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Saturday, 14 February 2015

All About Stardom In Film and Media Industry By Sourabh Soni

The Windfall of Fortune

Today again I am writing sequel of my previous article based on career in film and media, and will reveal few more secret formula of checking career in films, arts, Media and Entertainment. However as I have already written one long article based on my research, where I have disclosed most of the secrets, If somebody want to make their career in Arts, Cinema and Media, as an artist so you can read prequel of this article so that you can understand the basic formula, Because here again I am going to tell you few advance concept, And also give you answer of one of the most searchable question in career in films, Is that –

“How to know whether I could be an actor or actress“ 

So don’t worry after reading my this article at the end, you are going to get this answer and the same you can check in your horoscope, whether your horoscope is signifying artistic career not…because I have cracked that formula from dark world of astrology, And trust me guys it’s a very simple to check, But before moving ahead you need to know few basic concepts and for that you need to read previous version of this article, so if you have not read my previous article based on career in film making and entertainment, so use below URL, read it and comeback –

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Guys, Film industry is an illusion, a real world of Maya (biggest world of illusion), and these days everyone wants to make their career in entertainments world, but as we know everyone can’t be a star, because everyone is talented these days, but they didn’t get support from luck, without luck Career is impossible in film industry.

Today I am going to reveal few more secret of astrology so that you can get answer of few more question, the formula which I have not mentioned in my previous article, going to write here, but the one and very IMP point which I want to write about “stardom”.

See as we know everyone can’t be Star, and every star can’t be superstar, because only superstars deserve real “Stardom”.

Do you know meaning of stardom???

Stardom Mean A Powerful Social Status, A Great Fame, Huge wealthy personality, From child to older person everybody will regard you as A King, World will follow you, girls and boys are just blindly mad on you, others will ready to die to see a glance of you.

So if I have to describe stardom in astrology so I would say stardom is “Windfall of Fortune”

The person who has reached his maximum level of success deserve Stardom….so today I am going to write about stardom along with the examples of Seven Super stars of Indian cinema Industry or you can say superstars of Bollywood.

And such stardom you can get from three fields only “Entertainments, Sports and Politics”.

So I have already written to become successful personality in politics and revealed all the secret and planetary combinations which give huge success in politics, if you have not read that or if interested to read that so just use below URL and go through with it.

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Very soon I will write separate article about career and success in sports, but today I am writing about How to see huge success in horoscope through planets which signify stardom, and all other similar combination in entertainment world.

Do you know why Indian film industry known as Bollywood??

So answer is Bollywood is adopted name (Adapted from Hollywood). Here in India film industry is located in Mumbai, and Old name of Mumbai is “Bombay”. So they took first two letter of Bombay which is “BO” and added it into “llywood word” (which is adapted from Hollywood).

So now from that day Indian film industry is known as Bollywood.

You might be thinking why I wrote information because it has no relation with astrology. So I wrote it because I am going to present the charts of top seven super stars of Bollywood, Those are –

1 – Mr. Rajesh Khanna

2 – Mr. Amitabh Bachchan

3 – Mr. Shahrukh Khan

4 – Mr. Aamir Khan

5 – Mr. Salman Khan

6 – Mr. Hrithik Roshan

7 – Mr. Akshay Kumar

So guys lets discuss few astrology combination responsible for career in Arts, Media, Entertainment and film making in brief, (Complete description you can read in my previous article).

As we know astrology has 12 houses, 12 sign, nine planets, 27 constellations, and our personal and professional life is totally depends on them, So each house and lords supports in one’s career equally hence not even single parameter can be ignored.

Note – We are just discussing about career as an actor or actress and about professional life (Nothing about Personal life).

Because each planet affects personal and professional life in different manner, Like Mars and Venus combination is not good for personal life but it’s A class combination for film making.

Now remember few rule as –

Each house reflect the same effect through its seventh house but in opposite way.  

Like if first house reflect husband, so its seventh house represent your wife. If second house represent family and money so just opposite eight house reflect the same effect in another way and signify family of spouse and money through in-laws, and money which comes through others. Like if third house is house of self-effort so just opposite ninth house is house of Luck. 

