediction of our country so that we can save our nation from natural calamities or even if we can’t save then too at least we can prepare for that.

In present time there are lot of frauds and cheaters exist in the world and they have created a market of astrology, giving live programs on T.V. and exposing themselves through astrology, They all claiming that they are your real well-wisher and showing the way to get out from your sufferings, But you people are very innocent and not understanding their marketing strategy because by sitting in front of T.V. entertaining few free calls and free giving prediction they are actually giving their product demos.

Yes I am 100 % Right -

Have you observed the person who entertains free calls and giving free predictions and giving free remedies, however they are doing it but you can also see the headline at the bottom of T.V Screen Like – 

“NavGraha Yantra, gems stone etc. – Order Now at @ 2500 RS call now”

It’s a common funda of marketing if you have to sell something then you have to give demos of your product, so they are doing it, they are selling their Gems Stones, Suraksha Yantra, Nav Graha Yantra, Malas, Books, Locket etc.

Any person who sells something is a sales man, the person who is doing live program is almost a sales man, not a True Astrologer.

Astrology is now a business - Please beware and use your common sense.

But then too there are many astrologers those are really capable and having great knowledge of astrology like Sir K.N. Rao, Sanjay Rath, and few more. And why I am saying these are real and capable astrologers because they know their limitations very well and hence never trying to commit anything false.   

Well my heads off to great legends astrology guru’s like – Sir K.N. Rao, Mr. Sanjay Rath, any others those are serving nation and even teaching astrology to entire world with their great knowledge.

Anyways as I written in my previous articles that I am thinking to write about Raja Yogas because I have something in my mind which I came to know through my research in vedic astrology and I want to share that information with you guys, so that you people can also take advantage of that knowledge.

I have clarified about few great Yogas of Vedic astrology (Parivartan Raja Yoga, Neech Bhang Raja Yoga, Vipreeta Raja Yoga) in my previous articles so if you have not read them then go and read them, Just refer my website to get the links.

Well here, I am going to describe One Great Yoga of vedic astrology, which is actually One Yoga but having equal role of five planets to forming this yoga.

Due to involvement of Five planets its known as “ Panch Maha Purush Raja Yoga”

You can read most common thing about PMPRY in many text books, Ancient Books, Online Articles, but there are few more mysterious point which I am going to revel here -

Its my humble request to you please read this entire article if you really wish to know everything about this raja yoga, As we know we have nine active planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu) in vedic astrology and out of these nine planets Rahu & Ketu are known as shadow planets and Sun and Moon are luminaries (Known as Father and Mother) hence these four planets have no involvement in Forming Panch Maha Purush Yoga.

But but but …. Rahu and Ketu Play very IMP Part to destroy auspicious Panch Maha Purush Yoga, and Sun and Moon are also somehow put a question mark on Maha Purush Yoga results if week or afflicted and sitting with Maha Purush yoga forming Planets, but I will clarify drama of these four planets later with the examples in same article. But lets the finish Panch MahaPurush yoga first -

The Five Legend Planets which give Panch Maha Purush Yoga are Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn.  (These planets signifies Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Akash Tatva energies, because every body is a combination of these five elements) -

So let me tell the basic definition first –

As per ancient text - Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury remaining in their respective own Houses, or exaltation Signs, sitting in Kendra causes Panch Maha Purush Raja Yoga.

This yoga is known by five different names because causes by five different planets as –
  1. Ruchaka Panch Maha Purush Yoga (Causes By Mars),
  2. Bhadra Panch Maha Purush Yoga (Causes By Mercury),
  3. Hansa Panch Maha Purush Yoga (Causes By Jupiter),
  4. Malavya Panch Maha Purush Yoga (Causes By Venus),
  5. Shasha Panch Maha Purush Yoga (Causes By Saturn)

So Panch Maha Purush Yoga is a five planetary combinations for greatness, prosperity and happiness depending upon the nature and mode of functioning of the planet which i will describe below along with examples -  

Note - We are judging here maha purush yoga effect only, so i will not discuss on other parameters of example horoscopes however you can do calculation of other parameter by yourself if you want.

