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All About Rahu and Ketu in Vedic Astrology By Sourabh Soni

The Karmic Incarnations

Hi Guys, 

    So this is my 20th article, thanks a lot for your valuable response which I have received till now, today I am going to write about karmic incarnations which are known as nodes in Vedic astrology.    

I have always given my best in my all articles so here also I will try to clarify maximum in easy way and will answer all the queries related to Rahu and Ketu. 

Everybody would like to be luxurious and want to live their life according to them, but there are very few those are happy with their destiny otherwise everyone has lot of complaints from god, Nobody wants to be depend on the faith and luck, but we can’t deny that without luck we are nothing.   

Hence all the humans those exists in the world have vast desire to be a successful and want successful material life and even want to be benefited from the luck, However it’s not possible, Everyone can’t be a king, Because deeds of the person decides the karmic benefit or amount of the positive destiny which is known as great karmic rewards.

In Astrology nodes have their own karmic patterns and way to act… because god has selected one demon Swarbhanu and converted that demon into two parts so that god can use that two body parts as Karmic planets known as Rahu and Ketu.  

Note – Rahu and Ketu are part of the one Demon body, Demon name were Swarbhanu but during Samudra Manthan Lord Vishnu has beheaded his Body, and Swarbhanu has been divided into two parts.

one was merely a head and another become a headless body, however they become immortal after drinking nectar hence god has regarded them as Rahu and Ketu…!!

As per ancient text Rahu and Ketu are Demon, and Demon always wants everything, all material things and love to snatch, so when lord Vishnu has beheaded throat of Swarbhanu so along with the body cut, nature has also been got divided into two parts, Rahu love all the material things and wants everything, and Ketu loves snatching everything from the person…!!! 

Rahu and Ketu are known as shadow planets in Vedic astrology…!!!

Why they are shadow planets??

Because these two planets are not visible in the galaxy, Hence astrology regarding them as shadow planets. 

As per ancient text Rahu is a shadow or Saturn and Ketu is a shadow of Mars… But why Saturn and Mars only???

So basically Sun is kingly planets and known as Father, Moon is like mother, so mother and father both protect their kids. Jupiter is a planet of Dharma, Venus is beauty, and Mercury is intelligence so none of these characteristic are matching with Rahu and Ketu.

However Saturn and Mars are very killer planets and whenever they give, always give huge but whenever they snatch, always snatch everything, so that’s the basic nature of Demon, and at modern world most of the people are getting sufferings from Mars or Saturn only. So that’s why Rahu is a shadow of Saturn and Ketu is shadow of mars. 

Rahu and Ketu are known as biggest destroyer and always act like Saturn and killer mars, because killing in a nature of demon and both are the part of one Demon body and still have Demon qualities…Demons are always very moody when they are happy so give you everything but if not happy so going to kill you directly.

If Rahu and Ketu is not favorable in the horoscope so they sucks life, but if they are favorable in the horoscope so they give everything…It’s a demon nature actually..

Remember Rahu is merely a body less head hence have no heart and feelings so he acts as per material world because he can see only.
Rahu is scientific mind hence signify great mental power and manipulation through mind, Rahu has great passion to being in-front of the camera hence favorable rahu can bless with a great stardom in glamour industry. (without Rahu, no glamour) 

Ketu is headless body he does not have eye to see the material world hence always acts blindly, As Ketu can’t see the material world hence detached from material world …but favorable Ketu can reward you with one of the priceless final gift of life which is "Moksha"... !!!

However ancient text books says they are two planets, but no... It’s not... remember its always one, it’s a complete body… they always hold the same degree in every horoscope (Like if Rahu is in 02:02 degree so Ketu will also holds the same degree) and always seven places apart from each other and never sits together in horoscope…(however conjunctions of Rahu and Ketu is possible in divisional charts).

Now see, even each coin has two aspect like a head and a tail, in the same way however Rahu and Ketu is now two plants but is a part of same body, which means one single body controlling two houses in the horoscope and always aspect each other, means working together…!!!

i am repeating again my words as These are not two planets, Its only one demon body who is controlling two houses and also influencing other houses through other planetary connection or through aspect and producing result as per nature...!!!

