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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Delay's In Marriage By Sourabh Soni


Here we will discuss about delay in marriage, as most of the mails which I am receiving are related to marital life only, if I combine my all such mails then I have no problem to say that like professional issues, almost maximum are equal unhappy in marital life too.

Each one having his or her own attitude towards marriage, however marriages are predestined as we get spouse who is already fixed by our destiny, otherwise no one can answer, why one specific person becomes your spouse when there are billions are persons exists in the world.

And trust me if your attitude towards marriage is good & noble then there is no other good feeling then marriage (When one soul meets another desired soul) in this world. 

Marriage is a kind of Dharma, getting married then producing kids and taking care them, living and dying with your soul mate is not less than a “Tapasya” (Austerity).

Many Asian countries still follow arrange marriage system however rest in other world arrange marriage system does not exist, even in over developed countries marriage relation is just dying day by day. 

As Indian still follow old traditions where parents selecting spouse for boy/girl, hence if any kid does not get marry till 25 (specially female child) then they start worrying about them, even any female crosses age of 30 here in India (even in foreign countries), so female herself starts thinking like she is born unlucky.

However nothing is like that, as I said your entire marriage portion is predestined and based on your karmas hence its always better to trust on your lord and -

Basically, judgement of marriage life is depending on multiple factors and its having multiple phases like –

1- Timely marriage or delay marriage ??

2 - Happy marriage or loss of happiness after marriage ??

3 - Is there any Divorce or separations ??

4 - Widowhood etc...??

5 - Remarry or second or third marriage...??

So above all are different phases of same subject (Marriage), So we are discussing only first topic here “Which are delay marriage or timely marriage”, however we will cover other topics also one by one in upcoming articles.

I think timely marriage does not require any discussion because it’s not a subject of worry as if marriage Karaka (Jupiter, Venus) are un-afflicted and 7th house and lords are in good position and getting an equal support of Dasha transit then marriage happens timely, however how successful your marital life will be, so that is another topic as depends on other factors of horoscope.

However main concern is delay marriage, and to check parameters causing delays in marriage, please first analyses your horoscope if there is a promise for marriage is available in horoscope and whether D-9 fulfilling that promises or not??

Hence first check where your chart having marriage promises or there is a marriage denial indicated, Because if there is a marriage denial in horoscope then your delay in your marriage is never going to end.

Well, Denial combinations we will discuss in separate article with examples, at present we are discussing here about delays and hopes for marriages after delay.

Note – I have divided age limit in three categories as marriage before or till 25 years is timely marriage (as marriage till 25 ages in modern time is a common and not a big issue), from 25 to 40 is real delay, and post 40 is over delay, because I am going to discuss about combination accordingly. 

I have captured few parameters from horoscopes of ppls those are still struggling to get marry and have crossed age limit of 30, so let’s discuss that parameters –

1 – Debilitated, Combusted or afflicted or weak Karakas (Venus, Jupiter).

2 – Condition of 7th house and its lord.

3 - Degree of Marriage Karak Venus (Between 0 to 3 degree) or later degree (more than 27 degree).

4 - Saturn Jupiter Conjunction in 7th or placed in Lagna or 7th house.

5 – Malefic planets (Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu and Ketu) in 2nd, 8th and 12th house.

6 – Retrograde benefic’s connected with 7th house or with 7th lord.

7 – 7th house or 7th lord under Paap Kartari Yoga.

8 – 6/8 Position of Saturn and Venus from each other (Shadashtak).

9 – Position of Saturn and Venus in 8th house also causes delay (But it’s not denial).

10 – Missing concern Dasha & Transits (Even when horoscope is good and promising).

Please judge three more points from the angle of Jaimini astrology as -

1 – Placement and condition of Dara Karaka.

2 – If Dara Karak conjunct with Gnati karaka.

3 - If Gnati karaka associated with 7th house or with 7th lord.

Note – All above stated parameters apply in D-1 & D-9 both, as Navamsa is concern divisional chart for marital life hence its analysis is mandatory.

So these are the total parameters as nothing goes out of it, If your horoscope fulfilling above parameters then its clear signal that in terms of marriage please -

Overall no need to consider yourself unfortunate even its 100 times better to marry late in life if your horoscope if full of such negative and evil combinations.

