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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Shakat Yoga in Vedic Astrology By Sourabh Soni

The Loop of Fluctuating Fortune

Hi Guys,

I am again here with another concept of Vedic astrology, today I am clarifying another yoga of astrology known as Shakat Yoga, Its not a yoga as "its a Dosha" but translators has wrongly translated it as a yoga hence still popularized as yoga and falls under Bad Yogas category, well before writing much about this yoga (Due to searching issues i am also using it as a yoga however its a Dosh) I would like to clarify that this article is purely based on practical life experiences which I have collected from the real life and from the peoples those have this yoga in their horoscope and still they are living their life. 
So let’s discuss about Shakat Yoga in details -

Main definition of Shakat yoga is if all the planets occupy 1st and 7th houses from Lagna, however various positions of Jupiter from Moon are also create Shakat yoga…

Like whenever Jupiter occupies 6th, 8th or 12th houses from Moon, Shakat yoga occurs

Few also says when Moon occupies 6th, 8th or 12th houses from Jupiter, Shakat yoga occurs…which is totally wrong hence this definition should be ignore…!!

Because Moon is a base of Shakat yoga, and Jupiter play a vital role hence Jupiter position in bad houses from moon affects a lot.

Well I will describe later Jupiter position in bad houses from moon, but let’s discuss about first situation which is - 

As per ancient text - If all the planets occupies first and seventh house of horoscope so such yoga known as Shakat yoga, one born with this yoga suffers from severe diseases throughout life. He has ugly nails. He is foolish. He doesn’t have friends and family, He lives life in pulling carts and much more bla...bla...bla...bla….

Lol… output is really very horror but almost true, let me clarify you why output is so horror…

First of all, whenever all the planets are sitting in first and seventh houses of any horoscope, which means all the planets will affect first and seventh house strongly, and involvement and influence of five malefic planets (Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu) in first and seventh house will surely destroy maximum auspiciousness of that horoscope. 

So this situation of Shakat yoga is really very horror and curse full however rarely found in any horoscope, even I have not seen such situation in any chart yet so I can’t describe much about this Parameter of Shakat yoga because I don’t have any chart for example of this situation.  

Leave it, let’s discuss Jupiter positions from moon in bad houses, which also creates Shakat yoga… 

So as per ancient text, whenever Jupiter occupies 6th, 8th or 12th houses from Moon, Shakat yoga occurs

As I have already told that this article is purely based on real life experiences which I have collected from the peoples those have Shakat yoga in their horoscope, because I am a person who doesn’t trust on ancient text 100 %, However I am not denying ancient knowledge but just searching the reason why almost 90% predictions are goes wrong in real life. 

I am really very thankful to Maharishi Parashara and other great saints those have given their best in astrology, because without their help and support we can never understand even meaning of astrology, but the main point is, time has been changed a lot and with the time astrology terms and definition also needs to be updated, because each raja yoga is not generating the same effect to all the persons hence I prefer real life experiences while working on my articles instead of follow ancient text book as almost everyone is doing the same.

Jupiter positions from the moon in different – different bad houses (6th, 8th & 12th) creates different –different effects, however astrologers predict same result for all the situations of Shakat Yoga.

Hence I have asked experiences from the different - different peoples, so that I can describe what they are facing in their life after having Shakat yoga in their horoscope. 

It is said that life acts like a clock if you have Shakat yoga in your horoscope, and person falls in a loop of losing and regaining the things…

But as per my practical experience everyone is not facing loosing and regaining situation, however everyone is getting hardship due to Shakat yoga.  

The person who has Jupiter in 12th house from the moon is actually facing losing and regaining situation, and the persons those have Jupiter in 6th and 8th houses facing many other issues in their life.

Males those have Shakat yoga in their horoscope found that they are facing much hardships in professional life and however in case of females their personal life happiness found questionable… 

Most of the peoples those have Shakat yoga in their horoscope (Specially Jupiter found in 6th & 8th position from Moon), facing lacking of happiness in life, such person found very arrogant in nature, hurdles found in marriage life in case of females (As Jupiter is karaka of marriage for females), Few also sufferings from health issues, Life processing found very slow and fluctuating. 

Another main point is either childhood or old age (anyone) could give severe mental stress and sufferings. (These all are the observations, and found almost in all cases).

It means either person is missing happiness in childhood, or facing severe mental stress in old age.

Another very important point is that, maximum peoples have Kemdrum yoga along with Shakat Yoga (Found almost in 6 cases out of ten, those have mental sufferings).

That’s the main reason I always says, single good or bad yoga can’t make or break your entire life, hence every astrologer suggest to read entire horoscope whenever you are searching source of your sufferings in life through astrology.
However who has Jupiter in 12th house from the Moon, such peoples have fluctuating fortune and actually missing stability in the life because their fortune fluctuate like a clock, Once they have achieved something so after sometime they are going to lose it, however regaining the same after sometime.  