Ruchak Yoga - If Mars occupy its exaltation or Owned sign (Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn any one) and sitting in Kendra, Ruchak yoga forms in the horoscope.  

 Salman Khan

In Above chart Mars is occupied its exaltation sign Capricorn, sitting in Kendra forming Ruchak Yoga in his horoscope, also aspecting 5thth house from its 8th aspect into leo sign and promising his success in film because giving enough courage to lagna and fifth house and making him real dabang.

Bhadra Yoga - If Mercury occupy its Owned sign (Gemini or Virgo, as mercury gets exaltation in its own sign only) and sitting in Kendra, Bhadra yoga forms in the horoscope.  

Case Study -1

In Above case mercury is occupying its own sign Gemini and sitting in 10th house, forming Bhadra Yoga for him, This person very intelligent and off course a businessman, and holds all royal luxuries but also facing ups and downs in career as business is not stable because Maha Purush Yoga forming Planet Mercury sitting with Sun which is a lord of 12th house..

Note - If any Maha Purush Yoga causing planets sitting with Sun and Moon so please check the overall situation of Sun and Moon First. (Because such situation puts a question mark).

Hansa Yoga - If Jupiter occupy its exaltation or Owned sign (Cancer, Sagittarius or Pisces, any one) and sitting in Kendra, Hansa yoga forms in the horoscope.  

Mr. Bhaskar Nand Lohani 

In Above case Jupiter is sitting in 10th house occupying its own exaltation sign forming Hansa Maha yoga for him, Mr. Bhaskar Nand Lohani is well known personality and he has written more than 1000 articles and Also Editor of Anand Bhaskar Panchang & Suchna Panchang, He has won many awards during his life for his work.  

Malavya Yoga - If Venus occupy its exaltation or Owned sign (Taurus, Libra or Pisces, any one) and sitting in Kendra, Malavya yoga forms in the horoscope.  

Chart of An Engineer

In Above Case Venus Occupying its own Sign Libra and sitting in 4th House, forming Malavya Yoga for the native. As the yoga is happening in 4th house so he has big house to live and owned a bikes and car to drive.

ShaSha Yoga - If Saturn occupy its exaltation or Owned sign (Libra or Capricorn or Aquarius, any one) and sitting in Kendra, Shasha yoga forms in the horoscope.  

Mr. Shahrukh Khan

In his Case, Saturn is sitting in 7th house in its own sign, forming ShaSha Yoga for Shahrukh As 7th house is a house of masses hence Shahrukh love to deal with masses.

As per ancient text you can check for Panch Maha Purusha yoga from moon also, But somehow i am not agree because as per observation (through my practical experience) i came to know its powerful and gives effect from ascendant itself.  

And as the results mentioned in ancient text book about Panch Maha purush yoga so actually they have written too much, Like anyone having Panch Mahapurush yoga would be king, Will enjoy all luxury, Will have Every happiness, however in modern time these are not applicable in every case, I have seen many cases where peoples are just hoping for the best through Panch Maha purush yoga which is available in their charts but nothing happens...

See i am not saying Ancient astrologers have written wrong comments in their astro books, I just want to say that either they have not mentioned that we need to apply many parameters before calculating pure Panch Maha Purusha Yoga or they have wrote it but got missed out and all information didn't reached to all readers.  

There are many questions which came in my mind while writing this article so I started doing more research on this, And trust i found many surprising points like -

Do you know drawbacks of Panch Maha Purush Yoga??? 

Do you actually know what is this all about ???

Do you know When it affects People???

Why it doesn't gives Auspicious results to everyone???

In which house it gives powerful results???

And one the most IMP points and which is related to the previous birth -

Why it comes the horoscope ?? 

So don't worry i have all the answers, Just keep reading ahead -

So i will give you all answers but in a random way, even i will clarify the actual meaning of this Panch Maha Purusha Yoga in updated terms, but before this you should be aware about Karmic theory working behind this yoga and exaltation or debilitation concepts, So that karmic theory i am going to revel here but to know exaltation and debilitation concept you can read my below article - 

To Read about Exaltation vs Debilitation - Click Here

So lets open the Karmic book to know the karmic theory to get the answer of our big Why ??

