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Monday, 2 April 2018

Cricket Career In Astrology By Sourabh Soni

“Kheloge Kudoge Banoge Nawab” 


Welcome, here we are going to discuss about a newly born dharma of world, as we know about various Dharma (Specially Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christians etc.) of Kaliyuga however another one is also existing which is known as newly born religion for cricket playing nation’s (Specially for Asians) which is “Cricket”.

I know you might be thinking why I am calling cricket a religion “Dharma”, So basically, it’s nothing but mindset of cricket lovers which I am revealing here, Because in Asian countries (India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan) cricket is a most watched sport as compared to all other sports, cricket lover here talks about cricket all the time even a month before starting cricket series and even till many days after ending the tournament. In Asia cricket flows in mind of cricket lovers like blood, here people think about matches more than their god, they chant cricketer name as mantra's, even you can see players including cricket fans cry for cricket -

So, by observing such behavior of cricket lovers I have no doubt to say that for all cricket playing nations, cricket is just not a game as peoples are treating it like their religion now.

Well, we can’t change mindset of modern peoples, however we are discussing astrological factors responsible for cricket career, so we should remember that cricket is like a battle, where two team fights to win where cricket ground is not less than a battle field – 

Siddhu Pa ji said correctly as “Wickets are like wives”, you never know when and which way they will turn, but when they turn they will certainly change your mood, this 22-yard space is enough capable to make or destroy career of a sportsman -      

Overall, each team wants to get favor from these wives (Pitches).

No one knows about exact founder of cricket (there are many controversies available in this subject), however after 1975 this game started attracting peoples much, and now a day it’s also a big business for each cricket playing nations. 

BCCI is richest cricket control board which managing team India, and after England players, Indian players gets higher remuneration for each match, however if we compare overall income of Indian cricketers then they have no match, or in short you can say like they are highest paid cricketers in the world. 

20-30 Years back there were no so much opportunities like today on national & International level, however modern world having many opportunities in this field also, like State level, India A Team, Ranji Trophy, under 19, Charity matches, and now one of the biggest platform is “IPL”. 

Which producing multiple talents each year, also giving huge money to players and generating large revenue for nation also, many foreign players also coming here and taking part in IPL.

In India. IPL is like a festival coming each year now, And as far as gender is concern so even females are not less in this field as each nation also having females cricket team, So overall there is no shortage of platform as far as international career is concern, because later or sooner each one dream to play for their nation or want to be a part of international Team.

Each one who is big name in cricket history has started their career very early, as its age restricted game, it has no future over 35 ages players, even you are well established and a successful player then to 40 ages is maximum deadline for retirement, even if you don’t want to retire audience and board will force to take retirement…so you must understand as it’s a game overall…!!!

No body reaching to the top directly so each one must start from bottom and have to perform in several stages to get enter into international team, however this journey starts from home level -

If we talk astrologically, so cricket ground is Karma Kshetra, where player doing their karma, each one having individual horoscope, but all are not equal successful, I tried too much but I could not collect much horoscopes to produce complete research hence can’t tell all the combinations however still I have tried my best to cover maximum.

And here I will also tell you few snapshot formula responsible for higher success in cricket world, which I have observed from all available horoscopes in my horoscopes database.

Normally Each house having its own importance in birth horoscope of each one including sportsman, like each player is not equal successful in all area, so dominance of each houses will make weak or strong in a specific area, like Rahul Dravid, Shikhar Dhawan, Rahane are good batmans yet not earning money like Sachin, Virat or Dhoni, so along with all factors Dhan yoga with strong 2nd houses also blessing them in terms of wealth.

Take examples of Pakistani players, Entire Pakistani team is not earning what alone Virat Kohli earning in India at present, overall you can’t ignore any house while horoscope judgement.

Basically, any sports are game of Upachaya houses (3,6,10,11), but also require support of rest houses equally, take example of 9th house which is known as luck, So don’t you think luck has no role in match???? 

Off course it has, but both team can’t win, hence 12th house having its own role, and all can’t be lucky in each match so 9th house having big role in making players hit or flop.