To become a super star in film industry support of other peoples are first IMP part which we can see from 8th house and its lord…

Like If Amitabh Bachchan is successful and has got stardom, so not just because of his effort only, let me tell you why, see basically every film is a results of team work, but In Bollywood entire team works but star takes all the credit (As people only remember stars)…So every script writer, Singer, Director, Producer, marketing team, Everyone has supported Amitabh Bachchan to become successful and to get such stardom. (This theory is applicable for every super star)

Note – Seventh house signify Masses (Huge public), and 8th house is second from 7th, hence signify support of public, so 8th house and its lord is very IMP….!!!

Career as an artist is seen from 3rd & 5th houses and by their lords only. So any planet connected with these houses and with their lords can give you the gateway to jump in media and entertainment.

But remember – There is a difference in media industry and film industry…Like anyone who is active as an Anchor, T.V. Host, and Acting in serials, News reporters, or active in any kind of program which comes on small screen is a part of media, and Anybody who is working in films actually known as big stars and a part of film industry. So 3rd house and its lord signify media personality and 5th house and its lord signify film actors.

Career in media and films is promises by 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th and 11th houses and by their lords only…rest houses and their lords gives supportive quality and support related to the concern houses…!!!

Remember – If even single house or planet is not supporting then lack of the quality of concerned house and ruler planet will reflect in the personality, (Like Amitabh Bachchan can’t dance like Hrithik Roshan). So each planet and house has its unique quality and power, so don’t underestimate power of any planet and house.

The planets which signify tremendous success in glamour industry and can give massive fame and wealth are Rahu & Venus, But the Planet which signify stardom is “Mars”, if mars is not supportive then no matter how successful career you have in film industry, and you can’t become super star (Never).

Now make the definition - If Venus & Rahu is connected with 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th , 11th houses and with their lords, Signify career in glamour industry and Fifth lord is strong and supportive and connected with Venus and Rahu certainly gives career in entertainment world, And if mars is contributing then you can expect booming success during the concern Dasha. (That’s why I wrote Mars+ Venus combination is one of the best combination for glamour industry)

But again I have seen many charts where above combinations are available and horoscope is full filling all the required parameters but person are still struggling to get chance in Media and entertainment industry…

Why…why…why ….???

 Everybody wants to know this answer… I know…

Guys I have one humble request from you if you want to be a media personality and if your horoscope is not fulfilling’s below mentioned parameter, So please leave and search another work, because if below parameter is missing in your horoscope then I can bet on you, you can’t make your career as an actor or actress in entertainment and media industry…!!!

So what is that secret??
That secret is an Arudha Concept, 

So if you are checking your horoscope for career in media and entertainment so please also check your Arudha chart as well…!!

If Arudha chart is telling that you would be known as an Actress or Actor then Yes “You can be” but if your Arudha chart is not reflecting image of an artist so no matter how strong your horoscope is but “You can’t be” an artist.

As definition, Arudha concept is bit advance concept in Vedic astrology which tells person image into the society, or you can say Arudha chart is a Mirror which reflect professional image of a person.

Arudha signify “You would be known as _______________ into world”.

And answer of that blank spaces you can get through Arudha Chart only, whether you would be an artist, A Singer, A writer, A Business Man, Sportsman or a Leader, Only Arudha chart can give you this answer.

Because no matter if D-1 chart or main birth horoscope have all the combination of becoming successful in film and entertainment industry, but if your Arudha chart is reflecting your image as Doctor which signifying –

“You would be known as Doctor into the society”
Then Even if you are active in media industry and your horoscope have all the required combination then too people will know you and regards you as business man only.

No matter what you are, and what are you doing in natural world, but world will regards you and known you as your Arudha chart is promising only…

So if somebody want to know how famous he or she would be in their life so only Arudha chart can reply that answer…but remember D-1 chart is physical body and Arudha is a Shadow of that body…

So how to check artist image through Arudha Concept???