Guys - As i have told you its a combination of five different planets and it has five different yoga in it, So yoga and planets wise i am going to tell the karmic truth behind each Maha Purush Yoga -

First we will discuss about Ruchak Yoga and why it comes in the horoscope or the past deeds behind this yogas -

Ruchak Yoga Karka Planet is Mars and mars is natural Karka of third house of Kaal Purush Horoscope, third house signifies siblings, So how well or worse you have treated your siblings in your previous birth, and even 3rd house and mars signify many aspects of life so how well or worse you have performed in that area in your previous birth, causes Ruchak Yoga in the horoscope and comes in the charts to give return of that, It might be good and somehow bad too....

You might be thinking when this yoga comes through exaltation or when planets occupy owned sign which is almost good then why i wrote good or bad ???

See as i wrote mars signify many things, even 3rd house signify many things, and you don't know what was your previous birth horoscope, even you dont know anything about your previous birth, (Even no one knows), So in a very simple way i am giving you few examples from current life and if you got my that point so you will understand everything.

Lets take example of Ruchak yoga Given by mars, Suppose you have given very well to your siblings in previous birth, you have managed all the responsibility related to your siblings so you are going to get rewarded by destiny through ruchak yoga and going to enjoy fruits of that good deeds, Now in another way you have done very bad with your siblings like you have ignored your responsibility, snatched his property, even he is poor but you have not helped him a least, You were enjoying your life but he was sufferings and could not helped him in anyway, Then too Ruchak yoga will come in your horoscope to pay you results of your bad deeds, But see how it will work - 

You will get mars exalted or in owned sign forming Ruchak Yoga and as by its effect, you will get strong will power and deeply connection with your siblings and you are going to taking care much about your siblings (Brother or sister) because Natural Karka for siblings is in good and strong position (Because in Panch Mahapurush Mars will sits in the Kendra), But what if your siblings doing bad behavior with you, snatching your all the property, You are earning quite good but he is wasting your all money all the time and you cant do anything because your heart will always support him, no matter how bad he is doing and destroying you, But cant stop him, so actually he is destroying you in front of you and you are watching this all like helpless person... 

I know you might be thinking again what if someone have no siblings in current birth and got Ruchak yoga then above karmic theory is useless, So dont think smartly because Luck is much expert than you.

As I wrote above 3rd house and mars doesn't signify siblings only, they both signify many things, i will give you another example from another field related to third house and mars-

3rd house is a house of media and entertainment and modeling, now suppose in previous you were a model boy and you had a girl friend and you have taken a lot of profit of that relation like you have used that girl sexually many times, enjoyed her money and finally left her crying and kicked her from your life like used tissue paper, so what will happen in your next birth you will be a girl and will get Ruchak yoga in your birth horoscope and will become successful in modeling (Due to exalted mars and Kendra), but Mars is also play vital role in marital life, So no matter how successful you are, when somebody will use you mentally and physically and sexually and then kick you from their life, You are going to cry like hell, so theories could be different as i have just given an example of bad result of mars, so that you can understand that karma does not leave and signifies your bad or good deeds, lets understand through an example of bad result of exalted mars -

Now i am going to share one chart and you will get my point very clear - 

Lord ShriRam 

In Lord Shriram horoscope, He has got Three Maha Purush Yoga As Hansa Yoga by Jupiter, Shasha Yoga by Saturn, Ruchak Yoga by Mars, However He also have Exalted Rahu, Ketu and Venus in his horoscope, So I think i dont need to describe Who is Lord Ram, How Exalted planets has affected his life.

But why i choose this chart as an example because everyone in the world knows Lord Ram, So that by this example everyone can understand my point, i have taken chart given by B.V. Raman, you can refer any chart of lord ram as mars was in 10th house in his case just sun and nodes changes their position...!!!

Now see his chart Mars is Exalted sitting in 7th house but 7th house is a house of spouse, And what happened with Maata Seeta that everybody knows, or In a simple word he could not enjoyed his marriage life even after having wife like Maata "Seeta" with exalted mars. 

See basically every incarnation was on earth to teach us something, My meaning is very simple no one can run away from the planets...And planets in exaltation is doesn't mean Good always.  