If all the seven planets falls under the control of this one demon body, so few astrologer regards such situation as "KaalSarpa Yoga", However its not Kaal Sarpa Yoga(Its a game of one demon body). 

Note - Thats the main reason if nodes are good person reaches top heights in the career even having Kaap Sarpa Yoga in their horoscope..(Refer horoscope of Dheeru bhai Ambani and RajniKant, in same article)

Like if Rahu is in fifth house so Ketu would be in 11th house, Means both are passing energy of each other houses to each other But the main drama is Rahu doesn’t like What Ketu do, and same Ketu doesn’t like what Rahu do, So actually both hates each other but they never destroy quality and power of each other.

Hence both are the part of same body but still act just opposite to each other like Rahu is a fake planet and Ketu is true planet, Rahu signify present life achievement so Ketu signify past life achievements, Rahu loves material world and Ketu loves spiritual world, Rahu is a planet of expansion and Ketu is planet of restriction, Rahu will force to go in material world but Ketu forces you to join spiritual world…If Rahu gives so Ketu snatch.... So there is always a cold battle between Rahu and Ketu, However other planetary interruption will decide that who’s going to win, Rahu or Ketu...!!!

If Rahu wins this battle means person would be materially successful, if Ketu wins so effect related to Ketu can be seen into the person’s life...

So that’s the basic drama of north node (Rahu) and south node (Ketu) of the Moon.

I think many peoples are aware about above theory but still I have clarified the same from my point of view, but my main discussion gets started from here -  

See guys, planets start affecting you since the day we come down from “Hell or Heaven” into the earth.

And I have seen peoples are searching lot of about nodes over internet with the several questions like – 

Where Rahu and Ketu are Exalted or Debilitated??

In which houses Rahu and Ketu do good or bad?? 

Why Rahu and Ketu sits in specific house of horoscope??

What actually Rahu and Ketu want from the person??

What is the Karmic relation of Rahu and Ketu with Person??

What is the importance of Rahu and Ketu Nakshatra??

How to calculate total effect for nodes from house placement, sign, Nakshatra and depositor?? 

What about the special Drishti (Eye) of Rahu and Ketu??

Does the nodes considered as Atmakaraka or Amatya Karaka??

What is Retrogression concept of Rahu and Ketu ??

How to check Rahu and Ketu are strong and weak in the horoscope??

Why other planets aspect Rahu and Ketu, in few horoscope??

Why Rahu and Ketu conjunct a specific planet or multiple planets in the horoscope??

What is the role of Rahu and Ketu in divisional chart??

What is the actual power of Rahu and Ketu?? 

How to know Rahu and Ketu is giving Raja yoga or Bad yoga?? 

What are past karmic deeds which make nodes bad or good in the horoscope??? 

And many more such questions... bla… bla... bla….bla…bla…. Huh…!!!

So let’s have the answers one by one -----

So first one is where Rahu and Ketu gets exaltation or debilitation – 

So guys as per the karmic text Rahu and Ketu neither gets exalted nor debilitated … Yes very true and let me tell you why…

Rahu and Ketu is merely a shadow, and to act they need a physical body, so they always absorb the quality of the ruler of that sign which they occupy, actually nodes express themselves as per the depositor and in the specific area (The house where they sits), they just expand the power and quality of the depositor during Mahadasha or Antardasha of the sign ruler.

They always act as per the ruler of the occupied sign (Depositor), or if they are in conjunction with any planets to they absorb the quality and power of that particular planet and express themselves like that planet with double power. 

See basically shadow alone can’t do anything, and without source shadow has no existence, Hence Rahu and Ketu transform themselves as per the sign which they occupy and remember every zodiac sign is a specific energy, Like Earthy signs, Watery Signs, Fire Signs, Air Signs.

So nodes has their own atmosphere where they feel comfortable, Like Rahu feel good in earth Sign which is Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, But also feel good in Gemini, Aquarius, And Ketu loves being in Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces…!!!

Here another questions comes in mind is that, why only these signs gives comfortable atmosphere to the nodes??