So sign which falls in  3rd, 5th,  9th and 11th houses of your main horoscope, if become ascendant of your Arudha Chart and Either fifth lord of your main birth chart or Rahu or Venus is sitting in Arudha… That is 100 % that one can make his or her career in media and cinema…

Almost in all horoscopes of media personality i have seen that 3rd, 5th, 9th and 11th houses of your main horoscope become your Arudha, which (see below image for example), signify one image as an actor or actress…

But why only 3rd, 5th,  9th and 11th houses, what about rest houses??

So remember my first rules “Every house reflect the same effect through its seventh places in different way”

Let me clarify you it more ….
Basically glamour is a game of  3rd and 5th houses only, But 9th, and 11th are just opposite to them hence signify the same personality, however in any horoscope if Arudha Lagna and Main ascendant is same which is also a strong indication of great personality, Same happen if D-1 has strong yoga for media however 7th house of your main birth horoscope become Arudha, also making great actors however Arudha Lagna lord and planet associated with D-1 Lagna and Arudha Lagna will decide final judgement.

If Arudha Lagna and your birth ascendant is same means D-1 chart and Arudha chart is same for anyone is symbol of A Grade Actor (But D-1 chart should have strong yoga for media is vital).

If Arudha Lagna sign falls into 3rd, 5th, 9th and 11th houses in main horoscope, again signify image of an artist…

And another point is – if above situation is available in Arudha chart however planet associated with Arudha lagna is as imp as Arudha Lord, if Rahu & Venus is occupied Arudha Lagna or aspecting it, So it means Arudha chart is promising the image of glamour man…

Because Rahu is Karaka for glamour and Venus is karaka for media and entertainment.

Note – But D-1 or main birth horoscope should be strong and having sufficient yoga to make you capable personality. Because Arudha just show your professional shadow, Main body is your Lagna chart (D-1 Chart).

Don’t worry I will explain above concept through examples too… Just –

So if you remember above rules so we can start our journey –

So let’s have an example through horoscopes of seven Indian superstars –

Example -1
Horoscope of Mr. Rajesh Khanna

Rajesh Khanna is known as First Indian Super Star, Who has delivered 15 super hits film in just two year, Hence people were admiring his like god, Let’s see his astrology profile – 

Rajesh Khanna has born in Gemini Ascendant, 7th and 10th lord Jupiter is sitting in first house, and getting aspected by Lagna lord and 5th lord Venus, and 7th house has three planets conjunction, 3rd lord Sun, 5th lord Venus, and Lagna Lord Mercury, And rahu is sitting in 3rd house aspecting all three planets in 7th house. Mars and Saturn is causing Vipreeta Raja Yoga…So overall horoscope fulfilling all required parameters. 

But why Rajesh Khanna has got massive fame???

So as I wrote above Rahu and Venus these planets signify worldly fame if occupy 5th, 7th and 10th house of horoscope, So Rahu is sitting in Kingly Magha Nakshtra in 3rd house aspecting Venus which is also in 7th house. Another this Rajesh Khanna has one of the best Maha Parivartan Raja Yoga in his chart, Causing by Jupiter and Mercury and both the planets holds all the Kendra houses…Giving him entire success and wealth along with stardom.

Fifth house lord Venus is strong in Shadbal chart – 

Now let’s see his Arudha Chart -   

Arudha chart and Lagna chart is same for Rajesh Khanna, means its Arudha Chart reflecting image of A grade actor. So as per Arudha method it is confirmed that Rajesh khanna was born to be a great super star.

Now see his D-10 Chart (Professional Area) -

In the D-10 chart Exalted Rahu is again sitting in 3rd house along with exalted Mercury and aspecting 11th house. Another point is Rahu hold exact 3 degree in D-1 Chart and very close to ascendant degree which is 3:34 Degree, Hence Rahu is very strong and giving his stardom and made him first super star of Indian film industry.

Rajesh Khanna has got his stardom in Mahadasha of Rahu –

So Maha Dasha of Rahu was the great time for Rajesh Khanna, when they have received massive Fame and Stardom.