Now will see role of above combinations through horoscopes, as it will be helpful -  

Note – I am sharing D-1 & D-9 charts in two formats (North Indian and South Indian), so please new readers don’t be confuse as horoscope is same however i have used two different formats (You can refer anyone which is easy for you to understand), So lets refer examples -  

Case Study - 1 (North Indian format)

 Case Study - 1 (South Indian format)

Case 1 - Refer above chart which belongs to a female, first see Lagna which having two benefic’s and two malefic’s, 7th lord is debilitated and afflicted by four malefics (Rahu, Sun, Mars, and Saturn) and sitting in Lagna, karaka for husband is Jupiter (in case of female) which occupies 7th house but retrograde and conjunct another retrograde malefic Saturn. 7th house having influence of four malefic’s (Sun, Mars, Saturn and Ketu), Karaka for marriage is Venus which is exalted and Vargottama but combust (within 3 degree of sun) and holds older degree (29:39).

If we check through Jaimini astrology, Then Jupiter itself Gnati karaka occupies 7th house of marriage, Dara karaka is moon which falls under Rahu and Ketu axis.

New refer her Navamsa chart (D-9) - 

Karaka for marriage (Venus) and husband (Jupiter) which conjunct sun goes into 8th house of Navamsa and getting aspect of Rahu.

7th lord of D-1 chart in 3rd house but again afflicted by Saturn, 7th lord of Navamsa Saturn is debilitated and involved in sign exchange with mars which is placed in 7th house of Navamsa.

7th lord is debilitated in D-1 and D-9 both the charts as well as Lagna and Navamsa both suffering from Manglik dosha.

Note – I have not included Kuja (Manglik) Dosha in above parameters as Manglik Dosha is known for destruction of marital life but alone Manglik Dosha is not responsible for delay (Unless and until other negative factors as described above are not supporting) as you can refer example session where you can see person born with without manglik dosh facing delay marriages.

If we apply Jaimini rule in d-9, then Dara Karaka (Moon) becomes 12th lord sits in Navamsa Lagna, Dara karaka is afflicted by debilitated Saturn (fire sign aspecting fixed sign in Lagna where Dara karaka moon is available).

Overall D-1 and D-9 is full of negativity, so do you think if such person is getting marry timely then her marital life will be happy or she will not face any marital tragedy????

Anyways, If you know even small basics then you will be knowing the answer, Lets refer another chart -
Case Study - 2 (North Indian format)

 Case Study - 2 (South Indian format)

Case 2 - Above charts belongs to male, who is yet struggling to get married even when financial so strong and belongs to wealthy family (Doing business of gold jewelry), Lagna lord is retrograde occupies 5th house with Venus, 7th lord Jupiter is hammed between malefic (Under Paap Kartari Yoga), 2nd house having malefic (Saturn).

Now refer Navamsa, Karaka for marriage Venus (older degree 27:26) afflicted by Mars and Rahu, Lagna and 7th house of D-9 having malefic’s (specially 7th house), Person is 33 years of age but yet unmarried and seeking wife.

Case Study - 3 (North Indian format)

 Case Study - 3 (South Indian format)

Case 3 - Refer above chart which belongs to female doctor, who has done BSC, BHMS, PGDCA and belong to wealthy family and equally rich look wise, but still struggling to get marry as Lagna and 7th house of D-1 having malefic’s, Karaka for husband (In case of female) Jupiter is debilitated and retrograde, Karaka for marriage Venus (afflicted by Saturn, Rahu and Ketu) and Moon (Dara Karaka) falls under Rahu and Ketu axis, now refer her Navamsa (D-9) –

Karaka for marriage and Husband Venus and Jupiter both goes in 6th house of D-9 and both occupied older degree and affiliated by mars from 11th house.

8th house of D-1 and D-9 having malefic (Sun occupies 8th house in both charts), Overall, she is now 32 year old and yet looking for spouse.

Case Study - 4 (North Indian format)

Case Study - 4 (South Indian format)

Case 4 - Refer another horoscope of female who is well educated (Done M.Tech) and belongs to wealthy family and yet looking spouse at the age of 33. As 7th house and 7th lord both are afflicted as Moon getting aspect of Ketu (she is bit detached to material world), and Ketu and Saturn aspecting 7th house of D-1 chart (Saturn aspect on 7th causes delay whereas Ketu aspect on 7th gives frustration and detachment), Karaka for marriage Venus is debilitated in 9th house and 8th house of D-1 having malefic’s, Dara karaka mercury is in 8th house of D-1.

Now check her D-9 Kundli, Navamsa Lagna lord Venus is afflicted by mars, 7th house having malefic sun, another very danger signal is 7th lord of D-1 (Moon) goes in 8th house of D-9 getting aspect of two malefic Saturn and Ketu (but saving factor is available as aspect of Mercury and Jupiter on moon).