Note – Upachaya houses means 3,6, 10 and 11th house where 3rd house means self-effort, courage, 6th house is opponent and competition, 10th Karma Kshetra, 11th win.

Same with first house, it shows fitness, which is primary important specially in cricket, so overall along with Upachaya houses rest all houses also having their roles in making or breaking destiny.

Life of the common man starts from first house, but if we talk professionally then in case of sportsman its start from 3rd house, and malefic planet giving that courage and capability to be a part of sports world, “Yes” strength of 3rd house and malefic influence on 3rd house makes one sports oriented personality.

Sports are like wars, where all fights for their country and all seeking win, no one thinks for opponent team, nobody wants to lose, so they fight till last, so such fighting nature and long courage to fight coming from 3rd house and malefic influence over it, hence malefic’s are in 3rd house are most welcome as far as cricket (most fighting sports) is concern.  

Another imp part is “Karaka” which is mars (for sports), Karaka means “the one who is giving you a reason to be in specific field or allowing you to be a part of specific event”, that could be a main reason that “many in spite having malefic in 3rd can’t be a sportsman.

So, there are certain rules in astrology which we should must follow while judgement.

Apart from this, 3rd lord and planets influencing 3rd house also play their role, Overall, I have summarized few key points from all the horoscopes of cricketers which I wanted to show here with an example -

Note – Parashari & Jaimini both concepts has been used in this article, hence don’t be confuse in Grah Drishti (Planet Aspects as per Parashara), and Rashi Drishti (Sign aspects as Per Jaimini).

1 - Strength of Lagna and its lord defines fitness level, later Strength and placement of Mars, specially connection with 3rd house (As Karaka is always primary important).

2 - Prominent position of Sun and Mars are mandatory as require getting early success in life (in D-1, D-9 & D-10).

3 - 3rd house & Lord and planets influencing 3rd house (Malefic influence on 3rd house is welcome) from Lagna as well as from Chandra Kundli (Moon chart).

4 - Maha Dasha lords Exaltation or Placement in Fire Sign (Specially in D-10) is mandatory.

5 - Maha Dasha of Mars and Rahu (Occupied exaltation or fire Sign in D-10) falling between 15-35 age is not less than a boon for career as batsman or even a wicket Keeper.

6 - Maha Dasha of benefic’s (but Maha Dasha lord should be exalted, Owned Sign or must occupied Fire sign or an odd Sign in D-10) is equal supportable for career as bowlers.

7 - Malefic planet as Atma Karaka is also best supporting point (as found in many charts).

8 - Malefic’s in 3rd from Arudha & Karkamsa is a great support (Jaimini Karkamsa).

9 - Dual sign (Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, Pieces) rising Lagna with 3 or more planets in Kendra (as they influence each other via Rashi Drishti) may give an additional advantage (Refer examples).

10 - Favorable Transit is must on the day of match.

Note: One horoscope will never fulfill all parameters so always look for maximum availability, as Number for available parameters will increase surety of success level.

Now one by one let’s discuss on all above 10 points on details, later in example session I will tell you how to merge above all points and apply on charts -

First point is Karaka, I know you must be thinking why do I started with Karaka first, so my answer is, whenever you judge any profession (or even anything), then must refer Karaka first because if Karaka is not allowing then you can’t be a part of specific profession, Its only Karaka which leads your interest towards certain field, So Karaka is always a first brick.

Mars is Karaka for sports, also signifies energy level, and fighting ability which is mandatory to be in sports world, hence strength of Karaka mars and their link with 3rd house and 3rd lord in D-1, Chandra Lagna is a key point.

Second point is strong 3rd house and 3rd lord, As I said life of a sportsman starts from 3rd house, strong 3rd house and 3rd lord grab once attention towards sports, and as far as malefic influence on 3rd house is concern so malefic’s do very well in 3rd house as its Upachaya and malefic’s influence on 3rd house making person valorous.