Example -2 

Horoscope of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan


Mr. Amitabh Bachchan was next super star after Rajesh Khanna, He has also received great fame and love support of public. Let’s see his astrological profile - 

Amitabh Bachchan is born in Aquarius ascendant, Ketu is sitting in Lagna and Lagna Lord Saturn sitting in fourth house but aspecting 10th house, 5th house sitting in 8th house in exalted sign along with Venus, Sun and Mars. 2nd and 11th lord Jupiter is exalted in sixth house occupy 00:34 degree so it’s very close to ascendant degree, Rahu is sitting in 7th house in Magha Nakshtra(Kingly Nakshtra).

Moon, Mars and Venus is weak in Shadbal chart hence success came late in his life -  

Now check his artist profession thorough Arudha Chart –

Arudha Lagna is leo and occupied by Rahu, Leo is a sign of seventh house his main horoscope so signifying artistic image for Amitabh Bachchan.  

Note - 7th house of your main birth horoscope if become your Arudha Lagna and Rahu or Venus influencing it  then it can also be a strong indication of performing as artist.

Now see his D-10 Chart (Professional Area) – 

It is said for anyone if D-1 and D-10 charts are same means lord of the Lagna going to affect very positively to the person, in both area personal and professional.

Amitabh Bachchan has started his career in Jupiter Dasha, but he has got his great stardom in Maha Dasha of Saturn, which is lord of Lagna as well as lord of D-10 Lagna.

so he has all the quality and support of luck from each houses to enjoy the biggest stardom.

Example -3 -

Horoscope of Mr. Shahrukh Khan

Mr. Shahrukh Khan is next super star of Bollywood after Amitabh Bachchan, and got the title of King and known as Baadshah of Indian film industry. Let’s review his astrological profile –

Shahrukh is born in Kingly Lagna Leo, and Lord of the Lagna is debilitated in 3rd house and occupy sign of Libra but getting Neech Bhang as Mars and Saturn in Kendra. 

Note – If Sun occupy sign of Libra so it’s quite supportive in professional life (but should be 3rd, 10th or 11th houses), debilitated planets sitting in upachaya house does not harm professional life so much…

3rd and 10th lord Venus sitting in 5th house, and Rahu is also sitting in 10th house causing massive fame for Shahrukh khan, 5th lord Jupiter sitting in 11th house aspecting fifth house. 12th lord moon sitting in 6th house causing Vipreeta Raja Yoga. 

Moon, Mars and Saturn are quite strong in Shadbal Chart - 

So horoscope is confirming the career in entertainment world, now let’s check through Arudha chart –

As per Arudha chart Venus is sitting in Arudha Lagna in sign of Dhanu, which is fifth house of main birth horoscope, Means Arudha chart is reflecting an artist image for Shahrukh Khan, and Venus is supporting it. 

Now see his D-10 Chart (Professional Area) – 

D-10 Lagna is Pisces and Lagna lord Jupiter is sitting in sixth house in sign of Leo which is first house of main horoscope. Shahrukh has started his career in Jupiter Dasha and got tremendous success and fame in Jupiter Dasha itself.

Note - Success in life will come early or late, it’s totally depend on two planets Sun & Mars. 
But Jupiter and Saturn Mahadasha also greatly support films industry because they are natural karaka for 10th house of profession, Hence without Karaka calculation, any prediction is almost impossible. (Like Natural karaka for film industry is venus)

Example -4

Horoscope of Mr. Salman Khan

Mr. Salman Khan is a super star personality of indian film industry, who has many female followers and has got the stardom, Let see his astrology profile….
Salman has born in Aries ascendant, and lord of the first house sitting in 10th house occupied exalted sign along with media and entertainment significator planet Venus and also aspecting fifth house by its 8th aspect, and this combination is getting aspected by great Rahu, Causing great fame and stardom. Fifth lord sun is sitting in 9th house under aspect of Jupiter which is also occupied 3rd house of media and glamour. Ketu and Mercury sitting is sitting in 8th house and aspecting 2nd house. Saturn and moon is sitting in 11th house aspecting fifth house… 

Planets are also strong in Shadbal chart -  

So totally horoscope is signifying successful career in entertainment industry…Now let’s see his professional image through Arudha Concept – 

Arudha Chart – Salman Khan

Arudha Lagna sign is Libra, which is sign of seventh of main horoscope, its means arudha chart is reflecting an image of actor for Salman Khan.