Thats the main reason 80 % peoples in the world having one or two Maha Purush Yoga in their charts then too they are very unhappy and only 5 to 10 % peoples are enjoying real fruits of the Panch Maha Purush Yoga.

I will also give you the examples through charts so dont worry about it....but let me finish the theory first.
Karmic Theory Behind Bhadra Yoga - Suppose if in your previous birth you had good knowledge of many field but before dying you have shared all the knowledge with the entire world so that human being could also take advantage of your great knowledge, or your intelligence causes others benefit, So in next birth destiny will rewards you with Bhadra Yoga in your next birth, Which is going to make you great intelligent human again along with all the great knowledge...

Another point Mercury rules business as mercury is a natural ruler of business, Powerful and well placed mercury in the horoscope rewards person with great business sense and success, But Suppose if you were a business tycoon  in your previous birth and well taken care of your all employee, and have earned money in legal way, So again you are going to get Bhadra yoga in next birth which will bestow best results of your previous good deeds, But vise versa if you have not taken care your employee and torturing them all the time just for sake of money even if they have no fault (Now these days its happening everywhere in the world) and just running your business for money or you involved in any illegal business, so then too you will get Bhadra Yoga which is going to give you again large empire but you wont get mental peace and you will earn a lot but you cant enjoy that money and your employee wont keep you happy and give you mental harassment (Due to other planetary involvement).

Even after having large empire and huge money you wont get time to eat properly... So calculate each point if you are calculating Maha Purush Raja yoga in your horoscope...!!!

Karmic Theory Behind Hansa Yoga -  Hansa yoga forming planets is jupiter, which is real karka of wisdom, Money and moral character, So if you have used your wisdom to help mankind, Treated you all gurus and even every respected relation well, You helped mankind through your money and managed moral character in the society, So destiny rewards such persons with Hansa Yoga in their Horoscope.

In vise Versa if you had bad character, and you used your wisdom in wrong way, and if destiny giving you Hansa yoga then due to Hansa yoga you will all moral nature but you cant enjoy profit of that, You will huge money but someone else will enjoy your money, Even you will do good for others but not going to get the credit in return... 

Karmic Theory Behind Malavya Yoga - Malavya yoga Karka planet is Venus, Which rules all beauty, and mainly spouse, So if you have treated your spouse well and given him or her all happiness in your previous birth, so you are going to get rewarded by the destiny by Malavya Yoga and will enjoy good looking and wealthy spouse in next birth too... But if you mistreated your spouse and have cheated him or her, So whether you have got Malavya yoga in current birth and by effect of Malavya yoga you have got charming and wealthy spouse or have got a large wealth, But how will you feel if somebody else destroying your marital life or enjoying your wealth (Because venus is karaka for marriage and if afflicted or under bad influence so karaka loses its benefic features)..

But before making final judgement please analyze overall horoscope, as i am just giving an example for your understanding only, so that  you can understand how your past deeds affect your present life...thats it, nothing else...!!!

Karmic Theory Behind Shasha Yoga - Shasha yoga causing planet is Saturn, Saturn is a real killer of modern world as Saturn always gives fruits based on your previous Karma, Saturn always care about lower class people, So your treatment against others people specially lower class people will decide effect and power of Shasha yoga, Because Sha sha yoga is a rewards of serving local people in previous birth, if you have done very good for needy people and human being, Shasha Yoga will going to bestow great fruits of your deeds, But if you have done others bad, so even after having this yoga you will get the best results but you cant enjoy that...Like sugar patient cant enjoy Sweets....

One thing i would like to tell you specially Having Exalted saturn is horoscope is very prominent point because if no matter how strong your horoscope is and how well your remain 8 planets are placed in your horoscope but if saturn will start killing you, eight planets cant save you, Thats why Saturn is known as very cruel planets, But actually there is no planet like saturn which always act in slow but gives surety and leads Rag to riches....!!! 

So that was all about the Karmic truth which i have reveled here so that you people could be aware about the same...

Now Another point - How to check weather your Maha Purush Raja Yoga is going to give you good fruit or Good along with bad??