Third point is Maha Dasha Lord, As I wrote in my Maha Dasha article that Maha Dasha is nothing but your journey with time, as cricket is age restricted game and you can’t play cricket whole life, however entry in right time in international platform is also require, so analysis of Maha Dasha lord is enough capable to give you sufficient clue about your success level, and Fire signs signifies rapid success and having capacity of self-growth, Hence Maha Dasha lord placement in fire sign in Dasamsa (D-10) may give you rapid and fiery success, however well placed exalted Maha Dasha lord itself considered very powerful as far as profession is concern.  
Fourth Point is Prominent position of Sun & Mars, If I have to say in one line then you can’t get early professional success in life if these two planets are not strong & well placed in your chart, and in cricket you require early success, hence their strength and position in D-1, D-9 and D-10 is very important.

Fifth point is Maha Dasha of Mars and Rahu, as a Batsman anyone who has received massive success and earned a big name, has faced Maha Dasha of Mars and Rahu in their career, like Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin Tendulkar, Virendra Sehwag, Kumar Sangakara, VVS Laxman, Saurav Ganguly, MS Dhoni, Adam Gilchrist, all have received their massive success in “Mars or Rahu” Maha Dasha only, even at present 3 famous stars of Indian team “Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma” passing through Maha Dasha of mighty “Rahu”.

Note: Even world best 3 wicket keepers (Ms. Dhoni, Adam Gilchrist, Kumar Sangakara) has got their glamour in Rahu Maha Dasha only, however these all three also known for their blasting betting style, so you can see Rahu maha dasha aged between 15-35 good for career as wicket keeper also.

So always see, If Are you getting Maha Dasha of Mars or Rahu in between Age of 15-35, and IF Maha Dasha lord (Mars or rahu) is placed in exalted or in fire sign in (D-1, D-9 and Specially in D-10), So yes you are destined to become a successful batsman.

Sixth point is Maha Dasha of benefic’s, -

Maha Dasha of benefic’s (Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus) is also supporting cricket but out of all benefic’s Venus Maha Dasha has much success ratio comparing to other benefic planets, But only condition is that planet should occupy either exaltation sign or Fire sign/Odd Sign in Lagna and Varga charts specially in Dasamsa (D-10).

Rahul Dravid has received his peak in Venus Maha Dasha, Kapil Dev Has got the same peak in Mercury Maha Dasha (Including world cup win), Wasim Akram got peak in Venus Maha Dasha, Glen McGrath was peak in Mercury Dasha, Ashish Nehra faced Venus Maha Dasha, At Present Hardik Pandya is passing through Venus Maha Dasha and getting an equal attraction from audience by his performance. 

Seventh point is, Malefic Planet as Atma Karaka is good for sportsman-

It’s very common observation I have seen in many horoscope of sportsman, when a malefic planet becomes Atma Karak, it means person with hard soul, and no mercy for enemy, and in cricket opponent team is always an enemy, such tendency in sportsman is always beneficial as far as sports is concern.

Eights Point is about Arudha and Karkamsa -

Arudha is well known topic for each as we know Arudha deals with your public image, how peoples love to see you, each one perform their best but each one does not get what big player gets, As per sutra’s Malefic in 3rd from Arudha makes one hard hitter of their enemy and in cricket opponent is always an enemy, So I hope you can understand what I am trying to say here.

Karkamsa getting used in Jaimini system where we capturing Rashi Drishti of a planet, One very prominent point about Jaimini system is “less parameter but accurate results”, You can use Karkamsa as another angle to see the same quality of a person as we see in Dasamsa (D-10), But Karkamsa has various uses so I wont restrict its uses here hence I would like to say just analyze your professional area through Karkamsa as its giving very accurate clues about professional life. 

Ninth point is “Dual Sign rising Lagna” -

Sign of Jupiter and Mercury known as Dual sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pieces), Most of the successful players are born in dual sign Lagna, apart from dual sign Lagna of sun and moon (Cancer & Leo) have also produced quite successful cricketer.

See basically many players join international team but after playing few matches they get kicked out from international team due to performance.

So meaning of successful player is like who has started and played till the end of his career as a part of international team and earned a big name for them like Dhoni, Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Ganguly, Kohli etc.

So as per my observation most of the successful cricketers belongs to either dual sign rising Lagna or Lagna of Sun & Moon.