Let’s see his D-10 Chart –

Jupiter is aspecting 5th lord sun in main birth chart and aspecting Arudha Lagna in Arudha Chart, So Salman khan has started his career in Jupiter Maha Dasha. But he has got stardom in Dasha of Saturn, Because Saturn is sitting in 10th house in D-10 chart and as per divisional charts concept if any planet which is sitting in 10th house of D-10 and if person is going through Maha Dasha of that planet then person can achieve massive success in professional area.

Note – Maha Dasha of Rahu, Saturn and Venus is quite prominent Dasha’s as I have observed many stars has achieve their best in these Dasha’s only. (As Jupiter is natural Karaka for 10th house and few also gets success in Jupiter Dasha but to expect success in Jupiter Dasha, Jupiter should be connected with 5th house or with 5th lord in main birth horoscope is mandatory).

Example - 5

Horoscope of Mr. Aamir Khan

Mr. Aamir Khan is one of the best super star artist in Indian cinema of current time, His every move is guarantee of block buster success, his recent movie “PK” has broken all previous records of success, So let’s check his astral profile – 

Aamir khan has born in Aquarius ascendant, and lord of the Lagna Saturn is sitting in Lagna itself, along with yoga karaka planet Venus and 7th house lord Sun. another end 3rd and 10th house lord Mars aspecting fifth house lord Mercury and Saturn, Venus and Sun, Forming great yoga for film and media, glamour Karaka Rahu is aspecting 10th house, and Moon is forming great Harsh Vipreeta Raja yoga in sixth house. Overall D-1 chart is giving clear clue for successful career in film making.     

Mars and Saturn is also very strong in Shadbal –

Now see his Arudha chart –

Arudha chart and Lagna chart is same which signify whatever your Lagna chart is promising, Person is going to get the same, and D-1 chart strongly signifying career in entertainment industry. 

Note – Arudha chart and Lagna chart is same means Arudha falls in 1st house in main birth horoscope.

Now see his D-10 Chart –

Exalted Rahu is sitting in 2nd house with debilitated Venus and aspecting 10th house. However Amir Khan has started his career in Ketu Mahadasha but Amir Khan has received stardom in Venus Maha Dasha, Venus is a lord of 3rd and 10th house (Media & Profession). 

And In D-10 chart 1st house Lord Sun sitting in 4th house and aspecting 10th house and currently Aamir running under sun Dasha, and success of “PK” came in Sun Mahadasha….

So overall planets has given stardom to Amir Khan…

Example - 6

Horoscope of Mr. Akshay Kumar

Mr. Akshay Kumar is active in film industry since long time and acting in at least two films every year. His maximum movies are super hit hence he also got the Super star Tag and counted as Super star of Bollywood. Let’s review his astrological profile -

(Unverified horoscope and taken from internet) Akshay Kumar has born in Scorpio ascendant and lord of ascendant Mars is sitting in Lagna itself forming Ruchak Maha Purush Raja yoga, Fifth lord Jupiter is exalted in ninth house, Sun is also occupy owned sign Leo and sitting in 10th house along with Venus. Mercury is exalted in 11th house and aspecting 5th house. Saturn in fifth house aspecting 11th house, Rahu is sitting in 6th house Aries aspecting 10th house and Sun & Venus, Moon and Ketu is sitting in 12th house.  

Prominent part is Strong Mars and Saturn in Shadbal -

Now let’s see his Arudha chart –

Arudha chart and D-1 chart is same again, Means Arudha reflecting image of an artist which means person could be a true artist personality in professional world. 

Let’s see his D-10 Chart - 

As per ancient text if any planets sitting in Kendra in D-10 and if person going under Mahadasha of that planet, signify trigger success to the native. And if any planet sitting in 10th house of D-10 chart so Mahadasha of that planet can give massive success. Akshay Kumar has got stardom in Maha Dasha of Mercury which is exalted sitting in 11th house in main birth horoscope however occupied 10th house of D-10 Chart. 

11th house is a house of fulfilment of desire, Mercury has given everything to him in its Maha Dasha along with super star status.