So the answer is Taurus is earth sign but actual energy of second house which is money and wealth, Gemini is skills, abilities, media, and extra potential, Virgo is sign of calculations, Mathematics and science, and Capricorn is actual sign of 10th house which is the brightest and top place in the horoscope and Aquarius is a sign of 11th house means higher gains, so Rahu love all these things and he getting all by these zodiac signs what he wants, So happen with Ketu, As Ketu loves hidden and Occult world, Dharma Path, Spiritual and isolated places, So - Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces signifier of these energies where Ketu feels Good and perform well…!!!     

But in other signs also nodes do well but if placed in good house under positive aspect only.

So remember nodes needs an atmosphere along with positive energy to perform well, like if you love to be in big play ground, so you can’t do well in small room, So there are each sign which rules specific energy and gives comfortability to the nodes to perform well.  

So that is the basic funda of exaltation and debilitation of nodes…!!!!

Now another question is – In which houses nodes do well??

So as per the ancient text Nodes do well in Kendra, Trikona, and third and eleventh houses, But trust me guys if I have to share my own experience so I would like to say that Nodes have power to perform well in every houses, But they just need positive atmosphere along with benefic influences to do good.. Don’t worry I will show you many horoscope where even Rahu has performed well in eighth house.
So never afraid when you see nodes in bad houses like 6th, 8th and 12th, just calculate the atmosphere (Sign, Nakshatra and benefic influences)…

Now I am giving consolidate answer of three question because all three are connected to each other like, what nodes wants from the person and why they sits in specific houses in the each horoscope, and what is the karmic relation between nodes and person??

So answer is – Rahu and Ketu both are known as the karmic planets... And give the results of past karmic deeds, Rahu co rule sign of Aquarius, and Ketu co rules sign of Scorpio as the main ruler of both the signs (which is Saturn and Mars) are very cruel planets hence Rahu is shadow of Saturn and Ketu is shadow of mars and both the nodes are significator of karmic rewards…

Note – Karmic Rewards means reward of previous birth deeds (May be good, bad, or mixed). 

As Rahu signifies desire in the present life and Ketu signifies learnt experiences from past life. Rahu in the horoscope signifies what do you want to achieve in your present life (Which is the main purpose of your life) and Ketu signifies the things which you have already achieved in your past life, so one node (Ketu) is always connected with the past and another node Rahu is connected with present, So how you using your past experience in present life, your future will depend on that, that’s the main relation between nodes and the person…

Where the Ketu sits in the horoscope signifies, “see you have already got these things in previous birth so it’s better don’t request for the same things again, but please learn from the past life mistakes and don’t repeat them”.

And Where Rahu sits in the horoscope signifies that see “this is the area where you have to work, this is your life goal which you have to achieve”

That’s the meaning behind nodes sitting in specific houses…and they always wants each person to act as per them…!! 

Now the next two questions are – what is the importance, If nodes occupying specific Nakshatra, and how to calculate effect of the nodes through sign, house, Nakshatra and depositor…???

So answer is very simple as I said both the nodes are shadow and to come into existence they need a physical body, so that they can act, Hence Depositor is a body, Nakshatra is a soul and Sign is an atmosphere(You can say energy) and house is an area where nodes are going to perform…

See basically when a body and soul mixed then only shadows comes into the existence (If there is no body so there is no soul), and everybody needs energy to live and area to work, Nodes always transform themselves as per the sign and depositor.

So this is the formula which convert two shadows into two planets.

But remember, for nodes Nakshatra is much imp then the occupied sign, how benefic or malefic nodes will act in the horoscope will first depends on the Nakshatra, because Nakshatra is like a soul for both the nodes, if soul is good no one can do bad, but is soul is worse no one can perform positive. That’s the main reason when Rahu occupy kingly Nakshatra Magha gives tremendous and massive fame like an emperor to the Native, that’s the actual magic of Nakshatra. 

For example – You can refer the horoscopes of Barack Obama, Amitabh Bachchan, Rajesh Khanna and many more glamorous and higher celebs, in their horoscope Rahu is sitting in Magha Nakshatra. 

Note – Rahu occupied Magha Nakshatra is not a guarantee for fame in case of female (Reason I will describe later in separate article).