Last Point Is “Role of Transits” in cricket -

So, transit happen each day and apart from Maha Dasha and sub periods, transit also plays its role, because no matter how powerful your horoscope is, you can’t be master of all the days, if one player having good luck so might be another player may have bad luck that day, transits playing role here if transit does not favor, you may have to face bad day or even favoring then you could be a man of the day, "Overall each day cant be yours" and One boll is enough to make or destroy your luck..

Now let’s start with the horoscopes and review each chart for above parameters -

Case Study - 1

Above two in one chart belong to two most successful cricketer of all time and both has played for Australia, and was a part of 1999 Australia world cup winning team and even when they have retired from international cricket, Australian has never looked back and has won world cup in continuously, Yes I am talking about Twins Brother Steve Wagh & Mark Wagh as both has born on same date in 4 mins difference hence horoscope for both brother is same, Now refer above horoscope 3rd house is getting aspect of two malefic planet (Mars 8th aspect & Ketu 5th aspect) and even 3rd lord Jupiter is associated with two mild malefic planets rahu and Sun in 5th house (which is 3rd house from Arudha), Mars is Atma karaka which is a malefic planet placed in 3rd from Chandra Kundli, Karkamsa falls in 11th house so 3rd house from 11th house is Lagna which is getting aspect (Jaimini Rashi Drishti) of 4 planets from fifth house (including two malefic’s Sun and Rahu), and Karaka Mars is also placed in Fire sign in D-1 & D-10.

So, horoscope fulfilling maximum parameters for being in sports world, now refer another chart - 

Case Study - 2

This chart belongs to Indian Cricketer Mr. Sunil Gavaskar (One of most successful test player), Born in Capricorn ascendant, 3rd from Lagna (Rahu) and 3rd from Arudha (Mars) both house having malefic planets, and 3rd from Chandra Kundli having influence of Saturn, 3rd lord is in its Debilitated sign but retrograde and getting directional strength in Lagna hence quite strong, Mars placed in 3rd from Arudha, 3rd from Karkamsa ruled by Saturn but no another malefic influence presence (via sign aspect), his most of the success came in Rahu Maha Dasha which is placed in fire sign Leo in Dasamsa (D-10) in conjunction with Mercury and Venus in 7th house. Sun & Mars also placed in an odd sign in 1st and 9th house in D-10 chart.  

Lets refer few horoscope of few well known bowlers –
Except Anil Kumble (Who got Succeed in Rahu Maha Dasha), Most of the successful bowlers has received their success in Maha Dasha of benefic planet, Specially Maha Dasha of Venus, as I wrote above Kapil Dev Has got his success in Mercury Maha Dasha, Wasim Akram got his success in Venus Maha Dasha, Glen McGrath achieved in Mercury Dasha, Ashish Nehra faced Venus Maha Dasha, Hardik Pandya in Venus Maha Dasha, Shoaib Akhtar received his success in retrograde Jupiter Maha Dasha (Occupied fire sign in all three D-1, D-9, D-10), Lets see few horoscopes - 

Case Study - 3

He does not need an introduction in India, he is first captain who has given first world cup to India, Mr. Kapil Dev, He was basically an all-rounder player but mainly a bowler, Refer his chart as 3rd house having two malefic’s (Saturn + Sun) and 3rd lord Jupiter too getting aspect of mars (A Malefic) which is also Atma karaka for this horoscope, 3rd from Arudha is occupied by Ketu, 3rd from Chandra Kundli also having Venus in it but getting aspect of Rahu, 3rd from Karkamsa having no malefic influence however three benefic influence present (Venus is placed and Jupiter & Moon Aspecting via rashi drishti), Sports Karaka Mars and Sun both placed in Fire Sign in Lagna chart.

Sun placed in 5th house in D-10 with Ketu and Jupiter, however Mercury and Mars both placed in 10th house of D-10 in Fire Sign, and his Peak time was mercury Maha Dasha, he has got all his glory in mercury Maha Dasha which is placed in fire sign in all main three charts (D-1, D-9 & D-10).