I know if you having Maha Purush Yoga in your birth chart so you must expecting this answer from me after reading the Karmic Truth....Lol i can read your mind ....Huh...dont worry if you want answer so keep reading -

So  Another question is "what is this all About" -

So before answering your question let me explain you the real definition of Panch Maha Purush Yoga - 
As i have already written that Panch Maha Purush Yoga is a combination is a five planets - 

First of all Panch Maha Purush yoga is not possible in any chart, Because All Five planets cant complete all the parameters of Panch Maha Purush Yoga in same time in same horoscope, Because all five planets cant sit in Kendra in owned or exaltation sign, Even Lord Ram has Maximum three Maha Purush Yoga in his chart.

So actually it is a "Maha Purush Yoga" where Each planets regarded as one Maha Purush, And Five planets create such situation hence it is known as Panch Maha Purush Yoga...

So if you have one or two or three planets sitting in owned sign in Kendra in your birth horoscope, So It doesn't mean you have got Panch Maha Purush Yoga, In a real way you have got one or two or three Maha Purush Yoga in your horoscope (Depends how many planets are creating such situation). 

And all five planets cant create Panch Maha purush situation at same time in same horoscope, so you cant find Panch Maha Purush Yoga in any chart, Even till now i have not seen any such chart...

It could be possible only if you are calculating all the parameter from ascendant as well as from Moon... but then too i have not seen any such now we will call it "Maha Purush Yoga"

Now i will tell you the actual "Meaning of Maha Purush Yoga"  -

Each Maha Purush yoga have two point in it - first Causing planet should be exalted or occupied owned sign, second it should be in Kendra....So what is exalted planet mean??

Any planet planet occupying exaltation or owned sign signify, that planet is going to give its results very easily without much effort, And when the same planets sits in the Kendra (Kendras known as Vishnu Sthan, Or you can call it a Purush Sthan hence formation of this yoga in kendra house only signifies prosperity) and also occupying exaltation or owned sign, Means its promises positivity regarding the ruling and occupied houses. 

Having Maha Purush Yoga in the horoscope simply means is that, Person dont need to struggle on related area and he or she is going to get everything without much effort, and planets leads the person towards success without much effort in their work area.

Now another question is " In which house it gives best results "

So Any Maha purush Yoga perform really very well in First and Tenth house... Dont worry i will give you many examples below after the theory....

Another Question was " When it affects people" 

So guys it affect throughout life and gets activated since the day you born, Where ever your exalted lord sits in your horoscope so you dont need to worry about that house entire life..(But it should be pure yoga and should be bereft from other malafic aspects and conjunctions, other wise results may vary)...

Now the "Drawback of Maha Purush Yoga" - 

The first drawback Its gives results only in specific area (Ruling house, and occupied sign only) and loses its strength if afflicted by enemy malefic s.

Second drawback is - Exalted planet is quite good rather then planet occupied owned sign as exalted planet acting very powerful and in full swing but they also almost destroy 7th house from itself... Like any planets sitting in Lagna in exalted sign but also gives its Neech/Debilitated aspect to it seventh house...Lets see one example -

My NRI Friend

In above case this guys have all the luxuries and successful career, and very beautiful even but still unmarried as you can see he has exalted Venus in Lagna however Venus is also aspecting its debilitation sign Virgo from its seventh aspect... also getting aspected by Ketu and 7th lord in 12th house...overall still unmarried as crossed age 44 years...

Now the final question is "Why it doesn't gives Auspicious results to everyone"

Please read further article very carefully because it will also give you answer of most awaiting question which is "Your Maha Purush Yoga Will give you Good Results or Bad Results"   
First see how many Maha Purush Yoga you have in your horoscope ??

One, Two, Three, or Four, Because total number of Maha Purush Yoga will decide power of your entire chart..

If you have One Maha Purush Yoga in your horoscope, so its Good

If you have Two Maha Purush Yoga in your horoscope, so its Better

If you have Three Maha Purush Yoga in your horoscope, so its Best

If you have Four Maha Purush Yoga in your horoscope, so its Excellent

Because Five is almost leave it... So in short no body in the world have got Panch Maha Purusha Yoga in their horoscope..