I hope using the above concept you can easily calculate the total effect of nodes into your horoscope now.

Next point is, what are the special “Dhrishties of the Nodes”

So first of all, what are the special Dhrishties in Vedic astrology???

So guys special Dhrishties means extra power, so that planets can perform or interfere in other houses as well, apart from occupied houses. 

Or in simple language you can say Dhrishties are like special rights given to few specific planets so that they can affect life in broader way (May be good or bad depends on the placement)…!!

And in the Vedic astrology only Jupiter, Saturn and Mars has got these special powers, and god has rewarded them with special Dhrishties. 

Jupiter, Saturn and mars all three has got two more special Dhrishties apart from seventh, but god has also rewarded nodes with the special Dhrishties like Jupiter, and apart from seventh they can aspect fifth and ninth places from them.  

And if you want to know which Dhrishties is benefic or which one is malefic so guys, in matter of nodes all Dhrishties are equal important, if nodes are good Dhrishties effect will be good but nodes are bad, everything would be bad….!! 

Note – Few ancient text describe that nodes have 12th aspect also due to retrogression, but I am not at all agree with it because I have tried to predict using 12th aspect of Rahu and Ketu so trust me even in few cases correct prediction goes wrong... !!! 

Next question is, can we consider nodes as Atma Karaka or Amatya Karaka???

So answer is big “No”, they are merely a shadows, hence can’t be an Atmakaraka or Amatya karaka or any other Karaka (I have not read yet in any BPHS sloka about this).

Atma Karaka signifies both the natural qualities means atma karaka is able to give bondage and libration both. however Rahu and Ketu only signifies single quality as Rahu cant give Moksha and Ketu cant give bondage hence this topic is yet under research.

This question never arise if you use seven karak system told by Rao Ji. 

Next point is – How to check nodes are strong or weak in the horoscope???

Indeed a very IMP question, because they don’t have their own sign, hence Shadbal factor is not applicable on the nodes, so how to check whether they are weak or strong in the horoscope…

So answer is, the sign which they occupy and the depositor, total power of nodes will depends on that… House merely signifies area where nodes are going to perform, so don’t get afraid if you see Rahu is in 8th house or 12th house or 1st house…If atmosphere is good for nodes so they can perform well even into the 8th house…(don’t worry I will show you horoscopes for my such comments in the same article).

Next point is - Retrograde Rahu and Ketu in the horoscope, What is that??

First of all never involve yourself too much into astrology calculation because you cant calculate everything, Another thing is that retrogression of any planet signifies incomplete left work in past life, However Rahu and Ketu is always signifying completed or incomplete task along with project for current life, Hence known as karmic planets but they are still merely a shadow planets which cant produce individual results hence god has blessed them with retrogression power so that they can eclipse the powerful Sun and Moon, because without retrogression power nodes are not capable to make eclipse hence Rahu and Ketu are always in Retrograde motion...So please don't afraid from retrogression of nodes. Its just natural process.

However if you want to learn more about retrograde planets and retrogression - Click Here

Next question is - Why Rahu and Ketu getting aspect of other planet or conjunct a specific planet or multiple planets in the horoscope??

Lol, Trust me I have spent three sleepless nights to find answer of this question, and when I have referred charts of two incarnation, then finally I got the answer…so 

Few point I have already clarified in my previous articles but again I am repeating myself, as we know our entire life has been mapped into 12 houses of our main birth horoscope (D-1 chart or Lagna chart), and Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, each rules two houses, but Sun and Moon rules one house, Rahu and Ketu don’t rule any house as they are merely a shadow planet. 

Remember each planet is a karaka of specific things, Like Jupiter is karaka for Money and Wisdom, Venus is Karaka for Marriage and Luxury…etc

Each planet sitting in specific house signifies that planet is now controlling and ruling that particular area of your life and going to perform as per his nature (and that happened on the basis of your past life deeds), So if nodes conjunct any planets in the horoscope so they amplifies the power of that planet, If they are connected with a good planet so they will act positively and will increase a power of that planet and if they are connected with bad and malefic planet so again they are going to increase malefic power of that particular planet.