Refer horoscope of another Bowler - 
Case Study - 4

This chart belongs to Darren Gough who played for England as a bowler and known as second highest wicket taker in one day cricket for England team. Refer his chart as born in Dual sign Lagna (Gemini), and Mars and Ketu occupied 3rd house, 3rd house chandra kundli is getting aspected by Saturn and Rahu, Arudha falls in 5th house and 3rd from Arudha is 7th house (Which is also Karkamsa Lagna) getting influence of Ketu, however Rahu placed 3rd from Karkamsa Lagna, Retrograde Saturn is Atma karaka for this chart which is a malefic planet, Main point of this chart is Parivartan yoga between Sun and Mercury because his peak time was Maha Dasha of Sun which is linked with 3rd house via Parivartan Yoga. Refer next -

Case Study - 5

This chart Belongs to another very successful Indian bowler Mr. Anil Kumble, Born in Scorpio ascendant and lord mars occupied 11th house with Sun, Debilitated Retrograde Saturn which is 3rd house lord aspecting 3rd house and getting aspected by mars, Sun (A Malefic Planet) is a Atma Karaka for this chart, Moon exalted but no malefic influence 3rd from moon here, Arudha falls in 9th house so 3rd house from Arudha (11th house) also having malefic influences, 3rd from Karkamsa having Venus in it but getting aspect of Saturn (Via Rashi Drishti), since 1991 to 2009 he has faced Rahu Maha Dasha (almost entire cricket career) which is placed in Fire Sign (Aries) in D-10, He is highest wicket taker bowler from India.   
Case Study - 6

Above one belongs to Another Successful Indian bowler Mr. Ashish Nehra, 3rd house having sufficient malefic influences (Ketu & Sun, Rahu), also 3rd lord Jupiter having Parivartan Yoga with Moon which is placed in 3rd house, 3rd from Chandra Kundli (5th house) having aspects of three malefic’s (Saturn, Rahu, and Mars), 3rd from Arudha having mars & Saturn aspects, sun seems depressed with rahu in 9th but Mars is good in 10th house (Getting Digbal) with Two benefic’s, Here Venus is Atma Karaka and from Gemini Karkamsa Saturn available 3rd from it.  His entire success came in Venus Maha Dasha which is placed in 5th house in Dasamsa (D-10) with Exalted Jupiter.    

Case Study - 7

This one belongs to Ravi shastri, I like this man more as a commentator rather than a cricketer, anyways he started as a spin bowler but later transformed into an all-rounder, and now serving Indian team as cricket coach, before this he was a great commentator, I am quite impressed with his commentary, Refer his birth chart as 3rd house having influence of Rahu and Mars, 3rd lord strongly placed in 10th forming Gaj Keshri yoga (yoga also available in Dasamsa D-10), 3rd house from Chandra Kundli is occupied by mars, Arudha falls in 3rd house so 3rd from Arudha is 5th house having aspect of Ketu who is associated with retrograde yoga karaka Saturn, 5th house is also a Karkamsa Lagna, so 3rd from it getting influence of both nodes and Saturn & Mars (Rashi Drishti), His career time was 1981 to 1992 and this time was covered by Saturn Maha Dasha which is strongly placed in 10th house of Dasamsa and getting aspect of two benefic’s (Mercury + Venus).

And by the way, Refer Parivartan yoga between Venus and Mercury (which is linked with 2nd house of voice), I hope you can understand why his voice attracts too much in cricket commentary. 

Now I would like to show horoscope of a most successful wicket keeper -  

Case Study - 8

This one belongs to Australian WC Adam Gilchrist, Refer his birth chart as all three benefic’s in Lagna making him a great man (As they all three again conjunct in Navamsa also), Rahu present in 3rd house of D-1,  3rd from Chandra Kundli occupied by 3 benefic’s and getting aspects of two malefic’s (Saturn and Ketu), 3rd from Arudha is 6th house which having aspect of Sun, 3rd from Karkamsa is 10th house which having influence of Sun and Rahu (Rashi Drishti), Sun (a Malefic) is a Atma Karaka for this horoscope, Mars is exalted in D-9 and Sun having influence of three benefic’s (Jupiter, Venus and Mercury) in D-9, So Sun and Mars having inner strength (Navamsa), His entire success came in Rahu Maha Dasha which is placed in an odd and favorable sign in Dasamsa (D-10) Lagna.
Case Study - 9