Note - If Maha purush Yoga is always counted from main birth chart(D-1), If it is not available in the Main D-1 or Lagna Chart however available in Any Divisional charts, So it should not be counted as Maha Purush Yoga, However it will give you power to the concern divisional chart, Like if Maha Purush Yoga is available in D-9 chart so it will increase the total power of house in D-9 chart (Applicable for another divisional charts also). 

To read more about divisional charts please Click Here

Another point is Each Maha Purush Yoga is formed by one Maha Purush Planet but if they gets conjucted with malafic so benefic results of Maha Purush Yoga gets modified...Thats a main reason everybody wont get royal life even after having Maha purush yoga in their horoscope...Which is known as Maha Purush Bhanga Yoga in ancient text books...

See basically nothing gets canceled once written by god, hence Bhanga is a misleading word  actually, Like if you have green colour with you which is good but if you are mixing red or black in it then it is no more green now, So Same happens here also, If Maha Purush Yoga gets connected with Malafic planets so the benefic results gets modified...But it does not mean you wont get good results of Maha Purush Yoga, Its simple mean you will get the good results but you cant enjoy its fruit in proper manner... Lol (biggest Tragedy Of Life)....!!!!

And such situation happen if - 

Mars Forming Ruchak Yoga, but getting aspected or conjunction by Saturn, Rahu and Ketu...

Mercury Forming Bhadra Yoga, But getting aspected or conjunction by 6th, 8th and 12th lord..

Venus Forming Malavya Yoga, But getting aspected or conjunction by Mars, Rahu & Ketu...

Jupiter Forming Hansa Yoga, But getting aspected or conjunction by 6th, 8th and 12th lord and Saturn and Rahu and Ketu..

Saturn Forming Shasha Yoga, But getting aspected or conjunction by Mars and Sun..

And any Maha Purush Causing Planets should not occupy its debilitated Navamsa and should not be weak in Shadbal....

If above situation found in the charts then even if person getting the results of Maha Purush Yoga but Cant enjoy its fruits with full swing unless any positive saving factor is not interrupting...

Overall, in one line you can say, Maha Purush yoga can make you Maha Purush only When unaffected & pure and placed in Kendra from Lagna.

Note – If Panch Maha Purush causing planet is retrograde in horoscope, then too you can apply these rules, because retrogression of planet is always not bad and have another theory. Any planet in retrogression signify you have to learn some lesson from your past life regarding to retrograde planet in area of the involved houses. And you have left some work in your previous life which you have to finish in present birth. (Circumstances will through you towards that situation so be careful, because i have seen few enjoying retro Maha Purush yoga result but few is severely struggling...See horoscope of Shahrukh Khan).   

And remember retrograde planet should be free from Bhang parameters, because if any Maha Purush yoga causing planet is retrograde and also qualifying bhang parameter then either yoga cant give its 100 % or if under severe depression so yoga is almost useless for you…!!!

However if you want to learn more about retrograde planets and retrogression - Click Here

Now Lets have the examples for the same -  

Case Study -2

Mercury is forming Bhadra Yoga in first house, But getting aspected by 6th lord Saturn, As results person is still struggling in career, As mercury is also ruling 10th house of career...

 Case Study -3

In above case Jupiter is causing Hansa yoga sitting with debilitated Rahu, So person has lost first wife, Later married to a widower lady but still having Illicit relation with another woman...So almost all auspicious results of seventh house has got destroyed !!! 

Case Study - 4

In above case Saturn is causing Shasha Yoga but retrograde, and getting aspected by mars through 4th aspect, He got marry very late in his life, (Age of 41), Wife is from rich family but most of the time you can find him visiting hospitals as his wife has few diseases, Saturn is sitting in 12 house in D-9 chart, and Venus is also occupied Mars sign in D-9 chart and sitting is 8th almost no happiness from marriage, Jupiter also causing hamsa yoga but sitting with 8th lord mars..refer next -

Mr. Raj Kapoor

Producer and Actor Raj Kapoor ji, Having Two Maha purush Yoga in his chart as Venus and Saturn in libra causing Maha Purush Yoga, So as effect he was one of great actor, But Saturn aspecting debilitation sign in 10th house, So he has faced lot of set backs in careers, and even he has spent old age in very frustration as his movie "Mera Naam Jokar" was biggest flop, and Mars is also aspecting Saturn and Venus, Spoiling Great Malavya Yoga,....!!!