But also remember, Things related to the professional life you can get it back, but regaining the things related to the personal life is almost impossible until any positive and saving factor is not available in the horoscope, because it affect personal and professional life both.   

Do you know why person regains the things in Shakat yoga (When Jupiter goes into the 12th house from moon)??? 

Because however Jupiter position in 12th house from the Moon create Shakat Yoga but also create Anapha Yoga, So due to effect of Shakat yoga fortune fluctuate but Anapha yoga managing that fortune fluctuation.  

Main drawback of having such situation of Shakat yoga in horoscope is, its puts a question mark on life stability…And life of such person would move anti clock wise like a clock…!!!

However apart from above theory, there are few more questions also arises in my mind like -   

Why Shakat yoga comes in the horoscope???
When can we feel its effect??
What are the cancellation or modifying situations for Shakat Yoga??
Can we aspect huge success in life even after having Shakat Yoga??
So let’s discuss above terms one by one….

First question is, Why Shakat yoga comes in horoscope??

To get this answer, we need to open karmic book here –

As per the Karmic Book, the person who has misused his power and status, taken profit from lower class people and cheated them, causes a mental pain to others, and due to their arrogant nature he or she has trouble a lot to their family members, And have earned money through cheating others in previous birth, such peoples get Shakat yoga in their horoscope.

So as per the past Karmic deeds, in the horoscope, Jupiter falls in the 6th, 8th, and 12th house to give result of your previous life sins through Shakat yoga. 

However if that person has realized his mistakes and corrected them later with the time, So destiny rewards them such people with Shakat Bhanga situation, So however Shakat yoga harming you but with the time Shakat Bhanga situation will recover that loss.

So I hope Karmic Theory is clear to you….

Now the next question is, when we get effect of Shakat yoga???
It is not possible that each person will face Maha Dasha of Moon and Jupiter in life, Hence Anter Dasha, Pratyantar Dasha and even Transit is enough capable to give you curse of Shakat Yoga.

But remember it does not affect badly throughout life and with the time its looses its killing power if modifying situations are available in the horoscope. However if any Bhanga situation is not available then its really a fluctuation Loop. 

Anyways, Pray form the god, He can save you from all evil.. hence don't worry...

Now the next question is, what are the cancellation situations for Shakat Yoga??

Guys remember, nothing gets cancelled in astrology once written by God Trust me, Hence stop searching cancellation procedure for any yoga in astrology. 

However still few modifying situations are available in astrology, which are capable to reduce malefic effect of Shakat Yoga greatly. 

And these situations are - 

The Malefic effect of Sakata Yoga gets modified if the Moon or Jupiter be in a Kendra position from the Ascendant (Lagna).

 Example -1

See above chart, In his case Moon is sitting in 10th house from Lagna, Reducing Malefic effect of Shakat Yoga. 

If Jupiter is exalted in 12th from the moon, such situation also modifies the malefic effect of Shakat yoga, however if Jupiter is situated in 6th or 8th house from the moon, However Venus and Mercury is also situated in 6th, 7th or 8th from the Moon, Malefic result of Shakat yoga is greatly reduced, Because such situation creates Adhi Yoga which is known as very powerful yoga, So if Adhi yoga is present in any horoscope along with Shakat yoga, in such case Shakat yoga cant destroy life of the person.
 Example - 2

In above Case, Moon is sitting in fifth house with Rahu and Jupiter is sitting in 12th house along with Mars Forming shakat yoga, However Venus and Mercury is also sitting in 6th and 7th position from the Moon, Forming Adhi Yoga which is reducing much malefic effect of Shakat yoga, As resulted person is working As IT Eng. and working in Multinational Company.

Next Parameter is - If Shakat yoga is available in any horoscope, and Moon or Jupiter are also not in Kendra, But Moon is getting aspected or sitting with Venus or Jupiter is getting aspected or sitting with Mars, so these situations also helps to reduce malefic effect of Shakat Yoga. (Refer example no -2)

But guys also remember few points as - No matter how strong your moon and Jupiter are, or how many modifying situations are available in your horoscope, you will still face little ups and down, and challenges in life (Which is almost a part of each life these days, so not a big deal). No matter how rich you are, fluctuation will still be a part of your life if you have Shakat yoga in your horoscope…!!!

So guys if you have Shakat yoga in your horoscope then must check for Shakat bhang situation in your horoscope. 

Let’s move to the next question now - Can we aspect huge success in life even after having Shakat Yoga??

So yes why not, Remember again it’s merely a fluctuation, it’s not a symbol of denying the real success, It will just put you down again and again even time and again but you will rise up again (If Shakat Bhanga is available) life will give you success (If success is written in your destiny, That you can check through your overall horoscope) but along with little disappointment. 