Above chart belongs to VVS Laxman, 4 planets in 3rd house including 3rd lord and all under influence of Jupiter and moon, 3rd house from Chandra Kundli is occupied by Saturn, 3rd from Arudha having Retrograde Jupiter placed, Saturn (A Malefic) is Atma Karaka for this horoscope, 3rd from Karkamsa is getting aspects of Rahu and Ketu (Rashi Drishti), Debilitated planet (Here Sun) behave very well in 3rd house, But still due combustion of Venus (within 2 degree of sun) he could not achieve success like Sachin, Dravid or Ganguly, except his few innings most of the time he was out of the team, Because Venus is 3rd and 10th lord is combusted badly however its having influence of two benefic’s which saved his career quite a lot.

His Peak Time was Maha Dasha of Rahu which is placed with mars and moon in Fire sign in D-10.

Case Study - 10

Refer this chart carefully, quite a talented player but could not achieve much success and even after performance team selectors has ignored him each time, Yes its Goutam Gambhir, born in dual sign rising Lagna, 3rd house having mars in fire sign (Good for sports), 3rd lord Sun which is also Atma Karaka, conjunct a malefic in 4th house with Jupiter, five planets (Mars, Rahu, Sun, Saturn, Jupiter) aspecting 10th house, 3rd from Chandra Kundli having influence of Saturn (10th aspect), 3rd form Arudha Lagna occupied by moon (in Fire Sign) and also getting aspect of retrograde mercury, 3rd house from Karkamsa having Venus in it but getting aspects of Rahu, Ketu and Moon (Rashi Drishti), His peak time was Maha Dasha of Moon when most of the time he was part of international team (Including world cup 2011), Moon is placed in Fire sign Leo with Mars in 11th house in Dasamsa (D-10), But still he could not get what Sachin, Dhoni or other top batsman has received and only shortage was “Maha Dasha of mars has started very late in his life as when he crossed 35 of his age (Almost retirement Time).

Remember point no-5 Here, if need successful career as batsman (Or even a Wicket Keeper) then Maha Dasha of Mars and Rahu should fall between age 15-35, In case of Goutam Gambhir mars placed quite well in D-10 too but Dasha started from the age of 35 which was too late, overall he could not achieved what he deserve as he lost glory of his career despite of having lot of talent & potential.

Now sharing horoscopes of few top Indian batsman -  
Case Study - 11

Extremely explosive horoscope of very explosive batsman, Yes, I am talking about Virendra Sehwag one of very explosive batsman (alone from India) of the world. 

Why he was so offensive in his batting style that I am going to share later in same article, but at present refer his chart ascendant itself a fire and royal sign Leo, Lagna lord Sun is debilitated in all Varga (D-1, D-9 & D-10), but as per my observation debilitated planet perform very well in 3rd house specially with depositor, 3rd house having influence of 4 planets including two malefic’s (Sun and Mars), 3rd from Chandra Kundli occupied by Jupiter but also getting aspect of Ketu, Arudha falls in 5th house, so 3rd from Arudha is 7th house which is getting aspect of Saturn from Lagna, 3rd from Karkamsa is also occupied by Saturn, His peak time was Maha Dasha of Rahu (Exalted in D-10), later in Jupiter Maha Dasha, his career started fluctuating (Jupiter in 8th house of D-10 with Debilitated mars), Even he did not get chance to play farewell match (D-10 having 3 debilitated planets which making Dasamsa weak, as Sun, Mars and Mercury is debilitated in Dasamsa D-10).
Now refer horoscopes of three pillars of Indian Team, as there was a time when they were backbone of team India, as their stay in wickets was the guarantee of winning the match.