Example -7

Horoscope of Mr. Hrithik Roshan

(This one also is an unverified horoscope and taken from internet for research) Mr. Hrithik Roshan is one of the great super star of Indian cinema, best known for his great dancing skills, as nobody can dance like Hrithik Roshan in Bollywood and in Hollywood even. Let’s see his astrology profile –

Hrithik Roshan has born in Pieces ascendant and lord of Lagna Jupiter sitting in 11th house along with Venus in debilitated situation, However getting Neech bhang due to strong Mars, Depositor Saturn in Kendra, And getting aspected by Moon. Sun, Mercury, Rahu is sitting in 10th house and getting aspected by Saturn and Ketu, and all are making 10th house (House of public reputation & Worldly recognition) very strong. 5th lord sitting in 5th house itself. Mars occupy own sign Aries and again aspecting its own sign Scorpio, making his luck very Strong. 

Even all planets are almost equally strong in Shadbal (Means fulfilling minimum Shadbal requirement) – 

Let’s see his professional artist image confirmation through Arudha chart - 

Arudha Lagna is Scorpio and getting aspected by its lord mars form its own 8th aspect. In main birth horoscope Scorpio is a sign of ninth house, which is confirming artist image for Hrithik Roshan as per Arudha rules.

Now see his D-10 Chart –

Hrithik Roshan has started his career in Venus Maha Dasha and got the super star tag in Venus Maha Dasha itself.  

Do you know why Hrithik Roshan has different and best dance style???

Because of moon in owned sign in 5th house under aspect of Venus and Jupiter…!!!

So I hope you have got all the points which I mentioned above (If not, feel free to write me and get the answer)…

Do you know common factor in all above super stars horoscopes???

All these superstars have one or two retrograde planets in their horoscopes, as i always says "Big Professional success without Retrograde planet is somehow difficult to attain... !!!

To Learn more about Retrograde planets and their role in human life - Click Here

Now another main point is – Many peoples have strong horoscopes, even they have all the required qualities, then why only few gets stardom Tag??
Raja yoga and strong planet are not making them super star, because many peoples have strong planets and even many strong combination, even many persons has born in the same date and time, they have also got same yoga’s in their horoscope then why only one person is getting throne of stardom…??

In a simple language “Why every star can’t be super star”

And only Karmic book can reply this answer because only karmic book tells “Past karmic deeds responsible for one’s booming career success in glamour industry”

Yes “It’s all about karmic past deeds”

So let’s open the Karmic Book pages to get the answer of Past Karmic Deeds responsible for such windfall of fortune.

Let me explain you above concept in details – 

As we know life of everyone has been divided into two parts – 

Personal & Professional 
But each life has many other responsibility like, Mother, Father, Wife, Siblings, friends, relatives, society, duty towards Animals & Birds, duty towards motherland, and many more… 

Even Professional life has many responsibilities like, duty towards your job, your employee and colleagues, and specially duty towards others people. Duty towards humanity (Needy people, poor peoples). 

So how well you have performed in both the area of life, your entire next life is a rewards of that past karmic deeds, IF they are super star and has got the huge stardom, it means they have performed very well in each areas of life (Personal and professional both)….

See basically everyone can’t manage everything very well like even superstars has many issues in their life, like Salman khan is still unmarried, See his chart 7th lord Venus and Sitting with Mars and getting aspected by Rahu, So combination of Mars, Rahu and Venus is good for professional life but not good for personal life. But still Salman khan is serving very well his entire family, caring about his friends, relatives, and sisters, supporting everyone who is working under his production, running a social organization (Being Human) to help uneducated people, Poor people, and also entertaining the world through his abilities… 

So if destiny has rewarded him with the stardom so it’s not a big deal, indeed he is a loyal great man and deserve all the stardom because in a such world when everyone is ready to kill his own blood relative just for the sake of money.

So as per the karmic book, Stardom is a complete package of rewards from destiny.

So guys this was my long research about Stardom in Film Industry, I hope you would like it…and  If you like my article and if you want to be my friend and interested to read my further articles so Just open below link and like my page but please don’t be my fan… Be my friend…

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