Now Another concept which almost destroy auspiciousness of Two Maha Purush Yoga, If exalted planets sitting in the Kendra but expecting each other so they destroy each other good effect, because they both aspect each other debilitation sign...See Lord Ram chart (Exalted Mars and Jupiter expecting each other), However i am giving you another examples- Refer below charts, 

Case Study - 5

In above case, Jupiter and Mars causing two Maha purush Yoga however aspecting each other debilitation sign and destroying auspiciousness of Both Maha Purush Yoga.. Person is a divorcee as Karka Venus is in Mars sign in eight house and he is active in politics however still struggling to get higher position...So even after having two Maha Purush Yoga person is living Normal Life and could not enjoyed fruits of this Maha Purush yoga...!!!!

So in one line - To enjoy real fruit of Maha Purush Raja Yoga, Nothing should be wrong with the yoga and it should be pure (which is happening in very rare cases otherwise affliction is very common these days)...

Now i will give examples for Pure Maha Purush Raja Yoga and Will disclose the real power of this Raja yoga, So that you can understand why Maharishi Parashar and other ancient astrologers has given Top rank to Maha Purush Yoga....which is actual Power of Five Mahapurush Planets...

In ancient text Panch Maha Purush Yoga is known as one of the A Great Yoga, Because its increases the total power of houses where it sits, and by support of this yoga person can achieve tremendous heights in career, But the condition is very simple yoga should be pure and bereft my malafic planets, I am going to give few examples to understand the capability Of Panch Maha Purusha Yoga -  Lets see examples -

Sachin Tendulkar

In above Case, Mars exalted sitting in 7th house with Jupiter without any malefic influences which is quite helpful for cricket world as mars is a karaka for sports and exalted in 7th with benefic Jupiter, Sachin tendulkar is world wide famous personality...!!!

However Another concept is If Maha Purush Yoga causing forming planets is sitting with its natural friend and forming another yoga along with MahaPurush Yoga, so without any doubt person is going to rule a nation and makes very famous, and horoscope of sachin fulfill this parameter..Refer another example below -

Dr. Manmohan Singh

See above case, Mercury is sitting in 10th house along with Sun in its own sign forming Bhadra Maha Purush Yoga but sun is also contributing in his success as along with mercury its forming another Budh-Aditya Yoga and dharma karmadhipati yoga, Which helped him to reach to the Post of Prime Ministor Of India as Dr.Manmohan Singh is an Indian economist who served as the 14th Prime Minister of India from 2004 to 2014. The first Sikh in office, Singh was the first prime minister since Jawaharlal Nehru to be re-elected after completing a full five-year term.

Even you can take an example of Local People -

Case Study - 6

Above person belong to a middle class family till his middle age, but post his education he has created his own empire and now a richest builder, Living in own huge building, Have good holds in politics, And now a very reputated personality in the society, As you can see Mercury Forming Bhadra Maha Purush Yoga but Venus is also causing Neech Bhanga Raja Yoga, So even he has started normal life in childhood but got kingly status along with all luxury....!!!

Note - Mercury along with Venus in virgo creates Neech Bhanga Yoga, and along with Sun it gives great Budh - Aditya Yoga hence it becomes very powerful, and gives great power and status to the person but Yoga should be pure to enjoy real fruits of Maha Purush Raja Yoga.

So now conclusion -  That's a actual power of Panch Maha Purush Yoga, They make normal person to a MahaPurush, But this yoga should be pure otherwise having Panch Maha Purush Yoga in the horoscope is different things but enjoying fruits of that yoga is another thing, And Panch maha purush yoga signifies that you have something good in your luck store but whether you will enjoy that or not, Overall calculation of your chart will give true clue about that…!!!

So guys this was my research about Panch Maha Purush Raja Yoga which actually gives person very easy and royal life and if pure yoga is available in the horoscope than even a normal person would be known as a Maha Purush one day for Sure…!!!

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From: Sourabh Soni
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