Case Study - 12

First one is Mr. Rahul Dravid, one of the reliable batsman in the world, Refer his chart - 

Born in dual sign rising Lagna, 3rd lord placed in 3rd house itself and also getting aspect of another malefic in 3rd house which is retrograde Saturn, 3rd from Arudha having aspect of Ketu, Sun (A Malefic) is a Atma Karak for this horoscope, Saturn is present 3rd from Chandra Kundli, 3rd from Karkamsa ruled by Saturn however there is no another malefic influence presence there, his entire career (1991 to 2011) came in Venus Maha Dasha, which is placed in an odd sign in 10th house of Dasamsa (D-10). Refer story of another pillar -

Case Study - 13

Now Our Indian Dada Mr. Saurav Ganguly, Refer below his chart as born in fire Sign Leo, 3rd house from Lagna having aspect of debilitated mars, and 3rd lord Venus conjunct Saturn and moon in 10th house and getting another malefic aspect of Rahu, 3rd house from moon is occupied by mars, Ketu and Mercury, 3rd from Arudha is occupied by Sun, and 3rd from Karkamsa is getting aspects of Saturn, Moon and Venus (Rashi Drishti), He has quite shining career during Rahu Maha Dasha which is Vargottama in D-9, however Jupiter Dasha given severe fluctuation and later ended up his international career in 2008, later he joined IPL team but there too he was not as successful as in Rahu Maha Dasha. 

22 times Saurav Ganguly has scored 100 and plus run in one day cricket, and out of these 22 centuries, 19 centuries he has made in Rahu Maha Dasha only (Even he has debut in one day cricket in 1996 itself) which ended in 2002.

Now refer Astrological Story and horoscope of Cricket God -  

Case Study - 14

This is legend of cricket” Mr. Sachin Tendulkar”, Known as god of cricket, his step is like a foot print for modern cricketers, Refer his chart below as born in Cancer Lagna (In Pushya Nakshatra), 3rd house having no malefic influence here but having two aspects (Jupiter and Mercury), 3rd house from Chandra Kundli having aspects of Ketu & Saturn, 3rd from Arudha having aspects of Jupiter & Mars (Exalted & Debilitated aspects). 

3rd from Karkamsa having aspect of Saturn (Rashi Drishti), Mars (A malefic planet) is Atma karaka here in this chart, he having 8 planets in Kendra in Navamsa D-9, and 6 planets in Kendra in D-10, he started playing in moon Maha Dasha, but as soon as Mars Maha Dasha started he started shining day by day and till Rahu Maha Dasha he created history which is visible worldwide.

So, it was big story of big horoscope of a big man…that’s it...!!!

Now horoscope of one more legend however his horoscope is unverified (as received from non-trust able sources), hence I won’t describe this chart (As not included as case study) and leaving over you people to whether accept or reject this horoscope.

MS Dhoni

His two horoscopes are roaming over internet, one with Virgo ascendants and another with Dhanu Lagna, He can’t be Virgo ascendant as none of his life events getting tally with Virgo ascendants, Dhanu Lagna seems quite okay (as many events including world cup win are matching with Dasha's), however yet we are having no confirm source hence categorized this chart and unverified.

Another point which I wanted to discuss later is “offensiveness in betting”, if we talk about most killer batsman’s (those basically known as murderer of cricket ball) like Chris Gayle, Shahid Afridi, Virendra Sehwag, Adam Gilchrist, as they was famous for their offensive and killing betting style, and why I selected these four only because each one who watch cricket loved their way of betting, as these were terror of their time for bowlers.

One common point among all these four is, much planetary influences on 3rd house like - 

Virendra Sehwag, Chris Gayle, and Shaid Afridi all three having four planet conjunction on their charts as -

Chris Gayle - Venus, Mercury, Moon and Sun.

Shahid Afridi - Mars, Moon, Jupiter, Rahu.

Virendra Sehwag - Sun, Mercury, Mars, Venus (Occupied 3rd house).

Adam Gilchrist does not have 4 planets conjunctions as Rahu alone in 3rd house but if we check through Jaimini angle then Rahu is getting aspected by Mercury, Venus, Jupiter & Saturn via Rashi Drishti, Which making 3rd house equally powerful as other bowl killers. 