If nodes are sitting with multiple planets in the horoscope signifying past karmic relation related to the planets in respected area (House). So nodes connection with that multiple planet either going to open a box of fortune for you, or going to destroy the entire auspiciousness of the conjunction.

So first let’s see the past karmic connection of nodes with the planets, Refer below chart –

Lord Shriram

In above horoscope – Rahu is sitting in the sign of Virgo in 3rd house and Ketu is sitting in 9th house along with luxurious planet Venus who is also exalted.

Now see the role of Rahu here, Rahu has transformed himself in Virgo energy, which is one of the best earth sign for Rahu, Mercury which is the depositor of Rahu, is strong and sitting in 10th house along with exalted sun.  Means the body and atmosphere both are strong.

Sixth house is a house of enemy so Virgo is the energy of sixth house, Rahu absorbed Virgo energy making lord Shri ram a hard hitter of his enemies. Ketu is in 9th house along with exalted Venus however due to Ketu he never have any luxurious desire. All four Kendra houses have one exalted planet in it. However here we are just calculating the effect of nodes hence I am not clarifying his entire chart.

That was Treta Yug when lord Ram has come on this earth to kill enemies (Demons), however that time too many ladies who wanted to marry with lord Ram, but he was Maryada Purushottam and has never touch any other lady except goddess Seeta.

I think I don’t need to clarify much about Lord Shriram as you people are well aware (Anyone from the foreign country who is reading my article but not aware about Lord Shri Ram so I would like to tell that Lord Shriram was an incarnation of God and known as god in Hindu Dharma, If you want to know more about Lord Shriram, so use Google to search about him).

So Lord Shri Krishna were the next incarnation of lord Shriram, Let’s see his horoscope -

Lord Shri Krishna

Now look above Lord Shri Krishna horoscope (Please focus on the past karmic connection), Here again in Rahu and Ketu is sitting in third and ninth house, But Here Rahu is sitting in sign of Cancer and the depositor Moon is exalted in Lagna, and Ketu is sitting alone in ninth house, However Venus which was exalted in ninth house in Lord Ram horoscope now is with Rahu in Shri Krishna horoscope along with Mars…. 

So all the desire of females lord ram has completed in the birth of Shri Krishna. 

Note – Combination of Venus and Mars is one of the biggest indication that someone would be very flirtatious and if this combination is along with Rahu, signifies multiple love affairs.

I hope you have got my point, Why Rahu is in conjunction with Mars and Venus in 3rd house, because in the Krishna birth kundli, Rahu is signifying incomplete wishes of female in his previous birth...

Rahu can’t fulfill desire being with multiple females (In ancient they all were known as Gopi’s of Shri Krishna) alone, hence Rahu needs a support of Mars and Venus to accomplish this goal. 

That’s what Rahu signifies in our horoscope also, As Rahu signifies that all past incomplete wishes and signifies we are here to achieve the same.

So if in your horoscope Nodes are sitting with multiple planets which means you have not completed you past life goal in past life itself, so nodes are again in the same house and need a support of that particular planets to accomplish that goal in your current life.

However whether you will achieve your goal or not that will depends on your overall horoscope.

Even somehow if you are not able to finish your life aim, so in your next birth nodes will again conjunct a multiple planet in the same house but in new sign (So that you can also experience something new in next birth) and will signify the same incomplete desire for that birth.

Do you know nodes will never change the house in your horoscope till the time you are not achieving your aim...Lol

Should I explain more… okay….

Suppose if you have Rahu in the fifth house in present birth, which means you have desire related to fifth house in your present birth and if you are achieving your goal, so in your next birth Rahu will move into next house which is sixth house and Ketu would be in twelfth house (and would be without any conjunction). But if you are not achieving your goal so again in your next birth nodes with occupy the fifth house but in new sign along with few planetary conjunction in the fifth house. 

Because in your next birth you will get new atmosphere along with new things (because of your previous other deeds) but your pending wishes of previous life are also carrying forwarded into this birth, so multiple things has got mixed, which alone nodes can’t fulfill, Hence Rahu and Ketu would require support of the other planets to finish that.  