Another IMP point which we have observed in many horoscope is that, The peoples those have Shakat yoga in their horoscope, They also have many other bad Yogas in their charts like Daridra Yoga, Paap Kartari Yoga, Grahan yoga, Kemdrum Yoga, Pitra Dosha, Shrapit Yoga, Vish Yoga and much more… 

However people thinks that all the sufferings are coming from Shakat yoga itself, which is totally wrong, Hence if you have Shakat yoga in your horoscope then must look for other bad Yogas also to know exact source of your life sufferings.

 Example -3

Above chart belong to a female, She has Shakat yoga in her horoscope as Jupiter is sixth from Moon, however she is unhappy with her life because she has lost her first marriage and got divorced, But if we deeply checking her horoscope, So there is another Bad yoga is available in her seventh house of horoscope which is known as Grahan yoga(Conjunction of Sun and Rahu), and 7th lord is under sign exchange with 6th lord signifying unhappiness in marital life, And as per my observation i have found that, connection of three or more malefic planets with seventh house is an indication that person is going to suffer in his or her marital life (Specially if Rahu and Ketu are connected with 7th house). This lady has good interest in astrology also and she always says that Shakat yoga has destroyed her life. However its not true.

So again i would like to repeat myself, Please don't blame single bad yoga if you are getting suffered in your life, Please observed overall horoscope to know the actual source of sufferings, trust me you will get many factors which are active behind your life sufferings, Because Alone Good or Bad yoga cant make or destroy your entire life.

There is another experience i have related to Shakat Yoga, which i want to share here is that, any person who has Shakat yoga in his or her horoscope (Specially Jupiter is in 12th from the Moon), However Also getting Shakat Bhanga in his or her horoscope, and if person falling in losing and regaining Loop due to effect of Shakat yoga, So whenever person loses anything but also regaining the same things after sometime, person will find himself or herself one step ahead in life.      

Like if any one who has Shakat yoga in his horoscope and that person is facing ups and down in his career, or shifting from one job to another quite frequently, So if Shakat Bhanga is not available in horoscope then person will get the same salary or may be lower salary and designations whenever he will join new job every time, but if Shakat Bhanga is available in horoscope so his fortune will still fluctuate and he will shift job one by one, but whenever he will shift into new job he will also get promotion along with fluctuation.  

So in short Shakat Yoga will give you fluctuation but Shakata Bhanga will put you one step ahead in your life. but it doesn't mean that if you have Shakat Bhanga situation so you wont face effect of Shakata yoga...
Shakata Bhanga just recover the lost done by Shakata yoga, But you cant escape malefic effect of Shakat Yoga.  

Guys I have given my best to clarify this yoga and i hope concept of Shakat yoga is clear to you, If not feel free to write me(but don't send consultation request, you wont get revert as i don't do consultation). 

I am just sharing my knowledge, Nothing else (I am not an astrologer, just a researcher like u).

Now lets see few examples of celebrities, Those Have Shakat yoga in their horoscope however still they have achieved great success in their career -  

Example -4 
Shri Bala Saheb Thackrey

Above chart belong to Shri Late. Bala Saheb Ji Thakrey, Who were also known as the King of Maharashtra, He has shakata yoga in his horoscope as Jupiter is in sixth from Moon, so almost all indian are well aware about his life challenges, However Moon is in Kendra as sitting in first house in his favorite Nakshtra, giving great relief from Shakat yoga. 

Example - 5
Mr. Raj Thackrey

Above chart belong to Mr. Raj Thackrey, Leader of Maharashtra Nav Nirmaan Sena, He has Shakat yoga in his horoscope as Jupiter is in 8th from Moon, However Jupiter is in Kendra giving great relief from Shakat yoga, Everyone is aware about his personal life and luck fluctuation but he is still occupy kingly power and social status and ruling Maharashtra.

Note - Sun is in 29:57 degree, however it is in 8th house of main kundli so its little software error, so please take the same into consideration however it has no relation with this article and shakat yoga...!!!

Example - 6
Nicolas Cage

Ghost Rider Film Actor Nicolas Cage who is one of the great film actor in Hollywood film industry. In his case Jupiter is in sixth from Moon Causing Shakat Yoga, But also sitting in Kendra giving relief from Shakat Yoga.

Example - 7
Mr. Shahrukh Khan

Bollywood Super star, King Khan also have shakat yoga in his horoscope as Jupiter is in sixth house from  Moon, But Jupiter is in retrograde situation and getting aspected by Venus, So even Shahrukh has faced lot of ups and downs during his initial stage, But Shakat yoga could not stopped him to become successful Super Star.   

So remember any Bad yoga in horoscope merely puts hurdles in life, but they don't have power to stop achieving success if you have guts to fight with destiny, hence always hope for the best because -

So guys this was my research about Shakat Yoga in Vedic Astrology, I hope you would like it… and If you like my article and want to be my friend and interested to read my further articles so Just open below link and like my page but please don’t be my fan... Just be my friend...

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