So this was very common point, which i observed in their horoscopes, I have few more horoscopes with me at present but i don’t want to publish anymore as its going to increase length of my article, But still about one man I want to discuss here and that is -
Yes this is Virat Kohli, No one ever though that anyone will reach even near to Sachin’s records, however only this man having this ability, He cant break all but still challenging to many records, I have tried to collect his horoscopes through many sources but each time getting same birth details, and as per this, his future seems quite shinning (as he has just completed half of his career journey however still long journey remaining), I have got his below horoscope -    

Refer his chart as, this birth details giving dual sign rising Lagna, Rahu placed in 3rd house in favorable sign, Saturn placed in 3rd from Arudha, Mars influencing 3rd from Chandra Lagna, and 3rd from Karkamsa is getting aspected by Sun and Mercury and Retrograde Jupiter placed here, Sun (A Malefic) is a Atma Karak for this chart, Sun and Mars both exalted in D-10, his peak time started from Rahu Maha Dasha which is placed in Leo (A Fire Sign) in Dasamsa under Magha Nakshatra, Mercury placed in 10th house of D-10, At present he is passing through Rahu-Mercury time till April 2020 which seems a best time for him.

I don’t have confirm birth time but basis on Surya & Chandra Kundli and his Maha Dasha sequence, another player who seems to have a bright future in Indian cricket is “Shreyas Iyyer”.  

Anyways now summarizing all the research points here again as snap shot–

1- Always analyze entire horoscope first to see whether horoscope promises entry in desired field or not, as dual sign rising Lagna and Lagna of Sun & Moon have quite success ratio in terms of producing long terms successful cricketers, so never ignore Lagna and its lord because its going to affect your fitness level too…!!!

2 – Karak Mars link and malefic’s influences on 3rd house from Lagna, Chandra Kundli, Arudha & Karkamsa.

Note: Karkamsa I have used an additional point here and apply Rashi Drishti while judging Karkamsa.

3 – Strength and placement of Sun and Mars in D-1, D-9 & D-10.

4 – Examine Maha Dasha lords (which ruling your life from the age of 15 to 35) in all three (D-1, D-9 & D-10), if they are well placed in D-1, D-9 & D-10 (specially in D-10 if occupied exalted or fire Sign or even an odd sign, it’s a good signal to rise).

5 – If wished to become a good successful batsman then see If Mars & Rahu (As both coming in sequence) Maha Dasha falling in between age 15 to 35, then analyze them with above said parameters (As mentioned in point no – 4), If they are matching said criteria, yes success could be yours and that too “Big one”. However, if career as wicket keeper then focus on Rahu Maha Dasha.

While using above 5 points you can judge size of your destiny, and if your luck is good then transits too favors because transit is nothing merely a switch which activate an event (whether good or bad), And all knows you cant hit century in each match, and if your luck is strong then lets transit play their role as no need to afraid.

So Now refer your chart and see if your horoscope fulfills above said parameters then “Yes” you can jump into cricket world….!!! 

Anyways, whatever i have written above is about single player however cricket is not a game of single man, it’s a team work, matched happens in series format, Ashes series having much values (Australia and England taking part into it), however many more were equally famous but does not exist anymore like Asia Cup, Sharjah Cup due enemity between India and Pakistan.

As I said in Asian countries, Cricket is a religion specially in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, However Match between India and Pakistan is like a war between these two countries.

When the matches happen between these two team, so even in 2-3-month advance, Media start giving exposure and highlighting these matches (which later creates pressure on players), even astrologers, Tarot readers, Numerologist starts making prophecies before the matches, Batting market (Shatta Bazar) is always higher in these matches
We should not call it Match between India and Pakistan but we can say like All cricket players mentally taking part into India Pak match and mentally praying for their country to win, Billions of eyes watching these matches, which get finished by winning one team however loss for another, however post losing match “Old T.V. Fodu function” (Television breaking program due to angriness in audience of match losing country) gets celebrated (it happens mostly in Pakistan however once in a blue moon in other Asian countries Too). 

Leave it anyways as its very common, and peoples having their rights to express their feelings, so nothing big in it, however just remember cricket is a game of 11 players and when they all contribute equally then one team wins trophy, No matter how big player you are, You always have to think for team and have to play for team, Teamwork makes the dream work - 

So, after a long time its my research, please ignore my grammatical errors as I hope you people would be benefited from this information shared by me. As I have no other motto because I am not an astrologer, I am just a researcher...!!!

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From: Sourabh Soni
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