This concept is also applicable on aspects of other planets on nodes, like if nodes need a support of other plant through aspect only to fulfill that aim however conjunction is not necessary so planet are giving their aspect only.   

So, in any horoscope if nodes are sitting alone, signifying person has achieved his past life goal in past life itself, and he is here to feel and do something new, Like if you have Rahu and Ketu in fourth and tenth house in your horoscope sitting alone, so in your previous birth they were in 3rd and 9th house however you have achieved your goal in previous life so in this birth they have moved one house ahead and now in fourth and tenth house, and this loop will continue till the birth, you are not attaining moksha (The final liberation)…  

And when they will reach in to Sixth and twelfth house (Rahu in the Sixth and Ketu in the twelfth house) which is strong indication that person can attain a Moksha (Final Liberation) in that birth.

Note – This earth is a karmic place where deeds can make or destroy entire destiny, so don’t think if Rahu is in sixth and Ketu is in twelfth so you will certainly beget Moksha… No... It means person has got the chance to beget the moksha. (It’s merely a chance). If you are missing this chance, so birth by birth nodes placement in houses to houses will start again…!!!

I hope above theory is clear to you, If not feel free to write me…..!!!

Now the next point is – Position of Rahu and Ketu in divisional charts??
I hope you can understand why in your main birth horoscope nodes are sitting alone, or getting aspected by specific planets or connecting a specific or multiple planets…but apart from main birth horoscope we also have many divisional chart where Rahu and Ketu occupy different houses in each divisional chart….Now what is that drama..?? 

As you know each divisional chart is a detailed study of your each house of main birth horoscope.

Like if your main birth horoscope Rahu is in fourth house and Ketu is in tenth house, but in D-9 chart Rahu is in first house and Ketu is in seventh house and in D-10 chart Rahu is in tenth house and Ketu is in fourth house…So now how to calculate such things??

So even Rahu is in fourth house and Ketu is in the tenth house in main birth horoscope and you have desire of big house and secure and prosperous life, but in D-9 chart Rahu is in first house, as we use D-9 chart to calculate the marriage life, so it means, in your marriage life Rahu and Ketu will play a dominant role (either they will bless or destroy), And in D-10 chart Rahu is in Tenth house and Ketu is in fourth house which means in the Rahu Mahadasha you will experience the things related to Rahu in your career and Rahu will play a dominant role in deciding your career.

And if nodes are connecting with multiple planets in divisional chart also, so it means, they want support from that planet to perform well in that area of life. Like if in D-10 chart Rahu is sitting with Venus and Saturn which signifies Rahu need a support of Venus and Saturn to perform well in your professional area.  

Now if you are looking in which field your career will go by such connection, so it will decide which houses are going ruled by Venus and Saturn(In D-1 and D-10 Both), because nodes are merely a shadow and just expressing them through Venus and Saturn.  

Note – Each divisional chart signifies specific area of life, because it’s a detail study of each house of main birth horoscope, to know more about divisional chart – Click Here

 Now the next point is “What is the actual power and ability of the Rahu and Ketu”

So answer is, I have no words to describe the power of Rahu and Ketu, Trust me I am not so capable to describe their power, because nothing in impossible for Rahu and Ketu. 

Actually Rahu and Ketu are the “Zero” in astrology and do you know the power of Zero??

If I am just adding or subtracting the zero before or after any number so the total value of that number will greatly improve or decrease, so I think you are well aware about the power of Zero.

The same zero concept is applicable on nodes also. Suppose if Jupiter is karaka for money and want to give 100 dollars, and if nodes are also contributing so you will get the thousand dollars instead of 100 dollars or may get the huge windfall. Or result may be vice versa too, if not are not supporting to Jupiter so instead of 1000 dollars you will get only 1 dollar….(That’s the power of zero)

So if nodes are connected with the planet so power of that planet will greatly improve or reduced. 

Even an exalted planet lose its exaltation if nodes are bad in the horoscope and connected with that exalted planet, and Evan a debilitated planet can act positively more than an exalted planet if nodes are positive in the main birth chart and connected will that debilitated planet.  

If nodes are giving so they will not give you merely good, they will give you excellent, but if they want to destroy you, so they won’t give you bad, they will give you the worse and going to make your life like hell…!!