Overall complete analysis of negative and positive factors of horoscope gives sufficient clue about marital life. Refer next example -  

Case Study - 5 (North Indian format)

 Case Study - 5 (South Indian format)

Case 5 - This horoscope belongs to a female (Post graduated girl belongs to middle class family) who is waiting for marriage since long time (As born in 1969) and still looking spouse & yet unmarried, refer her D-1 chart, and count above said parameters in her chart –

Lagna lord debilitated in 7th house, 7th lord and Karaka of husband Jupiter is retrograding and closely conjunct with Ketu, Marriage Karaka Venus (27:37 Degree) exalted Vargottama but falls under Rahu and Ketu axis in D-1 and D-9 both.

8th house of D-1 having malefic’s as Dara Karaka Saturn debilitated in 8th house aspecting moon, now refer her Navamsa chart as Navamsa Lagna, Lagna Lord, 7th house, 7th lord and Dara karaka and marriage karaka Venus all are afflicted by malefic’s.

Note - Worse condition of 7th house causes over delay in marriage.

Now I hope you can understand people born with such horoscope can’t expect early or peaceful marriage.   

Well, as I said getting delay in marriage is not a big concern, but important point is whether will you marry or not???

What are the parameters which gives hopes for marriage???

So, refer below points which are known as hopes for marriage -

1 – Moon, Venus, and Jupiter placement from each other in D-1 & D-9 (Kendra Trikona from each other is best, however 6/8 is bad).

2 – Analysis of 7th and 12th house from Moon, Jupiter and Venus.

3 – Jupiter aspect on 7th house or 7th lord.

4 – Benefic influence on 7th house and on its lord.

5 – Karaka (Venus & Jupiter) placement in Kendra.

6 – Aspect of 7th lord on 7th house.

7 – If Dara karaka is exalted in D-9 and placed in Kendra. 

So refer your horoscope and check how many above said positive points are available in D-1 & D-9 as many parameters are available means as many hopes are available - 

Note – Placement of Jupiter and Venus in 7th is not considered good for marriage as “Karaka Bhav Nashay” however if they are placed in 7th does not mean they deny marriage, as they put question mark on marital pleasure (which happens post marriage) but as being karaka for marriage they never deny marriage.

Refer below example - 
Case Study - 6 (North Indian format)

Case Study - 6 (South Indian format)

In above chart, 7th house is affiliated by Saturn and Ketu, however 7th lord Venus which is in 12th also afflicted by Saturn (3rd aspect), Moon and Venus conjunction is also not good for marital relations, Saturn and Jupiter involved in planetary war, and if we check Navamsa then Jupiter, Venus and Dara karaka moon all are affiliated and falls under Rahu and Ketu axis, 7th lord mars is under Paap Kartari yoga, overall in terms of marriage chart having many drawbacks, now count hopes for marriage in this chart –

1 – 7th lord is exalted and placed in 12th (Venus is considered good in 12th house).

2 – Moon, Jupiter and Venus are placed 3/11 position from each other in D-1.

3 – Moon, Jupiter and Venus all are placed in Kendra in D-9 (also Kendra from each other).

4 – Dara Karaka occupied own sign in D-9 and placed in Kendra.

5 – 2nd, 8th and 12th house having no malefic’s in D-1.

6 – 7th house from Jupiter is cancer (exaltation sign of Jupiter) which getting aspect of Jupiter, and 7th house from Venus & Moon is sign of a benefic Mercury which is placed in 11th house.

Overall sufficient hopes are available for marriage, as there was a time this man was struggling a lot to get marry and almost left the hopes at one point however got married at the age of 40.

Now the final point is If hopes for marriage is available then when “one” is going to get marry???

Anways I have told very clear in my maha dasha article, whenever you need answer of “When” then you must refer Dasha’s.

Yes, when Dasha and transit will come then the things will get finalize.

Basically, marriage is a pleasure of Kendra houses (7th house), All Kendra houses known as pleasure houses and pleasure related to Kendra houses having its own time, you can’t get it before time.

So stop considering yourself unlucky just because you are not getting marry as Film actress Rani Mukherjee got married at the age of 36, film director Farah khan got married at the age of 39 (however she had no hopes to get marry), Famous actress Urmila mantodkar got married at the age of 42 and very famous actress Suhasini Muley got married at the age of 60, So - 

However, if you want to know how to judge “Life after marriage” or “Happiness after marriage” then stay connected because I will cover these topics in upcoming articles very soon.

So it was my nano experience about marriage, which I have shared through this article, If you like my article and wants to read further posts, Just stay connected like friends (Not like a Fan).

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