So that’s the power of nodes or you can say actual power of Rahu and Ketu.

Now the next question is – “Raja yoga by the Rahu and Ketu”

So the answer for this is very simple, if nodes are connecting with Raja yoga giving planet so nodes will also act as yoga karaka, if they connected with the planet which is going to give you mixed result in your life, so nodes will also give you mixed results, like sometime good and sometime bad.

Rahu and Ketu always gives the effect of sign, aspect, and conjunction hence they create Raj Yoga very easily, but also create negative Yogas very easily too. 

But another big confusion is, people don’t know the actual meaning of raja yoga, and they think Raja yoga means all luxury and kingly life with abundant wealth…But it’s not true always…

There are billion peoples are exist in the world with the same yoga in their horoscope and everyone can’t be a prime minister, or minister…!!!

Like sixth house is not a house of money so don’t think sixth lord connection with nodes is going to make you wealthy, its signify fulfillment and success things related to sixth house…

Because yoga for each things are different like yoga for education are different, yoga for wealth are different, yoga is throne are different… If you are expecting money and wealth from the planets which is signifying higher class education yoga, so sorry boss you are expecting a century from bowler, so everyone has its own capacity….

So if Rahu is connecting education yoga causing planet so will express in that area, if wealth causing planet then will express in  matter of wealth, If throne causing planet so will you support you to get the throne…!!

In the modern world “Throne = Higher designation in career”

So don’t confuse yourself in Raja yoga, Raja yoga is simple means whatever you want to achieve in your life and if you have raja yoga will help you to achieve the same… 

Also remember, each combination with nodes produce different result because nodes represent transformation through that combination in once life... May be good or bad (Depends on overall placement)…!!

Now the final questions – What the past karmic deeds which makes nodes good or bad in the horoscope..??

So again we need to open karmic book to get the answer related to the past birth…

So as per the karmic book, “Cheating” makes nodes placement worse in the birth horoscope…!!

Yes... Cheating with parents, cheating with siblings, cheating with husband or wife, cheating with the friends, cheating with partner, cheating with relatives, cheating in in job or business or in any profession, cheating with government (corruption), cheating with Gurus, cheating in dharma, cheating in education and many more…!!!  

So all these cheating causes worse placement of the nodes in horoscope. 

And if you want to know which kind of cheating have you done so that you can understand through nodes placement in the horoscope.

Like if anyone have Rahu in the seventh house along with Mars and Ketu in the first house, Or Rahu in the first house and Ketu and Mars in the seventh house, (any connection of Rahu, Ketu and Mars with seventh house or its lord in main birth chart or in Navamsha chart) so this is one of the best indication that person is going to face unhappy or failed married life, If Saturn is also contributing so chances for marriage is also become null, or Marriage would be very late in life, and even if marriage is happening than too there would be question mark of stability or happiness of married life(these combinations also create yoga for extra sexual affair, before and after marriage).

Even aspect of Rahu and Ketu in seventh house create frustration in married life…

So it’s a result of past karmic deeds like cheating related to love partner, cheating with spouse, snatching other spouses. Etc

Note – above theory is applicable for male and female both.  

Do you know why Rahu and Ketu have impact on major area of our life, even if they occupy only two houses of your main birth horoscope???

Because apart from occupied houses, nodes also affect houses where they are aspecting through special Drishti, nodes eclipse all the quality of depositor, all the quality of connected and aspected planets and houses connected with them,  and apart from these things nodes also significator of many things like Rahu signifies science, all the scientifically work, Wine and addictions, Stock exchange, Mathematics, Foreign lands, luck with foreign affair, Gambling, sudden wealth, Technologies, accidental death, mental illness, art, media, fame, glamour, photography, politics, and many more, And Ketu signifies detachment from these things and forcing towards spiritual power so that you can attain final stage in life which is moksha…Ketu can also can give you material things if sitting any materialistic Nakshatra like Nakshatra of Rahu or Venus….!!!

So that the main reason if nodes are supporting so we get happiness in major areas of our life and if they want to destroy so put an eclipse on maximum areas of our life.  

Guys you cant escape bad effect of nodes, As per ancient text whenever Rahu and Ketu connected Sun and Moon, they put an eclipse on that... however its not all exist in the modern world...

Because Sun and Moon with Rahu and Ketu if sitting together (However 10 degree gap is mandatory among Sun, Moon and Nodes.) gives one of the great Raja yoga and person can achieve great heights in career. (Remember Raja yoga is for professional life, Personal life would remain questionable).

I know someone who has Rahu is in fifth house and sun and Ketu in 11th house and he has sexual relation with his own cousin…Hence always calculate the effect of each planet in both matter (Personal and Professional).

However if you want to learn about Rahu and Ketu connection with Sun,  Click Here

In vedic astrology Rahu position in 1st, 4th, 5th, 8th and 12th houses considered bad, But actually its not at all true, Trust me Rahu do very well in these houses too, Even debilitated Rahu and Ketu are capable to make top ruling celebrity

Now lets have some example from through celebs horoscope -   

Mr. Dheeru Bhai Ambani

In above case - Rahu is sitting in 3rd house in the sign of Aquarius, and Ketu is in 9th house along with Mars...Which means both the nodes are well placed. Rahu in the third house create Kubera Yoga (which is one of the best indication for huge wealth), Rahu is also aspecting 7th(House of business) and 11th(Higher Gains) and Ketu aspecting Lagna, third and fifth house, However also connected with Mars so capable to affect 12th house, As resulted Dheeru bhai ambani was one the world richest businessman, who founded Reliance Industry which is worldwide exist now. See next Example - 

Mr. Warren Buffett

In above case - Rahu and Ketu is sitting in fifth and eleventh house alone, it means he has born in this earth to experience something new as he has already achieved his past life in past life itself. Mr. Buffett is one of the world richest businessman of the world. Refer next example from politics -

Mr. Barack Obama

In above Case - Rahu is sitting in 8th house in kingly sign Leo along with Mars, However there is sufficient degree gap between mars and Rahu in 8th house, So its supporting him in his career. Ketu is also sitting in sign of Aquarius in 2nd house aspecting Venus in sixth house, Rahu and Mars in eight house and Tenth house of politics. As resulted Barack Obama is President of USA. now lets take example from film industry - 

Mr. Leonardo Di Caprio

In Above Case - Rahu is in Scorpio in 4th house and Ketu is in Taurus in 10th house, without any planatry aspect on them. It means in his previous birth rahu and Ketu were in 3rd and 9th house and he has completed his past life aim in his past life itself, So now nodes has moved in next house which is 4th and 10th. He is one of the great actor of American cinema industry, I hope every body has seen his films "Titanic and Inception". Now see another great chart - 

Angelina Jolie

In above Case - Rahu is sitting in debilitated sign Scorpio in fifth house but getting aspected by mercury which is also giving Neech Bhanga to Rahu and in other end Ketu is sitting in 11th house along with Mercury and Kingly planet Sun, forming one of the best Raja Yoga because there is sufficient degree gap between nodes and Sun. As resulted she is one of the highest paid actress of American film industry. see another example from glamour industry -

To learn more about Sun, Mercury and nodes Raja Yoga  - Click Here

 Justin Bieber

In above case - Rahu is sitting in first house in debilitated sign scorpio, but getting Neech Bhanga due to Mars and Venus is in Kendra. Ketu is sitting in 7th house in Taurus also getting Neech Bhanga due to Venus. guys Neech bhanga Raja yoga is one of the great Raja yoga if happening in First and Tenth house.

Justin Bieber is American pop singer and Famous, and for him females are ready to die even...!!!

Guys don't afraid if you see nodes are debilitated in your horoscope, or sitting in bad houses, Please calculate the all parameters and entire horoscope along with divisional charts to get correct picture... remember they can preform very well in every house, they just need a beneficial environment to work...   
So guys if you have Benefic Rahu and Ketu in your horoscope which signifying -

So guys this was my long research about Nodes in Vedic Astrology, I hope you would like it… If you like my article and if you want to be my friend and interested to read my further articles so Just open below link and like my page but please don’t be my fan... Just Be my friend..

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